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Megan Is Missing

Don't bother
Don't bother seeing this film if you can avoid it. It turns out to be fetishist pedophile rape porn thinly disguised as a cautionary tale about internet safety.

To make it worse (if anything could be worse than rape porn), the filmmakers have jumped on the "Found Footage" bandwagon (such as "Blair Witch Project" and "Paranormal Activity") which not only glorifies the violence depicted in the film, but also serves to traumatize some viewers who may not understand that the "Found Footage" is actually fictional.

Oh, and as a bonus, you also get to watch ten minutes of a guy digging a hole.

Jonathan Creek

Excellent Series
I agree whole-heartedly with our other reviewer. This is an excellent series, and the chemistry between the lead characters is subtle and tangible. As of this writing, the series is currently airing on BBCA, and I would encourage viewers to check it out.

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