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Young Sluts, Inc. 7

Would have been better if Deja had more of a character
Deja is one of the up and cummers in the adult industry that can actually act. The only thing keeping her from making this better than rental is a poor girl-girl (The blonde definately doesn't want to be there. s she drunk? At least Deja is trying to get into it) and focusing on Joey Ray and his secretary taking Redd and Deja out of the scene. Why did they do that? Deja puts out better material than all the girls combined. Anyway, at least Deja makes this worth a peek.

Young Latin Girls 2

R.I.P. Red...
Red Fields bites the big one in this but what better way to go? This Deja chick is awesome. The others don't look Latin at all but they all still give a great try. As for Deja, I'll be looking for her other flicks. Anyone know any?

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