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Big Fish

A Brilliant Tall Tale Or Is It?
Tim Burton has moved us with Edward Scissorhands, to me his most brilliant original work..being that it was a screenplay by him and Caroline Thompson... but BIG FISH is by far his MASTERPIECE. Based on a amazing book, he connected with the material beautifully. The visuals, the acting, the craftsmanship in putting all this together in a very touching... tug at your heart strings... laugh out loud... Oscar worthy production was handled to perfection. How could you not like this film? I simply wouldn't understand it. Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Jessica Lange, Danny Devito all give A+ performances... Jessica being left out of most of the reviews I had to bring her in... not to be unnoticed are also a stellar performance by Billy Cruddup, Alison Lohman, and Helena Bohnam Carter. In fact I think every person in the film had one of their best performances. Just stellar all around. One whopper of a story that gets you pulled in and doesn't let you go till the ending credits! Big Fish will be in my movie library along with Edward Scissorhands and be a favorite in my heart, my 15 year old Daughters, my Wifes, and everyone I talk to about it. Great, great, did I say Great film Tim Burton... you definitely got your magic back!

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