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Ford v Ferrari

I never knew the wife was the real reason Ford won
Movie would have been much better and about 30 minutes shorter if they removed the wife from it all, rather than shoving her in as they did.

Fear the Walking Dead

Really went downhill after Morgan took over
Follow a bunch of characters dumber than the dead. Who forget how to clear the dead. Who sometimes fight off 20 zombies but sometimes say 5 is too many. Whose radios work perfectly except when there's trouble. Who make mistakes that get people killed, losing all of their supplies in the process, in order to get some fluids to a cancer patient on death's door and call it a job well done. Who will take a group of 40 and run from an opposing group of 5, who will give up a valuable resource without a shot being fired because a couple people held guns up to their guns.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

Used to better from DC Animation
After the Death & Return of Superman and them having so many hits this one is a huge miss.

Very poor villains especially with no development. There's two villains they could have reveled in the middle somewhere that would have been more compelling.

Wonder Woman has a chance to at least put the big bad in jail or something after the plan is admitted. What does she do? Absolutely nothing.

The whole story and dialogue needed a lot more time in the cooker, it feels like it was hashed out in a couple hours and then they pat themselves on the back and took their cheques.

La Casa de Papel

Watch the original language version. Dubbed is awful
Dubbed makes all of the characters idiotic. Original language is much better

The Other Side of the Wind

Watch the documentary first
I wouldn't call this a great movie on it's own, but if you watch the documentary first you really see that it's an autobiography of Orson's life. Very interesting.


An otherwise great/interesting movie ruined by a bad main character
Main character wasn't written well and wasn't charismatic at all

Not particularly nice or funny, not generous, not thankful or intelligent, not dependable, not courageous. I don't think there are any good qualities they show.... Struggling to think of one.

It's hard to watch a movie this length with a main character who is entirely selfish and unlikable while all of the side characters in the movie bend over backwards for them despite being completely undeserving.

Otherwise worth a watch.


The most lazy music score I've ever heard in a movie
Holy moly. I can't believe someone got paid to do that. Rest of the film is... Bland and uninteresting as well, so maybe the composer wanted to match that.

Electric Dreams

Not even close to Black Mirror
Very poor writing and not interesting stories on this one. Easy pass if you are on the fence, you're not missing out on anything

American Gods

Season 2 is just awful. If you are curious what happens just don't.
If you are curious on what happens just don't.... It is not worth spending time on.

Husband and dead wife spend the season separated. Nothing really happens, everyone goes in circles and hangs out at the funeral home. A bit of backstory about the leprechaun. They repair a spear. Leprechaun dies.

Main character Shadowmoon gets even more questions and less answers. Main lines include "I want a straight answer" "Just tell me" "What's going on".

First season wasn't fantastic, but at least interesting. Season 2 belongs in the trash.

Call Me by Your Name

A middle-aged Hollywood director's wet dream
About a 17 year old boy who will screw anything

Found it fairly unsettling how acceptable the relationship was made to be with how many claims have been made against middle aged male Hollywood directors sleeping with younger boys.


Monsters & Sobriety
This movie is about monsters and sobriety.

I didn't really discuss either super well unfortunately.

This could have easily been two different, and better, films if they didn't mix the subject matter.

The acting was fine... But every time they were starting to get to the real issues, things would switch to the other end.

I enjoyed what the film was getting at but wanted it to get a lot deeper. The main character is also super responsible, but all of the responsibility and blame was put on others.

Baby Driver

Way over-hyped! Not a great or even good movie.
Everyone's gushing about how the music matched a few scenes and I mean like.... Yeah? Welcome to movies, where sound is designed to match the scenes.

There wasn't anything amazing.

Bad acting from the main character. Bad writing as well, he makes a lot of stupid decisions which I suppose are the reason the story exists. Lazy and unrealistic writing. No chemistry between him and his "love" who are in love and run away after a date which entails going for dinner and then ending.

This girl must be lonely as hell despite being a good looking waitress. She wants to leave her job and her friends behind for a man she doesn't know at all, except that he's friends with some criminal elements... And she's like hell yeah lets do this!

OH and I assume she remains celibate for 5 years for him at a point.

Again... They have had one date and barely any conversation, and no nookie.

Just a lot of terrible writing in this like that which bothered me. The action and music scenes were okay. You can find much better looking at any top-lists.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

What the hell?
Who decided to throw millions of dollars at a movie where the premise is a heist in 6th century AD?

This movie was just really weird and not in the good way.

Acting was fine. Dialogue was... Stolen from any of Guy Ritchie's other films. Everyone's a gangster in this. They call King Arthur "boss"

It's just not a good fit.

Iron Fist

Sub par acting, boring story, bad dialogue
This show doesn't have a lot going for it.

Take out the Marvel logo and it's not even on-par with a WB show.

Not quite sure what happened with this one. The acting overall is pretty bad, the characters are not interesting in the slightest.

It's OK to skip this one.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Much better than expendables
Is it silly and ridiculous? Definitely, that is the point. There are types of films not for everyone, and if you don't watch films like that then this isn't made for you.

Compared to the expendables films, these are just plain more fun and enjoyable. Better story, better jokes, better acting.

Everyone did a great job in this

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