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A Total Insult To The Horror Genre!
Wow! How did this movie ever get green lit, so bizarre. I rented this movie thinking it would be something like the original Wicker man-WRONG. The movie is too long, and if I were from Sweden I would be appalled. I would have rather watch paint dry than, watch this mess. If you enjoy watching a cult push their elders off a cliff when they reach a certain age, watch 2 people go at it while naked women chant, or group of women screaming at the top of their lungs, this is for you. Disgusting sex scenes in movies are lame, and I believe put in for a poor script. This movie was like watching some porno-PASS. It you want a good horror get a movie from John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Sean S. Cunningham, E.T.C.. Do yourself a favor and pass this piece of trash up, it should have been burnt.


A Different Kind Of Superhero.
I recorded this show, and it seems I am the only one who enjoyed the pilot. I don't know why so many dislike it? I guess it is because the main character is a lesbian, SO WHAT? This is what the film and T.V. industry needs more strong women. I am so sick and tired of females stereotyped as weak and beauty queens. As a strong woman I can relate to Ruby Rose's charter, I love it. Some people need to put their views about LGB&Q aside, and watch for what it is. A female superhero trying to fight crime, and helping those in need.


In Space No One Can Hear You Scream.
Alien is one film that once you watch it you never will forget it. It begins with the haunting artwork from the late H.R. Giger to the outstanding cast of Tom Skerritt( Dallas), Sigourney Weaver(Ripley), Veronica Cartwright( Lambert), late Harry Dean Stanton(Brett), John Hurt( Kane), Iam Holm(Ash), Yaphet Kotto( Parker) and the excellent performance from the late Bolaji Badejo( Alien). The cast is perfect and the director Ridley Scott delivers a Sy Fy/Horror fright for eternity.

The film begin with the crew of The Nostromo coming back from some off world with mineral ore. They are headed back to Antarctica with so many tons of ore aboard. It is the 22nd century yr 2122 so living in Antarctica could become a reality then? When they think there job is complete, Mother(the ship's communicator)or brain, picks up a distress signal from a remote planet. Ash, The science officer, tells the crew it's an S.O.S., and it must be checked out. The crew is outraged when they find out if they don't they forfeit all their shares. So they land on the remote moon of LV-426. A small group consisting of Kane, Lambert, and Capt. Dallas investigate. The planet is desolate and a crashed ship is there. When they venture inside they explore what looks to be an alien ship. When they investigate further they discover this huge area filled with eggs. Now when Kane decides to investigate one of these eggs, the S**T starts to go south. One of them opens up and attaches to his face. I kid you not it looks like crab-like creature. This is the second stage of the Alien-A Face Hugger. When the crew return they get in, but were suppose to be quarantined. Ash disregarded the protocols and opened the hatch. Kane is in a COMA-like state, but this thing looks like it is helping him stay alive. when Dallas tries to remove it, acid from the thing is released. Ash is really a android, and was sent on this mission at the last minute. So the crew is wondering what will happen to Kane?

Well a couple days later the face hugger detaches itself and Kane just needs to wake up. Now when Ripley goes in to check on Kane, the facehugger is still alive and somewhere in the lab. Ash sees it; and directs it towards Ripley, it drops, but it 's dead it's purpose is over. So Ripley wants it gone, but Ash keeps it to study and admire it.

The next day Kane is awake and is starving, so the crew decides to have one last meal before continuing on home. So they are all setting down for dinner telling each other the first thing they will do when they return home. All of a sudden, it appears Kane is choking. So they all get concerned and help him out, except for Ash who is just observing. The next thing you know Kane is on the table, and something bursts from his chest-Chest burster.( Stage 3) A small alien like creature that comes from Kane. Those looks from the actor's are REAL, according to the cast and director. Everyone wants to kill it right then and there, except Ash, but it's so fast. So a plan is in the works to kill the thing , thinking it will be easy-WRONG. They split in teams, but are unaware the alien has reached Stage 5 shed it's skin and now about 7 feet tall. The crew discovers they are all expendable and Ash is to blame. They do everything in there power to try and kill it, but it's indestructible. One by one the crew falls, until they find out Ash is an android, and may know a way to kill it. There is no way and the shuttle can't hold 3 people, so Ripley, Lambert, and Parker are left. Lambert and Parker go get more fuel on there way the two become prey, and Ripley is the only one left. She has a plan so she decides to destroy the ship and work her way to the shuttle. On her way there she has a few run in with the Xenomorph , but is able to get aboard. Once aboard the thing is hidden in there with her. So she plays it smooth, gets a spacesuit on open the outer door and blasts the thing in outer space. In the end she is safe and sound in her sleep chamber set for home. A great movie you will never forget.

Star Wars: Rebels

Before A New Hope, There Was Star Wars Rebels.
I have been a fan of the Star Wars Franchise since I was 5 back in 1977, when I Saw Star Wars-ANH. Now in my forties that love grown into the animated series's like The Clone Wars; and Star Wars Rebels. first there was the short lived series The Clone Wars of the early 2000's which I truly enjoyed; but was canceled. It was shocking, because the animated series was so much better than than Pre-quels. I

In 2014 I was excited when I found out the Disney XD channel released Star Wars- Rebels. The series ran from 2014-2018. I was also shocked when season four was the series finale. Just like with the success of The Clone Wars, Rebels gets pulled too soon.

This is a great series, especially for those who are the 1st generation Star Wars fans.I can see why some do not like the series, but this is also for new fans ( Kids)as well.It introduces new characters like Zeb(Steve Blum) who is a Lasat. Lasat' are similar to Wookies. The Inquisitor(Jason Isaccs) is a Pau'an who turned to the dark side. Pau'an's come from the planet Utapain( Revenge of the Sith). If you seen the pre-quels you know what I'm talking about. Also new to the saga is Agent Kallus( David Oyelowo) an Imperial. As the series goes along new characters emerge. It wouldn't be Star Wars if you shelved those classic characters. Those that play a big role are Darth Vader, Obi-Wan, Lando, Tarkin, the Wookies, and those classic droids and Stormtroopers to name a few.

Star Wars- Rebels follows Ezra Bridger( Taylor Gray) who is an orphan from the planet Lothal. Lothal is a planet a lot like Tatoonie. There are a lot of Moisture Farms, Spaceports, and various species from all over the galaxy. Ezra team up with the crew of The Ghost. They are a small band of Rebels fighting The Empire. Ezra gets imvolved with them trying to flee from TIE Fighters, and Kanan (Freedie Prince Jr.) helps him aboard the Ghost. The crew includes Kanan , an experienced Jedi, Sabine( Tia Sircar) a Mandalorian, Jeb( Steve Blum), Hera the owner of the Ghost( Vanessa Marshall) a Twi'lek ; and their trouble making Astro-Mech Droid C1-10P)-(Dave Filoni). All have teamed up together because either their home worlds were destroyed or taken over by the Empire. Now Ezra knows is stay with the crew is a temporary time, but really doesn't have a reason to return to Lothal. While he is aboard he does get involved in a few adventures. At first he doesn't want to, but listens to the advise from Hera, and does whats right. Then he really starts to bond with them when he see Kanan in action with his lightsabre. Kanan knows there is something special with Ezra, but Ezra has to learn patience first. Kanan knows that Ezra has a purpose; and can be a valuable asset to them only if he has the proper training.

When Ezra gets taken Hostage by the Empire, he knows his only chance is to escape. Thinking his temporary friends will not return for him he outsmarts 2 stormtroopers and escapes through interior of the ship taking a trooper helmet. When he hears communication that the crew has come back for him he is shocked. They rescue him, but now it is time to return home.

He know he has bonded with all of them especially after they did rescue him, and does want to leave. Before returning home he devises a scheme and hopefully it will work. When they land on Lothal, as Ezra leaves he swipes Kanan's Lightsabre; and returns to his place. He is unaware the Kanan is right behind him and at his front door. Kanan makes him an offer, he can keep the Lightsabre for a souvenir or come with him and learn more about the force. When Ezra hears this, he accepts Kanan's offer. He is now a Padwan learner and a Jedi he will become. This is a great series with excellent animation and every episode delivers a TKO.

Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story

Love Is Love!
I thought this movie was really good, and hopefully it has awakened people about conversion therapy. I can't believe it is still legal in 33 states, it is cruel, inhumane, and ridiculous. Why can't people understand no one chooses their sex, and it being gay is not a choice. I don't understand why some parent are ashamed of their kid(s), because of their lifestyle. Alex's parent's were so distraught they traveled to Utah . They gave The Sim's custody of their daughter, to go through Conversion Therapy. They made her wear certain cloths, home school, stand in the wall with rocks in a book bag. She tried to kill herself do to this unlawful treatment;Luckily it was a failed attempt.

When I watched this movie it made me mad. To see what this couple did to this poor girl was a crime. Luckily Alex is a strong lady who fought back and was determined to seek help. After a failed suicide attempt, she thought it would be hopeless to find anyone in the state of Utah to help her. One day she was able to go back to school. She to a friend who was gay if someone could help her. Alex turned to the head of the gay and lesbian council of the school. She got Alex an attorney, and told those at the school if they were to contact the Sims they would go to jail. A great movie more people need to watch, Conversion Therapy should be BANNED. I can relate to Alex's story because I know what it's like to be different, and I'm glad she survived her horrific tale.

Crimson Peak

Beware Of Crimson Peak
Crimson Peak is a Gothic tale from director Gullermo Del Toro. This movie is so much better than I thought, in fact I loved it. The story includes ghosts, murder, deceit, and incest, making it one of the best horror/suspense movies I have seen. So here is a little about the movie, and yes my reviews are detailed. So I hope this review is helpful to you?

As a young child, Edith Cushing( Mia Wasikoloski) lost her mother to Black Coloria. Edith is raised by her father, Carter Cushing( Jim Beaver). He is a successful wealthy builder in New York. Looking back Edith would remember those nightly visits from her mother's spirit as a child. She would come into Edith's room waking her; and warn Edith about Crimson Peak. It is 1901, Edith is now a successful author in Buffalo; N.Y.. She visits her father and is still very close to her childhood friend; Dr. Alan Mc Michael. Alan is Carter's Physician and really likes Edith. One day Carter is hoping the two will marry. Edith is viewed differently from some of the other women, especially Alan's mother. One day while at work, Baronet Thomas Sharpe( Tom Hiddleston) has an appointment with Carter Cushing. At first, Edith is not impressed with him; because his title says it all. A Baronet is a rich sponge who lives off other people. Thomas has also bought along his sister Lucille Sharpe( Jessica Chastain). Lucille is a piece of work she is very cold to others, and very possessive of her brother. The two are both from Cumberland, England and have been left an estate at Allerdale Hall.

When Thomas meets Carter for the first time, Carter doesn't like him one bit. Thomas has come to seeking money from Carter, for his production of clay that is produced on his property. Thomas explains that it is the richest and reddest ever on the planet, hence the name CRIMSON PEAK. In order to keep producing more he needs money for more clay harvesters. Now, Carter knows that Thomas has failed to raise capital in London, Scotland, and Italy. Now in New York, Carter is not buying the story; and asks Alan what he thinks about him? Alan believes he should get, Finlay, an investigator to find some more info on the two. Finlay comes back with the results a couple days later, and Carter knew the two were up to something. The results show the two are penniless sponges. Who prey on primarily on wealthy women.

That night there's a ball at Carter's residence, and invites the two siblings. Afterwards he asks to see the two in his den. He tells them he had them checked out and knows there game. Then he pays them off and tells the two to leave Buffalo A.S.A.P.. He especially tells Thomas to have no further contact with with his daughter. The next day Carter is preparing for the day at his club. He hears someone in the bathroom and goes to look around. He can't find anyone, so he returns to finish up. All of a sudden he is blindsided; and beaten to death.

After her father's death Thomas contacts her telling her what happened about the payoff and proposes marriage to her. When Edith decides this is best for her, she returns to Allerdale Hall as his wife. She has no idea that he is already married. When she sees this so called estate, she is floored. It's a wreck, the roof is in need of repair, the house sinks into the ground due to the clay; and the two really can't afford to keep it up. She walks around and the first thing she sees is an image of a woman, she tells Thomas; but he says it's Lucille.Thomas tells Lucille and the two start to worry. When it keeps happening, the images become darker; and more grotesque. She finally asks Thomas if anyone has died in the house. He brushes it off and explains to her sure the house is very old.

When she meets Lucille and has a chance to really talk to her, she realizes Lucille is very cold towards her. When Edith asks for keys to the house, Lucille refuses. She explains the house is very old, and some places are too dangerous right now. Lucille has plans for Edith, she starts poisoning her tea, she is now their prisoner. She is only their so they can steal her money.

Back in Buffalo, Allen talks with Carter's lawyer. He tells Allen Edith has transferred all her assets to Cumberland, England. Allan is shocked when he hears this, and talks to Finlay. Allen tells Finlay something isn't adding up, transferred assets, no communication, and the sudden marriage.When Alan meets with Finlay and gets the news. Finlay tells him that Thomas is already married to a Pamela Upton of Milan, Italy. When Alan hears this he knows Edith is in trouble, and goes to England to help her.

While Edith is there, Lucille continues to be hateful to her; and Thomas is still his sister's puppet. Edith demands a key and will do anything to get one eventually stealing Lucille's one day. Even though Thomas is married he begins to fall in love with her. Edith continues to see these images of a ghost; and tells Thomas. Thomas and Lucille know she is seeing the image of their late mother, Lady Sharp(Dave Jones). The spirit seems to help Edith find clue's all over the house about the duo. When Edith wises up she begins to search the house and comes across this chest. It holds the secret of three women and their mother. These women who were wealthy were held captive until they signed over their assets to Thomas and Lucille Sharpe. It comes out they too were poisoned, robbed, and later killed-all for money.

When Alan arrives at the Sharp's estate he tells Edith everything, even though she is suffering from being poisoned she does understand him. All their history,especially when the two were young and sent away. When Alan begins to take Edith home, Thomas inflicts a non-fatal wound to him. Then for the first time in his life Thomas stands up against his sister, confronts her, but she ends up killing him. Lucille then begins to track down Edith. The two fight to the death, when Edith hits her with a shovel, Thomas's ghost is there to help Edith. In the end, Edith and Allen escape from Crimson Peak. In Conclusion, this is a great tale that has it all even a great ending. An impressive piece of work with excellent visuals,plot, and acting was decent considering these actors were unknown to me.

They Live

This Is Your God, Sleep, And Never Question Authority!
An unemployed drifter, Nada( Roddy Piper) comes to L.A. from Denver, Colorado looking for a job. After a few days he finds a unionized construction job; but he doesn't get paid until Thursday. He needs a place to stay, and can't park it on the site. A fellow co-worker, Frank(Keith David) tells him to come to Justiceville. It's a shelter camp with clean showers, food, and he'll get to meet some of the people. The first person is Gilbert( Peter Jason), a big guy who runs the camp. While watching T.V. one night with the group; this hacker comes on the T.V.. He explains how people are under mind control and need to wake up. He goes on explaining how aliens are hidden among us. A small group of scientists have discovered their signal and a way to stop them.

One night, Nada, notices Gilbert going into the Church with someone else. The next day Gilbert tells him some B.S. excuse about the church letting them use the kitchen. Nada knows there's more to it and decides to go see what's up. When he enters he finds a make shift lab, hi-tech satellite dish; and recorded church music-no people. When he gets back he gets binoculars and spies on who goes in and out. He sees Gilbert and another quickly moving cardboard boxes out to the car. They know someones coming. Soon cops, bull-dowsers, helicopters, and a paddy-wagon come. They start tearing up the place, injuring and arresting people. It is total Chaos!

The next day the clean up begins and Nada goes back to check things out. There he finds a cardboard box full of sunglasses. He takes a pair and stashes the rest. He goes into downtown L.A.. There he puts them on and does a WTF. Everything is in black and white, hidden messages are everywhere( Magazines, Billboard, Money, and a mini-satellite dish-broadcasting -SLEEP over and over). The glasses also expose those we are warned about. The aliens in their true form unmasked everywhere. Nada goes into a grocery store and one of the aliens alerts the others via tech-watch. When they come after him, he hauls A$$. After making the news for oblivious reasons, he realizes he's lost his job. So he meets Frank somewhere to get his pay. He tells him that he needs to wake up, but Frank doesn't want any part of it. The two get in a huge fight and Nada has to physically put the glasses on Frank. Once Frank sees what Nada's been telling him, he does a WTF? The two realize they need to find the people who made the glasses and fast. The two find a place to hold up and run into Gilbert. Gilbert is one of the scientists who is responsible for the x-ray glasses so to speak. Gilbert tells the two they got a plan to wake the world up and they know where the signal is being broadcast. They get organized and fight back ending this slumbered nightmare the world is undergoing. An excellent sci-fi movie from on of the best horror directors ever, John Carpenter.

Friday the 13th

Camp Blood, Are They Opening That Place Up Again?
I will never forget the time I saw this movie, I was 8 years old and an active scout who went to camp every summer. This film scared the crap out of me, even though I had seen other films like Halloween, The Omen, Jaws, ETC.; this one had a major effect on me.

The movie is about camp counselors who despite the numerous warning about the camp decide to reopen it. All the locals know about it's history; and That's how it received it's nickname Camp Blood. At Crystal Lake everyone is busy and Steve Christy( Peter Bower) needs to go into town to get more supplies.When Steve leaves, I thought he was the the killer at first. When Annie, the camp cook( Robbie Morgan) is trying to get to Crystal Lake. She has to walk the rest of the way. She gets lucky and gets a ride, the vehicle is a jeep. The same color as Steve's. When the jeep passes the camp site, Annie takes a risk and jumps out and into the woods. Soon the killer is right behind her and she ends up getting her throat slashed. So it made me wonder, because he is gone most of the movie.

The counselors, Alice( Adrienne King), Bill( Harry Crosby), Jack( Kevin Bacon), Brenda( Laurie Marie Bartram), Ned( Mark Nelson), and Marcie( Jeannie Taylor) are left to get more work done. They blow off work, and enjoy their time while Steve is gone. They are aware of a big storm on the way and time is of the essence.

When the rain begins trouble is not far behind. When I watched this the first time the kill scenes were graphic, now I have the uncut version. The difference is the kill scenes are more intense, and I believe some editing mistakes are fixed unlike on the VHS version. One of the most memorial kill scenes is Kevin Bacon's. After he and Marcie have sex, she has to leave to use the bathroom. When he lights a joint he notices blood dripping from the top bunk. All of a sudden a hand holds his forehead down, while an archery bow goes up through his neck. In the uncut version it is more intense, and you see Ned's body in a more close up while thunder and lighting strike. Then there is Marcie's, when she is looking through the showers to see if any of them are hiding; and trying to scare her. You see a shadow of an axe, when she turns the axe comes down through her face.

I have to say I'm not a fan of every Friday film of the series, but this has got to be the best one. This is the first time I saw Kevin Bacon in a film and I thought Betsy Palmer's performance as Pamela Voorhees was out standing. Tom Savini make up effect were excellent, because they looked so real, unlike in other horror films. Every slasher film has these rules. Those who have sex, the know it all, and the obnoxious are usually the damned. The one who usually survives all the trauma is the heroic virgin.

The movie includes those fears we think about when we are alone in the woods, the watcher across the lake, stalker in the shower/bathroom, and the psycho killer. I have always been a fan of this film, not only does Ron Milkie's character officer Dorf bring some comic relief, but Crazy Ralph sends chills up our spine with his preaching. The showdown between Alice and Mrs. Voorhees is about as graphic as it gets, but having a female heroine is priceless. Adrienne King was excellent at her role. I highly recommend this film to all Friday The 13th Fans and to anyone who loves old school horror. In a way this film has a valuable life lesson; and always be aware of your surroundings.

Friday the 13th: Part 2

Holt It's Been 5 Year's; But If I Were You I'd Locate In The Next County.
The sequel returns Alice( Adrienne King), in a small bit part in the beginning. Two months have passed since her horrendous trauma with Mrs. Voorhees. She seems to be getting along O.K. considering what had happened to her. She still has nightmares about what happened, and seems to have a rocky relationship with her mom. When she gets a hang up call one night, she begins to worry. She still wonders what happened to the boy Jason, and wonders if if we he who called?After the call she decides to lock up, but she still hears rumbling outside. When she goes to feed the cat, she opens the fridge and sees Mrs. Voorhees severed head. There with an ice-pick is a grown Jason who tracks her down to get revenge.

It's been 5 years and a counselor training camp is opening up, this camp is on the same lake as the infamous camp Crystal Lake. The head counselor, Paul( John Furey) believes it's a legend and doesn't take the Jason thing seriously. He also doesn't want his CIT's worrying about it. His co-counselor, Ginny(Amy Steel); believes there is more to the story.

Everything seems to be going well at first until crazy Ralph is killed spying on Ginny and Paul while they are in a cabin together. The next day Ginny has a sixth sense to her while the group is out in the woods. She feels like someone or something is watching; but shrugs it off later. While the group is taking a break at the lake Sondra( Marta Kober) begs Jeff( Bill Randolph) she has to see Camp Blood. So the 2 take off and come to the fenced off area. There they find a dead dog, and come into contact with the local sheriff( Jack Marks). They get hauled in and Paul is warned about keeping his people away from the place. The Sheriff explains that it has been calm and the last thing they need is trouble brewing again.

That night Paul gives most of the counselors the night off, before their training begins. Jeff and Sondra are two that have to stay behind, some others remain too. While the majority have gone to the local bar, those left behind eventually find something to do. It doesn't take long for the stragglers before they start getting bumped off. The kill scenes are not as graphic as those in the original, but are still cringe worthy.

When Ginny and Paul return to the camp they wonder what has happened. Why does the place look so unkempt? Ginny wonders what is going on especially since they can't find anyone? Paul tells her to calm down and everything is fine. When the two discover the bloody sheets in the bedroom, the lights go out. Ginny and Paul work their way to the rec room were she warns Paul somebody is in here. Soon Jason pops up from the shadows and goes after Paul. Ginny is on her own and tries to get help. From her Ginny fins Jason's shack, tricking him, until Paul finds her. The two unmask him once Ginny knocks him unconscious. The two are horrified at what they see, and Paul helps Ginny to the closest cabin. The is questionable, did they have a final fight with Jason or not? Some believe when Jason comes through it's all in Ginny's mind. I like to think Paul survived, but we are still left in limbo.

In Conclusion, this is a great sequel to a slasher film; and I was surprised since it was rushed out after Friday the 13th. The very end is a little unnerving in Jason's shack. I was waiting for Mrs. Voorhees eyes to open, because the camera kept zooming in on her severed head. It is still a mystery about Paul and some may see this as a buzz kill; but you are left to your own conclusion.

The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders

Dying To Belong: Becoming A Cheerleader
I saw this on Lifetime, and was surprised it was good for a chick flick. Cheer leading was never my thing; because I thought it was too girly. I was involved in my schools Varsity basketball, softball, and track teams. In my school cheer leading was about image, clicks, who's dating who; and the obvious. So is the cheer leading image true, who knows? What I do know is some will do anything to belong.

The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders is about the dangers of hazing and it's consequences. The story takes place in California at Roosevelt High School, home of the Lions. The school has the best cheer team in the state, and the veteran cheerleaders are queens of the school. They can get anything they want, because they are the best. Their cheer captain is Katrina Smith(Alex Deberry), she is very controlling and loves to haze the newbies. These hazing rituals range from binge drinking, locking newbies in cages til their breaking point, spreading rumors, and forced stripping. None of the veteran members will stand up to her, they just let her do what she wants. Sure they will talk behind her back, but they know she unstable. Katrina will do anything to stay on top, no matter what. The coach Ms. Sinclair( Josie Daves) knows what goes on but all she cares about is her legacy as the best cheer coach.

When the new girl , Ava( Savannah May) begins at Roosevelt High, she's upset no dance team. Her mom Candice( Denise Richards) tells her she should go out for the Cheer team. Candice was a Captain of her team; and would love it if her daughter follows in her footsteps.

When Ava makes the team she loves it at first. She develops a relationship with Patrick( Gunner Burkhardt). Katrina starts to get jealous, and tries to break up the two. Patrick tells her the initiation process will be quick, and he had to go through it in football. So at first Ava goes along with it, but when it starts to cost people their spot on the team she gets concerned. One night the hazing goes way too far. Katrina has Tiffany( Gracie Bradley), Julie (Scarlett Cowan), and Ava Strip down to almost nothing. They don't realize Katrina is uploading it to the football team and the guys are voting for the best bod. Ava has enough and slaps the I-Phone out of her hand.

Allison( Laury Speights), a former cheerleader who Katrina hazed so bad Allison was arrested. Allison and Ava are Chem. partners and she warned Ava she made a big mistake. She told her Katrina will make her life a living hell, and she does. One day Ava overhears a conversation about her and Katrina. She is shocked and realizes she needs to stop Katrina. So she gets a plan underway.

The next day Tiffany calls Ava & tells her she can't locate Julie. She believe she has Allison, and Julie at the same place they were hazed at before. When they arrive Katrina has Allison walking on top of the ledge trying to get her so nervous. When Ava arrives with another cheerleader they get Katrina talking. Katrina starts talking about all the hazing, about what they did to Allison, among other things. In the background Patrick walks up holding an I-Phone. It is recording everything Katrina has said and it's been live streamed to the cops. The ending is classic when she is taken into custody. While being led away in cuffs, her boyfriend walks up to her and says " I think it's about time we break up". A great ending with a crowd of students watching.

Murder, She Wrote: Incident in Lot 7
Episode 13, Season 8

Murder At One Of The Most Iconic Movie Sets Of All Time.
Jessica takes a trip to Universal Studios in Hollywood, California. Once there she has the opportunity to see one of the most famous sets in movie history; the Psycho house. While there she helps the police in a murder investigation. The murder happened at the psycho house. The victim is a movie producer that had his enemies. The clues, a pool of blood on the floor, clue two a shoe with a skid imprint in the blood, clue three missing blue papers. Jessica must collect more clue so she can discover the killer in this season 8 thriller.

The Island

What Starts Of As An Investitgation, Lands A Father And Son On An Island With Murderous Pirates.
The Island starts off with excitement and terror when numerous pleasure boats start disappearing around The Caribbean. Micheal Caine stars in this thriller based on the book by Peter Benchley. Maynard ( Micheal Caine) is an investigative reporter in New York City, he is divorced and has a son Justin Maynard( Jeff Frank). One day he reads about the numerous disappearances, and convinces his boss to let him investigate more on the story. He takes his son Justin with him to Miami, FL. After the two have some time in Miami, they try to charter a boat, but the price is just not right. So someone hooks him up with a charter plane, it's a cargo plane that end's up crash landing on the island of Navidad . Maynard and Josh eventually finds Dr. Winsor Brazil who has lived there for so many years. Maynard convinces Winsor to let him charter his boat so he can take Jeff fishing. The two get his Mako for the day, and spend the day fishing. When Jeff wants to stay a little longer and catch another Barracuda the trouble starts.

The two see a troubled swimmer, but it's a ruse. It's a girl who tries to drown Jeff and a pirate confronts Maynard. The next this you know the two are on this Island with a group of pirates and they are their prisoners. John David Nau ( David Warner) is the leader of the group. They are barbaric, steal, murder, and hold anyone prisoner who can help them in anyway. . Maynard gets hooked up with Beth( Angela McGregor). Maynard is suppose to take the place of her husband who he killed. The main reason they were brought to the island was to help regenerate there gene pool. Maynard is suppose to be a super male for all the women on the island , until the young ones are able to do the same. They are taken with them to every pirated boat they capture and help in their murderous adventures.

The kids are brainwashed and Jeff now has turned against his father. When Maynard tries to escaped he is met by Windsor, who in fact turns on him. Windsor made a pact with these derelicts 30 yrs ago, and hands Maynard back to John. When he does find a way to get off the island he heads for the USCG ship. When he gets there he realizes the pirates have been there and he will have to take them on himself. It is a cat and mouse game, but he eventually over comes the odds and gets his son back. At the end it is reported and investigated.

I like this movie, exciting from the start. It's rated R for violence, there is only a couple of cuss words, and brief nudity. It's not JAWS, but Benchley does have a life lesson in this movie.

Nightmare Tenant

From Valedictorian To Vengeance!
I don't watch any soaps, but I do like the LTN. They have great movies and I caught this one by accident. I watched it last night and couldn't believe a straight A student would be that desperate to get back at a student who took her spot at the college she was hoping to attend. In a way I can understand why she flipped out and did what she did. She came home with straight A's thinking she was a shoe in. As soon as she opened the door, her father was on her from that point on. He read her denial letter, and thought she was a complete failure. So what does she do creates this plot to go after her rival and her family. She changes her appearance, name, and takes the rented room to get closer to the family. From the time she moves in things start to go south. She steals the mail, gets a credit card to make purchases on and forges the mothers signature; and she goes so far as to hit on the boyfriend. One day her mother calls her and begs for her to come back; but she wants no part of the family. The damage is done and she will not stop until her target is destroyed. I thought this was a good film even though I didn't know the cast at all. I believe the lesson in this movie is never doubt how far a person will go to get what the want, regardless of status or grades. I highly recommend this film, it's no blockbuster, but their are lessons to be learned; and a big one is TRUST.

Channel Zero

When Watching Channel Zero You Will enter A Realm Like No Other.
I am a huge fan of Channel Zero, in fact I got the entire series for my birthday this August 14. The series only lasted 4 season with shocked me. I thought every season was excellent, especially Season 2 ( No End House). The series ran from 2016-2018, so let me tell you more about each season.

CANDLE COVE-Candle Cove is about a creepy television show from the 1980's. It would come on late at night on any channel. When kids would watch it, it would have malevolent effects on them. Now in 2016, Mike Painter has come back to his hometown of Iron Hill, Ohio to investigate about the disappearance of his brother when he was a child. He gets into contact with old friends he grew up with. They all have dinner one night and Mike brings up the show. All his friends remember is that it was really creepy.Some in the community thought the show had something to do with the disappearances of children back then. Mike and his brother Eddie watched it all the time and Mike believes the show led to his disappearance and murder. Now that the show has returned, it is getting a new audience and the terror from the 80's has awakened in the 21st Century.


NO END HOUSE- If I had to choose the best season this would be the one. No-End House is about a house that mysteriously appears anywhere. It has arrived in a suburb in Minnesota. A group of friends decide to go and visit the house. Once they enter it becomes a house like no other. It contains 6 rooms and each room is different for each visitor. You have the opportunity to exit after proceeding in the first room or continue. If you decide to continue each room gets more terrifying than the last. Each person has their own experiences, but mainly this series revolves around Margret( Margot Sleator) and her father( John Carroll Lynch). She lost her father one day to a suicide he planned but was ruled accidental overdose. Do to his failing business, he didn't want them to suffer a sliding fate.

Excellent Second Season -But Beware Of The Cannibals Of Memories.

BUTCHER'S BLOCK- Butcher's Block is not for the faint of heart, especially if you freak over the sight of blood. It follows two sisters who move into a new neighborhood to escape their past. Their mother is locked in a mental institution and is still considered dangerous. Alice( Olivia Luccardi) is a social worker and looks out for her sister Zoe Woods ( Holland Roden). Her sister is somewhat troubled she is trying to stay straight and away from drugs. Close to where the two sisters rent a place is Butcher's Block. It is a run-down area of town that is dangerous. When people go down there they are never seen again. The most well-known family from there was The Peaches'. Alice asks one day about the Peaches and the neighborhood. She tells her Joseph Peach( Ruger Hauer) would be about 130 yrs old if he were still alive. The family was weird and Joseph was somewhat a recluse. When Alice travels to Butcher's Block for a social case. The horror begins, first her sister comes in contact with the Peaches, a one disturbing event leads to another. As the series progresses and Alice meets Joseph Peach. She is no longer the normal sister, she begins to transcends into a downward spiral to becoming a schizophrenic. In the end Alice is locked away beside her mother.


DREAM DOOR- A young married couple Jillian( Marim Sten) and Tom Hodgson( Brandon Scott) move back into Tom's childhood home. When Tom shows her the basement out of nowhere a dog appears. They wonder where it came from, but shrug it off. Tom starts remodeling and discovers this blue door in the basement. The door was never there before and wonders were it came from. He shows Jillian and they are baffled. In fact they get their neighbor involved, Ian. They ask to see his basement, but it's nothing special. Ian seems nice, but he is very odd. When the Hodgson's return they discover that the door leads deeper into the basement thru a hallway to a second door. The second door is indestructible. One day the door opens for Jillian, out comes this clown like person. She realizes that she has made a character she created as a child come to life. Pretzel Jack was her protector, but something has unleashed a rage in him. When Pretzel Jack appears, Jillian and Tom's relationship is put to the test. All their deepest secrets and fears are exposed endangering their relationship. If Jillian gets upset Pretzel Jack becomes enraged and nothing is safe.



Beauty And Brains Are A Significant Plus When Walking The Streets.
Angel( Donna Wilkes) is a 15 year-old honor student at her private high school in Los Angeles, California. She is somewhat of a private person who one day gets questioned by Principle Patricia Allen( Elaine Giftos), why she isn't involved in extracurricular activities? Angel tells her, her studies take up most of her time; and she takes care of her mom who had a stroke. What the school and her classmates don't know is Angel leads a secret life. She is an A+ student, but at night she is a prostitute who works Sunset BVLD.. She has been a hooker since she was 12 years old, when her parents left her. Kit Carson( Rory Calhoun) is an older man who dresses as a cowboy and works an act with his two guns. He looks after Angel and will remind you of Sam Elliot. In the building she lives in Solly Mosler( Susan Tyrell) is the landlord. Mae( Dick Shaw) who is a drag queen hangs around both Sally and Angel, and usually is the one with the low-down on everything. Angel usually hangs with both of them along with two other hookers, Crystal( Donna McDaniel) and Lana( Graem McGavin). One night a psycho( John Diehl) starts targeting prostitutes. His first victim is Lana, then Crystal. His M.O. is taking them to a hotel, the start to get undressed while he waits. Then he gets close enough to strangle them and then when dead he has sex with them. When he is done he brutally abuses the bodies.

After Angel hears the news about Lana she is extremely careful with her Johns. When she finds out what happened to Crystal, she needs to go to the police. When she meets with Lt. Andrews( Cliff Gorman) he questions her. The only thing she can tell him about the suspect is his unique boots. When he is bought in for a line up she identifies him by the shoes, but he kills 2 cops and escapes. Lt. Andrews finds out who she really is, and wonders why she does this? She tells him her story, and realizes she is probably his next target. The two know something needs to be done, before he gets to her. Lt. Andrews and Angel team up, along with undercover cops, she is now under surveillance so the will be able to catch this creep.

One night while working the streets, three of her classmates spot her, and try to rape her. Luckily she has her gun and scares the S**T out of them. The next day at school becomes hell for her. The word gets out about what happened. Her locker is searched and a gun is found. Meanwhile, the killer changes his appearances so he can target Angel. He blends into the Hare Krisha Cult, with their shaved heads and robes. An undercover cop notices him breaking away from the cult and heading toward Angel's apartment complex. Once there he is killed, stuffed into a phone booth shot in the head. The killer finds Mae and a fight breaks out, Mae is killed. When Angel comes back and sees what has happened she takes Solly's gun and walks up Sunset BVLD. She is determined to find the killer if it is the last thing she does. When Lt. Andrews, Kit Carson, and Elaine hear about it, they get moving. They are hot on her trail making sure she doesn't do anything stupid. The follow her into a back alley, were Kit shoots him fatality in the chest.

I remember seeing the trailer for this movie when I was 12. I never got around to seeing this until I found it on UTUBE, the other day. It is a great movie with an important life lesson about how turning tricks can be the ultimate nightmare.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Come With Me If You Want To Live.
Terminator 2: Judgement Day takes place 10 years after the first Terminator was sent to kill Sarah Connor( Linda Hamilton). John Connor ( Edward Furlong), is a wayward youth, with an attitude. He lives with his step parent Todd Voight( Xander Berkeley) and Janelle Voight( Janette Goldstein). His step parents are kind of hateful, and John hates them. Sarah is locked up in Pascaclero State Hospital. She is stronger and still no one will believe her story about the Terminator and Reese. Dr. Stillman ( Earl Boen) finds her story absurd. Especially the one about Reese coming back from 2029 and protecting her, then fathering her child. Sarah is having no success getting released early no matter what she does.

In T2-Judgement Day two terminators are sent back, one is a more powerful model, the T-100 ( Robert Pactrick) and T-100 ( Arnold Schwarzenegger). The T-100 has been reprogrammed to protect John Connor. The T-1000 is sent to eliminate him. The T-1000 is more powerful, indestructible, and made of liquid metal. When Sarah comes face to face with the T-100 her fears come back, until she sees the T-1000. The T-100 has been reprogrammed for protection, not destruction. Sarah still wants to kill it though, but john has developed a strong bond with it. The T-1000 can take the worst impact of a bullet /weapon and is able to heal in no time. It is able to imitate anyone or anything. Sarah, John, and T-100 have to make a plan to destroy it. They must first find Skynet and the creator of the Cyberdine systems. By keeping there chips and part of the first terminator, he is creating a path for Earth's destruction in 1997. If they find the chip they can destroy it and possibly change Earth's destruction. In the Skynet scene there is a lot of action, but it is success. I thing still remains the destruction of the T-1000. They find a steel plant and destroy it by putting it in hot steel, but one cyber chip remains the T-100. When John learns the terminator needs to terminate, Sarah and John must lower him in the steel. It's for the best, but John has lost a friend even if it is an android. This is a great sequel, the special effects were out of this world. I believe the special effects made the movie, and it was nice to see Arnold as the good guy. A great film all around.

The Terminator

Terminator's Don't Feel Pain, But I Do.
Image a year were super computers dominate the world. It is a post-apocalyptic 2029 Los Angeles. In 1997 a nuclear war broke out, killing most. Those remaining formed a resistance against these super computers/terminators. It's a dark future were humans have to be careful, one mistake could be their last. The resistance mostly do their movement at night. They still have to be careful because terminators blend in and the also use infrared to see. Most keep dogs, because they have the ability to warn if a terminator is close or has infiltrated their camp. These supercomputers have the ability to alter the future by sending a terminator back in time to target someone who might be a threat in the future. A Terminator has one mission search and destroy. The resistance also has a plan to protect the target, one volunteers to go, Kyle Reese( Micheal Biehn) he is aware no one comes back from this dangerous mission.

We go to present day Los Angeles, 1984. It is a warm night and two electrical disturbances come out thin air. They are in 2 different places, one is the human resistance member, Kyle Reese. The other is the T- 100, the terminator sent to find Sarah Connor ( Linda Hamilton). Reese will do everything he can to protect Sarah from the terminator, but first he needs to find him. Sarah is nervous, because to other women with that name were killed earlier in the day, and according to the phone book she is the next in line. When Sarah's date cancels she notices Reese following her. She enters a dance club and phones the cops, they tell her to say there, because it is a public area. When she notices Reese enter she gets scared and ducts under the table. When the T-100 arrives and notices her, he pulls a gun. It's not until the last minute Reese spots him, and rescues Sarah. He tells her who he is, and what is after her. A Terminator that looks human, but has her marked for termination. She thinks he's crazy, until he explains more about his past; and why he's here. They develop a friendship and wants to know more. He tells her in the near future she will become the mother of a top resistance leader, John Connor. At first she 's upset, she doesn't want this so called honor. As each day goes by, their relationship grows, she knows Reese will keep her safe. One day they get caught by the cops and both are taken in. The cops, plus a psychologist think Reese is crazy; and Sarah wonders too. Later that night the T-100 finds them at the police station. There is a massive gunfight, but Reese and Sarah are able to escape. The two escape, but need to lay low for awhile. They find a motel buy bomb making supplies for pipe bombs & have a very intimate night. Eventually, with the materials they made Sarah is able to destroy the terminator by crushing it in a steel press, but Reese perishes. Near the end, Sarah is preparing for the storm that is headed. She is in a Jeep, has a dog by her side, and John Connor will soon be born. This is one of my favorites, it has a lot of action, the plot is excellent, and the cast ROX. This film will make you wonder, will machines eventually take over our future?

The Beast

The Squid From HELL!
Peter Benchley was a master of terror in the ocean, JAWS, The Deep and The Beast; to name a few. The Beast is similar to JAWS, but instead of a shark; it is a huge 97 Ft. Humboldt Squid on steroids. The film takes place in Graves Point, Washington. It stars William Pertersen ( CSI ) as Whip Dalton, Karen Silas ( Law and Order) as Lt Katherine Marcus, Charles M. Smith ( The Untouchables ) As The Mayor, Ron Guttman ( Dr. Talley), and Larry Drake( Lucas Coven) from Darkman/ Dark Night of the Scarecrow. The familiarity between this and JAWS are Grave's is the evil mayor, Whip is a Chief Brody, Dr. Tally is equal to Hooper, and Coven a lot like Quint. The movie is about a Humboldt Squid that terrorizes Grave's Point, already killing a couple, and two divers. There had been several attempts to kill it but the all failed, so the beaches close until something can be done. After the town rips Dalton for being a coward and no caring he decides to go for it. So he walks to the mayors office makes demands, and the mayor must go. Also going is Lt. Kathren Marcus, if she doesn't go the Coast Guard can ground his boat. It doesn't make Whip happy, but she finally got an assignment. They try and try to kill it until they realize the only way would be by fire. As soon as they notify the Coast Guard on their location, they set off a flare to Whip's boat. Everyone gets out alive except the mayor who left early in a raft. The movie ends with the squid in a million pieces, Whip and Marcus get together, and the beaches are once again safe.This film has great special effects, a lot of action-and terror. You will not be disappointed with this made for T.V. movie.

THX -Kris-

A Dog's Way Home

A Dog's Way Home Will Steal Your Heart.
This is such a touching movie that will leave you with a great feeling inside. I rented it on Redbox a week ago, and got my moneys worth. When a dog named Bella, A.K.A.( Stella) gets separated from her home. She sets out to make a 400 mile journey home to find her owner in Colorado. Along the way she meets new friends, forms a special bond with a bobcat; and comforts a homeless vet in his last hours of life. The movie is funny, sad, adventurous, and the scenery is beautiful. This is a great family movie that's up there with Hachi & Max. Look for Ashley Judd and James Sward Olmos in this Gem. I highly recommend this movie nd you will fall in love with Bella and big kitten.

The Meg

Far From JAWS, But Way Better Than That Sharknado S**T.
I didn't get to see this movie in 3-D, but I rented it from Redbox, and I would have to say I got my moneys worth. The plot was very simple, I mean the title says it all The MEG. I liked the special effects and the design of the shark, So it's CGI who cares. How else can U get someone's attention, 75 foot CGI shark would make my hairs stand on end. This is a fun summer flick, and there are some references to JAWS, the dog's name is Pippin, and the shark terrorizes a beach resort. If you want some excellent Shark movies, the best are JAWS and It's sequel JAWS 2. If you are looking for truth about sharks watch Shark Week on Discovery. In Fact it is coming up this July 28 a full week of facts, myths, true stories, and I believe a movie. I LUV Sharks and watch it every year.

THX, Kris


The Covenant

The Sons Of Ipswich, Decendants Of A 17th Century Coven
I have read some of the previous reviews, and again surprised those people couldn't find anything positive about this film. One review made me laugh " If anyone rates this over 3 has no taste in movies". My reply is who the hell are U, Leonard Maltin? First this film is not to be taken seriously, so lighten up. Well I know movies and try to find something positive about every film I see; even if it SUX.

The Covenant is about four popular guys who attend Spencer Academy. An exclusive prep school located in Ipswich, Massachusetts. The Four are; Caleb Danvers( Steven Straight), Pogue Parry( Taylor Kitch), Reid Garwin( Toby Hemingway)and Tyler Simms( Chance Crawford). Caleb is the leader, They are also know as The Sons Of Ipswich. They got there name, because of the closeness of each family and their wealth. The fifth son was supposedly killed off according to Kate(Jeccica Lucas) a student at Spencer. Caleb is dating Sarah (Laura Ramsey) Kate's roommate. Sarah is fascinated by the towns history, witch trails were held there back in the 17th century. One famous trial was that of John Putnam, who had an illegitimate son. He was also know for casting various spells with spiders. When a new student, Chase Collins(Sebastain Stan) arrives at Spenser Academy, the group befriends him at first. Then strange things begin to happen. First a student from Spencer is found dead of an apparent suicide. Then Sarah has a dream about millions of spiders crawling on her; and her roommate. During swim practice Caleb and Chase, are racing against each other in a freestyle event. In the pool Caleb notices Chase's eyes turn completely black. Chase ends up beating him, and causing Caleb to hit his head on the pool. Caleb tells the others what happened, but they think he is just mad because he was beat. Then when Chases ID was found in the dead students car, the four want to know more.

That night Caleb and Pogue break into The Admissions office, and find his file. They find out his real name is Chase Putnam, not Collins and his adoptive parents were killed in a car accident when he turned 18. when the other two get the information they realize he is the fifth Son of Ipswich. Banished because he is the illegitimate son of John Putnam. Chase has returned for revenge by stealing their powers, and casting a dangerous spell on Kate sending her to the hospital. He vows to kill anyone who gets in his way, his next target is Caleb's girlfriend, Sarah. Caleb fearing for his life and Sarah's, tells her who he really his. He explains the process of his powers and at 18-when one ascends the power grows. Some can handle it and some can't causing a rapid aging process. He tells Sarah to go with Pogue and Tyler to the dance, because at 11:12 he will ascend. He wants Sarah to be safe, because he is to meet Chase and the Putnam barn. When he arrives Chase is already there and has Sarah under a spell. In order to save her he and Chase battle to the death. Since Chase is older he is more powerful than Caleb. the two start to battle, chase notices that Caleb starts to ascend. The two continue to battle back and fourth. Then Caleb starts to receive his father's help, getting the better of Chase and ending his reign of terror. This film has the eye candy for all the teens to enjoy, a simple plot, with minor cussing. Despite having actors not known to me it is still a good film about Warlocks. This also stars Kyle Schmidt as Aaron, who is the tough guy , trouble maker of the school. If you like The Craft; you should enjoy The Covenant. So it's not a blockbuster, enjoy it for what it is A Cool Flick.

Murder, She Wrote: Home Care
Episode 5, Season 12

Home Care Can Been Hazardous To Your Health.
A young nurse arrives back in her home town of Cabot Cove, anxious to start her new job as a home health nurse. She received a high recommendation from Seth Hazlett( William Windom) and is ready to make a change since she arrived from Boston, MA.. Her first patient is a elderly man who is bedridden. The family wants what best for him, and she knows he will be taken care of. The next morning he passes, everybody believe it was natural. When her next patient Jessica's friend, Audra Lindley is found dead; suspensions arise? She was found by the body with a needle in her hand. The people of Calbot Cove gang up and automatically believe she is the killer. When Jessica starts to investigate, she stumbles upon a Jason Kyle.A stundent in her class when she was a teacher. That student when on into the medical profession. He also worked at Boston General, and Jessica's investigation dives deeper. Jessica must find the truth on who is commiting these murder's before a mob rule breaks out.

Murder, She Wrote: Big Easy Murder
Episode 4, Season 12

There's Murder In The Crescent City.
This has got to be one of the best episodes from Murder She Wrote Season 12. Jessica travels to New Orleans. Big Easy Murder combines mystery, voodoo, and a revelation at the end that is shocking. Even though none of the episode is shot in New Orleans, it is well done. Unless you have been everywhere, you can't tell the difference. I have loved Murder She Wrote ever since the first episode came out in the mid-80's. I grew up with this series and could give you a list of my favorites, this is one of my favs. If your looking for some great T.V. shows Murder She Wrote is on COZI T.V. from 2-5 p.m. EST. Mon-Friday and you can also find it on WGN. A great show you will get hooked on.

Salem's Lot

Evil Has A New Home In Salem's Lot, Maine.
I first saw this movie when I was 7 or 8 depending on the time of the year it came out. At that age it was very frighting, and for awhile I had nightmares about it. I re watched it again the other night, and at age 47, it still hold it's own when it comes to terror. Next to Dracula, Salem's Lot has got to be one of the best vampire movies I have ever seen. So here more information about the movie.

Ben Mers( David Soul) returns to his hometown of Salem's Lot. He is in town to right his next book about the Marsten House. Ben has always been fascinated by the house; and the rumors it carries. One of which is it attracts evil to it. Ben is hoping he will get a chance to rent it while in town. When he goes to the reality office run by Larry Crockett( Fred Willard). Larry tells him that it has already been rented by a Mr. Striker( James Mason). Larry tells him about Eva's boarding house if he needs a place to stay. Once Ben arrives at Eva's( Marie Winsor), she gives him a room and asks a little about him thinking he's a stranger at first. There he can get to know the townspeople, and find out more about Striker. Ben talks a lot about the Marsten place, with Jason Burke( Lew Ayres). Lew has been around awhile and is a retired school teacher. Ben asks Jason about Striker, and Jason tells him that Striker has it with his business partner Barlow( Reggie Nadler). The two will be opening up an antique shop soon. A few nights later Ben meets Striker, and just believes there is something odd about him. Striker informs Crockett that he will need 2 men to bring a crate back from the docks. They will have to deliver it back to the house with 4 super locks around it. Larry finds Mike Ryerson( Geoffery Lewis) and Ned Tibbets( Barney Mc Fadden). When they arrive to get the crate, Tibbets touches the crate. It is extremely cold, and Tibbets is curious. He wants to open it up right then and there. Ryerson just wants to deliver it and get the job done. On the way Tibbits looks back and notices that the crate seems to be moving on it's own. The two get spooked and when they return, they just shove the crate down, and throw the locks in the cellar. As soon as the crate arrives strange disappearances and killings start. The first victim is Larry Crockett who gets killed coming out Bonnie's(Julie Cobb) house who is married to Cully Sawyer. Larry is found at the lake were Ben is out on a date with Susan Norton( Bonnie Belinda). Ben doesn't believe Larry died of a heart attack and neither does( Dr. Norton). It appears Larry lost a lot of blood, which is puzzling. Nobody thinks anything strange is going on until The Glick boys disappear. Danny Glick( Brad Savage) and Raphie Glick( Ronnie Scribrer). The two take a short cut through the woods coming from Mark Petrie( Lance Kerwin) house. Dannie Shows up at home in bad shape, but Raphie is never found. When Danny is rushed to the hospital, Dr. Bill Norton( Ed Flanders) examines him. It appears he has suffered from symptom similar to Larry's. Danny has suffered a lot of blood loss; and they will be keeping in the hospital overnight to recover. In the middle of the night, Danny is visited by his brother. He doesn't realize his brother is a vampire. He is just happy to see him and lets him into his room. Raphie bites Danny's neck making him part of the undead. Soon Salem's Lot is a haven for the undead. When Ben, Mark, Dr.Bill Norton, and Jason Burke they all have-theories of what could be happening. Ben and Jason believe vampires are taking over Salem's Lot. At first Bill needs more proof, but Ben and Mark team up to fight back. They tell the Norton's and others to take precautions to avoid becoming like the others. When Mark's parents meet Striker, they also meet Barlow the head vampire. Who eventually kills them but Mark escapes. Mark tells Ben what happened; and the two talk to Jason on ways to destroy both of them. Jason tells Ben Striker can be killed anyway because he is human the creatures watcher. Barlow is the one they need to get at his most vulnerable in the day. So the Ben and Mark go back to the Marsten house, Jason gets confronted by Mike Ryerson, with the chilling LOOK AT ME TEACHER.

So Ben , Bill and Mark get to the Marsten house, there they find Susan. Bill makes a mistake and becomes Striker's victim. Soon afterwards Ben and Mark kill Striker by shooting him. Then the two travel down to the cellar, where they find Barlow's coffin. Just before sunset they drive a stake through his heart. Afterwards they realize night is upon then and they find the undeads lair. They have to work fast so the two rush out of the house, and set it on fire. Ben thinks he accidentally killed Susan, so the two just leave. However, their work is far from over. In order to keep from being discovered by the undead they must keep moving. In the end , they travel to Mexico. Each of them have a blue vial of holy water and it informs them if they have been discovered by signaling them. There Ben finds Susan who has turned, she tries to hypnotize him and turn him. He takes a stake to her instead; soon after the two realize they have been discovered. They must continue their journey and run from the undead.

In Conclusion, this movie is flawless, but make sure you get the 3 hour version. The two hour VHS movie version is cut and you miss a lot of the movie like an hour of it. The cast is excellent especially performances by Geoffery Lewis and David Soul. Reggie Nadler as Barlow is very creepy and the make-up perfect, his look will make your skin crawl.

The Game

The Game Is On!
Nicholas Van Orton is an Investment Banker who has everything. He is very well organized, very successful, and always in control. The one thing that is missing in Nicholas's life is excitement. It's his 48th Birthday and lately he has been remembering his father. His father was 48th when he committed suicide, so Nicholas isn't very excited about his big 48th. When his brother, Conrad Van Orton( Sean Penn) calls; the two meet at Nichlas's Club. Conrad gives him a gift like no other. It is an invite to CRS ( Consumer Recreational Services). It is a service that provides games for people. The game is designed around an individuals background, what they like or dislike/ something missing. It's a vacation that comes to the individual; and everyone's game is different. So when Nicholas arrives at CRS; Finegold, the CEO gives him the lowdown about the company. Then Nicholas gives it a go, and after 3 hours of tests he is good to go.

When Nicholas gets back to his house his game has begun. When he pulls into his gated driveway, a clown is in the way. He brings it in to his mansion puts it down. He gets ready to watch his nightly financial news station, and notices a key in the clowns mouth. When he continues to watch the news; the program interrupts. The reporter tells him his game has begun, among other things including info on the camera. The reporter informs him about various keys he will be getting. These keys will all be different; and can be anything from a hotel key card to a car window handle. He will have to know how to use them, and finding out the object of the game is up to the player. There is no help your on your own. What Nicholas doesn't know is that everyone he meets is involved in this unique type of role playing game. Especially a friendly he meets at his club Kristina?( Debra Kerr).

At this time Nicholas is starting to lose control, something he rarely does. He is starting to believe the events that are taking place are actually happening. He is starting to confuse reality with his game. He is slowly going crazy and things get worse after he is drugged and left for dead in Mexico. The game is truly twisted with lots of suspense. I really enjoyed this movie, because it's different and a total mind upset. In reality, it would never happen. The price and consequences would keep it shelved.

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