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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

One Of The Weakest Indy Films, But Still Enjoyable To Watch.
If this film came out sooner, it probably would have been a hit. To wait almost 20 yrs., for a fourth installment; a huge mistake. This is one of my least favorite films in the Indy saga. Most of the Cast is new, except Ford and Allen. I am not a Shia La Beouf fan, and his character just wasn't necessary. The plot is O. K., taking place in the 50's during the Height of The Cold War.

Indy gets involved with a Russian Agent, Irina Spalko ( Cate Blanchett). He is accused of being a communist, and is questioned. He is mostly teaching these days. One Day he finds that his job is in jeopardy. He goes and takes time off and meets Mutt ( Shia La Beouf), who tells Indy his friend Oxley ( Late John Hurt) has disappeared in Peru, looking for the Skull of Akator. Mutt and Indy team up, to find Oxley and travel to Peru, to find the Skull Of Akator. Like every Indiana Jones film, there is the booby trapped tombs, and secret passages. The skull is said to hold incredible power that can have a debilitating effect on people if they stare at it to long. Irina Spalko wants it, because it can give her incredible power to rule the world. Once Indy arrives at the camp, he finds Marion( Karen Allen), Oxley, and discovers Mutt is his son. When He discovers Spalko is there, the two battle for the skull. In the end, they discover a hidden cave of crystal skeletons. When the Crystal Skulls are all together, Spalko believe she will have total control. Instead it destroys her, and her ultimate goal of power. In the end, Indy gets his job back, marries Marries Marion, and the adventure will continue in 2022.


I Never Said Anything About A Plane Crash.
A team of experts are called in to investigate a spacecraft at the bottom of the ocean. The team includes a Marine Biologist, Dr. Beth Halperin ( Sharon Stone), Mathematician- Harry Adams ( Samuel L. Jackson), Astrophysicist- Dr. Ted Fielding ( Liev Scrieber), Psychologist - Dr. Norman Goodman; and. U. S. Navy Captain- Harold Barnes ( Peter Coyote). This spacecraft is 300 yrs. Old, but conflicts arise on the age. Including is it from the past or future?

Once they're assembled it is time to descend below the surface. While going to the bottom they notice how huge the craft is. Once they are below in their underwater habitat. They all go to investigate this unusual type of spacecraft When they get there they begin to wonder if this craft is from the past or the future? It is a high-tech craft, but begin to believe it is from the future. On their investigation they observe a perfect sphere, they're all amazed. When they return to their habitat, Barnes gets a message from the top. A cyclone is on the way and they will be leaving in one hour.

Harry tells Norman he has to get inside the sphere, but Norman brushes it off as talk. Harry wants to know what's inside, so without telling anyone goes to investigate. The plan to return to the surface is ruined, because Norman didn't tell Barnes. They're now unable to go back to the surface, and they have to find Harry. Norman tells Barnes he will find Harry, because he knows where he is. Harry does enter the sphere, and is found unconscious by Norman. After finding out Harry goes into the sphere this prompts two other crew member to do the same thing. Once they go into the sphere it has an effect on each of them. Harry who was first- has a phobia of squid, Norman's phobia jellyfish; and Beth suicidal tendencies. Once this happens these phobia are able to manifest into reality. This causes unfortunate accidents and some crewmembers perish. The crew begin to become paranoid of each other, the remaining crew has to find a way to escape.

In order to survive three crew members decide to escape in the mini-sub. They are Norman, Beth, and Harry. When the three are inside the sub, someone's manifestation begin. They begin to panic and need to get their heads clear if they are going to survive. They have a limited time, because Beth armed the destruction system to the habit. When they finally clear their heads, they are able to escape just in the nick of time. As soon as they are close to the surface, the habit explodes.

When they arrive to the surface they will be briefed on what happened. They must stick with a story they all agree on. Due to the destruction and loss of lives they decide to forget. That is the story they will stick to when top brass gets there. They all decide to forget what happened. Sphere is a different kind of Sy-Fy film. It is deep and one that isn't predictable, a great story and the cast is solid.


Smile, You've Just Been Erased!
John Kruger ( Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a U.S. Marshall who is the best, he is tops in the Witness Protection Program. On one of his assignments he tracks down Jonny( Robert Pastori). Jonny is a target, because he ratted out a top mob boss. When he is found, Kruger comes to his aid, takes out the Mob enforcers, and makes it look like Jonny was taken care of. Kruger takes pictures of the scene, erases his identity , and gives a fake story to the press. Jonny is now part of the witness protection program. He tells Kruger if he ever needs a favor, all he has to do is ask. Later that night Kruger reports back to his boss Beller ( James Coburn), who gives him a new case.

This new assignment came straight from an employee who is undercover for the FBI. The assignment is to protect Lee( Vanessa Williams) who works for Cyrez Corporation. Cyrez is a business that specializes in weapons manufacturing. When Lee finds out they are making a new weapon, she starts working for the FBI. This weapon fires ammunition through an electronic pulse., eliminating the target. One day, Lee goes into the Cyrez vault to copy the blueprints on to a disk. When she starts out of the vault , Donahue( James Cromwell) is right there. She is caught red handed, and he finds out who she's working for. When he finds out, he offs himself. Lee is shocked but she has a copy and escapes with the help of the Feds. She is now in extreme danger, and knows it. That night at here home, with her boyfriend everything seems fine, until Kruger shows up. As soon a she opens the door, Kruger saves her from being killed. He realizes he needs to put her into the Witness Protection Program. At first he doesn't know how they were able to tract Lee down so fast until he starts working with DeGuerin ( James Caan).

Deguerin also works for the FBI, and is with Kruger when they place Lee in an undisclosed location. Kruger is smart he tells Lee not to trust anybody, giving her secret code words, beeper, ETC. He suspects Deguerin, but doesn't find out for sure until he is drug later that day. Deguerin is a traitor who is working with the Russians in a major arms deal involving the Electromagnet Pulse or ( EM) weapon. Kruger has to notify Beller about Deguerin, and his plan. Beller then tells him those weapons are leaving the Baltimore docks the next day. Kruger now has to come up with a plan. Kruger along with Lee go and find Jonny. They tell him what is going on, and when the deal is going down. Since Jonny's cousin owns those docks, he tells Kruger I will get them in on the plan. The next night the shipment is getting ready for departure. Kruger must protect lee; and make sure to guns never leave the docks bound for Russia.

In Conclusion, this movie is awesome. It has a lot of action and the cast is great. The ending is something I didn't see coming, and makes this movie all the better.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

Rey Finds Her True Identity, The Rise Of Skywalker.
This is the best of all the sequels, but I liked them all. I knew I would find haters of this movie, but they had their minds made up. I have been a true Star Wars fan, since I was five. I was one of the lucky ones to see the original Star Wars- A New Hope at the theater. I was hooked from then on, but didn't care that much for the pre-quels. The reason too much CGI and some of the acting.

In Rise of Skywalker, we learn that the Emperor Palpatine (Ian MacDermid) didn't perish in Return of the Jedi. He is alive an well on the Sith planet of Exegol. According to the the Jedi/Sith, there are only three Sith Wayfinders. Kylo Ren( Adam Driver) find one that leads him to Palpatine. The Emperor tells Kylo that he has created The Final Order. It is a massive number of Star Destroyers. This will make the New Order indestructible if not stopped. The Emperor is an evil puppet master, and Kylo is the puppet.

Finn (Boydega), Poe( Oscar Isaacs),Chewy, and 3P0( A. Daniels) return with valuable information. There is a spy aboard the 1st order. Rey( Daisy Ridley), is continuing her training as a Jedi, with help from Leia( Late Carrie Fisher). Rey discovers a note left by Luke Skywalker( Mark Hamill). This note tells Rey about the location of a second Wayfinder. The group is off to the planet Pasaana, their they notice the people celebrating a festival that happens once every 42 yrs. The planet is much like Tatoonie, arid. They find a major clue on a knife, but they need a translator, and they must find one on Kijimi. There they are able to use 3P0 memory, via a droidsmith. This erases 3P0's memory, he is now programed to read the Sith language. While there they meet a bounty hunter, Zori Bliss( Keri Russell). Also a new character is introducted in the film, Janna(Naomi Ackie). She is an ex-Stormtrooper who is willing to fight against the first order.

While on Kijimi, they find General Hux( Gleeson), who tells them he is the spy. He knows the location of the second wayfinder on the moon in the Endor system. Rey goes there and discovers it, and comes face to face with Kylo Ren. They have a lightsaber duel, but Rey feels something through the force. It is about Leia and her demise. She leaves and Ren is there alone, but not for long. Han( Ford) appears via force ghost and talks to Ben( Kylo), there Kylo finally has an emotion moment. There on the moon, he senses Leia's death and goes to Acho-To. From this moment on Kylo becomes Ben Solo and begins to embrace the light side. Ren is told by Luke she must confront Palpatine one last time. She travels to Exegol and there she meets The Emperor. He tells her the truth about her family, she is related to a Palpatine. She will never turn to the darkside, no matter what. While there she discovers Ben is joined in defeating the Emperor. While a lightsaber duel ensues, Rey get mortally injured. Like on Endor he is able to heal her with is Jedi powers, but he sacrifice's himself. He heals her so she can defeat the Emperor. While this battle takes place another is raging with the Final Order. Rey is able to defeat the Emperor, and Alliance is victorious over the Final Order. In Conclusion, Rey travels to Tatoonie and buries Luke and Leia's lightsaber's. In the distance she sees luke and Leia, via the force. She smiles, and leaves with a big turn turns on her new lightsaber, which is yellow. This is such and exciting conclusion to an excellent series. They say this is the final Star Wars, but I have my doubts.

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

Really! Nobody Could Find Anything Positive To Say About This Film?
I can't believe all the negative reviews about this film. Yes, I agree it is the weakness of the sequels; but it wasn't a bomb. I believe those giving The Last Jedi terrible reviews had their minds made up, before seeing the movie.

The Last Jedi takes place right after The Force Awakens. Star Killer base is no more, and Rey meets Luke on Acho-To. She begins her training with Luke, and while training communicates via The force with Kylo-Ren. Kylo tells her why he turned to the dark side, and confuses Rey. It's all about Luke, but who should she believe, Luke or Kylo. Rey can feel the good side of the force in Ren, but now she is suspicious of Luke until he can explain what happened. This is a dangerous time for Rey, because she can be temped to join the dark side. So Luke needs to tell her what really happened, and he does. Meanwhile, The Resistance has to prepare for an attack from The First Order. This takes them to the Planet Crait. Crait, is an where an old Resistance Base used to be. A battle ensues, where The Resistance has to use old fighters against the First Order. They are so old parts come of of them, but there isn't any other way. When Kylo Ren arrives, he has a duel with Skywalker. Skywalker battles him via the force, he appears to be there, but he is actually back on Acho-to. Afterward, when he is proven his worth he becomes a force ghost. Now, his legacy will carry on though Rey.

This film isn't that bad, and I'm a die-hard Star Wars fan. I felt it had great scenery, the casino a major plus. The planet Crait, a salt like planet and the crystal wolves very cool. You will like this movie more if you go in with an open mind, and please don't compare it with the originals.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

It's Been Decades Since ROTJ, Finally The Force Has Awakened.
The Force Awakens is to me, the best film of 2015. This film takes place 30 years after ROTJ. In Awakens, we are introduced to new characters, with the original trilogy cast. The Force Awakens is similar to A New Hope in plot. Rey( Daisy Ridley), is a scavenger from the planet Jakku. Rey survives by scavenging what she can to afford food. I her spare time she continues to count down the days until her parents return. She doesn't realize that she has Jedi powers, all she is aware of is the fight for survival. While on Jakku, she runs into an ex-storm trooper, Finn ( John Boydega). He crash lands on Jakku along with Poe( Oscar Isaacs) who he believes has perished. When Poe's droid realizes Finn has his jacket, Rey confronts him. They soon become fast friends when they find out the New Order is after them. The reason, BB8 is carrying a piece of map to the location of Luke SkyWalker ( Mark Hamill).

The 3 of them escape on The Falcon, with that vital piece installed in BB8. Rey is amazing handling The Falcon, she flies it like she owns it. BB8 is a wonderful addition, along with Finn. He can't tell her the truth at first, so he tells her he is with the Resistance. When they think they are free and clear of the First Order, they get boarded by Han Solo Ship. Solo is shocked when he finds out they are the only crew members. He is also impressed by how well Rey can handle herself, and how Finn took care of Chewbacca. Han gets to know the trio, and begins to tell Rey about his adventures. He goes on about Luke Skywalker, how he helped him take down both Death Star's, and defeated Darth Vader. Rey always thought Luke was a Myth. Then Han tells Rey why Luke went into exile. It was due to one of his apprentices turning on him. That apprentice, Kylo Ren( Adam Driver). Kylo, is Han and General Leia's( Carry Fisher) son; Ben Solo. Rey begins to tell Han that she has to get the droid, BB8, to D'Qar. So the whole map can be completed.

First Han makes a stop to the planet, Takodana. They meet Maz Kanata( Lupita Juaun). She owns a cantina, she gives them more info about Luke's whereabouts, & discovers Finn is not who he says he is. Once there Maz and Rey journey to the bottom of the cantina, where Rey finds Luke's light saber. Maz explains it's origins and tells her about the Jedi. When Rey holds it, it opens up past memories of Luke @ Cloud City. Rey is scared and doesn't want any part of this power, even though she can feel the force flow through her. She is so upset, she runs and eventually gets captured by Kylo Ren. She is taken to StarKiller Base, which is much like a Death Star, but deadlier. When Finn finds out what happens, he tells Han. They need to go to D'Qar, to devise a plan. Once there, Han meets Leia, Finn tells them who he really is and why he left, and he meets up with Poe. When BB8 finds R2( Kenny Baker) the rest of the map is there, with BB8's piece the map is complete.C-3PO ( Daniels) has a small but effect part. A plan to save Rey and try to get Ben back begins.

Once on Starkiller Base, the planet is cold and the weapon is built inside the planet. Kylo Ren and Rey confront each other, this is where they test their Jedi power on each other. Kylo leaves to see the Supreme Leader Snoke. Rey tests her Jedi powers on a Storm Trooper, and escapes. Kylo tells Snoke about Rey, & General Hux(Gleeson) and they believe Rey could be a big threat. Snoke tells Ren to bring her back to him. When Ren finds out she has escaped, he goes after her. In the meantime, Han and company arrive on the base. There plan is to blow up StarKiller Base, before it is able to fire again Finn, Han, Chewie, and Rey find each other, but run into Capt. Phasma. Later Han and Ren confront each other. Ren can feel the lightside of the force, and is conflicted by this. Just when you think the two make a connection Ken kills is father with his light saber. When Chewie sees this it sets off the explosives. This allows Poe and the Rebellion to attack the base. While the planet is becoming unstable Kylo and Rey have the ultimate duel. She beats him and get the coordinates to the location of Luke Skywalker; Skywalker is on the planet Ahto-To . When she finds him on Ahch-To she hands him his light saber.

In Conclusion, I liked this film. There is lots of action and it's so much better than those early 2000's prequels. Still, nothing will be the original trilogy, EVER.

Golden Years

Just Like Old Times, Huh!
Wow! This movie is amazing, so I'm boggled by the negative reviews. It is far from being dull at all. It is a fountain of youth story with a mix of The X-Files suspense. I missed it the first time it appeared on T.V., because I was attending college. In a nutshell Golden Years is about an elderly janitor, Harlan Williams( Keith Szarabajka)who works in a top secret laboratory. Harlan is on the brink of losing his job due to his eyes. The lab has several top scientist working on a top secret chemical, that has rejuvenating properties. The chemical is very unstable, and volatile. The next day Harlan reports to work, he's cleaning near the lab; and an explosion happens. He has been exposed, but not directly.

Gina( Frances Sternhangan), his wife gets a knock at the door. She is meet by a government agent, Terry Spawn( Felicity Huffman) and Gen. Louis Crewes( Ed Lauter). She is taken to the hospital, told about his condition, and rushes to his side. The other victim who was exposed at the lab doesn't make it. The Lab that Harlan works at, needs to keep it secret so they call in a fixer, from "THE SHOP" . Andrews( R.D. Call) is a secret operative that will do anything to get what he wants. He gets his info, then cleans the mess. When Harlan returns home, Gina starts to notice that he is becoming younger. She becomes sad due to this, and as time goes by he keeps getting younger. The film is a cat and mouse game, with Terry and Gen. Crewes protecting Harlan. The Shop; and The Lab want Harlan erased, and will do anything to keep their little project from becoming public knowledge.

The Golden Years is an exciting film, that many never heard of. I received this movie in a Stephen King Trilogy along with The Langoliers and The Stand. All three are excellent films and the price is perfect. A great trilogy for any Stephen King fan.

Tales from the Darkside: It All Comes Out in the Wash
Episode 20, Season 1

FYI, Not Everything Can Come Out Of The Wash.
Henry Gropper( Vince Edwards) needs the special laundry service to wash out his sins, so he takes his laundry to Chow Ting ( James Hong- Blade Runner & Big Trouble In Little China). Chow runs a Chinese laundry service that can remove all those sins for a high price. Vince loves his affairs, but doesn't want the little woman to know about it. Chow tells him that he will remove his stains, but don't call or return to the shop. So Vince is trying to do business and is running out of clothes. So he gets fed up and calls Chow to see what is taking so long? The calls are never returned and he calls his business buddy Sam Larchment. When Sam finds out he called Chow Ting he goes all to pieces and commits suicide. When the news gets back to Vince, he can't believe it. Vince wonders what he is going to do. Soon the phone rings and Chow is on the line telling him, that he is no longer in business. Chow won the lottery and closed shop, he is going on a very long vacation. So Vince takes the news poorly and flies out the window.

This is another great episode about cheaters, U always get caught. An episode about the sin of man and the cost it can cause. So guys stay hip and keep it zipped.

Tales from the Darkside: Bigalow's Last Smoke
Episode 21, Season 1

Let's Do Something About Those Bad Habits You Have, Frank
Frank Bigalow ( Richard Romanus- Heavy Metal) is hooked on cigarettes. He is scared he will die of Cancer like is father at a young age. So he checks in to a rehab center, that has a 100% cure rate. Little does he know he has signed all the proper paperwork, and he's being monitored. It is designed to look like his room and his cigarettes are within reach. He is shocked when he wake's up and realizes what's going on, in comes the Dr. via T.V.. Dr. Synapsis( Sam Anderson-Growing Pains) introduces himself. He explains it's all legal due to his signature, and no of his smokes are taken away. What he doesn't tell him is each time he lights up, bells go off, & the smoke detector blares. He is punished with a smoking demerit, and his stuff starts to be removed from the room. Frank starts to lose it, especially when the guy next door takes his last cigarette. He tries to lit up, and the smoke detector goes off & frank beats the hell out of it. When he realizes what he's done, another detector replaces it. The next day Frank wakes up everything has been returned to his room, so he thinks it was a dream. He opens the drawer to get a cigarette, he realizes he doesn't want one. So he gets up to make coffee, Dr. Synapsis appears and tells him it's time to do something about that caffeine habit.

This is a comical/ thinker of an episode Everyone can relate too. I don't smoke, but I love that caffeine, like most it is one of my favorites. I have lost too many relatives to Cancer. My favorite aunt lost her battle with Cancer, I wished she never would have taken up the habit. She was like my second mom and I miss her dearly. I hope more people who are so addicted to smoke would quit, it's expensive, unattractive, and eventually it kills.

Tales from the Darkside

A Creepy, Dark, and Scary Series That Still Delivers Today.
Tales From The Darkside, was a series from 1983-1988. It is similar, but different to Rod Sterling's Twilight Zone. When it came out I viewed it as a modern day middle class Twilight Zone, a series I could relate to. To me the Twilight Zone was more posh, not as dark, and episodes were more focused toward sci-fi, time, and the unknown. Tales From The Darkside episodes are darker with some that are, chilling, bizarre, comical; but few that are boring . I love this series when it came out, and I never missed an episode. Most of the episodes are excellent, and some well know actors make appearances in a few episodes. For example, Harry Anderson, Danny Aliello, Christian Slater, Richard and Robert Romanus, Abe Begota, and Bruce Davison ( V Series) to name a few. I used to have all the seasons, but lost season 3. They offer the complete series at eBay/Amazon for about 25-40 dollars. I love binge watching the series around October, brings back great memories of great TV. I highly recommend the series to all, U will not be disappointment.

Rose Red

Rose Red A House With A Very Dark Past.
This is one of the most bizarre and creepy movies based on a Stephen King novel. Rose Red is a mini-series that appeared on T.V. in the early 2000's. It is a long movie about 4 hrs. and 20 minutes long, but it is far from boring. I wasn't familiar with the cast at all, except Kevin Tighe( Emergency, My Bloody Valentine 3D, and Roadhouse).

The movie is about a Seattle mansion that is suppose to be haunted. The house has an evil history, that dates back to the stat of it's construction. The men that fall prey to Rose Red have died mysteriously; while women who visit or live there wind up disappearing. The interior of the house is known to change in appearance. On any given day Rose Red could have 23 rooms, then the next day it will have 40.

Joyce Reardon( Nancy Travis), is a PHD professor who plans a Memorial Day weekend trip to Rose Red. She has some of the best psychics along for the way. There are five so far a Pre-cognate( Kevin Tighe), Pam Asbury( psychometric), Cathy Kramer( Automatic Writer) Nick Hardaway( Telepath), and Emery Waterman(post cognate). Once the group is set they are to meet Steve Rimbauer, he is the last know relatives of The Rimbauer's. Joyce also has an arch nemises, Dr. Miller ( The late David Dukes), he hates everything about the trip. The spending of college funds, and most of all Joyce. So he sends Kevin Bollinger, A reporter to spy on them.

Before they leave Joyce is hoping that Annie Wheaton, a 13yr old Autistic girl, who is usually with here sister, Sissy. If Annie comes along she could be the key to unlocking the secrets of Rose Red. At first it appears it will only be the 5 that will attend, but Annie comes along with Sissy. They leave for their trip to the Rose Red house. Once they get there they know Miller has sent Bollengier to spy on them.

Once there they are greeted by the Rimbauer's house servant from long ago. She is an evil presence that leads Bollinger to his death before they arrive. When Joyce and the others arrive they are aware Miller has sent Bollinger there, but he is nowhere to be found. Once they begin to look around the house begins to rejuvenate. When Joyce takes them on a tour the the place things begin to happen. A few of them fall victim to Rose Red's wrath, and Joyce seems possessed. As the film goes along Joyce, becomes more obsessed with the house and less caring toward the others. The house will not let the others leave, so Annie along with Cathy must work together to unlock the doors, before they all fall victim to Rose Red. Once unlocked a secret is reveled about the real death of Ellen Rimbauer.

I found Rose Red has similarities to the 1976 film Burnt Offerings, another great film. After Each death the house becomes more rejuvenated. In Burnt Offerings it feeds off the negative energy of the occupants, thus possessing and killing some. Rose Red is another great horror film that deals with possession, secrets, and murder.

The Barbaric Beast of Boggy Creek, Part II

Is It A Legend Or Truth?
This film came out in the mid 80's, it is the sequel to The Legend Of Boggy Creek. The first film included real people from Fouke, AR., talking about some big foot type creature. It also had some surprising elements, but better than the sequel. I was lucky, I saw this on a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode. This film takes place back in Fouke, AR.. It is about returning to Fouke, AR. and finding out if the legend is really true. A PHD. professor from The University of Arkansas,Dr. Lockart( Charles B. Pierce)and three of his students Leslie Walker( Cindy Butler), Tanya Yazzie(Serene Hedin), and (Tim) Charles B Pierce II.. They travel to Fouke, AR. they talk to the locals and really get a cold reception from them; but they are still going to find the truth. Since numerous people have claimed to see and come in contact with it. They set up their equipment , and come in contact with it a few times. It isn't until they travel by boat to Otis Tucker's ( Don Adkins) place why the creature is there. I have to say this movie is a total flop, but it was comical than scary when I watched it on MST3000. As I was watching it MST 3000 would come in with the funny one liners, and puns. I did give it a 3 because of the ad-libs. To be honest it is worth a watch; but if U want to see how it all got started watch the original 1971 The Legend Of Boggy Creek. It is a docu-drama with interviews of real residents at the time. It is much better and it makes you think about those strange sighting in rural areas.

Fahrenheit 451

Reading Is Vital To Each Individual,But Just Like Before History Is Known To Repeat Itself.
Fahrenheit 451 came out in the late 1960's, directed by Francois Truffant. This movie takes place in a dystopian future were reading is banned. Most view reading as toxic; because it creates freewill individuals. Most people prefer the fantasy world via drugs, T.V., and most don't want to change. The people that read have to be careful. They hide their material in furnishings, so they are not raided. It is a crime to own reading material, and U will be arrested for it. If they are reported by another citizen, the fire department will come to the residence and burn all the reading material. The fire department is the law when it comes to written material. they are responsible for all book burning' s, since all home are now fire proof.

One firefighter is dedicated to his profession. Guy Montage( Oskar Wermer) is up for promotion and Capt. Betty( Cyril Cusack)has him at the top of the list. One of Montag's co-worker's, Fabian( Anton Differing) watches Montag's every move. Montag is married to Linda (Julie Christie- Who plays a duel role), she is also Clarisse, his neighbor. Before I go into the movie , the book is very different, the names, scenery, and types of books, FYI. Linda is highly addicted to T.V. and pills. Montag doesn't even enjoy being married to her anymore, because she is such a bore. It is the same routine over and over for her.

One day while coming home from work he strikes up a conversation with his neighbor Clarisse. She begins to talk about his job, and asks if he has ever read any of the books he has burned. She is part of the minority that reads, she knows what he does for a living. When she asks him the question about the books, this gets him thinking. So one day he brings home a book, and hides it. One night when he can't sleep, he goes into their parlor and begins to read David Copperfield. Montag begins to think about his profession and starts to enjoy reading.

Once he starts to read things at work are strange, the crew begins to act suspicious of him. he realizes he is not like the others anymore. He is starting to develop more of identity and becoming less of a follower. When they get a call to an older woman's home, who is a known book person. The scene is shocking, she will not leave her books and before they can do it she sets herself ablaze. Afterward Montag comes home and tells Linda what happened. She doesn't call, and he gets upset with her. He is so mad he throws her friends out of the house. Montag starts to spend more time with Clarisse. Clarisse tells him about losing her job, and he begins to tell her how people get reported on. While he is spending more time with Clarisse, Linda discovers his reading material; and has a fit. She eventually reports him, without his knowledge. The next day at work he is told about what happen to Clarisse and her family. Most have be arrested, but she is still on the run. He is so concerned about what happened the next call that comes in is to his home. Linda is gone and they raid his house. He is told by Capt.Betty @ gun point to burn the reading material, but he does more than that.He sets most of his house on fire and sets Capt. Betty on fire with the blow torch.

Montag is now a wanted man who can't go back to his job, he is on the run and eventually out in the woods he comes across a book camp. Where he meets Granger( Alex Scott), they both go inside and they watch a fake capture and demise of Montag on a portable T.V.. As the two quickly become friends Granger begins to introduce him to others at the camp. While there he is happy to see Clarisse, and Granger explains more about the camp. These people will take a book memorize it by heart. The reason is so one day when reading is no longer banned, these books will be written again.

I couldn't imagine living in a world where reading is banned, but it happen before during the Nazi Regime. We should never forget reading is a must, it is part of our individuality.

Jaws: The Revenge

It's Been 12 Long Years Since The First Encounter, And This Shark Still Holds A Grudge.
Jaws: The Revenge is not that bad of a movie, much better than 3 which was horrible; and laughable. I gave it a 6 because I am a huge fan of the first two, but really deserves a 5-1/2 because of the ridiculous ending.

It is around Christmas in Amity, Ellen Brody( Lorraine Gary) is now a widow. Shawn Brody( Matthew Mitchell) is now a Deputy on the police department. He's a very young deputy at age 20, and Ellen worries about him all the time. Sean's brother, Mike ( Lance Guest) is now a Marine Biologist in the Bahama's. The two love their work, but Sean still lives with mom until he gets married. One night Sean is on duty, when he gets ready to leave a call comes in. A piece of driftwood is stuck on a channel marker, which is a hazard. Sean goes out and checks it out, he starts to remove the wood off and his attacked by a shark. He is killed and his mother in complete shock.

When she finds out a shark is responsible for the attack, she believes a shark is stalking the whole family. After Sean's funeral Mike and his wife tell mom to come to the Bahama's. She does on Mike's private plane, flying it is Hoagie( Michael Caine). Hoagie and Ellen develop a relationship why she is there, but she is still traumatized with bad dreams. She begs Mike to quit his job, but he shrugs it off.

One day Mike and Jake( Mario Van Pebbles) are working together and are almost attacked by a great white shark. It attacked the boat, but what a scare for them. It is odd because great whites are not found down there. Mike tells Jake not to say a word about what happened to his mom. Ellen still continue to experience nightmares, then Mike begin's to have them.

When Mike and Jake come up with a plan to track the shark, so they know the location at all times. The tracker monitor's the sharks heartbeat at all times. When Ellen takes another boat out to hunt the shark down. Hoagie finds out contacts Mike and Jake and now they look for her. When they find her they all get on the boat. They realize they lost the signal of the shark so the have to be cautious. Hoagie and Jake look for her by air, Mike by boat. When Hoagie lands the plane on the water, Hoagie gets out, but Jake is still in the plane. All of a sudden the shark appears and grabs Jake. Mike eventually kills the shark and 10 minutes later Jake comes out of the water. This ending is one of the worst, killing a higher ranking on the film. A plus in this movie that helped was the cameos of Mrs. Kitner( Lee Fierro) and Mrs. Taft( Fritzi Jane Courtney), both from the original Jaws. This movie is great to watch around Christmas or a day that blows; but nothing will ever beat Jaws or Jaws 2

Blue Thunder

A High-Tech Military Helicopter, And A Secret Worth Killing For.
Blue Thunder is an action packed thriller that stars the late Roy Scheider; I have been a fan of his since JAWS. Yes, he is typecast with most of his roles as police officers. Scheider I believe is the only actor who could play Frank Murphy. I knew this would be a hit because of the story line and the great cast.

The movie is about a Los Angeles Police officer Frank Murphy( Scheider) who is a Vietnam Vet. who suffers from P.T.S.D.. He is part of the Air Support Division of the department. He has been assigned a new partner, Richard Lymangood( Daniel Stern) who is given the nickname J.A.F.O.. Each night on duty they patrol the skies of L.A.; and help officers on the streets.

After a little incident the night before Capt. Braddock( Warren Oats) gives Murphy an assignment. Murphy is going to attend a demonstration involving a high tech military helicopter. It is nicknamed Blue Thunder; and there are two prototypes. These helicopters will be used in the upcoming summer Olympics in 1984, for civil unrest.Blue Thunder is equipped with unidirectional mics., infrared imaging, a stealth mode, and VCR tape recorder.

When the death of councilwoman, Diana McNeely happens, Murphy investigates it further. He has a feeling his old military foe might be involved. When he investigates at her home in Brentwood, he finds more evidence. One night Murphy and Lymangood follow Cochrane to an office building in L.A.. They use Blue Thunder, actually they fail to report back when ordered. They find Cochrane in a meeting with various others by using the infrared detectors. then they record a meeting. The meeting is with various government officials and Cochrane. When they hear about the murder of councilwoman McNeely and why they killed her. Mc Neely was going to go public about a secret project called T.H.O.R.. T.H.O.R. stands for( Tactial, Helicopter, Offensive, Response. It is used secretly for the elimination of political opponents. The night before she was to go public she was raped and beaten, then died the next day. While all this is being recorded Cochrane looks out the window and sees Blue Thunder. T

After they have what they need Murphy and Lymangood return back to the department. Lymangood quickly grabs the tape from the chopper.He records a message for Murphy. Later that night Lymangood is jumped and killed for his involvement, and Frank finds out later that night. The next day he plays Lymangood's message. He tells Murphy where he hid the tape and when to get it.

Murphy gets is girlfriend, Kate (Candy Clark) involved. She is to go to a drive-in, pick up the tape and get it to the local news station. She is to stop for no one and she is to give it to either Mario Machado or Matusek( I think). In the end, after an air fight with two F-16's and Cochrane. Murphy lands Blue Thunder on the train tracks where it is eventually destroyed. This is a classic film from 1983, that is a must see.

Run All Night

A Father With A Crimial Past, His Son On the Right Path, And When A Drug Deal Goes Bad Will The Two Become Closer.
Run All Night is an exciting action packed thriller starring Liam Neeson, and Ed Harris.Jimmy Conlon( Liam Neeson) is a former Irish mob enforcer; who used to work for Shawn McGuire( Ed Harris). Jimmy was so good at his job he earned the nickname " The Gravedigger". Jimmy doesn't want any part of that life again, he is trying to get his life together. He especially wants to become closer to his son, Mike Conlon(Joel Kinnaman). Jimmy is now an alcoholic, who is a widower, and lives alone. He is estranged from his son due to his past life; and Jimmy trust's no one. Mike works as a chauffeur, works as a mentor for at risk kids; and used to box professionally. he has two daughters that have never met their grandpa Jimmy.

One night Danny McGuire( Boyd Holbrook) meets with his father Shawn on a job. Danny gets involved with Albanian drug dealers. The job is to smuggle heroin, in Shawn's area in New York City. Shawn explains to his son, he wants no part of it.His dad tells it's time for him to be a man, and clear it up. He knows these Albanian's are dangerous, and fears for his life. Danny has a plan to get them first. Mike accidentally gets involved when he picks up these Albanian's in his chauffeur. Danny and his friend double cross these Albanian's during the deal. Mike and his boxing friend "Legs" see this all go down. Now there is a bigger problem for Danny, there are witnesses. So Danny goes to Mike's house to kill him. Jimmy kills Danny then leaves, Mike reports it as self-defense. When the cops get there Mike is taken into custody, because Shawn has the two in for a set up. Jimmy chases the cruisers until he is gets his son. Shawn wants revenge and Jimmy is doing all he can to protect his son.

It becomes a cat and mouse game through the street of New York. The two have to run from corrupt cops, a detective hell bent on nailing him for Jimmy's past homicides; and a hit man hired by Shawn McGuire. To get the truth out there they have to find Mike's boxing friend "Legs". Jimmy and Mike are running for their lives so justice will eventually become balanced.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

U.F.O. Sightings, The Human Connection, Devils Tower= Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind.
From one of the best director's ever, Steve Spielberg( JAWS, E.T., Schindler's List, Jurassic Park) comes a spectacular SY-FY/ Drama; Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind. This film is far from boring and the visuals are stunning. The movie begins when Lacome( Francois Traffant) and his interpreter, Laughin( Bob Balaban) go to Mexico and discover various missing WW2 missing PBF's in the desert. There is no remains and are stunned by their presence. They start to begin investigating high amounts of U.F.O. activity in other parts of the world. In one particular case they travel to Mongola and India along with the U.N.. In India a group are gathered and explain what happened the night before. In their own language they describe how the sky lit up and started to communicate with them. The communication used is basic sound tones. These tones used are to help those deaf hear the different sounds via hand signals. Each signal higher or lower depending on level.

In Indiana, Roy Neary( Richard Dryfuss), his wife Ronnie( Terri Garr), and their 3 children are a normal family until one night changes Roy's life forever. One night Roy is called to re-store power. While trying to find his location on a map, he sees a U.F.O.. After seeing this he becomes obsessed, and tells Ronnie he is going back to the site. There he meets Jillian who had a similar experience and becomes close to her and her son. One night in Muncie, IN. Jillian son is abducted, and she tries to do everything to get him back. Afterward Jillian and Roy have a connection via art. Jillian starts to sketch this mountain over and over again. Roy's life takes a darker turn. He starts to become obsessed with this mountainous figure. His marriage starts to fall apart, and he begins sculpting this huge mountainous figure. He believes he is loosing his mind until the image appears on the T.V.. It is Devil's Tower in Wyoming, and it is talking about a toxic spill near the mountain.

He has finally put two and two together, this is what he has been waiting for. Once he arrives in Wyoming, it is a mess. there are people getting out, people selling gas masks, and wildlife on the side of the road. The military is there separating people, and Roy finds Jillian. He tells her he believes this toxic spill is a hoax, and wants to investigate further. They do and get stopped by the military. They are both taken back to a secured area were they are questioned, then loaded on a helicopter. There they notice 6 others with gas masks, and discovers Jillian aboard. There he takes off his mask, tells everyone the air is fine. He, Jillian, and another guy escape and run toward devils tower. They are pursued by the military. Roy and Jillian make it without being gassed.

When they arrive on the other side of Devil's Tower, they are amazed at what they see. A complex is set up for the return of the U.F.O. craft. I believe it is called "The Dark Side Of The Moon". A bunch of scientist, computer programmers, and a Panel that looks like a keyboard is set up. When the U.F.O.'s arrive, we communicate with them via musical tones. The keyboard will light up and spacecraft repeats the tone. Once these smaller ships leave, the Mother-ship arrives. We communicate the same way, and later the ship returns those individuals taken. Among them were all those missing from WW2, people from various areas, and Jillian's son Barry. They are unharmed and none have aged. When the aliens appear they take individuals back with them, among them is Roy Neary. This is an excellent film about the life else where, and there ability to communicate in a form other than math, VIA basic musical tones. This is a very intelligent movie by Spielberg with a human connection.

A Perfect Getaway

A Perfect Getaway Is A Great Thrill Ride.
Newlyweds Cliff( Steve Zahn ) and Cydney( Milla Jovovich) take their honeymoon trip to Hawaii. While there they meet up with Cleo( Marley Shelton) who they start to give a ride to. Cleo's boyfriend Kale ( Chris Hemsworth) is an odd one. When Cliff offers the two a ride, Kale's temper shows. It get's heated and Cliff and Cydney decide to bail. They begin to explore the island and meet Nick( Timothy Olyphant) and Gina (Kiele Sanhez). At first everyone seems to be enjoying themselves until Gina mentions the double homicide that happened on the main island. The murders are a man and woman, and are suppose to be on the same island as Nick and Cydney. So now Nick and Cydney supect Kale and Cleo.

As their trip continues Cydney and Cliff star to bond with Nick and Gina. Nick is a former marine and can take care of himself. Gina is also tough and can protect herself. The 4 of them seem to be getting along and getting to know each other more. They talk more about the homicide and believe those responsible were Kale and Cleo. When Kale and Cleo get arrested because evidence is found on them things begin to relax some. Afterward's the two were thinking the other couple was the killers.

Once the four reach their destination Cliff asks Nick to go kayaking. The two venture out to this beautiful water cave. While they are away, Gina back at the beach discovers Cliff's camcorder. She starts to watch it and discovers the couple is not who they say they are. Cliff is Rocky, Cydney's psycho boyfriend from high school. The two commit murder and take their victims identities.

While at the cave Cliff tries to kill Nick, by shooting him in the head. Nick luckily survives due to an old war wound. He had a titium plate placed and Cliff's buillet barely wounded him. Back on the island Gina calls the cops, and runs into two guys that are looking for there stolen kayak's. Gina also runs into Cliff, who tells her Nick is dead. The two guys are talking to Cliff and he is trying to convice them she is a drug addict, bit one isn't buying it. The one guy is an EMT and notices Cliff's pupil's. The EMT knows Cliff is lying. The two are killed in front of Gina. Cliff goes after Gina, but the police arrive via helicopter with Cydney. Cydney tells them about Cliff/Rocky and they shoot him dead. Gina discover's Nick is still alive and the nightmare is over. When the trauma is over Nick and Gina go into town. There Gina gets a ring and the two decide after the wedding to skip the Honeymoon. A great movie with a twist I did expect, do npt pass this thriller up.


Discrimination Down To A Science.
In the near future imagine your success is determined right at birth. GATTACA is a great SY-FY- Drama about genetics and discrimination. In the near future their are two types of individuals. Those that are conceived naturally, Faith Births( In-valid) or the new natural way. These are called Bio-Engineer babies or (Valid). The valid are screened taking the best sperm/egg cells. They are free of any birth defects, and are perfect. This process involves a reproductive doctor and the parents get the choice of the sex of the child. They are basically designer babies, and rarely have anything wrong with them. The Valid children are the best at everything- jobs, sports, and long life spans. The In-Valid children usually have health problems, shorter life spans, and job choice is usually medial.

Vincent( Ethan Hawke) is a Faith Birth and was born with a high probably of heart problems. His mother and father are not very supportive and decide to have a second child. This time they want a Valid child. This time the boy is given his father's name Anton( Loren Dean). Anton is what you call The Golden Boy of the family. As the two grow up there is tension there from the start, Anton beats his brother at everything; but one day Vincent saves his life. As Vincent gets older he decides to leave the house, without saying goodbye. His brother sees him go, but Vincent doesn't stop.

Vincent has always dreamed of a career in space, but due to his In-valid status he knows he is dreaming. In the past he has gone from several janitorial services throughout California. He lands a job at GATTACA, as a janitor. Here he watches the take offs while cleaning in the after-hours. Vincent is not happy and is working on a plan. As a janitor he has access to the things he needs to make is dream a reality.

One night Vincent contacts an illegal D.N.A. broker, German( Tony Shalhoub). German comes to meet Vincent and describes what he has in store for him. Vincent begins to undergo a transformation. He is measured, appearance changes and then he will be taken to see Jerome( Jude Law). Jerome was an automatic in the GATTACA space program, until his accident. When he was over-seas he stepped out in traffic on purpose got hit. The accident left him a paraplegic. Jerome has always had a problem with his Valid status, because of the pressure. He has become a heavy alcoholic, and depressed. In a way this is a break for both of them because the accident happened overseas. The press didn't cover in in the states; and no one at GATTACA knows what the real Jerome looks like. This way Vincent can become Jerome at GATTACA, while keeping the real Jerome in the lifestyle is is accustomed too.

Before Vincent becomes-Jerome, the real Jerome will provide Vincent all his blood, urine, hair, and other DNA samples Vincent needs. This is a daily routine and Vincent must shed all of his dead skin, hair, E.T.C. so none of his In-Valid self is discovered at GATTACA. Each day Vincent begins is routine, and works among the Valids @ GATTACA in the space program. Vincent is Jerome and has fooled everyone. It is the perfect plan and with the real Jerome's help it is going like clock work. Vincent is so good there has only been one person close to finding out who he really is, the Mission Coordinator. Vincent also develops a relationship with Irene (Uma Thurman).

A week before Vincent( Jerome) is planned to go up, the Mission Coordinator is brutally murdered. Vincent and Irene look in horror as they see his bloody body. When Vincent leaves one of his own eyelashes sheds off. After work Vincent tells Jerome what happened, and Jerome looks at him like he did it. He didn't but Vincent doesn't have to worry about being discovered. The next day an investigation begins, and the eyelash is discovered by Vincent's brother, who is a detective. Everywhere Vincent goes he sees is old face, flashed and wanted for murder. Anton believes his brother is guilty, and wants him found.

That night Vincent and Irene have a date, which is risky due to the numerous check points. Irene starts to become suspicious of Vincent too especially after there date. When She meets the real Jerome she is furious. When Vincent starts to explain, she is still ticked. He explains why he went to all this trouble, and he told her. She also has the same problem, but she is a Valid. It developed later in life, and she has never been able to go up because of it. She does ask Vincent if he killed the Mission Coordinator. He tells he no, but she still has some doubts.

When Anton learns of Vincent's innocence he is p****d off, the Director( Gore Vidal) is responsible. Afterwards Irene and Vincent do become an item and the mission is back on. When Vincent is ready to go up and Dr. Lamar( Xander Berkley) discovers who he really is. He let's him go, after some man advice ; because he admires him for all he's gone through. Vincent has beaten the odds and has made his dream a reality. Jerome sadly ends his life, but leaves Vincent a supply of D.N.A. for yrs.

GATTACA is a movie everyone should see. We as a society strive on perfection even though we will not admit it we do discriminate. We are all human and we are far from perfect. If our future becomes like the one in GATTACA, it will become our downfall.

The Da Vinci Code

Have You Ever Looked At DA Vinci's Last Supper And Wondered?
Controversial Yes, but this movie is far from boring.The movie begins with Jacques's Saunier( Jean - Sauniere) running for his life inside The Lourve. Sauniere is a museum curator and he is being chased by an albino monk named Silas ( Paul Bettany). He demands to know the location of the Keystone. There is a theory that Jesus has has a blood line; and the church doesn't want this information to get out. Sauniere writes a cryptic message, before he is murdered. The only person who can decipher it is Symbologist Robert Langdon. Langdon is in Paris giving a lecture on symbology. He is called in by the head French police. It is similar to America's FBI.

When Langdon arrives at The Lourve, he is meet by Collet( Etienne Chicot) and Captian Bezu Fache(Jean Reno) . Langdon also is met by Sophie( Audrey Tautou). She is a police Cryptographer. The two are taken into the crime scene and the message. The then begin to work on unscrambling the message. It give clues to various pieces of DA Vinci's work. They find out that it has to do with Da Vinci's work The Last Supper, The Holy Grail and the possibility of Jesus having a bloodline Once they break the code, they take it to Langdon's Friend in London, Teabling( Ian Mc Kellen) who knows all things about the Holy Grail. When the two arrive they discuss more about The Last Supper and this theory. Teabling disscuss more about it and Langdon and Sophie are shocked. They take Teabling along with them on there adventure to find the truth. They are chased, almost killed, and an old friend becomes a foe. In the end, the truth is unveiled, Sophie meets her protectors, and Teabling is arrested. Could this theory be possible who knows I have head about this before and wondered. I have also looked at The Last Supper and had to do a double take. I enjoyed this movie as well as the novel, and you will too. I will say the topic is something to think about.

Boys Don't Cry

A Powerful Movie About The Life And Death Of Brandon R. Teena, A.K.A. Teena R. Brandon.
This is an excellent movie everyone should see regardless of your views toward the LGBTQ Community. Boys Don't Cry was directed by Kimberly Pierce. The film was suppose to be filmed in Falls City, NE.. Due to budget constraints they filmed it in Texas. The film is brilliant and if you gave it a poor rating you just didn't get it. A excellent movie with an outstanding cast, an outstanding performance by Hilary Swank and Chloe Sevigny. Here is my review of one of my favorite films, Boys Don't Cry.

This film is about Brandon Teena( Hilary Swank) who is a transgender man. Brandon is actually Teena R. Brandon, a girl who want to be a boy; but can't afford the surgery. Brandon's only relative is a cousin, Lonny( Matt McGrath). Brandon and Lonnie live in Lincoln N.E.. One night Brandon tells Lonny he really has a date with a girl at a roller rink. Lonny can't believe it, but Brandon meets this girl. That night the girl's brother finds out Brandon's is actually a girl. They chase him all the way back to Lonny's trailer, and threaten to kill him. Well, Lonnie has had it and kicks Brandon out; and Brandon decides to move on. Brandon decides to go a bar and think . At a bar he meets Candace( Lecy Goranson), and two of her friends. They are Ex-Cons each with a troubled past, when a bar fight starts John Lotter( Peter Sarsgaard) and Tom Nieseen( Brendon Sexton) jump in a help Brandon out. They all leave for Fall City, N.E., were Brandon meets Lana Tisdel( Chloe Sevigny) who sings karaoke at the bar along with her friends. As soon as he sees Lana he is in love with her, and he forms a bond with John and Tom. Brandon quickly gets into a relationship with Lana which kind of ticks John off. The two of them used to date, but wonders what Lana sees in him. If you ask me the two guys were suspicious of Brandon at the start. When Brandon updates his cousin Lonny, he is shocked to learn that Brandon is in Falls City. A known town for their distaste of homosexuals. As Brandon and Lana's romantic relationship continues, Lana notice's notices something one night when the two are intimate; but doesn't say anything. To her, Brandon is a man or so it seems. One day Brandon is arrested and put in the women's ward. He tells Lana he was born with both sex organs, and is waiting for the surgery. Lana tells him that's his business, and she loves him regardless.

One day Candace discovers some incriminating evidence about Brandon. While cleaning his room she discovers the applicator of a tampon in between the bed. Her checkbook with missing checks and documents with Brandon's real name on them. She tells John and Tom, at first they think it's a misprint, but then they search his room. There they find literature on transgender and various male sex attachments. They are shocked and disgusted, as soon as Brandon walks in the S**T hits the fan. John and Tom take Brandon into a bathroom and force him to strip, there they find out Brandon is a female. When this happens they take Brandon for a ride.

They take him to a remote location were the brutally beat and rape him numerous times. Afterwards they go back to Tom's house and tell him to keep it secret. If it is reported they will kill him, so while Brandon is washing up he escapes and reports the attack. Brandon is questioned by this tool of a sheriff, Sheriff Laux(Lou Perryman) who takes a careless attitude, and no empathy what so ever. John and Tom are questioned and released, that night they get drunk. They are both extremely intoxicated and they decide to kill Brandon. They arrive at Candice's house and find Brandon hiding out in her shed. When Brandon walks in he is shot and killed, and Candice is also killed.

I could relate to this movie well, because I saw myself as Brandon. I can't believe people are still so close minded. It makes me sad that people can't accept people because they don't abide by the gender stereotypes. That is what is wrong with this society, remember we don't get to pick which sex we want to be. It is already assigned, and we do the best we can with what we have. If society can't accept that, that's their problem.

The Crying Game

Believe Me, She's Everybody's Type.
The Crying Game came out in the early 1990's, and for the first time I had the opportunity to watch it a week ago. I heard so many positives about it I bought it for a great price. So here is my review on The Crying Game.

The movie takes place in Northern Ireland in the beginning at a fair. Jody( Forrest Whitaker), who is a British solder gets involved with Jude( Miranda Richards). He is having the time of his life and little does he know she is a member of the I.R.A.. When the two go off to a secluded area for sex, Jody is kidnapped by Fergus( Steven Rea). The two take Jody to a secluded area where he is held prisoner, and for a ransom. If the English government doesn't meet the I.R.A. demands, Jody will be killed in so many days.

While being held held Fergus develops a relationship with Jody. First it is just small talk then Jody starts to bring up his girlfriend, Dil( Jaye Davidson). He begins to show him pictures, and describing what she is like. Jody tells Fergus if he doesn't make it out, that Fergus will visit her in London. Fergus tells him to stop thinking like that, but he can't help it. One day Jody tries to escape from Fergus, only to be killed by an Irish Military truck. As the military moves in the I.R.A. hideout gets bombed. Fergus escapes and he vows he will visit Dil in London and tell her what happened.

When he arrives in London, he takes up the name Jimmy, to fit in. He finds Dil working in a hair salon. When Dil's shift his over he meets up with her, and goes to the pub were she performs as a singer. The relationship begins to grow, and Dil believes Jimmy(Fergus) knows her secret. As things start to heat up, they decide to take it a step further and have sex. The two go to Dil's apartment and decide to have sex. This is where Jimmy( Fergus) discovers Dil is transgender. Jimmy is shocked, and Dil assumed he knew already.

After this happens the two don't speak for days. Later after the brief spat they get back together. Even though Jimmy( Fergus) knows the truth about Dil, he is still attracted to her. Dil is a man anatomically but that doesn't matter to Jimmy. He still likes her/him but wants Dil to make some changes, he would like Dil to look more like a man. She refuses but lets Jimmy/Fergus cut her hair and wear some men's clothing. Jimmy/Fergus returns back to his hotel and finds his fellow I.R.A. member Jude already in his room. She and fellow I.R.A. member Maguire ( Adrian Dunbar) survived the bombing that, killed most of the other I.R.A. members. There she threatens Fergus he he doesn't complete the mission she will have him killed. The mission is to assassinate a judge.

The night before the assassination Dil gets drunk and asks Jimmy/Fergus to come to Dil's apartment because she doesn't want to be left alone tonight. Dil knows what Jimmy/Fergus is planning to carry out the assassination and has plans of her own. Dil gets Jimmy to stay the night and while sleeping ties him to the bedpost. When he wakes the next morning he is held at gunpoint and saves Jimmy from carrying out the assassination. It still takes place, but Jimmy is not involved. He knows that Jude will now hunt him down and kill him for not getting involved.

When Jude finds out Fergus/Jimmy failed his fellow I.R.A. members, she comes looking for him. She enter's Dil's apartment and gets shot several times, by Dil. Dil has Killed Her, but Jimmy/Fergus decides to help her out. He wipes her fingerprints off the gun and takes the rap for Jude's murder. A few month's later Dil visits Fergus in prison. They sit down and start talking, counting the days until Fergus/Jimmy's release.

This is a great film I truly enjoyed. I thought Jaye Davidson did a remarkable job as Dil. If he didn't get an Oscar for his performance, somebody call 911 to report a robbery.


You SOB! You Moved The Head Stones; But Not The Bodies.
Welcome to Cuesta Verda, a middle class neighborhood where The Freelings live. Steve Freeling( Craig T. Nelson), a successful real estate developer, his wife Diane( Jo Beth Williams), a house wife live with their three children. One night Carol Ann( Heather O'Rourke) begins communicating with the T.V. late at night. At first, no one thinks anything of it. Carol Ann shares a bedroom with her brother Robbie( Oliver Robbins). The house has this dead tree that by the window of the kids room. It is creepy and it is dead. Diana( Dominique Dunn) is the oldest is a teenager. Robbie is a little older than Carol Ann, hates that tree and is terrified of his stuffed clown.

In the morning strange things begin to happen when Stephen is at work. Robbie notices his spoon bending and while doing dishes Diana sees the chairs have stacked themselves on the table. When Steve come home, Diana tells him what happened to Carol Ann while he was at work. Carol Ann slides across the kitchen floor. It is so bizarre and the whole family sees this. At night a big storm comes through the area. It's a tornado which is uncommon in California, wrecking havoc to their home. Robbie is torn from his bed by the tree; and Carol Ann disappears. They look around for her and hears her voice coming from the T.V.. The only way they can communicate with her is VIA T.V.. The whole family is upset and Steve takes time off from work.

The first thing he does is go to see some paranormal researchers at a university. Dr. Lesh( Beatrice Straight), Marty( Martin Casella), and Ryan ( Richard Lawson). They discuss what is happened and Dr. Lesh describes that it could be a poltergeist. They agree to come to his home to investigate. What they uncover is very bizarre. Some of it benign and some are malevolent forces, that scare the s**t out of Marty and Dr. Lesh. Dr. Lesh tells the Freelings after what they saw they think they need the help of Tangina( Zelda Rubinstein), an exorcist. Dr. Lesh and Ryan will return, Marty will not return due to his experience. Tangina is the best exorcist and has a history of cleaning houses of demonic forces. When she arrives at the Freeling's home, she will do an exorcism that will help get Carol Ann back. It isn't easy but they do get their daughter back. After this ordeal they believe it is best to sell the home ASAP. Steve tells everyone to get packed up because they are leaving in the morning. In the meantime, he tells his wife he is going to tell Teague( James Karen) his plan.

Steve meets with Teague and tells him his plan. He also gives him some BS story about not feeling well. He has missed so much work, but Teague tries to get him to change his mind about leaving. Teague shows him a new phase they are building in Cuesta Verda, Phase 5. The best part Teague will let him have the first pick, by moving from phase 1 to 5. The project is in the works, but the problem is the view shows a very crowed graveyard.

That night when everything is packed and ready, strange stuff begins to happen again. This time more violent than before. Robbie is attacked by his clown, Diane is tossed to the ceiling while drying her hair, and Carol Ann is almost taken again when a massive opening opens up in the bedroom. Diane is running for her life when she breaks free. This time she is in the backyard and slips into the hole made for the pool. The caskets begin to shoot up and bodies are everywhere. They come underneath the house, and it seems like their is no escape. When Steve comes home he sees his boss staring at their house, and Steve confronts him. They moved the headstone, but left the graves. It isn't long after that that Dana comes back from her date, and sees the house destroyed. The Freeling's leave with only the clothes on their backs, finding refuge in a Holiday Inn. This time the T.V. goes out the door-good ending BTW.

This movie is a classic, and still has that chill factor to it. It is one of my favorite horror films w/o the blood and gore. The late Heather O'Rourke was awesome in this film. She and the Late Dominique Dunne were take too soon. I hope her ex-boyfriend got the book thrown at him for killing her. As for the curse of Poltergeist, it's creepy. A lot of strange stuff happened with the original/sequel. I don't think it could ever be explained. Poltergeist is one of those movies I highly recommend. A classic that will make the hairs on your neck stand at attention.


Iran- 1979 Six American Lives Hang In The Balance.
ARGO is a true story that took place on November 4th, 1979. This is also known as The Canadian Caper, which took place from 1979-1980. ARGO begins when Iranian terrorist take 66 American hostages at gunpoint from the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Six American's are able to escape and find solace with the Canadian Ambassador, Ken D. Taylor( Victor Garber). The six Americans are Lee Schatz(Rory Cochran), Robert Anders(Tate Donovan), Kathleen Stafford( Kerry Bishe'), Joe Stafford( Scoot McNary), Mark Lijek( Chris Denham) and Cara Lijek(Clea Duvall).

When the U.S. Government gets word of this, they talk to Jack O'Donnell( Bryan Cranston) of the CIA. O'Donnell gets CIA fixer Tony Mendez( Ben Afflack) to get them out. O'Donnell and Mendez devise a plan, make a fake movie. A Sy-Fy flick, like the super blockbuster, Star Wars.Mendez will pretend to be a Hollywood film producer, who is scouting locations to shoot in Tehran, Iran. He talks with Les Siegal( Alan Arkin) a huge movie producer and John Chambers( John Goodman) a Hollywood make-up artist for help. The film ARGO, an out of this world SY-Fy Flick. In conjunction with the Canadian government a plan is set. The help Of the Canadian Government is a must. A creation of six fake Canadian Passports are created and given to Mendez before he leaves for Iran.

Mendez is on his way to pull off a rescue mission were no mistakes can be made. Once he lands in Tehran, he his taken to she the hostages. He tells them who he is and his plan for getting them out. He also explains they too, have a part in this also. He is going to teach them how to act as a film crew, and everybody needs to know what their part is or it's-GOODBYE. They do rehearsals, promote the film with fake posters, and mingle with the citizen's. They have to gain some trust with the local's to ease their nerves. As this goes on for awhile , they have to watch every move they make. It is a hostile area gun fire is active, people are getting executed in broad daylight, and check points are everywhere.

When it is time to escape it looks like they are going to have issues. The plan tickets of some of the hostages arrive late. They undergo constant screening, and they make Lee Schatz take his sunglasses off twice. It especially gets tense when they get ready to board. One guard/ Iranian police holds them at the gate forever. A security call is made to check on Tony Mendez. In the states the call comes in, but it rings forever. At the right time Chambers answers the phone, a check is made about the location of Mendez. Chambers tells them his on location, big break.It checks out and they are finally free to board. These Americans were held for 87 days in Tehran, Iran. Thanks to the help of the Canadian government these hostages got home, and the rest is history.

I have to admit the first time I watched this movie, I hated it. I recently re watched again and liked it. I do like Rory Cochrane and thought he was excellent as Lee Schatz to a T. I have never been a fan of Ben Afflack, but he was decent in this one. I do want to see his new movie THE WAY BACK, because it's about basketball. I want to see it because I played for yrs.

As for the film, I believe it was overrated, but what Oscar winning film isn't these days?


If You Lose It Down Here, You're In A World Of Hurt.
Predator is another exciting alien film that stars Jesse Ventura( Blaine), Arnold Schwarzeneggar( Dutch) and Carl Weathers as (Dillion). Dillon is a corrupt CIA agent who wants to sent Dutch and his elite military crew on a mission. He knows Dutch and his team will be walking into a trap; but doesn't care. They're sent to Latin America on a rescue mission to free hostages from guerrilla fighters. Little does the team know that once they are there, they'll have to fight in jungle. It isn't just the guerrillas they have to fight, but little do they know an unseen enemy is among them. This predator uses the jungle as a playground, jumping from tree to tree; and is super fast. It is an alien like no other, an enemy that hunts cloaked and finds It's victim by they're body heat.

When the team comes across a prisoner( Anna)Elpida Carrino she speaks Spanish, and one of the team just picks out words she's describing. At first they think she is crazy, but something is following them Dutch, Sonny and Poncho can feel it. Later on they find remains of human victims, and Anna can speak English. One by one Dutch's team is hunted down in the most gruesome way possible. When Anna and Dutch are the only ones left, Dutch has a plan to hunt it down. Dutch tells Anna to go back to the chopper, and inform them what has happened. Dutch while escaping from the predator, gets covered in mud. The predator is unable to see him and Dutch has a plan. He starts booby trapping the jungle and he waits for it to come. When the predator sets off some of the booby traps one gets him good. The two finally meet and it is something too see. When it takes off it's mask, I have never seen something so bizarre looking. Then the famous line uttered by Dutch WTF are you is classic. The predator realizes it's been beaten and isn't going to survive. It begins a self destruct sequence, and Dutch hurries out of there. In the end, Anna and Dutch leave on the Helicopter, they are the only ones who survived and are rescued. Predator is another great Sy-Fy movie that gets your attention from the beginning. It was so successful it spawned a sequel Predator and many more. The sequel is awesome and Alien vs. Predator ROX. I also got to view Predators, and that was another success. You have to check this classic out from 1987, you will not be disappointed.

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