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Rocket Power

This cartoon is boring
Rocket Power has to be the second worst show I have ever seen on Nick.

Spoiler Warning!

The plot is just as one dimensional as the characters are. Here's the plot four friends named Otto, his sister Reggie, Sam, and Twister all do extreme sports while solving a big problem along the way. That's about it.

End Spoiler Warning!

And (With the exception of Tito and Twister.) I can't stand any of the characters. Otto is a selfish moron who just wants to win all the time.

And those dumb words they use like Beef are annoying.

Tito is the only cool character on the show and Twister can be funny sometimes.

I would give Rocket Power a 0/10 but I do find it to be just a little bit better then the horrible Wild Thornberries and their was a few good episodes. And the fact that they do extreme sports just bores me. Now I don't mind if they do extreme sports once in a while in Rocket Power. But why must they do extreme sports in practically every single episode?!

This show sucks.


The Fairly OddParents

This cartoon is pretty good
The Fairly Oddparents is a pretty good show. I don't find it to be as good as Spongebob, Rocko's Modern Life, and Danny Phantom but its still fun to watch.

Spoiler Warning!

The plot is simple, basically its about this kid named Timmy Turner who has Fairly Godparents named Cosmo and Wanda. Now these Fairies grant almost everyone of Timmy's wishes, as long as he doesn't break "Da Rules" book.

Cosmo and Timmy's dad are both funny. And frankly I don't care if they are stupid. I mean seriously almost every single cartoon has a stupid character in it.

And Timmy doesn't always act selfish. In fact their was this one episode were Timmy wished that his Mom's garden was bigger and prettier looking. I don't find that to be selfish at all.

End Spoiler Warning!

Now the best episodes I have seen are "Sound Off" and "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker" both of those episodes are nicely well done. But their are almost a couple of bad episodes like "A Wish Too Far" and almost every episode Trixie episode. Why do I dislike the episodes that have Trixie in them? Well because the Trixie episodes are too predictable. There just about Timmy (who has a crush on Trixie.) wanting to impress her with some cool stuff. The Crimson Chin and Mark the Alien episodes on the other hand are nicely well done.

The Fairly Oddparents is a cool and funny show on Nick. This is one cartoon on Nick that is worth watching.

Overall: 8/10

Digimon: Digital Monsters

My favorite Anime
Ok first off before I review Digimon I am going to compare Digimon to Pokemon. Now when it comes to the Anime, I find Digimon to be a lot better then Pokemon, but when it comes to the games I find Pokemon to be better. Anyways:

Spoiler Warning

The first Season of Digimon was about these eight kids named Tai, Matt, T.K, Sora, Mimi, Izzy, Joe, and Kari teaming up with their own Digital Monster partner. By working together the humans and their Digimon friends must save the Digital World from destruction.

End Spoiler Warning

The friendship between the kids and their Digimon partners are awesome! Whenever their partner is in danger the Digimon "digivolve" into powerful meaner looking monsters to help their partner and to fight evil.

And oh sure some of the Digimon's names may seem lame (ie: Wizardmon, Hawkmon, etc.) but their are also plenty of creative Digimon names like Kabuterimon, Guilmon, Ikkakumon, and so on.

The Digivolving Segments are nicely well done. The best I have seen so far is "Warp Digivolving" and "DNA Digivolving." And all of the characters have good personalities. First their is Matt, the cool rebel of the group and Izzy is the smart kid who wants to find out more about the Digital World.

Now the writing can be too deep sometimes, and the early episodes are loaded with way too many puns/jokes. But the later episodes are better and a lot more emotional.

The Digimon anime (like most Anime.) has a continuing story to it. So if you watch a late episode of Digimon for the first time then you might not know what they are talking about unless you watch the first few episodes of Digimon.

So far the biggest mistake I can find in Digimon is the Dub. Now I don't find the Dubbed version of Digimon to be the worst dub ever, but the corny jokes make it far from perfect. Other then that Digimon is an anime that is worth watching.

Overall: 9/10

SpongeBob SquarePants

The best cartoon Nick has ever aired. (Minor spoilers)
Spongebob is the best cartoon Nick has ever aired. Its full of lovable characters. I really enjoy the plot and the jokes.


The plot of the show is fairly simple. Basically its about a sponge whose name is Spongebob Squarepants living at the bottom of the ocean in a simple town called "Bikini Bottom." Spongebob gets in too all kinds of misadventures along with his friends.


Squidward has to be my favorite character on the show. Sure he is a bitter personality, but his bitter personality is what makes him funny. And Patrick, Plankton, Mr. Krabs, Mrs Puff, Sandy, and (sometimes) Pearl are hilarious. In fact I find everyone single character on the show great. My favorite episodes on the show is "Just One Bite", "Sailor Mouth", "FUN", (The "FUN" song in the FUN episode rocked.) "The Bully", and "Squeaky Boots." And Gary is very cool. I find it neat at how smart Gary is and the fact that he meows like a cat.

This is best cartoon Nick has ever aired. All of the episodes on Spongebob (except "Help Wanted", "Ripped Pants", "MuscleBob Buffpants", and the "Prehistoric Special.) are funny and worth watching.

Watch this, this cartoon is awesome!

Final Score: 9/10

Danny Phantom

What a great cartoon!
Before Danny Phantom came along the only good shows on Nick today were Spongebob and The Fairly Oddparents...

But now a cartoon entitled Danny Phantom has been put on Nick. You see I was flipping through the channels and I saw this cartoon. So I watched and I realized that this cartoon is great.


The basic plot of the show is about a boy named Danny who has is half boy half ghost. He became half ghost after one of his dad's machines (His dad is a scientist who is obsessed with catching ghosts.) turned him into one. Now as a half ghost boy Danny fights monsters, demons, and other ghosts. And like most teenagers Danny also has to face real problems as well. IE: Bullying, Teasing, etc.

Plot: 7/10


The animation is just like the Fairly Oddparents style of animation. Only its less bright. And even though the animation in both cartoons is almost the same I must say that Danny Phantom has better animation then the Fairly Oddparents. But other then that the animation in Danny Phantom is just plain average.

Animation 5/10

Basically this show is both serious and humorous. And the characters are neat. Also it has a lot sci-fi action in it too.

So if you want to see a quality cartoon on Nick watch Danny Phantom.

Overall: 8/10


An extremely boring cartoon.
When I first saw this cartoon I couldn't believe that Nick would air such crap. Although not as bad as Rocket Power/The Wild Thornberries Chalk Zone is still a crappy cartoon.

Chalk Zone is bad because of horrible voice acting, (Snap almost always sounds like he is yelling.), bad writing, and kiddy like episodes. For example each episode contains a cheesy rock song that even Barney wouldn't like.

The plot is nice. But its the only good part about the show.

And it seems as though Nick is being really lazy because this show is a spinoff of the crappy Oh Yeah! Cartoon series. I mean it would have been a bit better if Chalk Zone was an original series rather then a spin off series.

And every episode is basically the same. Rudy enters Chalk Zone, a big problem happens and everyone in Chalk Zone is afraid, Rudy encounters this problem, he then draws something to fix the problem, he fixes the problem, and everyone is happy. The end.

I wish Nick would stop putting such stupid stuff on the air today.

Anyways don't watch this show. It sucks.

Final Grade: D+

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