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A Soulful Tale with Emotions,Pain and Arise
Maryan is filled with lot of emotion,pain,struggle and heart wrenching love... Only Dhanush can do this type of role,with his impressing expressions,lovely smile,heart touching emotional scenes,his Hardwork shows in each and every frame,sure another national award is waiting for him.Although the first half will be slow that didn't damage the plot its going very well with cast.Parvathy Wow really stupendous performance from her,cute and beautiful Paru impresses so much.Second half no words to express truly realistic Mindblowing.Cinematography by Marc is major highlight of the movie his powerful lens captures the locations very well,kudos to him also.Editing by Vivek Harshan is sharp doesn't spoil the movie, Bharat Bala came up with an emotional tale of love,he takes Tamil cinema to next level. Last but not least A.R.RAHMAN is there any word to praise him more,songs are very emotional and Marvellous,his terrific Bgm carries the movie as soul to the end.Movie is technically brilliant

Maryan-Dhanush and A.R.RAHMAN steals the show.

Hats off to the entire crew

My rating-10/10

Go and experience it

Singam 2

Totally a crap
Iam so wonder how they saying this movie as excellent,Marvellous.Is there anything logical sequences in the movie,more than 30 actors acted in the movie no one got good character,every one is faded each and every scene,only Surya covered the whole movie for his sake.When coming to story nothing much to offer as usual same Masala.In first part Anushka got married with Duraisingam but later in second part they showing her as unmarried due to some reasons.How they recognizing this scenes.Lot of noises and too much fast forwarding editing,eyes are really paining.Second half oh god can't able to sit in Theatre,songs are very bad nd as well as irritating background music from Dsp,Hari must know to present the script well,a poor attempt by his team,Danny Sapani a good villain in Hollywood wasted in this movie,he can been seen in three scene only,there is no scope for comedy superstar Santhanam and Vivek.Hansika and Anushka does a cameo in the movie.If there is 50 scenes in movie,maximum 40 scenes covered by Surya itself,always shouting and jumping six feet to beat the baddies.


A Mindblowing show with some heart touching scenes
first i need to talk about home work done by Ar.Murugadoss and his directors...such a simple script with an amazing nd intelligent screenplay which engages u till the end without even single bore sequence...a extravagance show from Vijay what a changeover every frame he looks so handsome resembling hard work in action sequences which he carries the movie on his shoulders through out the end with a stylish acting,he shines in dance steps too and such a mannerisms only Vijay can do that.Kajal Agarwal is so gorgeous.Love track between Vijay and Kajal will make u laughter and executed nicely technically movie is hand-held by Santhosh Sivan is the top notch of the movie which his hidden camera made to wonder how they made this scenes in huge crowd,such an awesome work by him.Sreekarprasad editing is slick and stylish.songs are already Chartbusters,Especially Harris scores in background music which he gave terrific scores for hero as well as villain Vidyut who didn't Hav any scope in Billa 2 steals the show with his performance in this movie.An intelligent attempt by Ar.Murugadoss and once again proved he is the master of screenplay,in each and every frame his Hardwork is there which he gave as racy action thriller we can't find even one minus through out the movie its a special Diwali treat for all moviegoers and as well as Vijay fans once again hats off to Murugadoss and Vijay for making this movie to be grand and stylish venture go and enjoy the experience



"Amazing experience"
Shankar will always comes with new script,but this time he remakes the Hindi blockbuster 3 idiots...Shankar made it by amazing direction..everyone knows the story so we'll move on to the cast. first great kudos to Vijay,what a performance...Mindblowing he done the role with his own style makes him to attract the audiences,he scores well in emotional scenes too and made us cry,secondly Jeeva is excellent,Srikanth superb and they both scores in emotional scenes too especially Srikanth made us cry in dad scene...Ileana is so cute and charming new intro to the Kollywood she done his part well,Sathyaraj and Sathyan are excellent in their role..Harris songs are superb especially Background scores captured well with amazing cinematography by Manoj..there is no single minus for this film...

A great experience to the audience.A tale of friendship said with humour and emotional scenes...a excellent come back for Vijay he showed his Marvellous effort with the role Pari..

Hats off to Shankar and Vijay



Excellent piece of work
Jordan is sitting among prostitutes and strumming his guitar as they sing together -- when his manager pulls him out onto the street. Soon, a crowd engulfs them and starts chanting Jordan's name, their voices drowning the sound of the manager pleading with the musician to get his act together. "This is what I have always wanted," Jordan says, looking at his screaming fans. "But I am not happy inside."

Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar is a bittersweet journey of a man, an artist, from being an everyman to a superstar. But while Ali uncovers layers off Jordan the iconic musician -- each layer as fascinating as it is intriguing -- he keeps the core of the character, Janardhan Jakkad, alive. He hurts like anybody else, falls in love like anybody else, and also has to deal with moments of sheer frustration.

And all of it finds release in music. Music is Jordan's identity; it's what makes him rich and famous. But to Jordan, that's incidental. In the end, his artistry is what connects him with himself. For a Hindi film viewer, that is a fascinating story to watch unfold.

Then there's the opening shot, a tribute to India's original Rockstar, Shammi Kapoor. From there on, it's a tumultuous ride – one with its highs and lows, one that has anguish as also love, one that has pain, but also a sense of fulfillment. And a brilliant finale -- not a conventional one, but effective nonetheless -- which leaves you feeling like the characters themselves: incomplete but content, like an effective crescendo that leaves you wanting more.

The music itself is a delight. Each AR Rahman number is lilting, and woven beautifully in the story, the high frequency of songs not hindering the storytelling but enhancing the experience. Lyricist Irshad Kamil does an outstanding job, penning words that reflect the lead character's state of mind and complement situations aptly.

Imtiaz Ali, in trademark fashion though, isn't content with Focussing on the complexities of a troubled musician; he gives us a dose of romance too, and a generous one at that. Estrangement from family, lack of fulfillment in life, and self-discovery apart, what really drives Jordan's music is his relationship with Heer (Fakhri, beautiful but awkward). Volatile as the affair is, it's also what keeps Jordan sane, and Heer alive.

For about 15 minutes in Rockstar, the narrative tends to resort to 'Bollywoodism'; true love having the power to cure a terminal illness (almost), for example, doesn't exactly fit with what the rest of the film has to say. The story tends to meander a bit post-interval, but Imtiaz makes it work eventually, interweaving the fantastical romantic part of the film with the more gritty, dark bits deftly. In the end, how much you enjoy Rockstar will largely depend on whether the balance between the tale of a broken, discontented musician and the more conventional love story works for you.

It did for me -- though I would have preferred the former -- but you can't deny Imtiaz credit for his mastery over the romance genre. No contemporary filmmaker has dealt with man-woman relationships with as much dexterity. His films often tread a similar path (the lovers are usually confused, meet at different points in life, and there's always the 'other man'), but his fresh approach to each story is what makes them immensely watchable.

With Rockstar, Imtiaz goes beyond his own tried-and-tested format, his ambition to narrating a more complex story coming through. This is probably his most personal film, and his honesty as filmmaker is hard not to be affected by. Hopefully, he goes the whole hog next, ditching the genre he's adept at to trying his hand at something entirely out of his comfort zone. Rockstar is also Imtiaz's most technically polished film, and he benefits from the association with cinematographer Anil Mehta and editor Aarti Bajaj.

Ranbir Kapoor has been Hindi cinema's Next Big Thing for a while now. With Rockstar, he lives up to the hopes pinned on him to deliver big. Ranbir revels in Jordan's complexities; another actor may have found it to be an obstacle. The character arc undergoes constant transformation and he adapts suitably. It wouldn't be an understatement to say that Ranbir's portrayal of Jordan may go down as one of Hindi cinema's most accomplished performances by a lead actor. Just to see him work his magic on screen, Rockstar is worth a watch.

But while good acting is always an incentive, it's a director's vision that makes a film truly watchable, and Imtiaz makes Rockstar stand out from what the mainstream churns out every week. And brings back the one aspect sorely missing from Hindi films lately -- music.


Ajith wasted the movie with dull face and inappropriate make up...previous films gained somethings..but this time he fails to deliver the good lacks with many flaws and loop and background is not good..worst movie in saran's history..they have aimed for a stylish movie but film looks so dull in both the half...Bhavana is the real relief in the movie...she comes with cute charming face and steal the heart...first half OK..second half poor screenplay...sorry Ajith more flop to you...please choose the good scripts...

verdict-dull show by Ajith and saran



excellent mass entertainer
Velu (Vijay) is a village milkman who stays with his widowed mother, a beautiful sister Kaveri(Saranya Mohan) and a cute Murai Ponnu Vaidhiyalakshmi (Hansikha). He is liked by one and all in the village. He loves to help the needy.

Genelia D'Souza is a TV reporter who comes to village to do coverage of her viewers where she happens to fall in love with Vijay.

Genelia was earlier harassed by the misdeeds of Villain Abhimanyu Singh. He is the most influential person in the city and an underworld mafia don. One fine day Genelia happens to witness an accident where bunch of goons die. She uses this incident and she creates a fictional character 'Velayutham'. When Vijay visits Chennai there are few bomb blasts planned but he prevents all the bomb blasts without his knowledge. So people start to think that he is Velayutham.

Genelia meets Vijay & tells him about the fictional character & Villain. Vijay initially hesitates to continue this fictional character but it so happens that he continues this character to panel the evil minds and save his villagers.

And rest of the film speaks about how Vijay takes over villain and his gang.


Vijay has entertained all classes of the audience who has followed the success path of the Kollywood Superstar Rajinikanth. Vijay too has set his own style to entertain the fan club. His style steals millions of hearts.

Hansika creates an impact on the audience.

Genelia gives a neat image of next door girl.

Santhanam's comedy is another highlight of the movie.

Saranya Mohan as sister to Vijay has done justice to her character giving a neat performance from her part.

Shayali Shinde comes as a Villain.

The film also has MS Bhaskar, Sathyan, Illavarasu, Vincent Ashokan and Raaghav playing their roles perfectly.

Vijay Anthony tops the musical charts.

VT Vijayan's editing plays a major part in the film.

Priyan's camera showed different angels on the big screen.

Director Jayam Raja who is famous for successful remakes can now go for any number of big remakes with more Kollywood stars.


Velayutham a full length action mass entertainer promises to take Vijay's career to another level of stardom.

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