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Hollywood Dailies

Hollywood Dailies, Mediocre Information with Mediocre Hosts.
OK this show consists of various hosts discussing movies, usually starring Matt Mauro or Stephanie Simmons, and both are less then average hosts. Matt Mauro has more skills and is more of a likable host while Stephanie Simmons often screws up her words and it becomes fairly obvious she knows nothing about movies or entertainment, but the worst is Steve Patterson who acts like he is ghetto and completely ruins the show for my taste. The highlight of the show is Sam Rubin talking about the latest movie news and gossip, he is a veteran and just makes the other hosts look like joke's and I love his insight but his segment is very brief, and I believe that's why he has his own show "Hollywood Uncensored with Sam Rubin", now this show is pretty good so watch this to learn insight and if you want to watch a trailer for a movie or talk to the cast then do it online instead of from the awful host's of "Hollywood Dailies".

Hollywood Uncensored with Sam Rubin

Sam Rubin Is a interview veteran
Sam Rubin has been in the business for many years and it's about time he has his own show to discuss the movie and entertainment world. The show consists of 3 to 4 guest stars on the panel and the topics include, music,film,gossip,fashion and etc... The best segment is known as the "Crystal Ball", where guests and host discuss the future of the entertainment industry, it can be very informative and also funny. I recommend this show to anyone who likes being up to date on the entertainment world, it's not trash TV news like many other shows on television recently, so set back and enjoy it's kind of like having your pulse on Hollywood with guests such as actors,musicians,hosts and a variety of other people inlvoved in entertainment.

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