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Secret Games 3

watching over and over and over
As every body is saying, the biggest reason is to watch for Rochelle swansan. She is just marvellous in her role and exposure.

May karasun is beautiful but not looking convincible. The passion isnt acted out by her in her scene. On the other side,Rochelle introduced variations in her scenes from being shy in her first scene, a little shy with woody brown in next scene but her fantacies were there so she was behaving just right.

The last scene with woody brown is excellent as she is enjoying to the fullest without any hesitation.

not only this but i watch thus movie for plot too. I like to watch this movie from the beginning as rochelle dominates the screen with her appearance.

When I was 8, i was going to my school and saw a movie poster on city walls of India as secret games 3. Then I just remebered the name. when I became 27 i searched the term and found out that as best softcore till the date.

I even sent friend request to rochelle on fb explaining everything about my story since the age of 8.

I have seen many softcore movies now but i started with this and still it is one of my favorite. I search this title very often, read everything wo is camera man, director and the bacjground music.. oh my would like go listen over and over and over.

I even contacted ashley irwin to buy the music. well then I watches secret games and secret games 2.

I even like the dop work, screenplay and actors.

another movie after this i recommed is animal instincts 2. but secret games 3 remains on top.

Jeepers Creepers 3

BEATNG U.......this time advanced
Fan from India... I was waiting and checking over internet for past 15 years and I always get news or trailers. But This time I got to watch this and sad for us that this movie never released here. Only the second part was released in India.

So this film is placed in between part 1 and 2. The timeline needs to be after part 2 as that's how it should signify its title no.

This movie has some good thrills which were not there in previous parts. The only problem with this part is the Captain obvious quote... Beating you or Be Eating you....Also the problem with the creeper and the truck that they were super resistant. In previous installments, there were some scenes where the creeper gets weaker for some time like in part 1 when it is run over by the car, Part 2 when he fell from sky on bus roof.

Here in this part, the cops shoot at the truck and the bullets bounce back eventually. Also, the truck was mechanically excellent with spear and the back side with impaling nails. These things were unnecessary. It could have been better if such things were not there.

Also, when the cop shot him with giant gun, the creeper didn't even feel the bullets. He was walking with his own Swag. This could have been better if

  • The bullets were able to puncture the truck and creeper to be a bit hurt. From there they could carry away a new scene
  • The creeper should have felt bullets at least for 15-30 seconds.
  • Beting U shouldn't be that advanced.
  • The son of old lady shouldn't have been appearing very often like it was in An American Werewolf in London.

Rest is good, I really enjoyed the movie.Waiting for 4th installment. Please make it sooner, Victor Salva you already took a hell lot of time.


Complete Intense and high voltage drama ... must watch
I've watched this movie multiple times. Still it urges me to re- watch over and over and over.

There is an absurd plot of youngest brother jai that too only for 10 mins in total.

Acting by Villain (Gawda) is very intense and he played that excellently. Half of the movie is centered to Inspector bhagat singh, he has proved himself as tough cop but unlike other Indian heroic movies, he gets killed in half.

thereafter Dharmendra comes in full form, with so much good dialogues and action (realistic) he helps the team to win the show.

In this whole movie, I liked the guys worked behind the canvass. The story writer (Hats-off) for such excellent dialogues. Screenplay writer was brilliant, director was awesome and then come actors.

Although, this movie was cut by censor (esp. death of Gawda) which was sad demise.

Anyway this was B-grade movie with veteran actors but still it wins the show.

Highly recommended for everyone. You will see why it has more reviews than other movies of same title among the world.

That is why this movie was remade the same year by another director Kanti shah,as Loha (with almost same cast). Which is low as it was c-grade but it also gives the kicks.

Give it a try you will not regret.

The Conjuring 2

Over-hyped! lost its fever....predecessor was scarier
This movie is over-hyped and a lot of money is spent to get good business but this is not scary and provide jumps in 2-3 scenes only. Although if you want to get frightened, just recall the face of nun during sleep.

Although many says it is scariest than first installment! here is void in this sentence. The conjuring was able to frighten me on home video. WhileI watched it in theater where the technology is far better.

I recommend a Bollywood movie, which I watched in theater named as horror story. It was so good that they took only 5 minutes for story building and after that you feel serious trauma until it ends.

It is the most scariest till date.

Bhaag Johnny

Badly excellent masterpiece.....
If any Indian didn't like means that s/he likes typical Bollywood Masala.

This movie idea is inspired by Run Lola Run....Well the best part is that it is known as inspiration not copy....Its purely original and at the times ...far excellent than Run Lola Run.......

This should be at-least 8+ on IMDb.

The very original idea tells you about the possibility to live 2 lives at one time. Thereafter, you need to make real choice out of that. The movie never said that a good is always good in fact in between you will conclude that bad way is the leading way.

Due to human values, our protagonist chooses the good way and then movie gets just 0.01% weak.

Again a very good masterpiece from India, flopped due to poor marketing like Horror Story.

One should make an assumption from now onwards that any movie which has Vikram Bhatt's name in production or direction or writing can never be missed.

Everyone should watch it.

Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets

Brilliant Rip Off .....
I am an ardent fan of Hollywood movies but I missed Usual suspects. Still in 2015 I never watched it.

In 2006 a neighbor told me that chocolate is excellent movie. I got it rented and watched. After watching it I was like my jaw fell off with tongue outside.

This is brilliant in Indian movie industry. Some people never digest Hollywood plots and these kind of movies. By god's grace I was able to.

I never watched Usual suspects and watched this. It has grip, it lets you glued to your seat.

In 2015, I watched it again, I knew the story but still feeling the same. Vivek Agnihotri might have lifted it up but copying anything with that much brilliance requires an art.

He proved it! For me, its 8/10 coz I watched it earlier. Else it could have been 10.

Brilliant work, Irfan khan is known face these days but in 2006, I was loving his acting in this movie.

Anil Kapoor did brilliant job, Arshad Warsi, Suniel, Emran and Tanushree were good.

The credit goes to director for this work. Thankfully I am not able to compare it and hence I still like it.

Singham Returns

Awful and I want my money back
I am feeling to puke on every thing related to Singham returns.... No roar............or story.......bad acting and actress like Kareena can't do anything good......on her own... hence became a part of successful predecessor.

After watching Singam 2 (south Indian)....... I can't be satisfied.......with this bullshit.

Highly recommended for ignorance.....

Nothing Good, actions are creepy and unwillingly stretching the story line with no mean.

No direction at all, villains are easy prey and acting is just pathetic....

I hate every movie from you Rohit Shitty.....

The Amazing Spider-Man

Spidey is lost....
I watched this movie last day and it has no effect on me. I am speechless and thoughtless like this fragment of time I wasted in watching this spider man movie is no longer exist in my memory.

Bad Script, Bad acting, emotionless.... Toby Maguire was very good, Marry Jane character was very good. Aunty, uncle Ben every one was beautifully designed. Even the villain shares soft corner in everybody's heart.

I found Spiderman 3 far better than this wasted piece. I planned to watch sequel but this movie spoiled the mood. Spidey is lost and nothing remaining to watch for. Its better if we watch cartoon series for free. Rather, please go for comic books. Now here is the difference and challenge to portray the actual comic book in motion. They failed the challenge. Earlier they were fantastic.

A Sublime Love Story: Barsaat

Nice love story
I watched this movie on 12 oct 2013 and found it really pleasing. Nice story and pain is beautifully portrayed by actors.

Sometimes I felt that the story is bookish, but as I have felt such things... like "Jb hum mile the tb bhi brsaat ho rhi thi aur aaj bhi brsaat ho rhi hai"... but the thing is that,, I have also felt such situations which looks like bookish but they happen in real when you love someone truly... So I don't consider that a bookish thing....

I liked the concept and this movie left an open question.......

1) If Kajal truly loved Aarav, she won him.....

2) Aarav loved Kajal that's why he went again to his wife.....

3) Aarav loved Anna.... Also Anna loved him by true heart.. then why fate decided to play with Anna...

We truly love but sometimes we don't get the one we love... its not that Anna's love was lesser than Kajal.. both were very good and loved aarav from bottom of heart.. but fate decided to give Aarav to Kajal... and left Anna in pain....

Anna said in the end....... "Aarav loves me a lot.. its just he loves Kajal a little more".

I hold my wife with tears in eyes.....

Haunted - 3D

Very Good movie.... True Horror..... Superb acting...... World's best direction.... Awesum music
2 weeks ago a channel aired Haunted movie and I was waiting as I saw 1920 just a day back and found it quite interesting though so my expectations were a bit higher than 1920.

I watched this movie and found it beyond the expectations. Beautiful location, sets, weather keeps you glued to your seat and that's what you need at initial. As there was no well known face so it gets that edge which is required in horror flick. The movie flows in sweet manner and changes the track wisely. You know everything about situations. This is quality of director that he explains everything to the audience so that nobody annoys you "Hey, what was that, How?...Why?" and you give annoyed looks with anger to the fellow as he/she interrupts and never let you focus on.

Every actor did a great job even small role guys did their best jobs and you compare everyone as equal.

Movie goes back to 1936 and here is the best part. Old age clothes and British culture revolves in front of your eyes and you are ready to feel deep inside the movie.

The ghost is very good and situations are really scary. This movie never gets offbeat and gives you true feel of horror.

Music is awesome that's why I am listening it for past 3 weeks over and over.

If you have plan for your weekend to sit at home it's better to watch movie and take nap because you were in a beautiful and successful dream which was India's first 3D Stereographic movie.

Best Regards,


Expectations make you feel bad (not good as 300)
I think movie makers just wanted to make another movie with 300 flavor but they failed.

Dialogues were not good, story was no good either. Also I didn't like Freida in this movie. The movie revolves around the same plot as 300 but the difference of God's interference in fight of humans. I don't know why they did that. Also when Theseus was motivating the soldiers, it lacks the Aahoo! touch of 300.

I saw trailer on internet and found it interesting but movie failed to please the viewers. I was waiting for fight sequences and again they lacked. Also I want to know why Titans killed the God. Is it possible that Gods can be killed. This movie has good show of 8-pack abs of characters and beautiful ladies but has no spice which spellbound you to stick to your seats.

Even when you walk out the theater you have no sign of worry/joy or cherished but you are blank just like you didn't watch the movie. Just below to average. You do not talk much about the movie when you leave theater. The only words I said to my friend were "It's to dark, lets get back to our houses".


5rs Bar-one chocolate is much better
There are so many bad words and disgusting feeling to write here..... This movie is full of idiotic sequences and good animation only. Lack of sense and an unwilling, impossible truth which is marked as "The different cinema". Movie starts with a game and the child wants his dad to create a super villain for the game.

SRK the dad of this kid creates RA-one to cheer his son and apparently creates the hero G-one...

Without any clue, RA-one comes out of the game. Question arises "How is it possible that a game character can come out of game screen?" He/it what to call him I don't know because it appears that it is robot but talks like human. Same thing happens to G-one, it loves kareena but I don't know it is robot or he is man? What the hell?. If he smokes, he coughs but if he grabs the "main point", "Ra-One" asks "What are you doing G-one"? Not only this, nut animation of train engine out of damaged CST station is total animated and no feeling of reality. The dialogs are stupidest in the whole world.... SRK acts like a lover boy instead a game character....

I fell asleep and asked my friend to wake me up when the movie is over...

Bloody hell, nothing good. I f you want to go for special effects, you better go and play games like Bioshock, Tekken 6 and all.

Never watch this stupid 3 hours crap...


This movie pulled me to cinema theater as it is promoted as action movie and I am badly waiting for Hindi action movies.

So, Movie starts as good flick but after 15 minutes it gets monotonous. I listened whistles on john Abraham's body and tattoos and when he threw the pulsar 150CC bike on goon. But that action can be predicted as choreographed and not so realistic.

BTW. The main problem is camera use, in action scenes the camera guy moves the camera and no actual blows and kicks are visible. This is main problem.

Love story is unwanted and only increases the length. This is main problem and annoying. Sometimes it becomes typical Hindi movie. Genelia doesn't die suddenly in 2 bullets which are shot by putting the gun at her abdomen. Hahaha! John Abraham is very good and I've never seen such powerful actor ever in Hindi cinema.

The villain: WOW! much better than John, He is tough guy and very impressive. You will have villain's image in your mind but john's body is best and his bike lifting and last time stunt but he cannot be remembered for his performance.

Not up to the mark but last hour show let you forget all worst and when you come out of theater you say the movie is good...

This could be good but camera man should know his stuff....


Very Good movie and family entertainment.
Master piece of late 80's. I watched this movie on TV but I must say that this is true thriller, suspense and spell bounding movie. Acting is average by Sunny Deol(Karan) but Naseeruddin Shah(Jay Singh) and Jackie Shroff(Ravi Mathur) rocked this movie. Other actors including Amrish Puri (Bhujang) is true villain. He knew about the moods and balance of acting. Bassy voice and deep personality suits for this character and he plays it off nicely. Anupam Kher(Mumbai Police Commissioner) did a great job and he was looking a real life police commissioner. Renu(Sonam) was looking hot. Now this movie tells that if you want to show hot actresses then there is no need to remove clothes unnecessarily. A movie can be good if it has content and the spice for audience.

I liked the work of Ravi Rai(Director). He had control over film and no overacting. That is what we call a disciplined movie which has "only" everything to please viewers. Hats off to this Masterpiece. I think Bollywood should take lessons from earlier movies rather than redoing the Hollywood flicks which only worsen the charm and viewers abuse them when they leave theaters in running movies...

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