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Worst movie since "Billy Jack"
Brad Pitt killing Nazis again. This time in a tank. Possibly, no probably, the worst movie I have ever seen. Horrible. Last scene: Brad Pitt's tank is set to hold an important crossroads. Loses tread on mine. Lookout spots 250 SS infantry troops on the way, with an armored car or two. Brad Pitt says were gonna duke it out. (um, I haven't been in the army, but I would at that point hide in the woods and call an air strike. Long columns of troops hate being strafed by fighter planes.) SS gets up to the tank and then the tank opens fire. Kills a bunch of SS. Germans send wave after wave of infantry guys with machine guns against tank. (somehow, even though it is April 1945 and the Germans have been fighting for 7 years or so, they don't realize a machine gun can't hurt a tank.) They have a guy with a bazooka but he positioned himself at the front of the tank and the tank shot him first. Not sure why he didn't walk around to the rear to the immobile tank and blow it up. After a hundred or so Germans have been killed by doing wind sprints in the limited field of fire, Brad Pitt says the hell with it with it stands on the top of tank and shots more Germans. He is silhouetted against a burning building and a wily German sniper sneaks up. He hits Brad Pitt 3 times, but Brad Pitt crawls back into tank. (HmmmÂ…usually one shot is all a sniper needs. This sniper goes for the rarely used "shoulder shot"). At this point there is only Brad Pitt and one other guy left. The other guy says "Sarg, Im scared." Brad Pitt also discloses that he too is scared. German opens the top hatch and drops two of those weird looking hand grenades a foot away from Brad Pitt. Must of maxed out the timers, because Brad Pitt has time to tell the other guy its OK to run and there is a bottom hatch he can use. The guy opens it and drops to the ground. Two explosions rock the tank. The guy crawls in a hole beneath tank. Bunch of SS troops are milling about the tank. One peeks under the tank with a flashlight, he sees the American, but pretends he didn't. Lots of the SS guys were pretty OK dudes I guess. American goes to sleep. Wakes up next morning the Germans are gone. He goes into tank, instead of the turret of the tank having Brad Pitt wallpaper, his body is resting peacefully. He looks good. He is Brad Pitt after all. Looks like he passed away from embarrassment from being in such a horrible movie. Last guy covers him up. He gets rescued, medic says to him, "you're a hero." I think that was suppose to be meaningful, ironic or something. Its called "Fury" because thats the way I felt after spending $10.50 on it.

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