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Man on a Swing

A very unusual film, the two leads shine
If you are looking for absolute, clearcut solutions, do not see this film. It is a fascinating study in the area of physic phenomena, real or imagined. Grey is excellent as a man who claims he has visions of the murderer. Or does he? No clear answers, but top notch film making and acting.


User review hypocrisy at a zenith here
Some of the user reviews here just made me laugh hysterically. They rail about how "amoral" Roxie and Velma are, when scores and scores of films are admired, I suppose one could say, because of the immoral acts shown. Examples" "Goodfellas" (which I love, by the way) or "Wolf of Wall Street" (whichI hated) both show murder, depravity, drug use, law breaking, hooker using, midget bowling, etc., Etc. So I guess films where guys do all sorts of heinous acts is fine, but God forbid women in film should show even half of the immoral acts. This is a FANTASY, a make believe musical, not intended to be taken literally. A musical. Period. An excellent film, great performances, especially Zeta Jones and the Queen. Very enjoyable. So the teenage boys here who want to beat their chests in unison to the awful Wolf can take a breather and grow up.

'Way Out: Side Show
Episode 12, Season 1

Only two reviews??? Deeply creepy episode
There is sadly only one other user review for this very obscure episode. It is currently on youtube, I urge people to watch it before it disappears! Very creepy and well done episode about a henpecked husband (was there any other type back then? LOL!) who falls in love with a lady with no head in a sideshow, just a lightbulb. There is something to be said about originality, and this episode has it and then some. Wonderful character actor Murray Hamilton (The Graduate, Jaws) plays a nebbish husband of the always entertaining Doris Roberts, a nagging wife who incessantly needles him so he seeks relief by going to a carnival. There he meets Cassandra, the Electric Woman, and he begins to, ahem, fall in love with the headless woman. Keep in mind the times in which this episode aired - the Leave it to Beaver times. Very shocking with a twist ending you will never forget. See it on youtube before it is gone!!

Dallas Buyers Club

Made me a fan of Matthew
I confess that before viewing this film, I though Matthew M. Was a one trick pony. Boy was I wrong. He is amazing in this film, such a full, finely tuned performance. Interesting that both Matthew and Leonardo were nominated the same year for Best Actor, and Matthew had a small role in Wolf. I absolutely love, love DiCaprio, I am a longtime fan. But no, Leo did not deserve Best Actor for the piece of overbaked garbage Wolf of Wall Street. Matthew's performance is so multilayered, so well acted and he owned the Oscar. My man Leo, well, no. However, Leo did deserve it for The Reverant, so I am happy he won for that film. See Matthew M. As never before,this film made me a fan. If three hours of nonstop sociopathy, cocaine snorting, jacking off like a twelve year old, see Wolf. I pity people who think Wolf is good.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Enough Martin, enough already
I love Martin Scorcese. I am also Italian, so i feel simpatico of sorts with the man. But Jesus Christ, can he make a film not about excess, alpha males or the mafia? This film has no mob, but it has sex, drugs, and midget bowling. For three freaking hours. Good God, the last thing I want from a film is the sight of the supremely overrated Jonah Hill jacking off. I do not need to see that, no one does outside of a torture chamber. You know who loves this film? Fifteen year old teenagers. I know many because of teaching, and they think this movie is cool. So, congrats Martin you have made a film the glorifies Wall Street, excess and law breaking. As usual. Guys who love this film: congrats to you also, because not matter how old you are, you are on the same level as addled brained fifteen year olds. Maybe Martin should have involved the mob, button men have more charm than these idiots in this film.


Absolutely devastating
I do not know what to say about this film that has not already been said. Oldboy is original, stunning, sickening, surprising and totally unforgettable. Well acted and directed, and the ending is bar none one of the most devastating twists in film history. I will not spoil it here, a must see film.

The Revenant

Stunning film = Leo deserved that Oscar
An actor does not need to talk a lot to make a great film. Example: Sally Hawkins was amazing in The Shape of Water. Leo is equally stunning with little dialogue in this film. He acts the heck of of that role, his face, reactions, everything he does makes for my opinion that he really deserved the Oscar. So happy he won, and Alejandro Inarritu also deserved the Oscar for directing this film. Kudos all around

What's Up, Doc?

OMG, I LOVE this film
This film is one of the sharpest, funniest, hysterical work of cinema I have ever seen, Streisand is such a natural comedian, and O'Neal, playing against type, is so funny as her geekish costar. BUT I thought Kahn was one of the best things about this film. Jeez, she was hysterical as "Eunice". From the opening line "Howarddddd" until the end, she kept me stitches. See this laughfest!!!

The Godfather: Part III

Unfairly maligned, try not to compare it to the first two
The Godfather 1and 2 are two of the best films ever made. Revolutionary in storytelling, truly epic, masterful performances. That said, I can understand why some people dislike the third film. It is very different, but is that bad? Not in this case. Now, three is not even close to capturing the magic of the first two. So try not to compare, and I think this film has many things going for it. Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, the wonderful Talia Shire, Eli Wallach, Andy Garcia, etc. Great performances, and the way the story unfolds against majestic and historical background. I thought the inclusion of the controversial death of Pope John Paul I was fascinating and very well done. The opera at the end was also really well done, and the person who actually dies was quite shocking at the time. I was very surprised. Okay. Sofia Coppolla was not good, but was not that bad. For the record, she said she hated acting and did not want the part, but did it for her dad. Good to see now that Sofia has really found her niche in directing. All in all, a good film, judged unfairly.

The 39 Steps

Deserves a higher rating
I cannot believe this classic film only received 7.8 here! While other modern films, A Star is Born (another unnecessary remake of an old chestnut that has been done to death) received higher. This is one of Hitchcock's best early films, sharply written, fast paced and suspenseful. The two leads are perfect, Mr. Memory is unforgettable (!) Perhaps they can do a remake with Lady Gaga, then it might get higher. And, for the record, i am a big Gaga fan so do not go there with me. Thank you.

Pet Sematary

Excellent, especially Fred Gwynne
I love this film, very creepy, great atmoshere. Fred Gwynne is delightful as an old man who makes a deadly mistake. The little boy Gage is so cute, that I wept when the accident happened. BUT, ZELDA!!!! Holy crap, that Zelda still scares me to this very day. God, how horrifying. I saw it first in the theater on a date, and when Zelda appeared, I felt like screaming and running out of the theater. Scarred me for life.

Srpski film

I understand the horrific events of Serbia, and I have a strong stomach, but this is too much. It is like they all of the nastiest things in film and made a film. Fine. But really? Most people are intelligent, but this film beats you over the head for the entire film. It simply is not necessary

The X Files: Home
Episode 2, Season 4

Jaw dropping episode
I have a very strong stomach in terms of horror, both film and literature. I barely made it through this extremely disturbing episode. Barely. It is upsetting, stomach churning, unique and horrifying. Reminds me of another tv episode that was successfully banned on tv - Takashi Miike's "Imprint" for Masters of Horror. Both deal with very controversial subjects that leave the viewer stunned for days. Ten stars for brilliance and sheer audacity.


Speechless. I don't quite know what to say. And that is good
I remember seeing this for the first time, it ended and I sat in my chair, motionless, stunned. This film defies description. It is such an original, unforgettable, horrifying, stunning and nightmarish film by the brilliant Lynch. This film IS Lynch. The sheer audacity of a younger Lynch releasing such a film at that time speaks volumes of his brilliance. I cannot tell you the "plot" and I cannot tell you what it means and that is why it is such a significant film. Unforgettable.

Masters of Horror: John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns
Episode 8, Season 1

Hallucinatory and original installment, with the great Udo Kier
This episode fro m Masters of Horror is worth a watch, if only for the appearance of the legend Udo Kier. Not too graphic, with a unique plot and surreal images. See it!!

Midnight Express

I am so torn over this film
I remember when this film was first released. Yes, I am old lol. It was hugely successful, and Brad Davis does deliver a terrific performance. But the portrayal of Turkish people in this film is so myopic and bigoted. I am an American, never been to Turkey, but even I was shaking my head at the unfair portrayal of an entire population. Well made, yes, but the same could be said a bout the films of Leni Riefensthal. Yes, the film was released a long time ago, blahblah, but that does not excuse the maligned view of Turkish people. Billy Hayes himse lf was very angry about this film, he said he loves Turkey and its peoples and the film was very unfair.

Masters of Horror: Imprint
Episode 13, Season 1

GAWD. But a good GAWD.
This, along with the X Files episode "Home", is bar none the most disturbing tv episode of all time. If you know the work of Takashi Miike, then you have an inkling that you are in for quite the ride!! So disturbing, a cable pay channel refused to air it. But it is also a very stylish, dare I say artistic episode, but not for everyone. SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!! I never thought I would see an on screen abortion, but now I have. Wow. Very well made, NOT for the squeamish.

Fear Itself: Skin and Bones
Episode 8, Season 1

Doug Jones knocks it out of the park. Watch this episode for his performance
This episode contains an absolutely incredible performance by Doug Jones, who usually has his genius shine through under makeup and costume, as in Pan's Labrynth, The Shape of Water, Hellboy, etc. He absolutey creeped me out with minimal makeup and a powerhouse performance as a man touched by the Wendigo. I cannot say enough good things about the man, he is a gem of an actor.


Good God, this film is mind numbingly awful
I can handle films that do not accurately portray real events. I cannot handle films that take said events and insult the viewer with idiotic parodies and stupid generalizations. I like Gerard Butler, but all he does is scream. And scream some more. And for a change, shriek more. Do not even get me started on the horrific portrayal of Xerxes. Really? Really?? At that point in the film I felt like gouging my eyeballs out with forks and stomping on them. What a ridiculous film. Goat head guy?? No, just no. A film for brain addled ten year olds. And lastly, why does everything happen so slowwwwwwly?? God.

The Other Side of AIDS

Complete garbage that addle brained people drool over like swine
This film is not only insulting, unintelligent, poorly researched and ultimately dangerous, but it is a tragic comedy where a handful of crackpots are convinced Hiv does not cause AIDS. Sure guys, and, by the way, i have a freaking bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Appropriate only for thise who were repeatedly kicked in the head by a horse throughput their childhood. Utter garbage.

Cape Fear

Extremely well acted, but hard not to compare it to the original
This version of Cape Fear is very well crafted and the acting is tremendous, especially Julianne Lewis' brilliant turn as a troubled teen attracted to a psychopath. She is stunning in this film. And I love Scorcese and Deniro (I am Italian lol), but this version beats you over the head for two hours. I get it, it is about a violent sociopath on a rampage. I actually loved the quieter scenes like when DeNiro is skin crawlingly effective in seducing a fifteen year old vulnerable girl, now that scene was genius. Absolute genius. But the beatings, implied rape, torture and bloody scenes had me wishing for the criminally underrated Robert Mitchum in the original version. He really blew my mind with his quieter menace and foreboding presence. But this version is still excellent. Also see the Mitchum one, you will not regret it!


Kill me now please
I am a huge horror film fan. Huge. For some inexplicable reason, one Halloween there was nothing on to watch except this film. Jesus Christ. I barely made it through the whole thing. Vampires do not sparkle. I realize the great Bela Lugosi stared a lot as Dracula, but he had talent. His stares had intensity. All this freaking film had was stares being the catatonic Stewart, and glitterly Pattison. Nice lipstick edward, you looked ridiculous. As my prayers were finally answered and this film ended, I heard the distinct sound of Lugosi spinning in his grave. And Christopher Lee spinning in his grave. Max Schreck as Nosferatu spinning in his grave. I am sure if the great Gary Oldman were deceased he would be spinning in his grave at this insulting addition to vampire lore. And they made MORE? No thanks, I have to go set myself on fire. Good God.

A Quiet Place

Very clever and tense film. But beware of the oh so obvious trolls here
Before I review this film, a few things: some people here say the film is boring and stupid whilst misspelling words and employing incorrect grammar. And easy words are misspelled. A tip: if you want to be taken seriously, at least know how to spell before ranting about the supposed stupidity of this film. Pot meet kettle. Secondly, it it very obvious one brain addled ten year old is spamming this page with different user names. So obvious.

Okay. This is a very clever and tense film, and it kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Talented actors, great atmosphere. Some people here also say "why didn't they just..."? This a MOVIE. ENTERTAINMENT. The whywhywhy is ridiculous.

2001: A Space Odyssey

I appreciate this film, it is important but GAWD
Stanley, Stanley, Stanley. I love Kubrick. Strangelove is one of my fave films of all time. Paths of Glory was devastating. Clockwork Orange scarred me for life. I even appreciate Barry Lyndon not Ryan O'Neal, but I digress. 2001 IS important in film history, i firmly believe Star Wars would not exist if not for this film. But this film is so antiseptic. You have music, then ten minutes of darkness. Then primates come shrieking on the scene, throwing bones, killing pigs and screaming at the monolith, which seemed to like a chocolate bar on steroids. Then one throws a bone in the air and presto! It is a space vehicle. When the actual humans in the film speak, my sister said "can you turn the volume up?" I did and it did not help. Everything happens so slowlyyyyyyyyyyyy in this film. In the end, HAL ended up as my favorite character, with the screaming primate coming in second place. Like I said, I APPRECIATE this movie, I LOVE Kubrick, but no one is perfect. 8 stars for its important place in history and Kubrick's sheer audacity. Cheers Stanley

Requiem for a Dream

Real, raw, and a descent into addiction hell
I do not know what to say. As one who knows addiction, let me say, even with Aronofsy's flair for bizarre, that this film is the most realistic portrayal about the hell of addiction in film history. Someone here said it is like a modern day Reefer Madness, but that reviewer sounds like a person who kills kittens for fun. No, it is not that stupid film. It is an ALLEGORY for the devastation of addiction. That means, even with the director's unusual way of filming, that watching this film is akin to watching addiction personified. Over the top? Sure, but that is addiction. Weird and dark? Yep, addiction. Lastly, let me say that legend Ellen Burstyn gives her best performance in her heartbreaking portrayal of addiction of the elderly. Good God, how the heck did that moron Julia Roberts win the Oscar over Ellen's work? You need a strong stomach for this film, but that is addiction. Period.

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