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Dark and Depressive Cinematography
When a woman is found carbonized and petrified in a storehouse, Police Detective Stella Murphy (Christine Woods) is assigned by her chief Jake (Ross Partridge) to the case. Jake is Stella's former husband and they separated when their only child died in a tragic accident. Stella has just recovered from her loss and returned to the police department. The woman is identified as Kyoko (Saki Miata), and Detective Murphy goes to her home and meets her mother Seiko (Takayo Fischer) and her daughter Noriko (Karen Fukuhara). Soon Stella befriends Noriko and learns that her family has a secret power and is threatened by a mysterious biker (Miyavi).

"Stray" is an action film with a dark and depressive cinematography that could have been a great pilot of a series. The story has a great potential unfortunately wasted in a rushed screenplay that does not develop well the interesting and rich characters. Anyway, it is worthwhile watching this intriguing film with less expectations. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): Not Available


Time for Retribution
Sheriff Kyle Williams (Matthew Le Nevez) comes to Bywater to replace the missing sheriff and he learns from his deputy Fraser (Alex O'Loughlin) that there are other 47 missing persons in the area. He is summoned by the oil tycoon Fred Schist (Jack Thompson) to repress a strike led by the schoolteacher Teri Richards (Rachael Taylor) in his company. He also learns that Schist claims that he bought the native sacred land Dark Waters from the Indian Ted Sallis that vanished with the money. Further, a man called Rene Laroque (Steve Bastoni) is sabotaging the facility. Kyle gets closer to Teri while he looks for Laroque, and soon he realizes that something in the swamp seems to be protecting Dark Waters.

"Man-Thing" is an action-horror film based on the Marvel character visibly which is practically a rip-off D.C. Comics "Swamp Thing". The film is weak with wonderful landscape but poor special effects. However, it can be watched and entertains. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "O Homem-Coisa: A Natureza do Medo" ("The Man-Thing: The Nature of the Fear") - "O Homem Coisa" (DVD) ("The Man Thing")

Swamp Thing

Highly Entertaining
The American Alice Cable (Adrienne Barbeau) travels to a secret governmental bio laboratory of research in the swamp to replace a missing scientist. Soon she befriends the leader of the research Dr. Alec Holland (Ray Wise) and his sister Dr. Linda Holland (Nannette Brown) and she learns that Alec is developing a hybrid plant combined with animal with the intention to solve the world hunger. However, the ambitious and wealthy Arcane (Louis Jourdan) sends a paramilitary team to steal the research and kill all the team. But there is an accident and the formula spills on Dr. Alec Holland and set him on fire. He disappears in the swamp and Alice is the only survivor of the laboratory team. She hides the seventh notebook with the Alec´s formula and runs to the forest and soon she notes that something is protect her.

"Swamp Thing" is a different film by Wes Craven based on a D.C. Comics. The IMDb rating is unfair since the movie is highly entertaining. One of the greatest attractions is Mrs. "John Carpenter" Adrienne Barbeau, for whom the Swamp Thing falls in love. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Monstro do Pântano" ("The Swamp Monster")

The Horror of It All

A Documentary for Fans of Horror
Directors and writers Gene Feldman and Suzette Winter make a great documentary for fans of horrors. Narrated by José Ferrer, the documentary shows highlights of scenes of horror films and archive footages along the cinema history, and interviews with cast (such as John Carradine, Dana Andrews, Gloria Stuart, Martine Beswick), crew (John Carl Buechler), producers (Herman Cohen), writers (Robert Bloch) and directors (Roger Corman, Rouben Mamoulian) among others. This documentary was recently released on DVD in Brazil as a bonus in a Bela Lugosi box set. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "The Horror of It All"

The Death Kiss

Well Resolved Crime Film
While shooting a murder scene of the film "The Death Kiss" in the studio with the cast, crew and extras, the lead actor Myles Brent is shot for real and dies. His former wife and lead actress Marcia Lane (Adrienne Ames) becomes the prime suspect when the police find evidences pointing to her including a life insurance in her name. But the screenwriter Franklyn Drew (David Manners), who is her boyfriend, decides to investigate the murder case in an efficient way, trying to prove that Marcia is not guilty and finding the killer.

"The Death Kiss" is a mystery film with a good story. The usual villain Bela Lugosi certainly is the prime suspect of the viewers, but the plot is well resolved. The combination of comedy with crime is good and it is the first time that many viewers will see the 1932 ice box in a house. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Beijo da Morte" ("The Death Kiss")


Not Bad
After robbing a convenience store, the smalltime thieves Mickey (Bill Skarsgård) and Jules (Maika Monroe) head to Florida expecting to open a business with shell. However, their car run out of gas and they are forced to pull over on the road. They see a lonely house and decide to break into to look for another car or some gas. But they find a little girl chained on the basement and they decide to help her. Out of the blue, her parents George (Jeffrey Donovan) and Gloria (Kyra Sedgwick) arrive in the house and Mickey and Jules stumble upon them. And soon they learn how sick and disturbed they are.

"Villains" is a funny and entertaining black comedy film that never disappoints. Supported by great performances and a humorous screenplay, the movie is highly recommended for the fans of the genre. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

The Devil Bat

The Mad Scientist
In Heathville, Dr. Paul Carruthers (Bela Lugosi) is a prominent scientist that helped the local chemical company to grow. However, he is resented with the owners Martin Heath (Edward Mortimer) and Don Morton (Gene O'Donnell) that became rich with his research. Dr. Carruthers electrically develops a huge bat and prepares an aftershave lotion to attract the bat. Then he gives the lotion to members of both families to test and the giant bat attacks them in the neck and kills one by one. The snoopy reporter Johnny Layton (Dave O'Brien) and the photographer 'One-Shot' McGuire (Donald Kerr) are assigned by their editor from the Chicago Register to investigate the murders and Layton falls for Mary Heath (Suzanne Kaaren). But the bat continues to attack the members of the Heath family.

"The Devil Bat" is a funny horror B-movie with Bela Lugosi in the role of a mad scientist. Donald Kerr is responsible for the comic relief with funny situations and maybe the best is when he decides to forge a bat to take pictures to the newspaper and forgets the tag. Fans of Bela Lugosi will not be disappointed. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "A Volta de Drácula" ("The Return of Dracula") - "O Morcego Diabólico" (DVD) ("The Devil Bat")

Invisible Ghost

Silly and Messy Story
The prominent Dr. Charles Kessler (Bela Lugosi) lives in a house with his daughter Virginia Kessler (Polly Ann Young) and his servants and misses his wife (Betty Compson) that left him. When there is a murder in his house, Virginia's fiancée Ralph Dickson (John McGuire) is accused of the killing and sentenced to death penalty in the electric chair. Soon his twin brother Paul comes to Dr. Kessler's house, who invites him to stay in his house. Meanwhile, Mrs. Kessler is alive with neurological disorder after a car accident and hidden in the gardener's house that is secretly treating her. When she sneaks out of the house and sees Dr. Kessler in the window, he goes into a trance and turns into a killer. Will Dr. Kessler be stopped?

"Invisible Ghost" is a 1941 B-movie with Bela Lugosi with a silly and messy story. The black and white cinematography and Bela Lugosi are great but the plot is terrible. However, it is funny and entertaining despite the unbelievable situations. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "O Fantasma Invisível" ("The Invisible Ghost")

Chandu the Magician

Inspiration for the Creation of Mandrake?
After a long training with the yogi in India, the American magician Frank "Chandu" Chandler (Edmund Lowe) learns that his brother-in-law Robert Regent (Henry B. Walthall) has been kidnapped by the evil Roxor (Bela Lugosi). Robert is a prominent scientist that has developed the powerful death ray and the megalomaniac wants to use his invention to dominate the world. Chandu teams up with his beloved Princess Nadji (Irene Ware) and his sidekick Albert Miggles (Herbert Mundin) to rescue Robert from the claws of the dangerous Roxor.

"Chandu the Magician" is a delightful 1932 adventure with Bela Lugosi in one of his best performances. The viewer immediately associates Chandu, Princess Nadji and Miggles with Lee Falk's Mandrake (created in 1934), Princess Narda and Lothar. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is another association. Unfortunately, the hero Edmund Lowe is miscast, but the villain Bela Lugosi steals the show. Herbert Mundin is responsible for very funny scenes, like the one that he sees his miniature in the bottle's cabinet. The special effects are top-notch. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Chandu, O Mágico" ("Chandu the Magician")

Rawhead Rex

Cult Trash
The writer Howard Hallenbeck (David Dukes) is spending vacation in the countryside of Ireland with his wife Elaine (Kelly Piper) and children researching legends and myths for his book. Meanwhile, a farmer is trying to remove an old column on the field and accidentally unleashes the evil pagan god Rawhead Rex that begins a crime spree in the village where Howard and his family are lodged.

"Rawhead Rex" is a cult trash written by Clive Barker in the beginning of his successful career in the film industry. The plot is flawed and silly, but it is funny to see. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Monster - A Ressurreição do Mal (VHS)" ("Monster - The Resurrection of the Evil") / "O Senhor das Trevas (DVD)" ("The Lord of the Darkness")

Trauma Center

Tense and Entertaining Thriller
In Puerto Rico, the waitress Madison Taylor (Nicky Whelan) is dropping her garbage in a dumpster during the night when she witnesses the murder of a police detective by two men and is hit on the thigh. Lt. Steve Wakes (Bruce Willis), who was the partner of the killed detective, takes Madison to the hospital to remove the bullet to look for marks to identify the killers. However, she needs to spend the night in the hospital and goes to an empty floor under the protection of a police officer. But the two killers are indeed the corrupt cops Pierce (Tito Ortiz) and Tull (Texas Battle) and they will do anything to kill Madison and recover the bullet.

The underrated "Trauma Center" is a tense and entertaining low-budget thriller. The plot is not an Oscar winner and has clichés, but the film is not bad as many reviews indicate. Nicky Whelan steals the show with a great performance and Bruce Willis is also good in the role of a veteran detective. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Centro de Trauma" ("Trauma Center")

Lord of Illusions

Still Great in 2020
In 1982, a group led by a man called Swann breaks in a cult in the Mojave Desert to rescue a teenager from the evil leader Nix the Puritan. Thirteen years later, New York private detective Harry D'Amour (Scott Bakula) is assigned to investigate a embezzler that is spending money in Los Angeles and he stumbles upon the fortune teller Quaid (Joseph Latimore) that was tortured and murdered by two men. Soon he is hired by Dorothea Swann (Famke Janssen), the wife of the famous illusionist Philip Swann (Kevin J. O'Connor), to investigate the murder of Quaid. She invites D'Amour to go with her to a show of magic of her husband. When Swann is killed on stage during his act of illusion, D'Amour meets other illusionists in the Magic Castle where he learns that magic does exist in the beginning of his weird journey to the evil world of Nix.

"Lord of Illusions" is an horror film written and directed by Clive Barker and still great in 2020. The noir-style makes the film timeless and with an intriguing beginning. The special effects are ahead of time (for a 1995 movie), with good performance of Scott Bakula and the debut of Famke Janssem in a feature. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Mestre das Ilusões" ("The Lord of the Illusions")

Dark Star

Cult Trash
I am a big fan of John Carpenter and I do not understand why the Academy has not awarded him with an Oscar for his filmography. "Dark Star" is an amateurish college film by John Carpenter and in the 90's, a few years after the success of the Atari 2600, I found it hilarious. However, watching this movie again in 2020, I found "Dark Star" extremely silly, dated and boring. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Dark Star"

Combat!: Jonah
Episode 24, Season 5

The Jinx
Lt. Hanley is patrolling with a squad and the new replacement Hank Dolan believes he has the jinx to cause the deaths of his fellow soldiers. After a series of confrontation with the enemy, Dolan remains safe and sound while other soldiers die or are wounded. Soon the squad begins to question whether Dolan is invincible or not.

"Jonah" is a different episode of "Combat!", where an American soldier believes he has a curse and cannot be wounded. Further, he also believes he causes the deaths of his fellow soldiers. The conclusion is appropriate for the storyline. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Jonah" (Jonas")

Combat!: The Partisan
Episode 25, Season 5

The Maquis
Sgt. Saunders is assigned by Lt. Hanley to patrol a German area with a three-man squad. However, they are ambushed by the Germans and two American soldiers die. Caje is wounded and captured by the enemy and Saunders is also wounded and faints, and the Germans do not see him. When he awakes, he wanders and stumble upon a blind French woman in a small farmhouse where he passes out again. Saunders wakes up in the basement and meets Babette, who is treating him, and the Maquis Michael, who lives with her. When he learns that Caje is alive and imprisoned by the Germans, Saunders decides to help him to flee, but Michael says that he is healing his knee and cannot help him. But soon he uncovers a secret about Michael.

"The Partisan" is another good episode of "Combat!". The rescue of Caje by Saunders alone is engaging but hard to believe. The conclusion is also weak, with Babette leaving her home and walking to the Allied lines. But Claudine Longet and Robert Duvall compose a strong cast for this episode with great performances. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Partidária" ("The Partisan")

The Current War

Based on Historic Events
"The Current War" is a film slightly based on historic events of the competition between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse in the end of the Nineteenth Century. The plot basically neglects Nikolas Tesla in the dispute of distribution of electric power system to be used in the cities in the United States of America. Unfortunately I do not have the knowledge to criticize how true the events are but the pace of the film is a bit slow. However regarding the cast, the costumes and the art direction, the film is highly attractive. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "A Batalha das Correntes" ("The Current War")

The Hills Have Eyes Part II

The Sequel That Should Have Not Been Made
"The Hills Have Eyes" (1977) is a film still impressive and not dated in the present days. The violence in the world in 1977 cannot be compared with the violence in our days; therefore, it might have shocked the viewers that had the chance to see this film in those years.

The sequel "The Hills Have Eyes Part II" is a stupid and disappointing film that should have not been made. The characters are so imbecile that the viewer hope that they are killed by the sick locals. The only exceptions are the dog Beast, the blind Cass and Ruby that is wasted in this sequel. Robert Houston was probably ashamed to destroy his character Bobby and has only a cameo in this forgettable film. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Quadrilha de Sádicos 2" ("Sadistic Gang 2")

Deadly Blessing

Messy Supernatural Story
In a backward religious community called "Hitites" that lives in the Eighteenth Century, the pregnant Martha (Maren Jensen) is happily married with the farmer Jim Schmidt (Douglas Barr), who is a former Hitite. Their non-Hitite neighbors are Louisa Stohler (Lois Nettleton) and her daughter Faith (Lisa Hartman) that hate the religious community ruled by Jim´s father, the austere and fanatic leader Isaiah Schmidt (Ernest Borgnine). When Jim sees a mysterious shadow in his barn, he dies in a strange accident with his tractor. After his funeral, Martha welcomes her friends from LA Lana Marcus (Sharon Stone) and Vicky Anderson (Susan Buckner) that decide to spend a couple of days with her. When William Gluntz (Michael Berryman) disappears stabbed by a shadow, his father and Isaiah come to Martha´s farm looking for William. Then Isaiah makes an offer to buy the farm from Martha that says no and he calls her incubus. From this moment on, weird things happen in the community, Martha and her friends and Isaiah insists to blame the incubus.

"Deadly Blessing" is a weird slasher film with a messy supernatural story. Directed by Wes Craven, who also wrote the screenplay, it is very disappointing after "The Last House on the Left" and "The Hills Have Eyes". This film is the debut of Sharon Stone in a lead role in a feature and one of the attractions in the present days. Ernest Borgnine is scary in the role of the fanatic Isaiah Schmidt. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Benção Mortal" ("Deadly Blessing")

The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer

A Huge Disappointment
"The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer" is a prequel to the Mini-Series "Rose Red" (2002). The cinematography and the art direction are excellent, depicting Seattle in 1910 and a few years after. The cast is also great with good performances. However, the story is weak and disclosed in a very slow pace. The great mystery of the disappearances of women is never explained and there is no explanation about the evil entity that torments Ellen Rimbauer. In the end, "The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer" is a huge disappointment and never satisfies fans of horror, thriller, drama and romance genres. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "O Diário de Ellen Rimbauer" ("The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer")


Claustrophobic Slasher
While working in the night shift of a supermarket, the cashier Jennifer Ross (Elizabeth Cox) is harassed by her former boyfriend Craig Peterson (David Byrnes). Her coworkers protect her and soon they learn from the co-owners Danny (Eugene Glazer) and Bill Roberts (Danny Hicks) that the supermarket will be sold to the city hall. They lock the supermarket and promise to pay a bonus to the crew and ask them to reduce the prices in 50% to sell the inventory on the next days. But soon they are murdered one by one by a mysterious intruder in the beginning of a night of killing spree.

"Intruder" is a claustrophobic slasher that takes place in a supermarket during the night. The plot is funny and tense in many moments. The camera work is top-notch and the special effects are also great. The cast has the names of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell in a cameo. For fans of slashers, it is worthwhile watching "Intruder". My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Violência e Terror" ("Violence and Terror")

The Poison Rose

Underrated Neo Noir
In 1978, in Los Angeles, the alcoholic smoker and gambler private investigator Carson Philips (John Travolta) is hired to investigate the lack of news from the wealthy Barbara Poole, who is patient from the a mental institution in his hometown Galveston. Carson is reluctant to go, but his debts with sharks associated to the large amount that his client is paying help him to decide to go. Carson Philips is a former football player that left his town in disgrace after throwing a match. He also left his girlfriend Jayne Hunt (Famke Janssen) behind. Along his investigation, Carson meets the mysterious Dr. Miles Mitchell (Brendan Fraser), who runs the mental facility, and the mob kingpin Doc (Morgan Freeman), who owns most of Galveston. When the famous player Happy Chandler (Devin Ellery), who is married with Jayne´s daughter Becky Hunt (Ella Bleu Travolta), dies during a game, Carson Philips uncovers dark secrets in the town.

"The Poison Rose" is an underrated film neo noir. The story has all the elements of a film noir maybe with the exception of the happy ending. The screenplay is well-written with a great veteran cast, with John Travolta, Morgan Freeman, Famke Janssen, Brendan Fraser and Robert Patrick. The shape of the former athletic Brendan Fraser is impressive. This film is also the debut of Ella Bleu Travolta, the daughter of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, in a feature. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Bold Horror Movie
In 1971, on the Christmas Eve, a family heads to a nursing home to visit the catatonic grandfather of the 5-year-old Billy and the baby Ricky. While his parents go with the baby to discuss the treatment with the doctor in the office, Billy is left alone with grandpa. Out of the blue, he awakens and tells Billy to be afraid of Santa Claus since he punishes who is naughty. While driving back home, a killer posing of Santa Claus lures Billy's father that pull over his car on the road and Billy witnesses the killer murdering his parents. A few years later, Billy and his brother are raised in an orphanage run by the tyrannical Mother Superior (Lilyan Chauvin) that believes that punishment is the better way to educate children. Sister Margaret (Gilmer McCormick) feels that Billy needs psychological support but the Mother Superior does not agree. In 1984, when Billy (Robert Brian Wilson) turns 18 years old, Sister Margaret finds a job in a toy store for Billy. On the Christmas Eve, Billy´s chief Mr. Sims (Britt Leach) asks Billy to replace the employee that plays Santa Claus for the clients and their children since he is injured. The Santa suit associated to alcoholic drink trigger his insanity and Billy begins his murder rampage punishing naughty people.

"Silent Night, Deadly Night" is a bold 1984 horror movie that challenges the Christmas symbol of Santa Claus. The scene on the beginning of the feature with Billy witnessing the murder of his parents is also very brutal and cruel. The deaths and the special effects are original and do not disappoint fans of slaher genre. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Natal Sangrento" ("Bloody Christmas")

Hell Night

Brainless Slasher
The freshers Marti (Linda Blair), Jeff (Peter Barton), Denise (Suki Goodwin) and Seth (Vincent Van Patten) want to join the Alpha Sigma Rho fraternity and need to spend the night locked in the derelict Garth Manor as part of their initiation. The fraternity president Peter (Kevin Brophy) tells that the owner Garth killed his family but the body of his youngest son Andrew has not been found. Further, there are rumors that Andrew is still alive and lives hidden in the manor. Later, Peter and his friends May (Jenny Neumann) and Scott (Jimmy Sturtevant) sneak in and return to the mansion to play pranks on the pledges. But soon the group of freshers finds the tricks in the mansion while there is the beginning of a crime spree in the manor.

"Hell Night" is a brainless slasher, with a good storyline but awful screenplay. The plot has many flaws and the use of clichés and stupid decisions and situations. How operate with control and speakers in a house without electricity? Jeff and Marti seek out the killer with Marti holding one of his hands while the other holds the rake and the lamp. When they see monstrous killer, they decide to flee. Marti is escaping from the killer and finds a body on her way out and stops and returns to the mansion. The car does not start when Marti escapes from the serial-killer. There are lighted candles in the abandoned and locked manor. There are so many ridiculous situations that it would be possible to write a lot about this subject. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Noite Infernal" ("Hellish Night")


Power and Ambition
I read the news about the Fox News Roger Alles and his sexual harassment in my country in the past; therefore, I do not know details of this scandal. Further, I am not right wing. However, based on this shallow and sensationalist movie, it seems that the reporters and anchors are only opportunists looking for money from the tribunal. They were looking for better position in Fox News when they were unknown to the audiences and could have left the corporation without any sexual damage. Nobody is forced to be submitted to the boss in your employment. Go to the court years after when you are a decadent anchor seems to be opportunism to make easy money in these politically correct times. The makeup is top-notch. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "O Escândalo" ("The Scandal")

The Burning

Cult Slasher
One night, five campers of the Camp Blackfoot decide to play a prank on the mean caretaker Cropsy (Lou David); however, the joke goes wrong and Cropsy is totally burned. Five years later, he is discharged from the hospital deformed like a monster and immediately after he kills a prostitute using a pair of scissors. Then he heads to the Camp Stonewater and begins a crime spree, killing counselors and campers. Will Cropsy be stopped?

"The Burning" is a slasher that is a "Friday the 13th" rip-off and turned into a cult-movie along the years. The deaths are impressive and there is a lot of gore. The soundtrack by Rick Wakeman is another plus of this film. This movie is the debut of Holly Hunter, Fisher Stevens and Jason Alexander. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Chamas da Morte" ("Flames of the Death")

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