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here we go AGAIN
Blame the police movie again-made prob ny blm u know the one who just spent 2m on 4 homes-all movie shows again his the victims-try being a offiver stand there and make a life or death decision in seconds-YEA---L I F E IR D E A T H and 90% will cock it up--fed up sites banning people opinion-but they let all lies like floyd be posted-what a future.

Concrete Cowboy

sorry idris but wtf
People who saying its good r prob ones who think avatar is great and original-lol--if i paid to c at cinema i would A,left early and got refund, had more fun at the dentist--or burning toast-or watching paint dry==this is another ex of the world now=all black actors-so everyone scared to say truth-y not racist -this be norm from now on,crap film after film-but no wonder with netflix ifu want to see remarakable movie-check berlin file/suspect/ korean movies-and well worth watching idris needs decent movie not garbage.


so petty to axe
Just because certain facts or clothes dont work etc-babies moan and they axe it-none is real its about demons/or ghosts/vampires etc-its called a fiction drama-not R E A L think some numptys need grow up-like saying ET needs axing because we dont have aliens-or ban movoes about war-lets cancel everything-i mean its entertainment-not for not-but when all u have is mostly reality tv-like uk-then ur be sorry-cant find more than 2hrs worth of decent tv in UK I SAY BRING IT BACK--never mind how many people lost there jobs cause idiots cant realise ITS NOT REAL.


saw first 20min loved it
I cant get anymore-mate now has covid overseas-so not been able send me rest-anyone know where i get it uk-but even if dvd/vcd/tirrent-not bothered just want to watch,,ta had no where ask this so putting HERE.

Garena Free Fire Undefeated

very goodddddddd
Its on youtube and no idea-if its a promo/game/movie etc-but it was very good=and the lead actress-we;; pme she is amaxing 2.she could give anyone in hollywood a run for there money agree?

The Outsiders

anyone help/
I saw this tv yrs back loved it-but typical itv1 ib them days axed it,,,abtibe know where i can get a copy or watch again.thx.

Monster Hunter

Don't listen to muppets
I enjoyed it but corny some places but the fight scenes were superb it's something u norm see Gina Carano do. But milla pulled it of great. Would have been nice to c some parts sort of not mentioned but don't think be No2 as the woke plebs dint like it. But I for day go sleep and let normal folk enjoy entertainment that what it's about. Enjoyment. Half the idiots be ones who think avatar was a masterpiece arh. No it was rubbish that's in my top two of 50yrs Anyway enjoy of dont upto u. Know one else

The Reckoning

Ignore the muppets
Not great but ok Watchable and lead actress is great so are the other brits. Reviewers who think it's crap must all love avatar. If you got passion and u have knowledge then it's ok for a fri night

Nice one Neil

But still want dig soldiers 2


the best
One of the best movies ever-sad/action and more even the bollywood remake is great too-which is on netflix--great movie


good movie
If people say its like over the top with sly--its because-don lee loved the movie and this is a sort of thank you to sly--good tearful movie


great movie
Don lee-aka ma dong does another superb movie-ive saw all his movies and they get beter everytime-dont think eternals be good thou-as its hollywood made


Most succesdful movie ever acc to some korean reports CASh wise ive watched it about 4 times never gets old-and the comedy/acting and fights r great


great fun
Decent story-acting etc and action i watch alot of korean movies-but sadly apart from few on netflix -there getting harder to buy

Cidade Invisível

veryyyy good
Good seroes but would have liked 10 eps-also what a end-dont even know with netflix if s2 be back or will we have to wait 3/4 yrs


another grt movie
Loads of action and decent story==of what i could undestand- just wish more eng subs were put out at same time--if u get subs all time-let people know where from


superb and funny
Ignore bad comments-i watch around 3/korean movies a day-some over and over-as im disabled/housebound--and love these-action/comedy etc-if u dont like foreign movies-DONT WATCH--loads r being remade in uds thid yr snd next-another like this is-the con artists-another s/korean movie

The Bay

S2 better than s1
And that is wow. I'm 49 some parts had me in tears morven is a cracking actress. Loved her in grantChester. But hope s3 come of the bay sooner. Prob is with itv and ther only care about reality tv. It may not be back. I mean y put a grt drama on in one go online But hope I'm wrong


Craig does it happen RUINS ANOTHE MOVIE
What a load of bo@@I ks how this got made I never know. And the orgy blimey more hard than Ben dover. Dint watch alll turned crap off

First Light

This is what the Martian or arrival wanted to be
Superb movie first I was not about main teen but as moved along he seemed to a good choice Those mega millions movies avatar midnight sky. The Martian. And more. Put in the bin. If you want genuine movie not a lot of action. But still totally enjoyable Roll on next one Ps reminds me of another low budget U.K. made called cosmos watch it too

Outside the Wire

Too slow way way to slow
Was expecting a movie like 6 underground but instead it was this. If cut 36 min. Of would have been better and ok But sadly Netflix cocks another and never listens to viewers

Honest Thief

Another good movie for Liam does some good action story etc ignore the haters there always a few muppets about. Good movie

His Dark Materials

S1 great s2. WAY BAD
Not bothered if s3 coming after watching s2. It was the most boring ever. Be more fun watching paint dry

Block Z

Not bad at all
Enjoyed it decent acting some beautiful ladies what else do you need and it's fun


My kind of Xmas movie
Guns Santa elves what more u want grt movie. I seriously hope more movies to follow. Fatman 2 be grt

Naemsaereul Boneun Sonyeo

Great series
Found on Netflix watched in two days. Shame no s2. But as a lot of korean shows u get only 1 season it seems

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