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For the Moment

It's never to late for daydreams
I have just seen this film, and fallen in love with it. There is a little bit of something for everyone, and its a particular free for all when it comes to the romance between Lachlan and Lil. When they are on the beach, I nearly cried... there is the unspoken realization that time is the most precious commodity and it is most evident when they are together. This idea taken from several angles, from marriage to sibblings to finding love in the least conventional of places. The film almost makes you long for that kind of desperation when you know that tomorrow could very well be your last. Crowe was particularly wonderful in his role of Lachlan. I've always had a soft spot for the accent, but I nearly melted with his portrayal of his character. The way this film was shot is also beautiful, with the music, backdrop of the open fields, and superb acting. All together, this is a wonderful film that tugs at all of human emotions.


not what i thought...
...but i loved it. i was at the library getting a movie for girls night and then i saw the jacket for this movie. first thing i notice it has kate winslet, its historical, and the tag line is really catchy so i check it out, drive to my friends house and start the show. instead of a cute feel good romance i'm confronted with a heavy movie of death, love, hate, and betrayal.

now i found this movie to be amazing. the story was very much true to hardy's novel (well up until the end) and while the film is dark it is wonderfully so. it is not a lighthearted period romance but rather a study on human behavior and how it can go terribly wrong when the heart becomes involved. it is obvious that they love each other, and the fact they are cousins is secondary... they had never known each other as children as most children know their cousins. they met as adults and fell in love as such. their story is an impassioned one of trail and error romances, exploring ones desires and drives, the burden of nonconformity, and what can cause as love to break down.

very good, very powerful, but a very abrupt ending with one of the best closing lines. ****/*****

Pillow Talk

cute little ditty
Pillow Talk is a little ditty from the past that is very cute and has some laughs. The humor is wonderful, with just enough double meanings to make it have an edge. Doris Day is beautiful in the movie, I love the costumes that she wears. Her constantly hungover maid is also hillarious, adding another dimension to the piece. As someone else already said, knowing about Rock Hudson with 20/20 vision makes it all the better. Overall a good movie that provides laughs and an enjoyable night in.

The Thorn Birds

A poor attempt at capturing a beautiful novel (spoilers)
Perhaps as an avid fan of the novel, I saw the short comings of the mini-series before I saw it's pluses. The fact that they cut out several key parts bothered me as well as leaving out some of the Cleary boys. The twins were totally written out, and by doing so, the thrust of the WWII plot. The very first part of the novel where the reader sees Meggie as a little girl and where one can see why she is like she is is totally ignored. The very end is also dropped, and we are left with Ralph's death and don't get to see Drogheda after that. The time that Ralph goes to Drogheda 12 years after Matlock and sees Dane as a young boy is skipped over and then shifted five or six years ahead. The treatment of Frank was also way off. Meggie never visited him, no one did, and he wasn't killed in jail, he came back when he was 52 and stayed on the station. When the writers added scenes it also perturbed me. Ralph never went to see Luke after Justine's birth, nor did he ever see him. Many parts were included, yet were swapped around in the time line of things, which still got them in, just, to me, diminished their impact slightly. Overall it was a shaky attempt, yet the novel is one that is hard to capture on film. However, I don't think that I will ever forget the part where Meggie kisses Ralph's bruises after her father's death, or how elegant the ashes of roses gown was. Those elements of the film moved me, as well as the montage of Meggie wedding Luke and Ralph being promoted in the Church. The portion beauty is still captured, and I still enjoy it, I just don't feel that it is accurate to the sweeping and expansive novel.


Intruging (SPOILERS)
well, when i first saw the previews for this i was hooked...the romantic in me was going at in when they showed the netting clip. so anyway last night (10*20) i watch it and i was really intruged by it. although the plot is rather romeo and juliet-ish ( i seriously laughed out loud when we learned that her name was jewles, and bumed out when adam's name wasn't a version of romeo) it holds alot of promise. everything from the pool sceen to when adam sneeks out to see jewles to when they are together for the first time had me so involved in this un-folding story. there are so many avenues that can be explored i think that i am hooked on this latest FOX creation.

4.5 stars out of 5

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