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Pieces of a Woman

Where is Sean ( Shia )
The acting is good , the pregnancy shot was really great and unforgettable but after that the story was very slow and suddenly we found that the mother after cooperation with the boy friend (sean) she decided to send him awaaaay (whyyyy) i thought that he was the only one who cares about death of the child so why you push him awaaaay, then martha decided to go to the court to end this movie with just two words (just like that) And we didn't know where is sean (shia) I liked the acting , cinematography and of course the first scene but didn't like how thing ended

Dark: Adam and Eva
Episode 3, Season 3

Very Great
This TV show made me feel like I am crazy .. it is very hard to keep the same level of entertaining among three seasons

Dabbe: Cin Çarpmasi

Very Scary
All i want to say is that this movie is the good example of a Horror Movie and the main feature of Turkish movies that using Islamic exorcism and Black magic which is newer than the normal exorcism and horror scenes are also different so this series must be seen

Space Force

watch it if you need to take a break
When i decided to watch it i wasn't know if this will be comedy or but it doesn't matter to me but then i found that it is very entertaining and light and nice to watch if you need to take a break .. the only thing I didn't know is what crime Lisa Kudrow did to be in jail

Güzelligin Portresi

Not Bad
I enjoyed this movie but i didn't like how Nissan still alive after she stabbed many times and also how the Police officer also still alive after two hits with big Axe

Dabbe: Bir Cin Vakasi

I was very scared
This Movie is more scary than the American horror movies really i was very scared

The Society

Very Boring and Bad
I tried to give it a chance till i reached episode 6 but it didn't attract me so i decided to leave it and find something else

The Society

Very Boring and Bad
I tried to give it a chance till i reached episode 6 but it didn't attract me so i decided to leave it and find something else


Loved this movie
Really interesting and you always want to know what will happen .. the only thing I didn't like that it supposed to be a scary movie but it doesn't But overall a good movie

The Taking

It's been awhile since I watched a good scary movie , it is not perfect but you can spend time for watching it

Banshee: Tribal
Episode 5, Season 3

Whyyyy Siobhon ??
This Episode is really great the only thing that I didn't want siobhon to die i really love her

Plagi Breslau

Please don't oppress this movie
Don't compare this movie to seven b, may be it is the same concept but in different manner and contain more bloody scenes i liked this movie it is not the best but it is got

The Lodge

Verrrry Baaaaaad Movie
All i want to say is do not waste your time with this garbage

La terre et le sang

What i just did for myself
Terrible Movie ... You can watch it if you have nothing to do sbut if you want to see a good movie , please don't watch this ... An old story which made many times before . The movie is very dark so sometimes i felt like actors blurred while I watched it on AMOLED screen Really Baaad


What a Great action Movie
Just see this movie , you will enjoy it so much and you will not think that you wasted your time I loved the fight scenes which went too hard The story is not a very good but interesting Chris is Great

In the Shadow of the Moon

Didn't enjoy it
At the beginning this movie started with a very good start which made me think that this movie will be great ... But after that the story became so boring and there is nothing interesting except the beginning soi regret about wasting my time

Westworld: Decoherence
Episode 6, Season 3

This episode is great in acting and action and Production of the future technology , every thing is Great and I liked very much how william saw himself in different age , i also liked how Dolores keeps winning every fight with cerak which made me wondering what will be the end and how it will gonna be I also loved the last scene of this episode and how Charlotte burned and she is still alive and i think that she will take revenge for her family

Legado en los huesos

I hate it
This movie supposed to be horror movie I didn't find any scene can be sorted as a horror scene, this movie is slow and the story not clear Don't watch this movie , i regret about the two hours wasted in this

The Gentlemen

Ooooh My God
What a Movie ?? A collection of action and a very good comedy 👌😁 which playing a good rule in this movie without any excessive use. Good Story and good acting Matthew McConaughey and Hunnam and Colin Farrel Performance are Great I wish anyone to see this movie ASAP If not you will lose very much

Just Mercy

Very great Movie
Emotional , Sensitive and made me feel that we are in bad world , great acting by both Jordan and Foxx I loved this movie

The Silence

Like Quite Place but I liked it
This story was used before in quite place but i liked this one also , the only thing that I didn't like was the quite group that wanted to take the daughter i didn't understand from where they came and why and why they wanted her

Escape from Pretoria

Good movie
Great acting .. Great scenario ... Very exciting .. i think this is the best movie for Radcliff after Harry Potter


Great movie but
I liked the movie and it is one of the best horror movies this year the only thing that i didn't like it is i felt that it was very short and he died very quick


Great and very entertaining
I liked everything in this movie , the only thing i didn't like is that all scripts now talking about saving the world which must change otherwise it is great movie

The Dark Knight

Great Movie
I really love this movie one of the greatest movies ever

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