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Gold Diggers of 1933

THE best musical!
I've seen just about every musical out there (i collect 'em!), and this is my All-Time Favorite!!! Why? The storyline, cast, & great musical numbers! The cast "clicks" in this film like they did in no other ("Dames", and all the rest). Imho, no other musical comes near it, even the oft-touted "42nd Street".

I'm amazed/amused by the number of comments about the "pre-code" scenes (like this was something "terrible")..... all are EXTREMELY tame, compared to the garbage they have today (and which most people blindly accept). (Don't forget that burlesque was widely accepted at that time, as well...).

Sure, the film is "dated"! It was made over 60 years ago! U can enjoy it without making THAT comment.........

Btw....the cords on the violins is NOT a "goof"....the violins needed power to light up, didn't they? How else are you gonna do it back then?

They were removed during the sequences when the dancers would've gotten tangled up in 'em. It was VERY well done! Just sit back and ENJOY IT!!!

Local Boy Makes Good

One of Joe's Best!
Despite the other reviewer's opinion, as far as pathos goes, this is easily one of Joe E. Brown's best films, and easily outshines "The Freshman" (which, imho, was one of Lloyd's poorest films).

We've all been in situations where we're afraid of something/someone, and have to meet it, face it, if we are to move ahead in Life. Brown is the Every Man in this film, and we can all identify with him. (Much moreso than Lloyd).

Dorothy Lee & Ruth Brown are (as they would say in the 30's)"easy on the eyes", as well (!) and it's interesting to hear Lee talk about "sex", "libido", etc back then.

The Freshman

Sorry....but NOT his Best!
For years, it has been parroted that this is his Best Film. Allow me to disagree. What don't i like about it? First, the student's cruelty to Harold is, at first, annoying. As the story goes on, it becomes painful to watch; even HAROLD cries! Many of the gags just aren't that funny; the "unravelling suit", for example. Much too much time is spent on it, but it's just not that good for the time allotted to it.

The most redeeming thing about the film is the romance that develops between them; it's quite heart-warming & tender. (And, of course, i LOVE the jig he does when he introduces himself!).

Imho, "Safety Last" was his best film, followed closely by "Movie Crazy", "Girl Shy", "Dr.Jack" and others.

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