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Nightmare Weekend

This movie is all over the place!
I saw Nightmare Weekend for the first time last year and this review will contain some spoilers throughout.

The film starts off with an attempted robbery which leads to a bloody death for one unfortunate man. Later on two scientists want to test out a computer experiment involving silver sphere type balls with the hope they will do something good for mankind in the future, the experiment is also intended to reverse human behaviours and make them less volatile. When Edward goes away for a break the female scientist Julie has other plans and rather than try this experiment on animals she decides to try in on humans instead.

Julie is rude and obnoxious with her staff at the house that she is conducting her experiments and does not get along Edward's teenage daughter Jessica.

Three of Jessica's friends Linda,Pamela and Annie are invited to the house where Julie is performing the experiments in a different manner to Edward or Jessica's knowledge and leads them there under false pretenses. In between this happening the ladies go to a dodgy looking biker bar and meet a sleazy guy with his girlfriend, the first who is murdered later on.

Once the girls get to the house they are all accompanied by some men they met earlier cue to some gratuitous sex scenes before one by one the ladies are possessed by the silver sphere balls in a sequence of unusual situations and turned into killer zombies.

The film had a promising start and basis for a storyline even with the computer experiment idea and then after that it seemed to switch to most genres of the film catalogue. Sometimes it had a sci fi feel with the computer experiments and the flying sphere balls obviously inspired by the Phantasm movie, horror ingredients from several bloody death scenes, drama from where have an ongoing love story between Jessica and Ken which gets more complicated, perhaps unintentional comedy between a psychic puppet named George and his conversations which should be somewhat serious and moving although can't really be taken in that context, there are even several softcore moments for those who like to see nudity in movies and this one has many of those which go off the plotline. I think that the film is supposed to appeal to the average viewer although it fails overall because there is no real resolution and too many sub plots and strange things happening which did not make much sense or have a purpose.

There is not much of a final showdown between the last few characters however there is a fairly blunt ending to the film.

I would rate this film 5 out of 10.


Renee Zellweger Return To Prominence!
The following review for Judy will contain some spoilers throughout.

The film stars Renee Zellweger playing the character of Judy Garland and delivers an outstanding role.

The story follows a young girl who during several scenes throughout the movie as a teenage girl is micromanaged by her manager and her P.A despite her insecurities to become the star that they want and think that she should be.

Judy then reaches adulthood and after a failed marriage is under pressure to help support her two children and juggle an acting and singing career. She lands a residency contract in London at a prestigious theatre so has to move to London alone while her children are staying in America with their father and perform a theatre like show several days a week to sold out crowds.

In the beginning Judy is able to cope with thing although as time goes by she finds it more challenging to cope with being away from home and her mental health starts to affect her performances due to her alcohol addictions along with her loneliness. Her popularity later starts to fade at times due to her lacklustre stage presence.

After all of Judy's experiences she still tries her best to push through with the 'show must go on' attitude even if it is a struggle she still has reminders that she has responsibilities. The film accumulates with a special performance of a now iconic song and an unforgettable scene by Renee which i thought was a fitting end to the movie.


Renee Zellweger Return To Prominence!
The following review for Judy will contain some spoilers throughout.

The film stars Renee Zellweger playing the character of Judy Garland and delivers an outstanding role.

The story follows a young girl who during several scenes throughout the movie as a teenage girl is micromanaged by her manager and her P.A despite her insecurities to become the star that they want and think that she should be.

Judy then reaches adulthood and after a failed marriage is under pressure to help support her two children and juggle an acting and singing career. She lands a residency contract in London at a prestigious theatre so has to move to London alone while her children are staying in America with their father and perform a theatre like show several days a week to sold out crowds.

In the beginning Judy is able to cope with thing although as time goes by she finds it more challenging to cope with being away from home and her mental health starts to affect her performances due to her alcohol addictions along with her loneliness. Her popularity later starts to fade at times due to her lacklustre stage presence.

After all of Judy's experiences she still tries her best to push through with the 'show must go on' attitude even if it is a struggle she still has reminders that she has responsibilities. The film accumulates with a special performance of a now iconic song and an unforgettable scene by Renee which i thought was a fitting end to the movie.

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

The Bloodiest Sequel Yet!
Here is my review for the horror film Puppet Master The Littlest Reich and it will contain some spoilers throughout.

In this Puppet master sequel it revolves around the story of a man named Edgar who is a comic book artist who unexpectedly finds a old puppet inside his deceased brother's room. The puppet coincidently looks very much like one of the puppets from previous films.

Edgar along with his girlfriend Ashley and his boss Markowitz hear news about an upcoming convention in another town which is memory of the Toulon Murders that happened 30 years before and decide to attend the convention and scout for potential buyers for the puppet.

Whilst at the convention they meet a group of other puppet collectors and officer Carol who conducts a speech and tour of the hotel and history of the Toulon Murders which gives everyone present a further insight as to the that has ensued.

Shortly after the tour the hotel guests go their separate ways and in a sequence of events many characters are introduced and murdered systematically by the puppets in the hotel that have been reanimated to life. A group of remaining survivors decide on whether or not they want to escape the hotel and others feel safer either barricading themselves inside or are forced by the police not to leave. It is no surprise that the outcome is going to be pretty dreadful for the majority of the victims, with a further explanation as to why all this slaughter is ongoing in the final scenes.

I did enjoy the overall premise of the film and the storyline was better than previous parts in the Puppet Master film franchise, some of the characters including Officer Carol had some fun and exciting scenes. the film does appear to have a reasonable budget too. I do think the film could have tried to be more scary and have less characters that were fleshed out in more detail.

I would rate this film 6 out of 10.

Don't Go in the Woods

The best thing about this film is the cover art!
Don't Go In The Woods is a horror film like others in the early 1980's which appears to rip off some elements of the Friday The 13th films although it fails miserably at doing so.

The following review does contain some spoilers throughout!

Four campers Peter, Ingrid, Joanne and Craig hike through the woods with the intentions of having a relaxing weekend. Whilst our four main characters are venturing further into the woods an unknown killer is dispatching random people who come into the woods in bloody fashion. Will any of the campers manage to escape the woods alive to civilisation.

Don't Go In The Woods does initially have something going for it despite being low budget however the film at times is all over the place and lacks purpose. The killer murders his victims without any motive and to make up for the disappointing effects there is a little comedy here and there.

As for the carnage scenes the most memorable scene for me is when one of the female characters discovers the killer's cabin and when he returns she tries to escape through a small window and is slashed to death with a machete. There is also a cringeworthy scene with a couple who are celebrating their honeymoon in a caravan before they are both eliminated.

When most of the secondary characters show up some of them have little or no dialogue before they get killed and the ending to the film is very strange involving a minor character who has been abducted. The music at times is not always fitting although the track that is playing during the end credits of the movie is comical.

I would rate this film 4 out of 10.

The In Crowd

Was good to see Susan Ward in a Thriller movie after Sunset Beach!
The following review I am about to post for the movie The In Crowd will contain several spoilers throughout.

The In Crowd stars Susan Ward (Brittany) and Lori Heuring (Adrien) The movie tells the story of Adrien who has been released from a psychiatric ward for violent behaviour back into society and is given a second chance when she is employed to work at a rich country club. Adrien become friends with a popular girl called Brittany who befriends her and includes her into the circle of friends she has. Everything between the ladies is alright for a while and then take a turn for the worse when Brittany shows a change in behaviour towards the people around her and has some psychotic tendencies. It is not until later on that Brittany's past is revealed to Adrien and is much darker and there is a fight for survival. Will Adrien be able to escape Brittany's wrath or will she become another one of her victims?

I enjoyed The In Crowd, yes it is portrayed as another typical thriller movie however the setting for most of the scenes at the country club are different to any other similar films I have seen. I did like the two main characters Brittany and Adrien as well and they both shared some memorable scenes in the film especially towards the end where more secrets and lies are exposed and their failing friendship is even more dramatized.

I would rate this film 7 out of 10!


The Terrifier is The Tormentor!
I watched the horror film Terrifier tonight and here is my review for the movie that shall contain some minor spoilers throughout.

The movie is based around Art the black and white clown who is even more deadly than he is serious.

During a Halloween night out two friends Dawn and Tara decide to go for something to eat and whilst doing so see a strange and creepy looking clown along the way.

The situation changes when Tara needs help from her sister Victoria and then things rapidly go from fun to chaotic and it is then that people are going to be affected in a selection of different scenarios and many vicious and even crude ways! I did like that there was an evolution in many ways of Art the clown coming from the short film Terrifier in 2011. This feature length film delivers in many departments for horror fans from extreme violence and blood to comedy and atmospheric music.

Terrifier does attempt to be like many other post modern horror films with certain references however it does add some things that make it stand out from other more recent films whilst still managing to keep you engaged and entertained.

I would rate the Terrifier 7 out of 10!

Cult of Chucky

A respectable Sequel To Curse of Chucky!
I was able to see Cult of Chucky last week when there was the first exclusive showing of the movie at the London Frightfest Festival.

The following review will contain some minor spoilers.

Cult of Chucky takes places a few years after Curse of Chucky. The movie revolves around returning character Nica who has been committed to an asylum after being held responsible for the events which took place involving her family in the previous film.

Some of the characters in the movie that Nica comes into contact with who are also within the asylum including Claire, Angela and Madeline for several different reasons were interesting and stood out. I was also looking forward to how the story would progress with Chucky and Tiffany and I was not disappointed with their scenes however I would have liked to have seen Tiffany have more screen time.

Viewers of this film will have to wait and see what repercussions Nica will face throughout her time in the asylum and what her fate will be involving Chucky and Tiffany and with the reappearance of Andy from some of the previous movies, however I can tell you now that I was pleasantly surprised by some of the twists and turns in this movie involving the main characters and the end result of them. The practical effects and music in the film were well done and suited without being too over the top.

I would give this movie 7 out of 10.

The Slayer

The Slayer Was Mean Spirited Although Had A Motive!
This is my review for the film The Slayer and there will be several spoilers throughout.

The film begins with a woman who is relaxing on a park bench and when she hears a noise goes to investigate. When the woman discovers something disturbing next to a tree she screams.

In the next scene camp counselors Kim and Dave arrive for summer camp where they meet fellow camp counselor Melissa who gives them a guided tour of the camp and mentions that her sister Joy shall be joining them later on.

Melissa's sister Joy is another counselor who is helping get everything ready for summer camp when the children arrive. Whilst in the woods she goes through a playground trying to find a child she thought she saw and after a few nasty findings she is chased by a killer and brutally murdered.

Whilst at the camp Dave and Kim find things to do whilst Melissa goes off, outside a nearby bathroom she overhears someone sneezing and it is turns out to be a woman named Cheryl who Melissa is familiar with. Cheryl quickly rushes away ignoring Melissa as she calls her name and places signs on the trees saying 'Watch The Children'.

Later on Cheryl confronts counselors Dave and Kim as she has her own personal reasons to be upset with them both and the camp itself. Throughout the film counselors are murdered and it is down to the final one to either run away or stop the killer once and for all.

In the penultimate scene a reporter interviews a detective about who The Slayer really is and their motives for killing people in the woods along with an announcement that he will interview the only survivor later on.

The Slayer has a slightly open ended finale depending on how you analyze it, whilst it does offer possibilities to the conclusion of the story i couldn't help still be intrigued about The Slayer.

One death scene in the movie was extremely bloody with the chosen victim although with the first victim i would have expected their death scene to have been longer. I did enjoy the music in several of the scenes particularly in the playground and the final scene of the film.

You can see The Slayer along with the film Lurking Evil as a double feature film which contains many out take scenes and a preview for the upcoming movie House Of Spirits.

I would rate this film 6 out of 10.

Lurking Evil

Storyline was less predictable than i imagined!
Here is my film review for Lurking Evil and it shall contain spoilers throughout!

The film starts of with some professional shots of several of the films set pieces from inside the woods to around the park.

Hugo a TV producer and his assistant Juliette are preparing for an upcoming scavenger hunt and ensuring that they have all the things they need in order to place in different areas of the woods in order for the contestants to find and win prizes.

Juliette leaves to wander around the woods and places items for people to look out for for the scavenger hunt and comes across a shed to which she hears something inside. She calls out to whomever may be inside and after the door opens she is attacked.

Shortly afterwards two ladies Monique and Rita are introduced to taking part as participants in the scavenger hunt. There is supposed to be a third lady coming although she does not show up so after Monique and Rita have become acquainted Hugo decides to let the games begin.

The prizes include 15 VIP concert tickets and if they come across one of three black boxes they can get an extra $100 so they are generous prizes. Meanwhile in the woods Rex and Ryder who have just stolen a large sum of money are awaiting another friend to pick them up. While they are waiting Ryder tells Rex about an Urban legend that affects the people who enter the woods once a year.

Monique and Rita are venturing through the woods in order to compete against each other and find the most items they have on their lists to finish the scavenger hunt whilst Hugo is awaiting one of them to come back and declare that person the winner.

Towards the end of the film evil truly manifests and lurks in the woods and not necessarily in the form you may expect and it is not long before things turn upside down and people are attacked and killed and it is down to one possible survivor to do what they can to get out of the woods alive!

I liked the ideas based around Evil Lurking and that it was not too predictable for me to watch and as a short film was still entertaining with some interesting characters and dialogue.

The music and camera angels seemed to fit well with the pace and continuity of the film. I did notice one of two references to the director's previous work, one being with an item Monique locates during the scavenger hunt. I also liked a couple of scenes when i noticed Rita's character scream and the last one stood out the most! I would rate this film 6 out of 10 and point out that you can see this along with another film called The Slayer in a double feature along with a selection of behind the scenes footage and a preview of upcoming film House Of Spirits.

The Initiation

Was more enjoyable than other more predictable horror films!
This is my review for the film The Intiation and it shall have several spoilers throughout.

The film begins at a house with a group of sorority sisters. Some of the students at college are pledging to become sorority sisters with the sisterhood being lead by Megan we have Kelly,Alison,Beth and Marcia who will have to take part in an initiation before they become part of the group. The are allowed to have a few more days of fun before they are given their initiation.

Meanwhile Kelly has been having repetitive nightmares for years about a young girl who enters a room to her parents and witnesses a confrontation between them and a man who is set alight on fire. She tells one of her tutors about this who along with another one of his students gives her some therapy and tries to get her to understand and piece together the meaning of her dreams.

At the beginning of the following week Kelly,Alison,Beth and Marcia are due to carry out their initiation which is being given by Megan to break into Kelly's fathers department store and steal a specific item to be used as a souvenir within a time period. Beth gets into an argument with Megan and is eliminated from being part of the sisterhood.

The girls go to the department store to fulfill their pledge whilst Megan and a couple of her friends sneak into the store with the intent on making things more difficult for them all. The students are all oblivious to the fact that on the same night a mental patient from a psychiatric ward has escaped with murder on their mind.

I enjoyed The Initiation because even though it began with a familiar scenario like that of many of 1980's films in a house and with a sisterhood of some girls what were not a part of wanted to do things in order to be inclusive i like the fact that many of the films scenes were located in a department store which proved to be effective for the suspense and chase scenes. The film also worked as a thriller that was not a simple and straight forward as some others when predicting the plot. I also thought several of the characters were likable from Hunter Tylo's portrayal of Alison who was fun,entertaining and at times naughty to Vera Miles who plays Frances the mother of Kelly that harbors a dark secret to Marilyn Kagen who plays Marcia who was sweet and probably the most mature out of the girls and the way she tells her friends a story about her past even had me a little shocked which added a more serious tone to her character. Daphne Zuniga as Kelly played a worthy and dynamic performance too! The films production values, special effects and music were also professional for a horror film of 1984.

I would rate this film 6 out of 10.


Different From Many Other Modern Horror Films Of It's Decade!
Here is my review for the Horror/Thriller movie Tamara that will contains several spoilers throughout!

Tamara stars Jenna Dewan as a shy and insecure girl Tamara who is currently going through high school and likes to practice witch craft in her spare time. She is struggling to fit in socially with her classmates of which a group of them continuously taunt and bully her apart from one of the girls. She also has a crush on her tutor Matthew who is pleasant towards her and sees that she has potential with her work at school. Even though he is married to another teacher Alison at the school that does not stop Tamara's attraction towards him.

One day a bully of Tamara's arranges a party and invites Tamara over pretending to be her tutor, the party soon turns out to uncover as a prank which is a violating one at Tamara's expense. She is angry and attacks a couple of members of the group and ends up hitting her head on a table and being accidentally killed. The group ponder as to what they will do next and decide top bury her body and not discuss again about the events that just happened.

In the class room some time after Tamara has died her reappears supposedly alive and well and to the amazement of her fellow bullies sits besides them like a new woman and more glamorous than she has ever looked before. Tamara has plans to persuade her tutor to fall in love with her and also to have justice for her accidental death and whether she will do this remains to been seen!

Tamara did have some clever and creative plot twists for me and i do like how the film was not just a straight forward Horror film or Thriller as not everything that happens will be expected to the average viewer. I found the way in which Tamara dealt with her victims intriguing as she was intelligent with her decision making and did not have to necessarily extract any violence or death on her victims herself, she also had a new found confidence after her character came back to life and was able to turn the tables on her victims and make them see themselves for who they truly were and also play on their own insecurities.

I would rate this film 6 out of 10.

Blood Sisters

Seems older than a 1987 production!
The following review is for the horror film Blood Sisters and there will be several spoilers throughout.

Blood Sisters is about a group of college sorority students lead by Linda who persuades them to be blindfolded and taken to an old house.

The house has a dark history as many years previously it used to be a brothel where prostitutes had been murdered there and it is now considered haunted. The ladies must stay there for the night as part of an initiation and before long there are some strange and unusual things going on in the house.

Some of the girls are either intrigued by the dead spirits of the house or even behave seductively visions of the sleazy happenings of the house come to light.

Later on the ladies start to be murdered in several disturbing and even torturing ways including one lady who is put in a coffin that is nailed shut, there is one scene where a woman is attacked before she is killed and her friends just run away without even helping her and even one girl completely vanishes without no explanation as to what happened to her.

The effects are standard and there is some blood but little creativity. I did not particularly engage with many of the characters as most of them were too alike. Blood Sisters is what i would think of an average horror film for the time period when it was released in 1987 although it appeared to be a few years older than that and by this time many more unique ideas had been used in horror films although the history of the house and the twist ending which involves one of the main characters made it worth a viewing.

I would rate this film 5 out of 10!

Splatter University

The lead actress was the most appealing!
This is my review for the film Splatter University which will contain several spoilers throughout.

The film begins with a mental patient who murders a fellow patient and escapes the institution he is living in. Several years later the female students and teachers at St Trinian's college suffer at the wrath of a lunatic who starts to murder them. It is imperative that the killer is caught and brought to justice. A new teacher at the college named Julie sets out to test the theory of the disappearances and there are lots of on screen and bloody killings that are occurring within the college and is determined to find out the identity of the killer.

There are things that are entertaining about the movie from the characters and their acting to when events continue to escalate to a climatic and fairly unexpected conclusion.

The main character Julie was the only likable one from me personally who i was rooting for throughout the movie and you will have to wait and see if she achieves what she intends to or if she is biting off more than she can chew.

I would rate this film 5 out of 10.


More Background Into The Main Character Would Have Helped!
This is my review for Sociopathia which will contain several spoilers throughout!

This film follows the story of Mara a young woman who often secludes herself from the outside world unless she has to go to work or is looking for a lover to keep forever!

Mara works for a film production company designing film props, she chooses to often pass on social activities with her co workers while using her work schedule as an excuse in reality she is looking for her ideal candidate to be her lesbian girlfriend and be loyal by her side.

Mara quickly meets young and attractive women on a regular basis although for them they either don't want a relationship with her, are looking for a casual fling or have another agenda. She kills the women one by one and does not want the women to leave her apartment so keeps their bodies as dolls and regularly has imaginary conversations with them. She is taking medication for various illnesses so believes in her hallucinations and can't control them.

Everything starts to improve for Mara when she meets another woman named Kat who is also working at the same production company and their friendship soon turns romantic and they embark on a relationship. It is not long before they both face problems and Mara will have to decide if Kat is the right woman for her especially when there is so much about her hidden life she does not know about and her beliefs that her previous dead lovers are being possessive and making her life more complicated.

I did find the idea of this thriller interesting and the obvious references to the films Maniac (1980) and May (2002) so i could understand where the plot was going. The only two characters who had the most substance to them were Mara and Kat although i preferred the character of Kat in the movie. I was however slightly disappointed that there was not more background information or a flashback into how Mara started to suffer from mental health problems which ultimately turned her into a murderess even though in one scene towards the end of the film there was a hint but it did not go any further. The film also had enough violence,blood and nudity to please most horror fans although for me this did not compensate for what could have been more that an average film.

I would rate this film 6 out of 10!

Five Across the Eyes

I wanted to enjoy this film much more!
Five Across The Eyes stars an all female cast with the main characters being Isabella and her friends Jamie,Melanie,Caroline and Stephanie driving their SUV in a hurry to get back to her home as they are on a time limit.

They stop at a store and while leaving the accidentally knock into another parked SUV van, whilst continuing on their way home the teenage girls soon realise they are being followed and it is not long before the female driver of the car pulls them over.

The woman of the over van is aggressive and neurotic and is not interested in their excuses as to why the girls caused damage to her car but chooses to her own back in some fairly nasty and humiliating ways involving a screw driver,knife and a hammer. It seems that no matter where the girls go the woman keeps on stalking them until they decide to fight back!

This film is perhaps one of the lowest budgeted films i have yet seen and the majority of the film shots take place in the teenage casts SUV van which add to uniqueness of the director, however the whole film take place over the evening and many shots are very dark and poor quality. There is no real character development or a reason for the female driver to get her vengeance on the girls other than a genuine mistake they made which she could have accepted.

I did want to enjoy this film more and there could have been more of a plot to all the characters especially the crazy woman extracting her revenge as she intimidated the girls,was threatening and used excessive violence which at times was implied rather than shown. The film could have been a shorter feature length film than what is was as the story could have been told in half the time it originally was and a higher budget and a more professional sound,lighting and film quality were needed. Also another thing that bothered me was that the film was not very realistic as the killer most definitely had an advantage to which the victims were able to switch that factor despite having what should have been some very painful injuries.

I would give this film 4 out of 10!

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland

Not as entertaining as Part 2 although it is close!
It must be twenty years since i saw Sleepaway Camp 3 AKA Nightmare Vacation 3 and my following review will contain several spoilers throughout.

The survivor and killer of the previous film Angela Baker returns after murdering a teenage girl in the opening scene and uses her I.D to enter a newly named and revamped camp called Camp New Horizons. The idea of this new camp says the owner Lily is to promote caring and sharing between campers from both rich and poor backgrounds. Reporter Tawny and her camera man are present to promote this new scheme and highlight the controversy surrounding the previous year when at the same camp under the name Camp Rolling Hills many of the campers had been murdered.

Angela knows that she must be more strategic if she plans on getting away with her sinister intentions this time especially when there is a few people at the camp who are suspicious of her due to her appearance being older than the other campers.

Whilst at camp befriends two campers Bobby and Marcia whom she uses to her advantage although she has a challenge to overcome with one of the counselors who is a parent of one of the campers she murdered the previous year.

Like many other films of the 1980's there are the typical characters who stand out like Cindy the judgemental and racist camper, Arab the camper who has attitude although seems to be one step ahead of some of the others, Tony who appears to have had a tough life and wants to change it for the better, Riff the camper with little or no respect for others and Marcia the most likable and friendly camper.

Towards the end of the film i found a quite disturbing game that Angela plays on a few of the campers interesting which could have prevented a rather shocking cat fight between herself and another female camper if she had behaved differently.

I personally preferred Part 2 over this one however Sleep Away Camp 3:Teenage Wasteland does have it's benefits and it provides a worthwhile continuation from its previous effort which was filmed back to back with this part. I do like Pamela Springsteen's performance of Angela Baker and the more creative death scenes. IT is also a pleasant touch for another horror film of the late 1980's to have a female killer who whilst not scary actually has a personality and some depth to her character. I am still disappointed that even up to this day many of the violent and bloody scenes have not been fully restored and included in this film and can only be viewed as bonus extra scenes on the Survival Kit Box set! This scenario reminds me of the one with Friday The 13th Part 7:The New Blood.

I would give this film 7 out of 10.


Original story with some genuine scares!
I really enjoy seeing the film Demons and there are a lot of things that make the film not only entertaining but interesting too.

It starts off with college student Cheryl travelling on the train to go to her college, whilst travelling one of several popular soundtracks play which throughout suit the films atmosphere. When Cheryl is about to exit the station she is approached by a strange looking man with half his face covered in metal, he does not speak but instead gives her two tickets to a screening of a horror film at her local theatre. Later Cheryl meets up with her friend Kathy and they decide to miss their next lecture in favour of going to the theatre.

Once they arrive at the theatre they meet two young men George and Ken and a variety of patrons become part of the audience for the film showing from a pimp and his two prostitutes to a middle age couple, one being very miserable, a blind man and a teenage couple who should have probably been asked for I.D before entering!

The film shown is about two young couples exploring what seems to be an abandoned town and looking into the truth of a prophecy which is about violent human like creatures known as Demons which have fangs and claws. When one man is turned into a demon he sets upon killing his friends. Members of the audience are either curious or horrified by this. It is during the film showing in real time that one of the women from the audience who was unknowingly infected earlier turns into a demon and after scratching her friend, the whole theatre goes into pandemonium especially when the audience members realise all the exits are blocked and there are no other means for them to escape. Only time will tell if any more of them will transform into a demons or even survive!

I like Demons because being produced in 1985 the film was well done and professional for its time with popular music and characters and for a horror film gives fans what they want violence and blood. There is not much suspense although there are a few surprises later on in the film which are unexpected although far fetched!

I would give this film 8 out of 10.

Knock Knock

Don't expect serious performances as this film is over the top!
I recently seen the thriller movie Knock Knock and here is my review on the film. There will be some minor spoilers throughout this review.

The film is about a seemingly happily married couple Evan and Karen living with their two children, Karen is an artist and Evan is an architect. When Karen goes away for a weekend vacation with the children so that Evan can stay at home alone to work on a project, he is interrupted one evening by a knock at the door. Evan is greeted by two young women who introduce themselves as Genesis and Bel and after being in a rain storm need some help in order to contact a friend so that they can get an address to attend a party. Before long the conversation turns sexual and instead of Genesis and Bel taking the taxi waiting for them outside they seduce Evan and have sex.

It is not until the morning that Evan realises he has made a mistake and when he sees the ladies are not respecting his home he gives them little choice but to leave his home promptly. Genesis and Bel are not prepared to take the treatment from Evan lightly they turn into the femme fatales from hell when they return to his house with vengeance in mind.

I think for the majority of the film it was very straight forward and i don't think the film was supposed to be taken too seriously for the most part besides one or two controversial aspects which are revealed towards the end of the movie. It was still fun to watch at times and Genesis and Bel do shine in some fun and sometimes exaggerated scenes in the film when they are either violent or when they explain their behaviour. There was also one scene which was not supposed to be comedic although made me laugh when Evan completely lost his temper with the ladies and tried to turn the tables on them knowing full well he was partially to blame for the ongoing situation.

In the final scenes the fate of Evan, Genesis and Bel is revealed and i thought it was an interesting one, it could have gone down the typical road of similar type films although the director chose to include a modern theme.

I would give this film 7 out of 10!

Slaughter Daughter

Not too many characters and a reasonable running time!
I saw Slaughter Daughter today and my following review will contain minor spoilers throughout.

Farrah who is a young twenty something former beauty queen has been dumped at the altar on her wedding day, understandably upset although she reacts more neurotically to the situation than most people would have. After she spends some time in an asylum to recover she is released and comes back home to live with her materialistic mother Phyllis and accepting aunt Reema.

It is clear that Farrah is unwanted by her mother who regularly patronizes and insults her. Farrah becomes obsessed with a serial killer serving time in prison and plans to follow in his ways especially when she finds out her mother is getting married again.

When her brother,his girlfriend and her step father to be arrive for the wedding celebrations things take a more disturbing and violent turn, climaxing with Farrah extracting her revenge during the reception in order to her goals into perspective. Will Farrah succeed in becoming the perfect killer? Will Farrah and her mother resolve their bitter and ongoing feud?

I thought the main actress Nicola Fiore did a good job as her character Farrah in the film which i felt suited her role and Leesa Rowland as her mother Phyllis was interesting to watch with her one liners and selfishness. Some scenes and dialouge i found to be a little over the top at times although considering this is a horror film could see it as being humorous or even intentional.

I also watched the extra features for the film including the webisodes about Farrah's times in the asylum which help explain her character in more depth and a few deleted scenes which further explain her mother's motives which to be honest i could tell very quickly when watching the film.

I would give this film 6 out of 10.


Used to be one of my favorite films!
This is my review for the horror film Curtains 1983. I shall be giving away some of the plot details so prepare for some spoilers along the way!

I like the film Curtains because it mixes horror along with thriller and suspense intelligently. Samantha who is already an established actress rehearses for a new drama film about a woman who kills her lover caller Audra,she originally confident that the role will be given to her, having known the director Jonathan for while and being an associate of hers. Samantha decides to gain further experience for her characters role by mental institution for a short time. The film focuses on six different actresses from various backgrounds including Ballet, Comedy and Ice Skating auditioning for a part in the same film Audra. When one of the actresses is stabbed to death before getting the chance to audition she is replaced by Samantha who meets the other aspiring actresses at a mansion where the audition will take place.

Things go from bad to worse for the women after some competition and rivalry they are killed off and in a who done it type fashion. It is left to the final few ladies to try to survive and find out who the killer is and their motive before it is too late.

There are some interesting scenes in the film and i like the film soundtrack and music throughout and thought it was suited. There is a fast paced and dramatic sequence involving Christie on the ice skating rink and i liked how Tara was developed more as a character towards the end of the film.

I do however find final two scenes fairly pivotal which explain a lot about the film and quickly as one of the characters had hinted about her intentions very early on in the film. I also heard that the film had many re shoots over the early 1980's when it was in production and there were extended scenes and some things were edited out, would hope to see some of those scenes one day even though i have read about them!

I would give this film 7 out of 10.

The Dark Power

I hated the two siblings in this film!
I heard about and saw The Dark Power film today as it seemed to be a little different from other horror films that were produced around the mid 1980's.

Here is my review which shall contain some spoilers throughout!

The Dark Power is set in what seems like southern America and in a location where four American Indians have died many centuries before. A reporter and her cameraman are conjuring up a story for their college project about the history of the area and the curse that it has left behind along with some support from the local ranger Girard.

A house where the Indians known as Toltec sorcerers where laid to rest has been built over the same area. A group of sorority girls decide to rent out the house whilst carrying out their studies at a cheap price.

Out of the four girls whilst Beth gets a recommendation from reporter Mary her very annoying friend Lynn constantly interrupts their conversation. When Beth and Lynn get to the house and meet up with their other friend Susan and it is not until Lynn meets the fourth girl Tammie, the only black girl we are further annoyed by her outspoken racist and spiteful behaviour. I have to say Lynn's character was probably the most racist one I have ever seen in a horror film although the way the the other girls respond to her is with maturity and dignity.

Lynn then plans to pester her enemy Tammie once more by inviting her equally annoying and irrelevant brother Craig to stay at the house and have a party with his friends. When night falls the evil sorcerers rise from the ground and terrorise the sorority girls, Craig and his friends. The ranger Girard arrives at the house to help put an end to all the havoc.

I know this film is marketed as a horror film but i didn't really feel as though it was one for the most part it was like a drama mixed with some horror, a little blood and then became quite funny or even silly towards the end. I think the film lost any initial serious tone it had by the half way point however the killers did do some interestingly random things that were not always intentional and were curious as to some of the decisions they would make.

It was worth the watch for something out of the ordinary and to see what happens to two very unlikeable characters being the brother and sister Craig and Lynn!

I would rate this film 5 out of 10.

Tourist Trap

A horror film that doesn't rely on gore or nudity!
I remember seeing Tourist Trap for the first time about 25 years ago and as time has gone on have found much more appreciation for it.

Expect my following review to contain many spoilers.

The film begins with a young couple,Woody and Eileen when their car has broken down in the desert. Woody goes off alone while Eileen waits in the car, he goes to a nearby gas station looking for help. Something very out of the ordinary happens when he is attacked and killed by some type of telekinetic power which involves lots of objects being continuously thrown at him until one of them finishes him off.

Eileen is eventually picked up by her friends Molly,Jerry and Becky and they go on a drive through the desert until their car breaks down, the ladies go for a swim in the nearby oasis where they meet a man called Mr Slausen who lives close by at a museum and can give them shelter while he helps to fix Jerry's jeep.

Many weird and wonderful things are in the museum and while Mr Slausen warns the ladies not to go out in the dark its not long before Eileen disobeys his request and goes to a nearby house to make a phone call where his brother lives. She is strangled to death by a man wearing a mask who uses telekinetic powers.

Back at the museum Becky and Molly are patiently waiting for Jerry and Mr Slausen to come back and then they both decide to look for Eileen, they come across the house where Eileen entered and after hearing laughing Becky breaks into the house alone, she is attacked by a masked man and knocked out by dummies when she tries to leave.

Molly gets to know more about Mr Slausen and his wife who died years previously. Jerry is now missing and its not long before Molly finds herself in danger too as she discovers Mr Slausen has a crazy brother, she must now try to find her friends and survive.

I did not want to give too much away about this film apart from some details of the events of the first half of the film. There is another woman named Tina who is introduced around the middle of the film after she has been kidnapped and meets a couple of the main characters, she is another character like Woody who could have been developed on a little more although like him her screen time is just as memorable and would make most viewers sympathetic with her outcome.

There are some unique and creative aspects to the storyline with the way that the killer uses telekinesis and the dummies and mannequins becoming lifelike, there is a disturbing tone at times as well as suspense although not much horror. Fans of Tanya Roberts from the Charlie's Angels series will quickly recognize her as the character Becky. I was a little surprised when I heard the film originally got a PG-13 rating in America and was often shown on television in the afternoon, this was probably because there is no nudity and very little blood and violence in the film. Having said that after repeated showing the film found a following and to this day I have never seen another film like it.

The film also has a bittersweet ending to it too when a surviving character is driven to the point to insanity although still manages to keep it together as well.

If you are looking to see a much different type of horror film then go with this more thriller related on that I would thoroughly recommend.

I would rate this film 7 out of 10.

Return to Witch Graveyard

A good unofficial sequel!
I saw Return to Witch Graveyard last week and here is my review that will contain some spoilers!

The film starts off with Jonathan who is one of the lead characters filming a segment for one of his television shows which are 13 Nights of Halloween and Friday Nights With Jonathan about the crying trees!

Back at the studio we meet one of his co workers a woman called Maya who is awaiting the arrival or her friend Noelle, when she arrives they are put under pressure by their demanding boss to complete and film an assignment with a Halloween theme about witches which must be completed the same day. Jonathan is asked for some advice but seems more distracted by watching certain things he shouldn't on his laptop.

The first point of call for Maya and Noelle is to go to the woods for any information for their assignment. They speak to a man named Lance who says his sister went missing in the woods recently and after he departs meets an untimely end!

As Maya continues researching for the project Noelle goes out and shortly afterwards a woman named Mae enters the studios. She claims that she is a descendant of Mary Young,one of thirteen women who were accused of being witches and were either buried or murdered in the 1600's. Once she has told Jonathan and Maya her story she then says she can prove the theory by taking them to the cemetery where the witches have been laid to rest. Jonathan declines the offer to do more filming and Maya and Noelle go with her instead.

There is a long scene where the three main ladies (Maya,Noelle and Mae) are walking through the woods to go to the cemetery. I enjoyed this scene because along with the music and no dialogue it was made very atmospheric and their was some great camera shots to go with it. After Maya and Noelle fall out with Mae all three women go their separate ways and then everything starts to take a much more dark and sinister turn.

Jonathan is trying to look for his co workers along with a friend whom he asks for help and before long all of them are trying their best to get out of the woods alive and escape the witches. One by One each character goes through different and sometimes strange experiences when either coming face to face with the witches or when trying to reach salvation. Even one of the later death scenes involving a lead character is carried out off screen it later reveals the most bloody aftermath out of all the scenes of the movie!

I would have liked to hear more screams in the film at times,seen a little more violence and I would have preferred the running time to have been more than an hour long. However there were many thing I appreciated from watching this film from all the hidden messages and references to the directors previous work,music,character development,storyline,creativeness, and a twist ending.

Definitely a film for fans to see along with Witch Graveyard and you should be pleasantly surprised.

I would give this film 7 out of 10.


One of the best horror films of the 1970's
For a horror film that is only a few years off celebrating what will be it's 40th anniversary Halloween will always be remembered as one of the most memorable and original horror films of it's time.

The review below will contain some spoilers!

It tells the story of a young boy called Michael who murders his teenage sister whilst she is in her bedroom with a knife. He is later taken to a mental institution where he remains until his early twenties. His psychiatrist Dr Loomis is worried about what the future holds for him and the residents of Haddonfield where Michael once lived.

Three babysitters and friends Laurie,Annie and Lynda plan to celebrate Halloween and as darkness arrives they plan to have fun watching movies and catch up. Little do they realise that Michael has escaped his mental institute and is on his way to Haddonfield to continue where he left off.

Before long he murders Annie, Lynda and her boyfriend and ventures after Laurie without no apparent reason other than to kill her as well. After numerous struggles between the two and an attempted strangulation Laurie uncovers Michael's mask and sees him for what he really is a young but psychotic man who never speaks or explains his intentions for his homicidal intentions. It is then down to Dr Loomis to help save the day but does he really or is this only the beginning of what will be a downward spiral for Laurie to come?

I liked Halloween not only because of its Halloween theme but also because the director uses only a handful of characters in order to tell a story, whilst making it dark and atmospheric with the murders,music and stalking scenes.

The film doesn't rely on much nudity, violence or blood in order to get its message across and still manages to get the audiences attention.

I would rate this film 7 out of 10!

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