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Suicide Squad

jared letto was the best
Yes ok i said it hate me.but this guy jared leto was the best joker among all after jack nicholson compared to the all others ive seen all others in other batman movies and they all suck and they are the worst plus they overact as for joker the character expresses itself/himself alot and its a overrated cheap nonsense stupid character why people love it and at least this guy jared letto made it work in his own way and made it funny ,so why this guy gets hate as a actor jared leto did his job .better then so called heath ledger and joaquin pheonix .those two were the worst and still keep getting oscars why after their death and this movie is not bad its good i don't care what anybody says suicide squad was rating is 4/10.


why the hate i love this film
Why is this film twilight is hated so much i love this its got a great soundtrack,cast,a decent story and some nice acting performances i mean what did people expect anthony hopkins or some angelina jolie film it is what it is for its genre so why the hate i think it is unfair i love this same as i love lord of the rings,the hobbit and harry potter series and many others i mean this is fantasy fiction guys common and its done right for the right time it was at that time when it came out and released it was a massive talked about motion picture of all time i remember in 2008 and i have to say robert pattinson and kristen stewart did their best here they did their acting job superb anyway my rating for twilight 2008 is 10/10 highly recommended

Interview with a Hitman

this my friends is mr agent 47
Yeah if you catch my reference or not up in the summary i will tell it anyway that this is what the assassin or hitman film should be like specially those of the hitman video games film series,this is a a true hitman film why is luke goss still not casted as agent 47 is beyond me look at this guys this man has it all the height the looks the thrills most of all the acting talent and this man does amazing action dont believe me watch this film then decide also check out his hellboy 2 yeah i did not even recognize luke goss as the villian in the hellboy 2 if you have seen it you see the guy who spins the stick so fast with long hair yes it was him. just how is like goss not the worlds biggest star is beyond me i am shocked i just' don't understand and get it this guy should be more famous and deserves much more respect yeah hes a star but not that huge,the fan base needs to increase but sadly he does not get any good films luke could play any part any role in any film big or small it shows here not gonna go into the big budget low budget debate here its been done all that many times before etc but all i have to say is this this film interview with a hitman 2012 is how you make a rating is 10/10 highly recommended just watch this once. as its got everything and you will see why so many other films fail and don't have.


the only true batman movie
This is is the only true batman movie ever made look at it everything about it the direction,score,music,costumes and most of all the story of it and the acting which no other movie did after this even the sequel of this called batman returns failed eve the dark knight trilogy fails in comparison to this ,lets talk about joker here played by jack nicholson he played it so well that actually it feels like he is the bad guy and threatening for example batman aka bruce wayne tried to go berserk on joker when he comes to the vicky's appartment bruce wayne picks up a rod and tries to mess with the joker the joker shots him that was very stupid of batman to do lucy he was wearing body armor otherwise he would have died that scene was so intense and natural compared to what we have today junk like the dark knight 2008,if you look at dark knight the actor who portrayed joker(heath ledger) was embarassing himself it was filled with too much overacting and drama and showoff and style and batman actually fails in that you look at this one tim burton made the best one chris nolan is not even in the league..christopher nolan ruined batman just like daniel craig ruined bond.this is the only batman movie ever made and michael keaton is the only true batman just like toby maguire is the only spiderman rest is forgettable it doesn't even matter talking about them those new movies are flukes and just horrible joke compared to this this one has price title song scandalous the atmosphere and the time when it was made it really shows brilliance and rating is 10/10.highly recommended.see this movie and skip all the rest that came after this included batman returns that really sucked specially michelle fiffer was horrible in it she was so bad ,ugliest worst catwoman ever plus worst actress not even a actress ,this batman 1989 is gold.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

this is the best one yet after the first 2 and the 4th
I love this this one is the best one in the series after the first 2 films and the 4th film in the series i don;t like the 3rd film at worlds end why was it even made it should have never been made it was the worst one it don't exist and count for me why it even exists its was so bad its so bad even johnny hated it so i hate it too,this one is the improvement and it actually surpasses the previous films in terms of story,music,romance and everything the cast and dialog's are amazing too plus this one has Javier Bardem best actor as the villain so my rating for dead men tell no tales 2017 is 10/10 highly recommended.

Thief: The Dark Project

Best Game Ever Made
This is it i have to say it this is the best video game ever made in the world i cant go into details but i have to say everything in this game is what a game should be this is a game forever,like if i had one game to play forever it would be this one thief the dark project/theif gold.because the way this is created no game has had an impact on me and games in general this game is the inspiration for all stealth games out there the makers look up to this game ,if it wasnt for this game many of the games we see today would not exist.the atmosphere,sound,music,story and most of all the gameplay nothing beats this game ive played alot of games but none comes close to this ,this game needs a remastering or a remake yes i believe that but only if the same company the looking glass studio is involved and makes it then its fine otherwise a big hell no from me because look at the reboot that happened in 2014 one of the worst ever created..even theif 2 and 3 dont come close to this masterpiece as this is the only true one and only thief game ever made this is the work of visionary people and it shows here why,and no this should not be turned or adapted into a movie ever it would,be blasphemy as so many other games are ruined like this.,thief's legacy is bigger its not even a game or art its more that that i dont even have words for this priceless game..go play and experience it yourself.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

too much hate yes i hate jj abrahams but this time he delivered
Forget jj abrahams look at this as a star wars movie.its getting too much hate and no ive not seen critics reviews i never see them but some audiences hate this .is it because of daisy ridley what has she done to you all leave her alone same happened with brie larson ,this should not happen because of actor or actress casted in the film.its just one dimension hate .and yes but in this case the hate was too much .i saw the movie and i have to say it was nice better then previous ones it is the conclusion and end of the skywalker saga ,so what if rey(daisy ridley;s) character became so powerful .,and how is she getting those powers and whatever happened in the climax i get it that people dont like it.that much..they were dissappionted but i dont get the critisicms and hate.its too much.the makers should change the directors or not its up to them but i think this was the right direction they needed to finish this story and bring it to the end it was needed and there was no better option then daisy ridley to join the cast in this series so maybe they have kept her in mind they way they wrote this.or any of previous with her..this whole trilogy..why the hate see it for what it is hey i saw it without expectations and i would it better then mission impossible 3 or that star treck garbage trash that jj abrahams made..for once the camera works was not shaky it was very well done.considering this was for a massive franchise so he was careful still i am not a fan of star wars series i saw this as a non fan and i was surprised and enjoyed it for what it was,it is what it is.i don't know and cant say that what it tried to be and what it not tried to be but to the fans of this series ive seen some serious hate and yes i have seen all star wars movies ..all episodes and prequels,sequels and whatever. solo and other stand alone and side ways movies like rogue one etc as a non fan.and i am not dedicated to this series i like other movies series but not this still i liked this.anyway my rating is 5/10

A Simple Favor

blake lively black lively blake lively only blake lively
Need a reason to see this film don't look for only one reason you have 3 reasons that what i had all of those reasons are blake lively and simple as that so do yourself a simple favor see this film without any expectations,stay away from reviews,critics or other audience views anywhere online on the internet and elsewhere in magazines or etc cause there is a lot of hate for this one ,the cast is amazing,even anna kendrick this time only looked nice i am not a fan of hers .the music and score superb and the biggest plus point of this film is the dressing and fashion and style and over the look of it specially of blake lively and what they did with her here she looked stunning in every scene haters gonna hate but she carried this film on her shoulders with her performance and looks and expressions blake was so good in this,shes a great actress but don't get any good films but this one is excellent i got forget the criticism and hate or critics and other people avoid what they have to say and have your own say and opinion of this film this film is not for critics its strictly for audience just like any other films ive said this before and will say it again critical reception destroys anything specially films and music...this is cinema after all so enjoy this my rating is 10/10.highly recommended must see this is best film of 2018 and blake livley along with shallows.i loved this this film and you will too.

Liar Liar

no other actor could do this only jim carrey can do it.
Pick any film of jim carrey there is not a single actor in the world who can do what he does or even comes close to it when it comes to the comedy or this type of roles,jim carrey outperforms not only others but himself its his this ability that makes him set apart from others ,when others try to do comedy they simply look stupid and boring.this man jim carrey is a legend an icon for a reason..see this funny film and find out rating is 10/10

The Mask

another hit from jim carrey this man is beyond legend
Expect total fun from this because its got jim carrey and cameron diaz was so beautiful in this one she made her debut in this i used to see this alot as a kid .and nobody could do it better then jim did ..the comedy and timing everything is perfect in this if there is ever a reboot or remake of this .it simple wont work and would be a failure and garbage nonsense just like another movies reboots ..this movie is ,it is what it is..not the coming book garbage you see today or dc or marvel,valiant or any other ..yes this was based on dark horse comics but not for a moment it feels like one..and its way better then that avengers or the dark knight or batman or joker movies garbage that we have enjoy this.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

one of the funniest films ever made
This film is way funny and hilarious then any other jim carey film you have ever seen personally i think this is too much ,films like the mask,liar liar,me myself and irene or pick any other jim carey title dont come close anywhere near to this masterpiece at all .this one surpassed them all .there was a sequel to this but i never liked that one it came on tv alot every time it was one i changed the channel but this one i bought a dvd disc and i lost i by accident ,this film is gold when it comes to comedy jim carey owns everyone with his performance this should have gotten some award or oscar or something for jim carey its long overdue i wish he gets it for lifetime achievement or something, point is you have to see this at least once if you collect comedy movies or a regular film buff then buy this or get hold of this top hit film of jim carey in any format this came out in early 90s and still holds massive repeat value its worth your time and money .as for the cast courtney cox is a plus point my rating for ace ventura pet detective 1994 is 10/10 must watch


came really close to the games
This one the first hitman film released in 2007 worked simply because of one man the name is timothy olayphant due to his performance this average movie worked,the direction is ok realistic and not using cgi unlike the failed sequel of 2015 reboot hitman 47 wich was afwul i think this 2007 version came really close to what games were but the problem is this script and this was used as a anti russian film as usual its a typcial sterotype thats repeated in many movies before and now again apart from the flaws the acting,cast style,atmosphere its got everything i saw this alot of times and i admit i became a timothy olayphant fan he is the perfect hitman but once again issue is this is not based on the games its very far from it the origins or story plot changed here the good thing is it works as a non video game movie it never feels like a game movie felt more like a political movie,whats not to like here its rated r got voilence and guns blazing and great cast members like dougray scott and olga kurylenko and thanks to this film she became a bond girl in quantum of solace 2007 so the credit goes to this hitman 2007 film .this one put her on the spot light and you know the rest she even went to start with another bond pierce brosnan in november man 2014 .don't take this film seriously if you are a game fan the best work came from timothy olayphant his movement of body and action scenes and acting style yes it prefers style but unlike most video game trash films that came out after this..this one actually holds some amount of substance and cared about the game fans at least in some aspects yes so my rating is 5/10


One Of The Best Action Films Ever Made
If you like films like Mission impossible ii aka Mi2 2000 of tom cruise and many more like that or those james bond 007 films or bad boys ii 2003 then this is for you its vin diesel at its best his other films are nowhere near to this masterpiece the direction by rob cohen is excellent the stunts,music,score,locations and cast specially Asia Argento and Marton Csokas are great plus who can forget the german band Rammstien song in thisthis is how you make a action film.all the sequels sucks and are bad they dont even match one bit of the coolness and hotness and sexiness of this original. xXx 2002 is one of its kind action adventure .welcome to the xander zone and keep in mind that this is the only true triple x film ever made forget the sequels they don't exist.for true other sequel comes close as this was made by legends and not some hacks and not unlike some hacks who ruined the series. but beware of one thing the dvd versions are unedited and complete so buy them but avoid blu ray versions as they are heavily edited specially the room dance scene and club disco scene my rating is 10/10.

Hitman: Agent 47

2 loosers escape from mental institution and wreck havok on the world
If you have seen what i wrote above then yes you know what i am saying there is not story in this mess of a movie is this even a movie what a shame its so bad its funny there is no story or plot here its just like 2 people one guy and girl who escaped from mental hospital and they take out their revenge on the world and kill people for no reasons they look like drug addicts because of the crazy things they do in this movie and go totally berserk they went full crazy this is it, for those who know hitman series well enough will catch my reference to why i said it mental institution this is i am refering to hitman codename 47 2000 the first game in the series in the game story 47 actually escapes from the facitly .and being a educated highly trained guy and assasin as for this movie its get nothing from the games at all its so hilarious its a joke..the first one hitman 2007 of timothy olayphant actually feels like a true hitman film .compared to this this is junk..its by same idiot producers who are now about to ruin theif game series someone better stop these guys so they can no longer make video game movies.the blame should be on those greedy game companies who gives hollywood their copyrights so they can use and ruin the games without caring about source material or fans..what a shameless project this was whole concept of hitman is sent to trash.same thing happened with bloodshot this year no comic no game nothing is safe from hollywood nonsense.the only great hollywood guy is tom cruise because his films actually has quality and surpasses anyone and even himself when it comes to high standards and quality film making the guy is a king legend icon...thats another debate. and when you look at crap like this hitman 47 mockery ,made by rating is 1/ for Hanna Ware please leave acting as this movie ruined your career.

Made of Honor

7 stars for Michelle Monaghan
Oh i cannot explain how beautiful she looked in this and the romance between patrick and her is insane specially the kissing scene that comes in party or a resturant scene where she is wearing the black dress looking cute he pushes her against a wall and does it there was so much love and passion in it and patrick nailed it he really did.i am a long time collector of michelle monaghan films this one is her finest. my rating for made of honor is 7/10

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

way better than the first
I really loved this more than the first i love all Steven Seagal films but this one was gold,the train scenes and fights,the satellite scene the funny CD scene the music score and cast everything was superb in this why is this rated low this should be rated higher than dark knight or close that batman trilogy is overrated its films like these that deserve a chance to be on top of imdb or atleast rated higher films like Mi2 aka mission impossible 2 2000,tomorrow never dies,hitman 2007 undersiege 2 and xXx 2002 and many more . my rating for this under siege 2 dark territory 1995 is 10/10 this has more action and suspence and thrill then the previous one dot get me wrong i love the first one and i love this more.i love all seagal films equally but this is fantastic and this came out at same year as goldeneye wow.

Under Siege

seagal rocks i cant belive i lost my disc of this
This movie rocks i cant believe it i have thrown away my under siege disc of this epic steven seagal action drama ,as some folks say this is die hard on ship yes it is. and other than steven seagal there is tommy lee jones here as the villain a funny one he acutaly says hilarious dialog's like oh mama and many more his acting is the one you should look out for plus the way his expressions are priceless. my rating is 6/10

Losing Chase

This Is What Film Making Is And Should Always Be About
I said it this is a masterpiece its a rare gem of a movie from 90's how did i missed this i saw this a month back and i still love it everything in this the story,characters,music,direction and cast everyone did their best,i really cant say type and write more as imdb has limits and it would be too long i could go on a rant on about this but here it is i have to say as i stated earlier this is what true film making is and it should always be like this only true lovers of art can feel this or understand,because sadly these days films are just simply bad and standards have gone really low,this film film from mid 90's is a proof that how high standards should be set and with great quality,acting,music,direction,locations plot, plus there is emotion and passion and almost everything which lacks these days and no recent film can match up to these old classic ones as it is said old is gold its true so yes these are old films classic and still do the job to entertain and provide a great message,my rating for losing chase 1996 is 10/10 it is so excellent.this also holds a great repeat value,what more can i say


valiant comic book movie universe fails as this is not bloodshot
Read this properly the everyone for those who knows comics,,the original bloodshot was from 1992 to 1997 from valiant then the reboot happened with acclaim comics both of these runs from 90s are bloodshot and way better then this nonsense reboot comics this movie is based on i mean look at this vin diesel was stupid or what he and the director was clearly lying to fans how this would be a cool movie they removed fiction from it and made it realistic the more real it got it got worst.hey he dont even look like bloodshot bloodshot is tall buff got hair and dont wear any shirt his skin is grey his appearence should have been like what thanos is from avengers movie avengers movie portrayed thanos great he looked exaclty like it .and this is not bloodshot this is nonsense why blame director and studios or distributor for it when these producers guys choose the wrong rebooted comics.the 2012 reboot comics of bloodshot sucks its not..the movie should have adopted from 1993 run wich features proteus at the end of the comics..where was he nowhere ,the final fight is bad vin diesel should be removed from this he is bald and looks nothing like him he could have but the reboot comics destroyed any chance, it was a pain to sit through this movie its so bad one of the worst movies ever made,this needs a reboot i am happy glad its a flop.these guys lost alot of money .fans were expecting the 90s bloodshot version not this boring grabage..and diesel time is over..retire vin diesel please. this one has worst story,cgi,special effects,editing.sound and direction.i was defending this movie before it was released and now i saw it .i feel so bad and embarassed i feel ashamed.give fans what the want reboot this with 90s version.check out the comics guys and you will see what i mean,the original 90s, my rating is 1/10/skipp it.


if you take this seriously then you have issues
This joker guy is a idiot and this movie and comic books are proof of it,here is why this guy got issues so he blames others and the world ok,now how in the blue hell is he to take other persons life its a comic book character otherwise in real life this guy would get laid the smackdown on his candy ass,what this movie and the dark knight teaches you is that if you are a mentally sick person then its ok to kill random people commit crime,steal and be a bad guy..what are these people teaching and preaching.shame ,there are alot of better movies out there that deserves to be rated hight hey the bad boys trilogy should be rated higher atleast its funny and entertaining then this trash anyday,plus these type of movies like joker,batman and the dark knight 2008 pollutes your mind,avoid this at all cost along with that lame heath ledger overrated movie .comic book movies are not cinema.1/10.skipp

The Dark Knight

overrated junk
This is some serious trash overrated junk in name of movies and comic book movies are not cinema this is a proof of it,there are tons of movies out there that deserves to be rated higher than this nonsense,and heath ledger other movies are way better then this this is horrible joker sucked so is batman this was supposed to be a batman movie but became about the bad guy joker he is not even a proper villain just so called tough guy it would take one hitman with sniper rifle to end this fool,batman also is a looser because he not kills bad guys and let innocents die,this is just bad writing as most of comic books are filled with ficitonal junk crap and they tried to makes this realistic and it works for a cash grab but not as a batman movie,,or a movie in general,this is horrible so is the new joker 2019 movie.

The Cat in the Hat

why such low rating this film was good
For what it was it was good i dont get the low rating i saw this film quite many times and as a adult man i enjoyed it for what it was yes it was aimed at kids and litte children but is fun for all ages,the cat was so funny i feel the rating for this is way low deserves more its way fun then that trash stupid movies like the drak knight trilogy and joker and other lame comic book movies my rating is 6/10. highly recommended to watch.

Salvation Boulevard

funniest film of year 2011
Oh yes this was one of the funniest films of year 2011 very underrated sadly it did not win any awards or got higher ratings i feel this should be rated high,garbage like the dark knight 2008 is rated higher is insult to the cinema salvation boulevard is one film you must see its got everything from comedy,superb score and music to religious debates and a great cast like Pierce Brosnan and Jennifer Conneley this film is overlooked forget action movies and for once and see this please everyone stay away from critics and haters who are hating on this as this one is one of the best, films like these are very rarely made,i laughed so hard when i saw this my rating is 7/10 so enjoy.


Underrated ? Oh hell yes
Hey looks its Gary Oldman in this film something i never expected i will be honest this film is no masterpiece it is what it is,i think this is a underrated film and should be enjoyed for what it is its got a cool ship,nice score and music and atmosphere,suspense even the cinematography is fine and a ghost story my rating for Mary 2019 is 7/10 i loved it.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

4th and the best
This one is 4th film in the series and amazing improvement over the last dull project at worlds end 2007 this franchise was sinking after that one but thanks to this film on strangers times the pirates of Caribbean once again found its way back to the top Johnny Depp returns as jack sparrow with also new cast members including Penelope Cruz which was interesting because these two Depp and Cruz have a history together they also worked with each other on different films before so it was nice overall this film is great my rating is 10/10.enjoy

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