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Army of the Dead

Too Long and annoying Female characters
The Plot is pretty Interesting but this Movie was clearly too long and the characters aren't really likeable, Dave Bautistas character was decent but the rest was very annoying especially the female characters. Overall not a Bad Movie,but I think this movie could be a lot better. For a Zombie Movie It wasn't that much gory and I expected also more Action.

The Beach House

LOL What a terrible, terrible Boring Film. That's it. That's the review.

Willy's Wonderland

Finally a very Good Nic Cage Movie !
I really liked the Plot with the Satanic Killers, I just wished there were more Gore and Blood,but in Comparison to Nic Cages Other "Weird Horror" Movies like Mandy and Color out of Space I prefer Willy´s Wonderland. It is a Entertaining Slasher Ride and it is always a pleasure to see Nic Cage in Such Movies. I would love to see a Sequel and the Soundtrack was nice too.


Final Exam

This Movie was mentioned in Scream 2
I only watched this Movie because it was mentioned by Randy in Scream 2. Final Exam is one the worst slashers I've seen. I Can describe this movie with one word : Boring. There is no Gore , No Suspense, No Plot, Nothing. It is just meaningless Dialogues for 75 Minutes and maybe 6 Minutes Slasher scenes (who are not even gory)

The Midnight Meat Train

One of the greatest Horror Movies - Underrated and Misunderstood.
I see there is a lot of Hate for this Movie, even from Horror Fans. The Midnight Meat Train is one of my all time Favorite Horror Movies, this Movie was one of the last Mainstream/Big Budget Horror Movies of the 00s who was brave enough to show us excessively Gore and Violent and a Bitter End, for a Big budget Movie this is extremely rare (Other Gory Horror Movies from this decade are the Saw Sequels, Hostel 2 or My Bloody Valentine 3D). In Fact the Plot is extreme suspenseful,dark, creepy and the characters are well written especially Kaufman and Mahogany. Mahogany is actually very creepy and unlike the Short Story from Clive Barker he is mute in this movie. Some People think because Bradley Cooper is in this movie they expect a clever Horrorfilm like The Shining, many would be disappointed maybe because this movie is too harsh and too violent. The Midnight Meat Train is a movie strongly fitted for Horror Movie Fans, yes this Movie was a financial flop but I'm very grateful to all Involved who make this movie happen,because this type of Movie is very rare, today even more. Thank you Clive Barker.

Live Feed

Entertaining - If you like Gore
Live Feed wasn't so Bad like the reviews here. This Movie was clearly Influenced by Hostel, the Plot is similar. Yes the Acting in this Movie was Bad but you should think this is a low Budget Movie. This Movie is only 77 Minutes long and I find this Movie Entertaining. If you like Gore give it a watch. Live Feed was better in my opinion than Famine (also Directed by Ryan Nicholson)

Alone in the Dark

Boring, stupid , dull - a very bad Slasher
How can this Movie have a 6.1 Rating ? This is one of the worst Slasher Films I ever seen. No Suspense , No Gore , Not Scary , Bad Acting , badly written , annoying characters (Sisters Friend = lol ) and a stupid Ending. I'm a Big Fan of Slasher Films but this one - skip it. 2 Stars for Donald Pleasence.

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Nice Action but Overlong with a Confusing Plot
I heard lot of praise for this Movie finally I seen It. The Actions Scenes are nice, but I find the Plot Confusing. Action Movies doesn't need a complex Storyline ,many Action Movies have a simple Story line and their work fine also I find this Movie is with 115 Minutes Runtime (without End Credits) too long. Overall a ok Movie but I think there are a lot of better Action Movies from the 90s.

The Corruptor

Underrated and Underappreciated Crime Action Thriller
The Corruptor is a well made Cop Crime Thriler with decent Action. The Car Chase Scene and the Shootouts was great and tough. Although this Movie is sometimes a bit Slow the Storyline is very Interesting , I just wish there would be more Action Scenes. The Corruptor is one of the most Underrated and Underappreciated Movies from the End 90s and Chow Yun Fat has a Big Charisma in this Movie.


Highly Underrated and one of the best Thrillers ever made.
Another Great Movie Directed by Joel Schumacher. 8MM is actually a very harsh intense , dark and suspenseful Psycho-Thriller , despite this Movie is almost 2 hours long Its never boring or slow. The Storyline is very Interesting and for a Hollywood Movie unique. Nicolas Cage performance was very impressing as well as Joaquin Phoenix. In my Opinion one of the biggest Highlights from the End 90s and Underrated. Andrew Kevin Walker is a very talented writer he should write more scripts similar to Seven an 8MM. Fully recommended for Thriller Fans.

The Editor

Boring , annoying and unfunny
This Movie is a waste of time, it is mostly not funny. The Characters are annoying and the Storyline is difficult to follow. 3 Stars for some nice Gore scenes and the Soundtrack. You have not miss much if you haven't seen this movie


This is NOT a Horror Film
Why is this movie listed as Horror ? This is surely not a Horror Movie,more a Dark Comedy Thriller and not even good one. The Characters are annoying and the storyline is weak and boring, at least this movie was short (without end credits 79 Minutes) give it a miss

Ying hung boon sik II

Wow This Movie has one of the greatest and stylish Action Scenes I ever seen !
Honestly, This is a Masterpiece from John Woo , although the Sequel from A Better Tomorrow has his fans, I think this Sequel is underappreciated. The Action Scenes are outstanding, The Shootout in the Hotel and the Showdown are both one of the greatest Action Sequences I've seen in a Movie. So much style, Emotions and Bullets. Personally I like this sequel more than the first one. I've heard Tarantino is a Big Fan of this Movie , I can see why. I Hope Chow Yun Fat and John Woo make a comeback and made another Heroic Bloodshed Movie similar to The Killer ; Hard Boiled and A Better Tomorrow 1-2, I miss both of them !

The Night Comes for Us

Another Overrated Indonesian Action Film
I must laugh at the Illogical Comments here, some people say there is only great Action If you want a great plot look anywhere else. BUT WHY is this Movie then 2 Hours long ? This is way too long for a movie with no real storyline. It seems also that the Plot is a Rip-off from The 1998 Movie The Replacement Killers. besides the Gory Action There are some really slow, dull an boring parts in this Movie, and the Acting was very Bad and I think the Director is talentless. Thankfully I saw this Movie for free.

Dead Silence

Enjoyable , Great Score and Underrated
Dead Silence is a movie that is a bit Under the Radar, the Acting and writing is decent, the Plot has some creepy moments. The Movie Score is brilliant if not one of the best Horror Movie themes. In my Opinion definitely better than most Modern Horror Movies. Enjoyable and Entertaining Movie , If you are a Horror Fan give it a watch.


Great Perfomance by Crowe and fast paced Psycho Thriller
Unhinged is a fast paced Psycho-Thriller with a great perfomance by Russel Crowe. This Movie mixed different genres like Psychothriller and Action and some Horror, Crowe is great as the Psycho, and the Car Stunts are well filmed. The only weakness is the female lead actress which is annoying at times. I would say one of the best Movies from 2020. Recommended.

The Frighteners

Cult Classic from the 90s
The Frighteners is a Fun Movie to watch , It's Perfect for the Halloween Time. Michael J. Fox as the Lead is solid , The Pacing is fast and the Dark Humor is enjoyable. I only wished more Gore in this (there is only one Gory scene in The Frighteners) Overall a very fun Movie that I saw many times and it's never get boring, in my eyes very underrated too . Peter Jackson should come back to the Horror Genre, Braindead/Dead Alive and The Frighteners are definitely on my Top 50 Horror Movie List. I would also like to see a Sequel to The Frighteners.

Hard Target

Cult Film with Amazing Action !
Hard Target is my Favourite Action Film (with Terminator 2) from the 90s. Amazing Action , Mainly Shootouts , Martial Arts Kicks and Stunts and Explosions. There is no other Action Movie that is almost perfect like Hard Target. Hard Target is a Action Friends Dream and John Woo made a great Job as well as Mr. Van Damme. Hard Target is definitely a Cult Film and one of the Best Action Movies ever Made.

Daddy's Girl

Mediocre Thriller with disappointing Ending
Daddy's Girl is a Mediocre Psychothriller with Plotholes and some Bloody scenes, except Mandylor the Acting and dialogues are weak. But the Biggest annoyance is the Ending. She was aiding with murder, throughout the whole Film , but kills her Stepdad and then become a avenger who hunts Serial Killers. Makes no Sense and to be honest the Ending has a Misandrist atmosphere. At least this movie was short (without End credits 77 Minutes) .


Street Trash

Boring Trash
6.1 for this Boring Garbage ? in 100 Minutes Runtime there are only 4-5 Gore scenes. The remain is just meaningless dialogues and pointless characters and the jokes aren't funny at all. The Incredible Melting Man is way better than this (though it's also not a great movie).

The Convent

Underrated Horror Comedy
The Convent is a Underrated Comedy Horror Splatter. This Movie is fast paced and there is much gore and some really funny moments. The only issue that I have with this Movie it is too short ( without End credits only 69 Minutes ). This Movie deserves more credit especially in the Horror Community. The Main Actress and Adrienne Barbeau was solid too. Fully recommended

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Boring and Slow
Wanted: Dead or Alive is a not much known Action Film from the 80s and it's not a good one. The Story isn't Suspenseful, It's Boring and Slow and Action Fans will be disappointed. There is not much Action here, some briefly shootouts and Explosions That's it. Not recommended 4 stars for Rutger Hauer the rest is forgettable

The Traveler

Decent B-Movie Horror Thriller
The Traveler is really not bad as people here say. I would say this one of the best Direct to video Movies in the past 10 years. This movie has a Interesting Plot and some really tenseful scenes, but the main reason why this movie is enjoyable is definitely Val Kilmer , he is Creepy and his acting is powerful. His Speeches are Interesting and give this movie a dark vibe. There is also some Gore and the Location in the Police Station was dirty and Harsh. Overall a interesting Horror Thriller with a great and really creepy performance by Kilmer. I can recommend it for Horror and Thriller Fans.

Lung foo fung wan

Great Crime thriller with some nice Action
City on Fire is one of the best Hong Kong Movies from the 80s. Chow Yun Fat is the main reason why this movie work, His performance is amazing , the Co lead Danny Lee ( Known from The Killer) is also great in his Supporting Role as one of the Gangsters., though this Movies is sometime a bit slow it has a great atmosphere. The Showdown has really some similarities with Reservoir Dogs and there are some Bloody Shootouts. I can recommend this Crime Thriller with a great Chow Yun fat. Tip : Watch the Short Movie "Who Do You Think You're Fooling?" It's on Youtube about the similarities between this Two Movies (City on Fire , Reservoir Dogs)

Masters of Horror: The V Word
Episode 3, Season 2

5.1 ? This was a nice Episode
Why the Low rating ? This Episode was absolutely enjoyable ,It has some nice atmospheric scenes and a cool Score plus there are some really good Gore Scenes. Director Ernest Dickerson made some great Movies in the past especially Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight, which is one of the best 90s Horror Movies in my Opinion. Overall a pretty good Masters of Horror Episode with Vampires. 8/10

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