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Devastating performance from Matt Levett
I won't rehash the plot of this, many other reviews covering what happens. What I will say is that I have seen a LOT of movies in my 70 years and can say this performance is right up there with anything ever done on the screen. It's hard to watch this and not think of Heath Ledger, particularly in Brokeback Mountain, "going there." This young actor not only shows the full depth of the character but all the facets of "manhood" in western culture, from the worshipped sports star and stud, to the deepest depths of human anguish. Not only is he physically beautiful and worth watching for that alone, but there is not one second when the camera is on his face when he isn't communicating some of the deepest passions we can ever know in life's journey. I know the subject matter isn't for everyone but if you are a connoisseur of acting performances, give this guy an hour and a half of your time. Harry Cook as "Meat" isn't far behind either.

UnHung Hero

Whiny but still good info about what is actually out there
I agree with most of the other comments that Pat continuously going on about his smallish dick to the whole world gets a bit old rather quickly, the least he could have done was show his full bone and let the audience decide, but I did find it interesting and valuable that he researched the issue as well a he did and came up with the conclusion that there really isn't much you can do about it other than really invasive surgery. I've seen a lot of naked guys in my life and most of them aren't much to write home about. Generally small guys aren't the ones who are showing off and being photographed like the big guys are so people get the idea the "correct" size is big. Used to be that women just had to live with the breasts that they came with, now fairly simple to get plastic ones installed, not so easy for guys. I wouldn't watch it again.

Interior. Leather Bar.

I kind of liked it.
I, too, was expecting something else, but although this is weird, choppy, and appears to have no point on the surface; I like how Franco (please just come out already) casts the point-of-view from the perspective of the straight guy who is new to all this and just got dragged into it and so on. Franco's point (to him, and to the viewer) is just because something (in this case, gay sex) is not only outside your experience, but something you have been programmed to hate, does not necessarily make it so for the people involved, hence the loving gay couple. Basically I got to see it for free on Netflix, an hour of time I could have spent watching the violence he is railing about. I don't mind the hour, would recommend it to somebody who's seen a million movies and willing to try something different. And if you're a little pervy there isn't much, but there is some nice flesh on display here. (check that one butt shot) lol

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