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  • so after working for two exhausting weeks i took a couple of days off in which i decided to watch 2 classic movies as they are my favorite and i had Raj Kapoor in my mind i choose Awaara and Diwana because i never watched them before until now in Awaara it literally blew my mind really magnificent pure diamond piece of art

    Unfortunately Diwana is a whole different story i could not last the whole movie i stopped almost after an hour and half (i actually decided to watch Parvarish another golden classic for him ) to describe Diwana as far as i watched in one sentence too old Raj Kapoor too young naive Saira Banu too repetitive predictable story so overall too long boring movie

    if you want to watch something for Raj Kapoor pick from the list of golden classics as i always do from now on
  • first let me just say i used to love family guy i just can not wait for the new episode every week but unfortunately not anymore. the show now is neither funny nor even watchable it is just seems to be a waste of time something is lost and it reached to the level of barely being able to complete the episode in the last few ones in this season. this one is just an example with no story no jokes not even the sweet sarcasm they used to do added to that they actually sang which they did in previous episodes but it was never that dull aimless nonsense overall it is a very bad episode. i just wish they can manage and find what went wrong and in the future for more episodes like the old ones and less like that one or otherwise i think this show may be in his way to the end which will be very sad.
  • i am huge fan of superstar Rajesh Khanna watched watch and will always watch his movies . Prem Bandhan is really one of my all time favorite for him although the movie is a beautiful romantic story it is unique and different from his other movies that it does not contain the famous style for Rajesh Khanna romantic acting it is more mature performance the superstar as usual does an amazing persuasive work in both very different characters kishan and mohan especially with the psychological scenes Rekha is looking fabulous in this movie with some touching performance i think Moushumi Chatterjee is the loser in this movie as really there was nothing for her to add or to do i hated Lalita Pawar she was very loud and overacting in this one the songs are amazing and catching especially the one performed by helen locations of the island are really great and magic the story about amnesia on an island a man seems to appear out of nowhere does not remember even his name the local priest feels sorry for him adopt him giving him food, clothes and decided to call him kishan by chance kishan watched beautiful attracted chief of island daughter mahua while bathing and they both fall in love with each other she taught him how to be a fisherman her father gave him a house and they got married then one day kishen disappeared devastated mahua decided to look for him only to find out that he is a very wealthy businessman in bombay and by the name of mohan who is ready to marry another woman by the name of meena what will mahua do? will mohan ever remember her or will he marry meena? watch Prem Bandhan to know it is really an excellent movie that deserve every second watch it and you will not regret it.
  • one night like many nights i couldn't sleep as usual i picked a movie for my favorite of all time the only superstar in the world Mr.Rajesh Khanna last week i watched his revenge Awaaz and i really enjoyed it so i was very excited to see this one too and this movie proves to be more than my expectations it literally blown my mind it is a million time better than awaaz the superstar performance is excellent although it is basically a revenge movie it has a lot of dramatic romantic scenes which are the superstar specialty which as usual he mastered the entire movie. the 2 actress of this movie also did a great job both very talented and beautiful not to mention the chemistry of each of them with the superstar which in this movie was smooth and soft shakti kapoor added the action element to this one the only trouble was om shivpuri he was a little bit overacting. the music( by which i mean the 2 songs by kishore kumar) is really magic touching your heart and may leave some tears in your eyes in addition to that the story plus dialogue are very convincing and interesting location plus photography are wonderful over all the director of this movie did an amazing job holding the entire movie. it is a must see for rajesh khanna fans if you read this for an advice before watching give it a chance you will not regret it .
  • do you know that good sensation of happiness and satisfaction you have at the end of a good movie? well you will definitely have after watching masterji. one of those movies which makes you laugh cry and eventually enjoy a very happy beautiful ending the superstar rajesh khanna is my favorite actor of all over the world and all the time as usual brilliant performance in this one too i remember once watching one of his movies with a friend of mine and suddenly she screams this is not a human being he is an existence i like this sentence very much as he was really may his soul rest in peace. sridevi also did an amazing work in the movie it is up to her and the superstar that the movie is a masterpiece one of the kind watch it and you won't regret it whether you a rajesh khanna fan or sridevi
  • Warning: Spoilers
    this by far one of the most beautiful movies i have ever seen in my life really i am huge fan of rajesh khanna and this movie the legendary superstar did a great wonderful job very funny in the first hour then some action in the middle and tremendous heart touching and tears dropping dramatic performance in the last half an hours mehmood also did good job in direction and small role but the entire movie was on the superstar and he did an amazing job ashok kumar was good but hema malini role was unnecessary and nothing to add with her character yogeeta bali was so sweet and beautiful overall the movie is a nice family movie a must watch and enjoyable give it a try and you will not regret it.
  • i decided to watch this movie after a recommendation of one of my friends she said this is a very good one and i should give it a try so i watched it yesterday and i have to admit she was wright. A wonderful amazing tremendous one if you like me vinod khanna fan and or amjad khan fan so this movie is a must watch for you. the story is not that different of this era movies but what makes the different is the acting really terrific performances of every single one vinod khanna is as always charming talent with charisma in his movies mostly if not all it is always a beautiful journey till the end pran what to say about him the man fit in anything such a talent amjad khan for me he is the perfect only evil man of any Indian movie. overall if you like classic Indian movies as movies with suspense lost and found story very good drama little bit of romance and even some good songs and dancing this is your movie watch it and you will not regret it i am already going to watch it again and again really worth every second .
  • so when i couldn't sleep i decided to watch a movie i switched channels to find the ending of a movie introduction directed produced and written by feroz khan i said to myself feroz khan qurbani ,jaanbaaz ,dayavan okay let's give this one a chance Biggest mistake ever worst movie where to begin weak repeated story boring absolutely no chemistry or charisma of the entire cast not to mention there is no talent at all of anyone in this movie , feroz khan must hate his son to introduce him in a movie like this you know the sentence a career killing movie this is the living proof to that oh just horrible disgusting with every minute gives you more headache and abdominal pain. Piece of advice if you have some free time do anything watch anything but do not watch this movie this is a time of your life (don't worry like me you will not last the entire movie ) but even a second of this movie is a waste you will never get back. i give this one minus 10 stars
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i found this movie by chance online and as a fan of vinod khanna i decided to watch it and it happened to be the right decision. excellent movie i enjoy every minute of it the story about inspector vinod ( vinod khanna) who lost his life by Devi Dutt (kader khan)the evil man of the movie earlier in the movie a convicted murderer by the name sunil(vinod khanna number2) sentenced to death sunil happened to look exactly like inspector vinod so Comm. Din Dayal Kapoor (shammi kapoor) made the decision of replace inspector vinod with sunil to live vinod's life with his wife daughter and mother with the progress of the movie and the appearance of sunil mother and girlfriend we knew why sunil committed murder (noble reason of course) and you started to wonder about the end will sunil catch the killers of vinod? will he return to jail after that ? will sunil continue to live as vinod and if so what about his mother and girlfriend? the movie is really interesting although the story is repeated and has been made several times cast and acting especially vinod khanna and shammi kapoor are wonderful. overall it is a drama action and even good songs movie really a pleasure to watch. GIVE IT A TRY YOU WON'T REGRET IT.