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A Sitcom formula stuck in the 1990s
I was only able to get through two episodes of this new show. The talent is there but the script and the overall sitcom formula is very tired and old. Plus, this show has one of the most awful laugh tracks in the history of television. Nearly every line is follow by screams of laughter. The three principles each seem to be rehashing characters that made them famous in earlier shows.

The plot line of the loser and long lost son seems a bit sad as well. Most comedies exhibit a bit of family warmth but this one does not. It is a series of snappy one liners. Maybe these actors should each try the stage because,sadly,TV has passed them by. I fully expect this show to be gone after one season

Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story

A fun film about a great game
There aren't too many documentaries that your grandmother will enjoy as much as your eighteen year old brother, but this film is one of them. The entire film is a celebration of the game of Monopoly which so many people have happy memories of playing. The film moves quickly and the scenes of the Monopoly tournaments are fascinating. We are introduced early on, to some of the very quirky contestants of the tournaments and follow them as they progress to the finals. Along the way we learn a little of the history of the game and there are some great Pop Culture references to Monopoly as well. If this film comes to your area, see it.

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