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Coming 2 America

It's ok. But not bad.
No movie is Perfect!!! And of course it's not better than the first one. But I'm was just glad to see the Cast members.

The Vampire Diaries

Even though this Series ended in 2017. Fans are still watching and obsessed with all the characters that make this show still one of the most watched Series in the world. And here we are 2021 watching on Netflix.


Christmas Eve 2020
How many times does Kristen Stewart has to prove herself to be one of the Greatest Actresses in the World. Stop Sleeping on this Phenomenal Actress. Kristen Stewart is the type of Actress when her movies finally comes to HBO or any other Primetime Cable channel. People wish they would have went to see her on the Big Screen before the Covid-19. Ex. Charlie's Angels. Now I am more than ready for her role of the late Princess Diana. Kristen Stewart has proven herself as A List Actress . Since all the Twilight Saga Movies. QUEEN!!!

The Peanut Butter Falcon

Dakota JohnsonπŸ’‹πŸ’
I love anything/ Movie Dakota Johnson is in. But the entire Cast has my heart. This was and is one of the Most loving heart felt movies of the century. Stop sleeping on Great Movies that feel so good and makes you think of Actions you take and mistakes we make in life! This is definitely a feel good movie for America. All I can say is . I love , love, love this Movie that will be a Must See Classic. Dakota Johnson who I didn't know was Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith daughter. To the Proud Parents: Your Daughter is making history way beyond the fifty Shades triologyπŸ”₯πŸ’‹πŸ”₯

Preacher's Kid

Definitely deserve a 10
Latoya Lockett Was the perfect person to play in this movie. She is so beautiful and kind. May God bless her to continue success!!! Latoya Lockett is definitely HOUSTON finest. After Destiny's Child. Latoya Luckett is truly an inspiration. Getting a Role of Greenleafown brought her to new Unstoppable fierce πŸ”₯ heights. I am so Proud of Latoya Luckett who has a testimony!!! Preachers Kid was and Still is one of my favorite Movies. Netflix needs to pick this movie up now!

Black Panther

R.I.P Black Panther
There will never ever be another Chadwick Boseman. We have lost a Legend /Icon who made a Huge difference in such a short time. Accomplished so much in such a short time. Gone too Soon. πŸ•ŠπŸ’œπŸŽ©πŸ’œπŸ•Š an Angel Now.

Demolition Man

It's 2020
Forever!!!! But me of the Greatest Movies in History. Who would have thought we would be in an era where 2020 Movie goers would think about 1993 Demolition Man. And the younger generation would be inspired to watch this Box office hit! And Compare it to what we are experiencing now. Technology can be great . But also a Down fall of Our Nation. Stay tuned. We are just beginning! Demolition Man Movie was and is more than just a Movie. A Movie of all Movies. Quite Entertaining! But Realistic in 2020.

Project Power

Definitely not "The Old Guard" but it's ok.
Some people compared this movie with the "The Old Guard" I totally disagree! The Old Guard was and is definitely much Better. And I was quite Surprised how Project Power was so weak. It's just my opinion. Story line and Action didn't make any sense. But I do know one thing . Jamie Foxx is one of the Greatest Actors of all time . Right up there with Denzel Washington and Will Smith. Actually Jamie Foxx has surpassed Both Will Smith and Denzel Washington. That's why despite my reason for going Project a 5. I give Jamie Foxx a 10 for being just himself. Jamie Foxx is the movie. Therefore I kind of enjoyed it. But his presence was Exciting !!! And Phenomenal! Jamie Foxx is number 1.

The Old Guard

Non stop Action!πŸ”₯
This was one of Netflix most exciting Action Packed Film. Definitely wasn't boring. I must have watched at least 6 times. Can't get enough of this thrill ride of unexpected kick -A Women . Netflix hit the jack pot with this 🍿πŸŽ₯

Mommy Is a Murderer

Awesome Movie
Bree Williams is an incredible Actress. I will watch every lifetime movie she is in. Absolutely beautiful Woman. Definitely need Bree Williams on the Big Screen more.

4/20 Massacre

Worth a Watch if you have nothing else to do
It wasn't the worst movie ever. But it came close. If you have nothing else to do. Give this movie a watch. Actually just what you would expect in a cheap slasher movie. More like the 70s era type movie. Seen this movie on Showtime. Free month trial. Reasons why I only pay for HBO , Cinemax, Starz, Hulu and Netflix.


Good Movie. Funny as well.
I was totally shocked. Very Surprised Samuel Jackson took a chance on this movie "Shaft" Which the original is a Classic Major hit. But truthfully this movie was a lot of fun. This is the new Shadt movie. Changing with the times. Other words. I enjoyed it. Samuel Jackson never disappoints!


Original one and only Dynasty
Congratulations to the other New Dynasty. But this will forever be the World Famous DYNASTY!!!! In my Dame Joan Collins Voice (Darlin)πŸ’‹


If YOU Don't get it! It's Your Fault. Knowledge is King.
I heard Positive and negative views. But thank God I watched for myself. The Movie is very good and well written. Pure Genius. If this Movie Us Confused YOU!! Hahaha Good. It's about Self Growth! Empowerment and most of all Staying WOKE in this Society. Us Movie was definitely Creepy , Scary, unpredictable and will have you on edges. Sci-fi Thriller/Suspense/Action. And at the end of the movie. YOU are Drained. If You were able to hang in there not give up lol. Have to admit Us Movie totally messes up your Mind. Definitely worth watching. πŸŽ₯πŸŽ¬πŸ’‹

High School Lover

Surprisingly Good. Despite different reviews. My Opinion
Actually this happens in real life more than you know or more than we think. I won't give out any Spoilers. But my Suggestions would be. Try and live a Simply Lifestyle. Dating someone famous as well as a millionaire does not make your life necessarily Better. First sign of trouble in a relationship. RUN!!!

Babysitter's Nightmare

Remake of the original Baby Sitters Nightmare
I knew it!!! This is definitely a remake of the original babysitters Nightmare. Best friend gets killed. Creepy Pizza guy. Oh and yes the Baby sitter and kid survives. Different Time and different Characters make a difference. The original was not on lifetime. At least in this 2019 . The Parents made contact by phone while they were gone. And we see a Swimming Pool. More outside adventures. The original movie characters were inside the house. Every thing was dark. And the maid shows up in the night time. Different from the maid shows up in the daytime. Of course the maid gets killed. You know the rest. I definitely do. Case solved. Reboot of a Original on lifetime.


Please Don't make a Aquaman 2
This has to be one of the worst movies ever. And it had to come to HBO. Disney you can have this one for sure. This was terrible! I hope No ones career gets blacklisted for this garbage. Every fan of DC marvel who purchased a ticket should sue for emotional damages . I truly thought people were over exaggerating when they said Aquaman was a horrible movie. I found out the hard way and the only good part was at the end with Beautiful and Gorgeous Nicole Kidman. That's why I gave Aquaman a 1 point. I give Nicole Kidman a Perfect 10. Nominations for Aquaman is a Joke! False advertising and lying to people who use their hard earn money to watch crap like this should be a federal crime. I said what I said.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Blown Away. Phenomenal Cast
The Writing is Pure Excellence. So glad I gave this a Chance. I am needing more . Love love love. Must see. If you haven't. You are definitely missing out on great Actors and Actresses. Definitely did not disappoint.


Totally Addicted to this Show
I never thought I would like this HBO drama. Because I hate drugs and have never been interested in drugs, I don't even Smoke cigarettes. But after the first two episodes. I was totally hooked. If you can't handle the graphics. This is not the Show for You. Truth is . This is a very realistic show. People of all races, Culture. Whether they are rich or Poor get hooked on some type of drug and relapse. It happens to the best, kindest most loving people. Which is devastating. As well as ruin lives and families that are torn apart. To anyone who are having an addiction to drugs. Please get some help. Your life is important. YOU Matter. Zendaya is a first class Actress. A true Superstar who defines what Actresses should bring to the table. She never disappoints. And yes this is a challenging Series to watch. Open your eyes. This is America. And this is reality🎀 #DontjustsayNotoDrugs #DontEverDoDrugs

Fifty Shades Freed

I am just glad there is a Mrs. Grey and they have a family. Actually much better than the first two Fifty Shades. But this was by far my favorite (Freed) Message: How to Love a Difficult Man in these Fifty Shades Movies. Love Finally Conquered all. Yes I actually watch this movie over and over. We all have dark secrets which can destroy us. Wounds that take time to heal. Someone to finally accept you as you are. True Love. I admit the Movie wasn't Perfect. But Think the relationship in the Fifty Shades were not either. Lastly the Fifty Shades Movie Soundtracks were so worthed.


Season 3 PLEASE!!!!
Marlon Wayans is so understated. One of the Greatest Comedians ever in History. Coming from a Multitalented family . The entire Wayans Family. Season 1 and Season 2 was and Still is the Best Comedy Show on Netflix. Hilarious and Funny. Non stop laughing in my House. The entire cast are Hysterical. Essence Atkins has always been a Hollywood favorite. Actress who portrays Yvette is surely a Phenomenal Actress. There should be a Petition for a Season 3 on Netflix for the Marlon Show gloating around.

Big Little Lies

Totally enjoyable πŸ’‹ Outstanding Cast. The reviews are the BEST!!! To all who don't have the HBO app. You are missing out on everything. Hulu add HBO & Cinemax only 28.00 a month. Bundle pack. Cut the Cord.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Triple Threat!
OMG!! OMG!!! YOU have to see this movie more than 2 times. I prefer this movie 🍿 over the Avengers end game. And yes I saw the Avengers :Endgame. I am a movie junkie. I live at the Theater. Lol First of all Halle Berry never disappoints! One of the Most BEAUTIFUL Women in the World. Long story short . John Wick entire cast most definitely did not disappoint! The Suspense kept us on edge of our seats . Popcorn was barely in my mouth. Last but not lease. Oscar for John Wick is a must!!! Stop giving boring movies Oscars that audience are not even going to see and don't even make Box office hits. John Wick definitely gets my vote for BEST!!! πŸŽ₯ Movie.

The Intruder

This is in fact one of the Greatest well played movie. Super exciting . Scary and adventurous. Full of Surprises. So glad so many Comments and ratings are high. I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen this movie yet. But The Intruder was a Box office hit. I will definitely be owning this movie on blu-Ray.


Awesome Drama
Bring back Hawthorne!!! Even though it's 2019. A lot of Angry Viewers/Fans were very unhappy about the cancellation of this show. Each episode was so good. We could not wait until next weeks episode of Hawthorne. Jada Is a Phenomenal Actress. Never disappoints in any role.

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