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Stargate: Atlantis

Totally flat
I'd think of it as being a merely geeky series. The story would be the only thing keeping the viewer going. Everything else is pretty flat. THe characters are more than bland, missing any depth at all. Almost every contact with foreign species is violent. The general figure makes the stupidest decisions ever, which also contributes to the badly stitched sequences of each episode.

Over all: Cheap production, cheap acting, cheap story. I guess one has to be a total fan of Stargate to be able to enjoy that. Me personally - I get shivers watching.

Thank you.

Step Up Revolution

More flat than anything else, unfortunately.
After having attended a couple of the early Step Up movies I gave this one a shot to see if it might have evolved. The reality of it is: It hasn't evolved! Characters - especially the main ones - are bland and unbelievable - literally. The storyline couldn't be any more ordinary. Music wise the producers tried to incorporate Dub Step as the main music style, which didn't match the theme, nor the story.

The dance action whatsoever did accommodate the music, but missed the overall messaging purpose of "The Mob" by miles.

Cheesy, non erotic. That sounds all pretty negative. So I am guessing the movie addresses a very young audience. Shame.

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