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Emily Owens M.D.

A good new show.
I have been watching Emily Owens MD for several weeks and looked forwarding to seeing it every week. It wasn't on for last couple of weeks and I am hoping it wasn't cancelled. It was one of the best new shows I've seen in a while. Then I saw something about it was being cancelled. I hope it's not true. It wasn't on long enough to give it a real chance. I thought it was a really good show. I thought Dr. Necar Zadegan who plays the strict boss was very good, and so was Cassandra and Justin Hartley and Rady. Mamie Gummer looks so much like her movie star mother Meryl Streep that I knew right away who Mamie's mother was. I like Mamie and think she is a good actress.I know of many TV shows I wouldn't watch which are popular, yet they cancel Emily Owens MD which I liked better than most of the popular TV shows. They shouldn't have cancelled it. I think it could have been successful. What a letdown.

To Each His Own

Olivia de Havilland at her best
Olivia de Havilland won the Oscar for best actress in 1947 for "To Each his Own" a tearjerker, made in 1946. She was one of the great actresses of the day when movies were worth going to see. She made many good movies such as "Hush hush sweet Charlotte, Snake Pit are two good ones.They were released on DVD. But "To each his own is one of my personal favourites. 430 people on have rated this movie highly at 8/10 as of Sept./08, so why on earth has this good movie never been released on DVD. I am lucky to have it on video, but would rather have the DVD. In "To each His own", Olivia is Jody Norris, a small town girl working in her fathers store. She meets a handsome young air force pilot and they fall in love. He leaves to go to war and Olivia finds herself going to be a single mother. In those days young women were isolated and not supported when having a baby out of wedlock. Nothing like today. Olivia has a lot of heartache to go through, has the baby but faces further heartbreak. Her life moves on after she has the baby, who she was not able to keep, but I won't say any more. Get a hanky out for the ending. Studios, one of you need to get this movie out on DVD. If you can release a lot of junky movies on DVD, you can release this good classic on DVD. It would sell well. I'm tired waiting and getting older by the day. I've got about 100 good DVD movies, and need the DVD of this one as soon as possible.

An American Tragedy

This should be on DVD by now. An oldie but Goodie.
Its time this well acted and good story older little known gem to be released on DVD. I saw it on TV years ago but never saw it again. It was made in 1931 and the mores of the day are outdated, but the story and consequences could be the same today as they were then. The acting is well done with Phillips Holmes as the male star Clyde. Holmes died when he was only 35 in a plane collision, cutting short a promising life and film career. Sylvia Sydney plays the part of Clyde's very pretty girlfriend Roberta. Everything goes well till Roberta finds herself in a situation she doesn't want to be in and for sure, Clyde doesn't want her to be in. Clyde has big plans for his job, he is ambitious but also selfish. He begins to feel trapped and thinks what he can do to be free of the situation as he doesn't want to be held back. So he plans a solution which has sad consequences and doesn't work out the way he planned. The movie is close to Theodore Dresser's book of "An American Tragedy". The acting is well done by the two stars. I was surprised that a movie made in 1931 could be so good. It didn't seem out of date at all to me. In my view, the acting of the stars in the 1931 film and the movie itself is a lot better than the remake called "A Place in the Sun" with Clift Montgomery and Elizabeth Taylor.I think a lot of classic type film buffs would like this movie. I'd be the first to get it on DVD.

Romance on the Orient Express

A good movie
I saw this movie on TV a while back. I thought it was a good movie. Cheryl Ladd acted well and so did her male lead. I don't know why it was never released on DVD when so many other movies are released and many are not as good as this movie. The story is about Cheryl Ladd's character meeting an old flame who abruptly ended their relationship years earlier and she meets him again on the Orient Express and wants to find out why he ended their relationship for reasons she never got to know. The Orient Express has beautiful furnishings and is very impressive. The music is romantic and well done. Too bad this movie never got on DVD or even Turner movies so I could record it on VHS.

Something Wild

A drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat
I saw this movie on TV in the mid 1960's. (it was made in 1961). It made me jumpy to watch it.The female lead Carroll Baker is attacked and raped on her way home one night. She becomes depressed and is saved by Ralph Meeker who invites her to come to his house. When she is ready to go home, she finds that the guy who saved her is not as nice as as he appeared to be at first, and discovers to her horror that he refuses to let her leave his house. I won't tell you the rest. The movie reminded me a lot of "The Collector" (1965) with Terence Stamp". Unfortunately it has never been released on video or DVD when so many undeserving movies are. After I saw the movie in mid 1960's on TV, I never saw it on TV again or I would have at least been able to record it later when Video Recorders came out. The movie has 7.5 stars on IMDb so no reason for it not to be on DVD. Another movie with the same title was made in 1986 with Jeff Daniels and Melanie Griffiths but its a different kind of movie. Its a comedy and not as good as the earlier movie with the same name, in my view. Ironically the later same title movie was released on VHS and DVD a while back. Many of the older good movies are still not released and may never be. But I keep hoping that the older title will come out on DVD or I would even settle for it to be on TV.

Sex in a Cold Climate

A sad story
I just saw this documentary today. It was on the same DVD movie as "The Magdelene Sisters" and is the true story of the 4 young women whose stories were told in the movie. The movie was emotional, but for me, seeing the documentary was far more emotional because it was the real people when they were older at the time the documentary was made which was in 1987 I think.

All the stories left me in tears, but Christina's story got to me the most. I cried along with Christina when she talked about having too give up her baby and how much she longed to see him when she was kept prisoner in The Magdeline Asylum. You could tell that even years later when she was an old lady, by the way she still cried, that her experiences at the Asylum and the loss of her son, had deeply affected her. Her still very beautiful blue eyes filled with tears at the mention of her son. I was also greatly emotional when she mentioned about when she told the nun that she wanted to see her son and the nun was going to beat Christina with a belt, and Christina told the nun that she had been promised she would get to see her son and if she got to see him that was all she was asking and if the nun hit her, she would kill her, and Christina said she was prepared to do that and go to prison, but insisted she had to see her son, the nun backed off and she was allowed to see her son, but it didn't show you that part.

Someone said in another message here that the last time Christina saw her son, he was 10 months old, but I got the impression from the documentary that he was older than that, perhaps 8 or so, because Christina asked one of the orphanage girls next door if they knew her "boy" so I would think by that time her child was not a baby. Christina breaks your heart and you can see the deep sadness on her face in the documentary, which was filmed 57 years after she had her baby. I was so glad to learn in the documentary that Christina was finally re-united with her son but not till she was and old lady and only because she knew she was dying. It must have been a great moment when she saw her son after all these years. She kept it secret from her family that she had a son when she was young. If only she had gotten to know him much sooner.

Martha's story was also very sad. She said she never married because she could never allow anyone to have power over her.Its understandable, but she seemed like a fine woman who deserved love in her life. Brigid's story was also sad. She was disillusioned after being sexually abused by a priest at the Magdelene asylum. Phyllis's story was also sad. She left the catholic church after her bad experiences. After seeing this documentary and the movie, what strikes me as more obvious than anything was the backward attitude of the day, especially bad in Catholic Ireland because of the priests and dogma of the Catholic church having such a strong hold on catholics.

It always seemed so unfair to me that the girls who got pregnant and ended up in the Magdelene Asylum had to take full responsibility for getting pregnant as if they got pregnant by themselves and the boy who got them pregnant had no blame attached to them and just carried on their merry way as if they were innocent bystanders. I thought it took two people to make a baby. The girl always had to suffer alone, yet she was only one half of the "sin" as the Catholic church called it. Blatant sexism of the time. I am glad we have moved on since then.

The nuns and priests of Magdalene asylum should have been put in jail and given life sentences for the damage they did to those girls who either made a mistake or many did nothing at all to deserve such a life of horror, cruelty and sexual abuse. The future lives of most of the girls were destroyed. To the ones who survived, they deserve a lot of credit just for the fact that they survived and that is their greatest triumph. To any of the Asylum laundry girls who survived that horrific hell hole, I salute you. I hope you had some happiness in your life. Your pure spirit got you through.

To Brave Alaska

A good movie
This movie was made in 1996. It seems to have been made for TV but I never saw it on TV. I saw it tonight on DVD. I live in Canada which is Region 1 (Canada and US) and it doesn't say its available anywhere on DVD. So perhaps its just available in Canada. Its a budget priced DVD and has no subtitles though I like to have subtitles, but the picture quality is very good and so is the price, so I took a chance and bought it though I'd never heard of the movie. The movie is based on a true story. The beginning was a bit draggy for the first half hour but after that, the pace changed and the movie kept me on the edge of my couch for the rest of the movie. A young couple and their dog set out for Alaska seeking gold which was an arrangement between them and a prospector who wanted them to take the risks to find the gold and give him a share. He gave them food supplies and said he would send more. The young couple set out for a cabin in the mountains. Their food supplies soon ran out and they never received any more on the expected date promised, so they had to leave the cabin and try to find a way out of the mountains to safety and their main motive became survival. The way was filled with hazards, deep snow, accidents and great hardships for the young couple who suffered freezing temperatures, severe frostbite in their feet making walking very painful. They were on the verge of giving up quite a few times but kept going. I won't tell you the rest. Its a riveting story with good acting and amazing that its based on a true story. Its a nail biter. If you see it listed on TV sometime I recommend you watch it. Even better if you ever see it on DVD, buy it. Its very good and will keep you interested. It should be on widely distributed DVD.

Realms of the Haunting

A very good horror\mystery\action\adventure game
This game is an action/adventure with combat. There are quite long periods with no combat but other times, you have to get rid of various kinds of monsters. The monsters are not like anything you would see in real life, and they have to be gotten rid off in order to continue with your quest. The whole game is a quest. You play Adam Randall whose father contacts him from the beyond and asks him to come and save him. The game is from the mid 1990's and has to be played in DOS. I used Dosbox and was able to play the game quite well. The graphics are not as good as some games even of the time, mainly because the resolution is not high and some scenes look quite blocky, but others look batter, but don't let that put you off the game. The game is very imaginative, its long and can make you jump when unexpected monsters appear out of nowhere. Not for young kids who likely wouldn't be interested anyway, but over 13 or 14 might like this game. Its a horror\mystery\action\adventure\combat combination.I thought it was a great game. Its had to find now. maybe Ebay. But remember its a DOS game and you would not be able to play it on todays faster computers. would be hard to play on fast computers unless you use Dosbox. Oh, and the acting is very good too.

Foreign Affairs

Why isn't it on DVD? Really good movie
I bought a used VHS copy of this movie a few years ago without knowing what it was about but Brian Dennehy is one of my favorite movie stars and Joanne Woodward is very good too. Woodward plays the part of a reserved college professor and she and Dennehy meet on the plane going to London. Dennehy is a completely different type of person than Woodword and is trying to escape an unhappy marriage. On the plane trip she tries to avoid talking to Dennehy as she just wants to read her book. When they get to London, by accident they meet again in a store and Woodward tries to avoid meeting Dennehy. That part is very funny. No matter how much Woodward tries to get rid of Dennehy, he seems to appear where she is. The whole movie is very entertaining and if you like both those actors and a story that has everything, try to get a copy of this. I don't know why it is not on DVD because it should be when so many junky movies are on their 3rd and 4th releases and do not sell well. I would snap up a copy of this right away if I saw it on DVD and so would a lot of other people. I loved this movie. It you can find it, get it.

Flight 90: Disaster on the Potomac

Very good movie - some may think mild to medium Spoilers
I saw this movie on TV a few years ago and it kept my interest from the first scene to the last. The story was well done and at the start of the movie it showed the morning of the day the plane crash happened and how ordinary the day started out for the flight attendants and other plane personnel. The weather was so snowy and icy that day, the flight should never have left the ground. I remember the guy who was a passenger on the plane who ended up in the water and helped so many people to get to safety while ignoring his own needs. So heroic and noble. Barry Corbin played that part well. Also, great credit should be given to the real person who was a bystander on the side of the river and dove into the water encouraging people to try to swim to the banks of the river. This part was was played by Richard Mansur who was very good in his part. There were so many heroes that day that we don't even know about who helped as many people out of the water as they could. Firefighters, police, and other passengers on the plane. This accident would never have happened if the snowstorm warning had been heeded. It was well known in advance that the snowstorm was going to be severe. The movie was well done and very worthwhile to see, if its ever released on DVD or even if you see it on the TV. Since I saw the movie on the TV a few years ago, I never saw it on again.I can't figure out why this movie was never released on DVD when so many other movies not nearly as good have been released a few times. At the very least the movie should have been released on video years ago. If it was, I never saw it or I would have bought it right away. The acting and story are well done, and it keeps your interest from start to finish.I wish some movie studio would pick this movie up and release it on DVD as soon as possible. I am sure it would sell well. My opinion anyway.

Too Rich: The Secret Life of Doris Duke

Well acted mini series- should be on DVD
I saw this movie last night on TV. For some reason it has not come out on DVD though I can't understand why not. Its better than most mini series in my view. I think its probably the best role Lauren Bacall has played since she was older. I have always liked her starting with her first acting role when she was 19, which was "To Have and to Have not" with soon to be husband Humphrey Bogart. For someone in their first acting part, she was good. Too Rich: Story of Doris Duke was very interesting and one of the main points I got out of it, was that money does not always bring happiness and in fact can cause great misery. Doris Duke had a sad life looking for love in the wrong people and appears to have been taken advantage of because of her money, much of her life. She adopted a grown up young woman as a daughter but the daughter only did things for her own gain. Doris had a baby either dead at birth or shortly after. Richard Chamberlain, young Dr. Kildare of years ago on TV, played a great dramatic part as the scheming Bernard, Doris's butler. I won't tell you the ending, but its quite surprising. I would very like to see this mini series released on DVD as the acting is very well done, and the mini series deserves exposure. I hope that happens soon.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

A charming movie
I liked this movie very much. So many good English actors are in it like Dudley Moore as the Dormouse, Michael Crawford as the white rabbit, Robert Helpmann as the Mad Hatter, Ralph Richardson as the caterpillar, Peter Sellers as the March Hare. Fiona Fullerton is charming as Alice. I don't remember seeing her in adult roles as she got older. But in Alice, she is very good.

This version is close to the original story of Alice in Wonderland. I bought this movie on video a few years ago and the quality of the tape is one of the worst I've ever seen on video - just dreadful by Platinum Entertainment. Its blurry and faded colors. A waste of a perfectly good movie with such cheap poor quality tape. I put up with it just because I like the movie so much. I am hoping that very soon a major movie studio will bring out a good quality DVD version of this movie which is long overdue. Extras about making the movie, and interviews with any of the remaining actors in the movie would be nice, but I can only think of Fiona Fullerton and Michael Crawford who are still around, though there may be others. Jan.13/06 - I forgot to add an update to my original comments till now. I was surprised to find a DVD version of this movie was re-released in Dec.2004. I bought it early in 2005 from for $8.99. Its still available so if you want it, you know where to get it. Its much superior to the awful video version I had of it which I threw out when I got the DVD.

Another update as of March, 2008. There are several versions of this movie on DVD now released. I bought 2 DVD's of the movie but different studios, but the DVD I found had the best quality was made by Universal Studios in Dec. 28,2004. On the DVD cover it has a picture of Fiona Fullerton sitting on a chair. Its for sale new for $9.99. No, I don't work for Amazon.

Chicago Hope

The best medical series on TV
I used to watch this show every week till it ended, though it may be in syndication and on my TV at some late hour. I always watched the show every week and I particularly liked the attractive Adam Arkin, and Nurse Camille (Roxanne Hart) as his wife. One episode about both of them getting back together was very romantic and touching. Mandy Patinkin was good as the sometimes temperamental Dr.Geiger. Also I liked Hector Elizondo as Dr. Watters, the head of the hospital. I didn't care much for Christine Lahti. In my view, she is not a very good actress. I don't know why they haven't brought out some of the episodes on DVD/VHS. I would buy it and probably lots of others.Its better than a lot of junk you see on DVD. I would buy it and probably lots of others.

Dr. Kildare

Why no DVD or VHS for some of this series
I used to watch this show (along with Ben Casey show) which was on around the same era, and loved them. This was in the 1960's. I watched

Dr. Kildare every week starring Richard Chamberlain. It was a must for me. And Raymond Massey, as Dr. Gillespie was really the best actor in the series. I always thought Richard Chamberlain was a good actor and his career has gone well through the years. But as far as I am concerned, I liked him best as Dr Kildare. Why did they never bring out some episodes of Dr. Kildare on DVD or VHS?There must be lots of us still around who were young in the 60's who would buy them.

Ben Casey

A great show they should have on DVD
I used to watch this show (along with Dr. Kildare) which was on around the same era, and loved them both. This was in the 1960's. I just had to see Ben Casey show every week with the handsome Vince Edwards. Sam Jaffe as Dr. Zorba was also very good. I never watched Vince Edwards much after that, but to me he will always be Ben Casey.

They should bring out some episodes of Ben Casey on DVD or VHS? They bring out lots of other DVD's not half as good as the Ben Casey show was on TV. There must be lots of us still around who were young in the 60's who would buy them. Great show. Loved it. Bring it out on DVD soon.

Good Morning, Miss Dove

A touching movie about a dedicated teacher
I can't understand why this movie was never put on DVD or at least video. I haven't even seen it on the TV for years, but I have seen it a couple of times years ago. It is a touching story about a dedicated schoolteacher with a passion for teaching. Miss Dove is played by Jennifer Jones. A young Robert Stack is in the movie and there are some very touching moments.

Too bad it wasn't on DVD. If you see it listed on TV. jump at the chance to watch it if you like classics, because this is one good classic. Keep a hanky handy.


Another good black and white movie
A very good black and white movie which was issued on VHS a while back, by a no-name studio. Not very good quality video or sound but I liked the movie so much, its all I have. Made in 1949, "Caught" starred Barbara Bel Geddes in the role of a young model looking for a better life. She meets a rich man and marries him (Robert Ryan) but she soon finds out that a life with everything that money can buy, cannot give her the happiness she seeks. She meets James Mason - a busy young doctor, and gets a chance to see a different kind of life. Will she abandon her rich pampered life for an ordinary life? You will have to see the movie to find out. The movie is well acted by all the cast and good enough to be picked up by a major reproducing studio and re-released on video or better still on DVD. If you like black and white movies with a good story, and ever see it listed on TV, be sure to watch it or record it.

It Happened on Fifth Avenue

Wonderful Christmas classic
What a shame that this wonderful movie never made it to DVD or even VHS. Its an oldie, but can still make me laugh. Funny situations from start to finish. Victor Moore, plays the part of a hobo looking for a place to stay at Christmas. He finds it, but its not where and what you might think. Don Defore and Gale Storm become involved in the story and things get surprisingly funny. I don't want to give too much away without a spoiler at the top, but I just wish it was on DVD or I'd even settle for VHS. Its not even on TV at Christmas time which figures into the movie. I'd even settle for it being on TV. Movie was made in 1947, which was a bit before my time, but I love the movie anyway. It would stand up today against trashy comedies made today, most of which are not very funny. Looks like we will never get to see it on DVD or Vhs. Too bad.

Make Way for Tomorrow

Another great movie missed for DVD or VHS
This movie was made in 1937 and though dated in some ways, some of the social conscience could be the same as today. Victor Moore and Beulah Bondi are wonderful as the old couple who have to leave their home because they are old and not able to keep their house up. Their children all have excuses as to why they can't stay with them. Also in the movie is Thomas Mitchel (Scarlett's father in Gone with the Wind) The story is heartbreaking, yet all too real and could even happen today. This is another great movie that should have made it at least to VHS. You can see it has high votes, so looks like lots of people liked it. Unfortunately, its very seldom on the TV. I'd even settle for it being on TV, but haven't seen it listed on TV for about 10 years. Too bad for those of us who would have enjoyed seeing it any time we liked if we had it on DVD or VHS.

The Green Years

Wonderful movie
I've only seen this movie on the TV and even then, it was years ago and its never been on TV again. I saw it before the days of VCR's. Its such a good movie, and unfortunate that it never came out on video or better still, on DVD. The movie was taken from the A.J. Cronin book of the same name. Dean Stockwell's performance was well done in the part of Robert Shannon a young Scottish boy. His father Hume Cronyn is the penny pinching father. Another favourite of mine is Jessica Tandy (Hume Cronyn's wife in real life, is also in the movie. As always and one of my favorite actors is Charles Coburn. Tom Drake plays the part of the older Robert Shannon. He wasn't in a lot of movies, but I always liked him. So far, it has never been on video or TV but if you ever see it listed in the TV Guide, watch it. Its very good.


Another great movie never on video or DVD
Another great movie that has never been even on video for some unknown reason. Gene Tierney as her best as Miranda who marries Nicholas (Vincent Price) and goes to live in his mansion. A true classic movie. You won't see it on video or DVD and I don't recall seeing it even on TV ever and I've looked for it off and on for the last 30 years. I keep hoping to see it listed, but so far, it never has been. I would be happy if it came out on DVD.

Dancing in the Dark

I enjoyed this movie very much
I liked this movie very much.I just finished watching it tonight, but had seen half of it on TV before, so I got the DVD copy of it. I don't think Victoria Principal gets much credit for her acting and I hadn't seen her in a movie before and I was surprised how good she was in this movie. The movie is based on a true story and its hard to believe that such things can happen. Principal plays the part of Anna, the wife of a lawyer who won't believe what she tells him about someone else (can't give the plot away). I could identify with Anna's total frustration with her husband not believing her. It would drive me crazy too. Anna ends up having a breakdown and is forced into a psychiatric ward where she is treated badly and being there makes her more ill than when she first went in. Nicholas Campbell (Da Vinci's Inquest on Canadian TV) plays the part of the sympathetic and compassionate husband but in the beginning he is not supportive of his wife because he doesn't want to believe her. His acting is top rate and he is convincing. plays his part very well.

Robert Vaughn and Kenneth Welsh also show some excellent acting. An under-rated movie. If you like this kind of movie, get it if you can.

Rich Man, Poor Man

Why no DVD or even VHS for such a good series
I saw this series on TV in the 1970's and it was excellent. Great acting by Nick Nolte as the wild one and Peter Strauss as the good guy. It mystifies me that this series was never distributed on DVD or even VHS, when other not even a quarter as good series than this one, have come out on DVD or VHS. I'm positive Rich Man, Poor Man, would sell very well. Everybody would buy it.

Turning to Stone

An overlooked female prison drama
I thought Turning to Stone was a very good movie and its a shame that it was never released on video or DVD. Its better than a lot of movies that DO get released. Nicky Guadagni who played the main character did some wonderful acting. Also outstanding was Shirley Douglas who played the tough leader of some of the prisoners. Jackie Richardson was also very good. This movie ranks among the top dramas about female prison life though its not for the squeamish and in my view, can be a bit shocking at times. I can't understand why it never got to video or DVD. I can only think that maybe it wasn't released because it was a Canadian made movie with mostly Canadian actors,and doesn't have the exposure of most U.S. made movies. Its a loss to lots of people who like good acting. Too bad!

As of Aug.2008, I am still waiting and hoping this excellent movie will be released on DVD.

As of Dec.21,2011, I am still waiting and hoping this excellent movie will be released on DVD. I hope some film studio will release it. If the movie was better known, it would have been on DVD years ago. Very good acting.

A Town Like Alice

A great movie
I have the video of this movie which I got a few years back. I wish they would bring this movie out on DVD. Its wonderfully acted. Hard to believe this was based on a true story. I can't believe these women marched hundreds of miles, having nothing to eat much of the time and some of their companions dying along the way. They must have been a hardy bunch. Its too bad more people couldn't see this movie. Virginia McKenna and Peter Finch were excellent as the main characters and the rest of the supporting cast were very good too. I'm glad to have the video, but would very much like to see a DVD come out on it. The movie is in black and white but this in no way detracts from the story or the acting.

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