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The Movie Orgy

I saw both of them
As the Committee Chairman of the Sunday Night Student Film Committee at BSU, part of Student Program Board, I was approached by Schlitz to screen both the original Movie Orgy and Son of Movie Orgy the next year. Along with the movie, which was a compilation of B-movies, Army training films, commercials and other various stuff, Schlitz offered a dozen kegs of beer. Boise State University had a strict policy of no alcohol on campus in 1972 but I was not going to let 12 free kegs of beer pass on a technicality. Across the street, off state property, sat the American Legion Hall. They would not allow us to have just a kegger so I invented the Schlitz Movie Orgy Talent Show. You had to have a legitimate "act" to enter and there were no prizes as such... but there was free beer. It was a most awesome occasion but the next year when Son of Movie Orgy was offered, I was informed that no such repeat of the previous year would be allowed under threat of expulsion... both movie compilations were worth the watch but the kegger... now that was memorable...

Crazy Heart

Long awaited and well worth the wait...
I don't why it took me so long to watch this movie. It floated around in my backpack for almost a month... and then I viewed it twice in three days...

As one familiar with alcohol abuse issues and the way it tears lives apart, it was hard to watch in places. I kept thinking, "Uh oh... this can't be good". But first rate performances by the entire cast with special nods to Maggie (I can't type her last name), Colin and especially the small but pivotal role played so well of course, by Robert Duvall.

We need more of these kind of movies and not more slash and explosion flicks. T Bone Burnett excelled again with the music and I would recommend this Academy Award winner as a must see... Jeff Bridges is getting older and better. And he can play a pretty mean guitar!

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