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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Ugh what a waste
Felt a very rushed ending to the trilogy. Sound track was non existent. Barely any humour. What also bugs me is that there is no clarification what species light fury is?! The director claimed that light furys are a sub species but Grimmel says i have a female and they mate for life but also In the same conversation he killed all the night furys, would it of killed them to clarify it even in a flashback, they had time to add another two lightfurys in the hiddenworld scene. Niether hiccup or astrid mention any differences infact notice her straight away as a female. The uae of the flashbacks, tho needed for the story they seemed rather random in there placement. Seems rather rushed not finished as it should be still leaves me with answers, did they settle on the bew island? Go back to berk? Is grimmel actually dead? What about the dragon trappers? What about the other dragon riders in the series, do they give up there dragons too? Why are the babies miss marked colour?

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