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Daydream Nation

Avoid, avoid,,,, spare the regrets........
I don't remember how i came across this movie but i think its because of some guy who has rated this movie in his blog. it was included in some list of his 'best movies of the year' or something. anyway i read the synopsis which was interesting and decided to give it a try-- "BIG MISTAKE". this is the first time that i got this urge to go and write a review for a movie. yes, its that much of a waste. i had seen much much worse movies but i never had this much hate. maybe its the dumb storyline , maybe its the crappy dialogues, maybe its the lifeless characters. no way, this movie deserves above 5 or even any rating in IMDb. i don't know how to describe my emotions after seeing this movie; hate, regret, resent, stupid or nauseated. so please please avoid this movie and spare the regrets, nausea , hate or whatever. rating 0/10


Please don't watch this.....
i had high hopes for this movie but got total disappointment. The animation was good altogether with the 3d effects. But a very bad story, no comedy at all, some bad songs and bad characters. Only thing that this movie does good is with the colors. But there is no action, some bad dialogs and totally unoriginal characters. Even the children who sat in front of me the theater did not enjoy at all. I cant believe that this movie comes from the studio that made ice age.

Jesse eisenberg and Anne Hathaway does good job in giving the characters some charm at least.

I totally recommend to avoid this movie or at least wait for the DVD release


Grosse Pointe Blank

One of the most underrated movie
Grosse Pointe Blanke is one of the few movies I've stored in my ipod. I have seen it like a thousand times. Martin Blank the character played by Cusack is one of the coolest heroes in cinema. He is a professional assassin and the story is about he going to his high school reunion and the things happening there. What i love about this movie is that there are so many memorable quotes in it. Like Cusack talking to himself in front of mirror going "You are a handsome devil, what's your name?" and many more. the screenplay is excellent with sharp perfect dialogues and wits. THIS MOVIE SHOULD DEFINITELY MAKE INTO IMDb TOP 250. a must watch movie for all the film buffs

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