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brilliant children's movie
after seeing this movie and expecting it to be crap it isn't. the action is superb and the actingt from the beautiful kareener kapoor and the amazing actoir sharukh khan.

the movie should be known as for what it is a children's movie sharukh said he made it for his children and he is right it is a good children's movie for your children to watch and they will love it. don't be fooled by these bad reviews. the movie is about a uncool father whos son has no faith in him. his father tries to impress him by making a superhero gam,e where the bad guy is more powerful as his son liked the vfillan more in the movie. that is why it is called ra one. the game then comes to life and g one has to save them from ra one. if you have children take them to go see this film they will enjoy it

Grand Theft Auto IV

best gta ever even better then san Andreas
best game ever as soon as I got my ps3 people recommended this game so i gave it a try thinking it will be rubbish as Grand Theft Auto 1 2 3 were all rubbish and liberty city was alright and the only good one was San Andreas but they proved me wrong by they can make good gta cant wait till Grand Theft Auto 5 I would certainly recommend this game for ps3 or xbox. also if u get this game get it with Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City.

but there is a let down as some missions you see in the beginning sometimes appear later in the game but just with different characters.

but there is another good side as in some previous Grand Theft Auto games you had to keep repating the cheat but no it gets saved on the game in the characters phone.

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