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Wear Shoes
Like a green lawn in a dog park, this movie looked inviting, but too many turds made it impossible to enjoy. Woods' character, Daisy, was simply not believable (I wanted to use "incredible" or "unbelievable", but I want to ensure the meaning is clearly understood!). She's supposed to be suffering from some sort of psychosocial trauma from living a solitary and isolated life with her mother, which has rendered her extremely naive about the outside world and its customs, such as wearing shoes and having table manners. Thankfully, however, she knows enough about make up, so this innocent fawn is still smoking hot! Daisy vacillates between near-catatonic screaming in the face of stress to the type of doe-eyed wonder you might expect from a newly be-legged mermaid taking her first steps on terra firma. Speedman's "Jay" comes off as a cliché: a good but misunderstood person who has the ethics of a criminal and lout, but enough morals not to pounce on a debilitated hotty...even when she asks for it! Except for the character of Dr. Bertleman, played by J.K. Simmons, the rest of the cast falls in line falling short. From the Dukes of Hazzardish car chases, to the overly-dramatic slo-mo apprehension in the diner, this movie went from dramatic to silly, then to dumb and dumber. All in all, not a good movie.

Hammer of the Gods

Movie for the gods!!!
If you're the typical movie watcher i.e. you demand to be spoon fed what would widely be considered quality entertainment, then you may not have what it takes to fully (or even partially) appreciate a movie like this. In the bell curve of movie quality, you have the wide mediocre middle bracketed by the thin extremes; "Thor: The Hammer of the Gods" earns its way into one of those thin ends! The plot, the acting, the actors, the action, the special effects, the directing--each is part of what makes up the sublime experience of, well, experiencing this desperate attempt by all involved in its production to create something good...and ultimately, inadvertently, creating something much, much better! If you're the atypical movie watcher, prepare the popcorn, get comfortable, and get ready to be entertained!!!

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