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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Pledging Mr. Johnson
Episode 4, Season 1

The Leg and the Frat Boy
When two men that are fishing in a boat in a lake find a severed leg, the police and Grisson and Catherine investigate the case. Soon the coroner puts together the leg with the body of the victim in the morgue. They learn that she was Wendy Barger and although she was married, her husband had not had intercourse with her for months since their marriage had practically ended. Soon they learn that she had a lover that lives nearby the lake and they had just had dinner and sex before her death. Further, she died before falling off the boat in the water. Meanwhile Sara and Nick go to a fraternity house to investigate the apparent suicide of James, a teenager that was pledging to join the fraternity. The leaders Matt and Kyle tells a story about the request of James, but Sara and Nick do not buy the story. Warrick is helped by Grisson to catch the corrupt Judge Cohen.

"Pledging Mr. Johnson" is another great episode of CSI, with another two good cases and the resolution of Warrick's problem with Judge Cohen. Catherine learns an important lesson with Grisson to be limited to the case with no speculations to avoid undesired consequences. The arrogant Kyle is an annoying character. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Implorando à Sr. Johnson" ("Pledging Mr. Johnson")

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Crate 'n' Burial
Episode 3, Season 1

Burial and Hit and Run
When a girl is murdered in a hit and run, Catherine and Warrick investigate the case. They find the car with the wrecked front in the garage of the old Charles Moore and he immediate assumes the accident. But they suspect that he is protecting someone. Meanwhile, the wife of a wealthy man is abducted and Grisson and Sara assume the case. Grisson listens carefully to the tape the abductor has sent and locates the victim buried in a box in the desert. Now they look for the criminals that requested ransom.

"Crate 'n' Burial" is another great episode of "CSI". The two storylines are excellent, and the CSI team succeeds to resolve the case, independently of their desires. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Caixão & Enterro" ("Casket & Burial")

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Cool Change
Episode 2, Season 1

The Suspects
Jim Brass is transferred to the police department and Grisson is appointed as the new chief of the CSI team. Holly Gribbs dies in the hospital, and Sara Sidle is assigned to work in an internal investigation. The whole team is feeling bad, but Warwick is worse since he had been assigned to supervise the rookie member. When a jackpot winner in a casino falls off the balcony of a hotel, Grisson and his team investigate the case.

"Cold Change" is a great sequel of the first episode of "CSI". The team has a new case to work while also trying to find the murderer of Gribbs. The plot is well-resolved again, with the investigation of suspects. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Mudança Fria" ("Cold Change")

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Pilot
Episode 1, Season 1

Promising Beginning
The CSI team, composed by the cop Chief Jim Brass, and the scientists Dr. Gil Grisson, Catherine Willows, Warrick Brown and Nick Stolkes, is short staffed and plenty of cases to be simultaneously resolved. There is an apparently suicide; a murder case of a trespasser; and a man lured and drugged by a young woman. When the rookie Holly Gribbs is assigned to work in the CSI team, Jim does not like and asks Grisson to stay with her in an autopsy. Holly intends to give up working in the CSI, but Catherine convinces her to stay a little longer and have the final decision later. The gambler Warrick is assigned to go with her to a crime scene, but he leaves Holly doing the forensic work while he bets in a horse for the corrupt Judge Cohen and himself. Meanwhile something happens to Holly Gribbs that will affect the whole team.

"Pilot" is a promising beginning of the "CSI" series. The plot is engaging, the characters are real and the cases are well-resolved, using science instead of force. The fate of the rookie Holly Gribbs is not good and looking forward to see whether she will survive or not. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Piloto" ("Pilot")

Rodeo Girl

From Horse Riding to Rodeo
In New England, the spoiled Priscilla (Sophie Bolen) loves horse riding and lives with her mother Abigail (Janet Caine). When Abigail decides to travel with her wealthy boyfriend, he gives the US$ 75,000 horse Lassie to Priscilla and she sends her daughter and Lassie to stay with her estranged father Duke Williams (Kevin Sorbo) in his ranch in Michigan. The snobbish Priscilla does not treat her father well, but soon she befriends his friend Laura Mae (Sherryl Despres) and his employee Sage (Derek Brandon). When they go to a rodeo, Priscilla decides to train to dispute barrel racing and Sage teaches her. Meanwhile, the wealthy farmer Carl Davenport (Mark Boyd) wants to buy Duke's land and his reckless son harasses Priscilla that is improving in the rodeo competition. When Abigail arrives in the ranch, Duke and Priscilla learn that her boyfriend was a con-artist and she does not have money to pay the price of Lassie, and will have to resell the horse. Priscilla vanishes and Duke has to take an attitude.

"Rodeo Girl" is a good family entertainment film, with the story of a spoiled girl that loves horse riding and has to stay with her estranged father that she has never met before. Priscilla's character is a typical 14-year-old unpleasant spoiled teenager, and the story should have included something that real hurts to change her behavior and attitude. The scene where the teenager drugs the horse should have had consequences for him. But anyway, the story is light and nice to see with the family. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Tempo de Mudanças" ("Time of Changing")

Fantasy Island: Once Upon a Time in Havana
Episode 4, Season 1

Family above All
Elena welcomes a Latin youth named Alma in the island and learns that she wants to get rid of her family for the weekend since they do not accept her life choice of being a drummer and percussionist as her grandfather was in Cuba. He was accused of murdering a man and sending her pregnant grandmother away to the USA and staying in his country. Alma is transported to Cuba in 1967, and she meets her grandparents and his brother in a club. Soon she learns secrets unknown by her family that explain the motives of her grandfather.

"Once Upon a Time in Havana" is a nice episode of "Fantasy Island". The plot exposes family secrets to a granddaughter and forces her to take a decision. In the end, family above all. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Once Upon a Time in Havana"

Green Room

Average Horror-Thriller Film
The punk rock band "Ain't Rights", composed by Pat (Anton Yelchin), Sam (Alia Shawkat), Reece (Joe Cole) and Tiger (Callum Turner), is short of money and has a show arranged by the radio host Tad (David W. Thompson) cancelled without previous information. Tad schedules a show with his cousin Daniel (Mark Webber) in a bar for the band in the countryside to compensate the group. When they arrive in their van at the location, they find that the place is a skinhead bar but they succeed in their show. They receive their payment and while taking their equipment back to the van, Sam notes that she forgot her cellphone in the dressing room and Pat returns without knocking the door. He stumbles upon a girl named Amber (Imogen Poots), her friend Emily (Taylor Tunes) stabbed in the head on the floor and a man from the bar holding Amber. Pat tries to flee and calls the police, but his band and him are captured by the employees from the bar and locked with Amber in the green room. Darcy (Patrick Stewart), who owns the bar, lures the police and decides that the witnesses are to be eliminated. What will happen to the band and Amber?

"Green Room" is average horror-thriller film, with a simple storyline. The running time of 1h 35 min. Is too long for such a short story and the screenplay cannot hold the tension along the movie. But it is worthwhile watching this film at least once. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Sala Verde" ("Green Room")

The Black Phone

The Phone From Beyond
In 1978, in Denver, the siblings Finney (Mason Thames) and Gwen Blake (Madeleine McGraw) live with his widower alcoholic father Terrence (Jeremy Davies). They miss their mother, who had psychic abilities and committed suicide. Finney is bullied at school by three mates, but his friend Robin (Miguel Cazarez Mora) defends him. When a child abductor known as "The Grabber" kidnaps a boy named Bruce (Tristan Pravong), Gwen has a dream and mentions reference to black balloons unknown by the public. Detectives Wright (E. Roger Mitchell) and Miller (Troy Rudeseal) come to the school to interview Gwen, but they do not believe in her statement. But when Finney is abducted by "The Grabber", he is locked in a soundproof basement and learns that the black phone on the wall is disconnected. But out of the blue, Finney receives phone calls from the beyond.

"The Black Phone" is a tense and creepy horror movie, with a good ghost story. The character "The Grabber", performed by Ethan Hawke, is scary and his masks are frightening. The acting of the cast is top-notch. Fortunately, the screenplay does not show any scene of child abuse and is not too graphic. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "O Telefone Preto" ("The Black Phone")

Last Night in Soho

Ghosts from the Past
In a small town in England, Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie) is an aspiring fashion designer that loves the 50's and 60's, misses her mother that committed suicide and lives with her beloved grandmother. When she is accepted by a college in London, she moves to a student housing but she feels disturbed in the dormitory with the parties of her mates. She decides to move to an old house owned by Ms. Collins (Diana Rigg) and rent a room. When she goes to bed, she mysteriously travels to the 60's during the nights and follows the life of the aspiring singer Sandie (Anya Taylor-Joy). She meets in a club the "agent" Jack (Matt Smith) and soon she learns that he is a pimp that turns her into a prostitute. Meanwhile, Eloise is affected by her discoveries and haunted by ghost from Sandie's past.

"Last Night in Soho" is an original horror movie, with a great story despite the flaws. The cast is excellent, and the production is very beautiful with the reconstitution of the 60's. Thomasin McKenzie is a promising actress and she is perfect in the role of Eloise. The soundtrack, inclusive with Barry Ryan's Eloise, is another plus of this good film. For Diana in the beginning is for the actress Diana Rigg that died before the release of the movie. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Noite Passada em Soho" ("Last Night in Soho")

Fantasy Island: Quantum Entanglement
Episode 3, Season 1

The egocentric and talkative Eileen travels to the Fantasy Island expecting to see her daughter Theodora and her grandson, and learns that they are also in the Island. She tries to talk to Theodora, but she does not see her mother. Meanwhile, the lonely and skeptical physicist Charles travels to the Island expecting to see something hat science cannot explain, and he meets Eileen.

"Quantum Entanglement" is a nice episode of "Fantasy Island". Eileen learns the old quote "we have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak". Charles learns the Hamlet's phrase "there are more mysteries between heaven and earth". And both meet each other. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Quantum Entanglement"

L'amante del vampiro

Strange Moments
Strange Moments The peasant Brigitta is attacked by a vampire, but her employer, Professor (Pier Ugo Gragnani), and the local doctor believe it is superstition from the locals and she died of anemia. In the Professor's mansion, a troupe of female dancers are training a play. When the young Luca (Isarco Ravaioli) returns, he meets his girlfriend Francesca (Tina Gloriani) dancing and proposes the group to go to a picnic on the next day. They go to a waterfall and Luca asks Francesca in marriage. She calls her best friend Luisa (Hélène Rémy), who is the fiancée of Giorgio (Gino Turini), to tell the news. However, the weather changes and Luca seek them out in the woods while Giorgio returns to the mansion with the other dancers. When the rain starts, they seek protection and stumble upon a nearby derelict castle. However, they are invited to stay by a mysterious Countess Alda (Maria Luisa Rolando) that explains that she lives there, and her servant Herman (Walter Brandi) brings tea for the guests. When Countess Alda needs to pull out of the room, Luisa leaves Luca and Francesca to snoop around and is attacked by an old vampire. Then the trio leaves the castle and returns to the mansion and soon Francesca notes that Luisa changed her behavior, but nobody pays attention on her.

"L'amante del vampire", a.k.a. "The Vampire and the Ballerina", is a vampire movie from the 60's with strange moments. The ballerinas actually are dancers, and there are boring dancing moments along the plot. The relationship of Herman and Alda is very weird. Francesca is afraid of the castle, but returns alone looking for Luisa. Luca has just asked Francesca in marriage, but leaves her to meet the Countess. But anyway the cinematography in black-and-white is beautiful and the vampires follow the traditional legend, fearing crosses and the sunlight. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Vampiro e a Bailarina" ("The Vampire and the Ballerina")

Billy Jack

Unforgettable Cult
The half-breed Billy Jack (Tom Laughlin) lives in an Indian reservation protecting the Indians; the stallions; and the students of the Freedom School, a peaceful art school run by Jean Roberts (Delores Taylor) and where the students can choose their own destiny. When the teenage daughter of the corrupt Deputy Mike Kn Tobey), Barbara (Julie Webb), is retrieved by Sheriff Cole (Clark Howt), she tells that she is pregnant and her father beats her up. Sheriff Cole and the local doctor (Victor Izay) ask Jean if she can lodge Barbara, she welcomes the traumatized teenager. But her father, together with the corrupt and powerful Mr. Stuart Posner (Bert Freed) and his coward son Bernard Posner (David Roya), initiate a campaign to damage the school and humiliate the students, while Billy Jack fight to control his temper against the bigotry and violence of the locals. But when he discovers what Bernard did to Jean, he has to use violence to defeat the evil from the town.

"Billy Jack" is one of those unforgettable cults that belong to my youth. I do not recall the first time I saw this film that is one of my favorite DVDs. The plot is certainly dated in the present days, but the utopic messages of nonviolence, to the prejudice and racial segregation of the Freedom School are still very beautiful. Unfortunately, peace is defeated by violence in end, like in real life. Most of the cast is amateur and Tom Laughlin and Dolores Taylor were married since 1954. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil)> "Billy Jack"

The Long Voyage Home

Strange Film by John Ford
The crew of the SS Glencairn, composed by lonely men, need to transport explosive ammunition from the United States to London, in the beginning of World War II. Along their journey, drunkenness, fights, suspicion, deaths, and trouble caused by the German planes, fill their lives. Only Ole Olsen (John Wayne) wants to change his life, moving back home to Stockholm, Sweden.

"The Long Voyage Home" is a strange film by John Ford, disclosing the loneliness of sailors in a time of riveted ships and beginning of the World War II. It is weird to see men being kidnapped in London to complete the crew of merchant vessels. Further, sailors seem to have only one way out of their lifestyle: when they die, and rarely by option, like Olsen. John Wayne, the typical American cowboy, as a man born in Stockholm, is also completely strange. The plot is neither a deep drama nor a comedy, and indeed is lost between the two genres. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "The Long Voyage Home"

Vikings: The Last Act
Episode 20, Season 6

Great Conclusion of a Saga
In Kattegat, Queen Ingrid becomes the ruler, after the deth of King Harald and Ivar. In Wessex, King Alfred wins the battle and Hvitserk becomes a Christian Prince. In the golden land, Ubbe shows justice with Chief Pekitaulet and the settlers and the native live in peace.

"The Last Act" is the last episode of "Vikings" and shows a great conclusion of a saga in the three storylines. Ingrid seems to have been accepted as a queen by the residents of Kattegat. The evil Ivar dies and his chameleon brother Hvitserk accepts the new religion to live in Wessex. Ubbe seems to be in peace with Floki in the golden land. Floki's advices in the end of the plot are great. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "The Last Act"

Vikings: The Lord Giveth...
Episode 19, Season 6

The Norse Teacher
In the golden land, Ubbe and the settlers are welcomed by the natives and they exchange gifts. They notice that Chief Pekitaulet speaks Norse, and they learn that a crazy man come to the land some time ago and Ubbe asks to visit him. In Kattegat, Orlyg discloses to the also slave Nissa that he will be free if he kills Ingrid. She offers to help him, having sex with Erik while he kills the Queen. Ivar plots an ambush to the Saxon's army in the woods and the invaders force King Alfred and his forces to retreat.

"The Lord Giveth..." is one of the best episodes of "Vikings". In the golden land, Naad shows why greed is one of the seven deadly sins. The return of Floki is the best part of the show. The Machiavellian Ingrid is smarter than some viewers may believe. In Wessex, Alfred's vision will certainly support the Saxon's reaction. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "The Lord Giveth..."

Vikings: It's Only Magic
Episode 18, Season 6

Ubbe and the settlers find a fertile land, with forest, fruits, water and animals, but soon they learn that they are not alone in the golden land. In Wessex, the Vikings terrify the residents while King Alfred joins force to confront the Vikings. In Kattegat, Ingrid prepares a witchcraft and Erik goes blind.

"It's Only Magic" is another good episode of "Vikings". All the three storylines are interesting and entertaining. Where Ubbe is? What will happen in Kattegat? How will be the battle in Wessex? These questions will be certainly responded in the next two last episodes. Looking forward to see them. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "It's Only Magic"

Vikings: The Raft of Medusa
Episode 17, Season 6

Land Ahoy
Ubbe and the settlers are still drifting on the sea. After a long period, they finally see land. King Harald leaves Erik and Ingrid to rule Kattegat while he sails with Ivar, Hvitserk, and several boats to Wessex. Meanwhile, King Alfred learns that the Vikings are coming and decides to flee from Wessex with an army and avoid confrontation to defend the town.

"The Raft of Medusa" has basically two storylines: Ubbe's one is very tiresome since nothing happens. However, the conclusion is promising. The best storyline is relative to King Harald, Ivar, Hvitserk, and King Alfred. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "The Raft of Medusa"

One Dark Night

Great Horror Movie
The seventy year-old Russian physicist Karl "Raymar" Raymarseivich is found dead in his apartment with six girls in a bizarre crime scene. His estranged daughter Olivia (Melissa Newman) and her husband Allan (Adam West) attend the funeral and the corpse goes to the mausoleum. Meanwhile, the outcast Julie (Meg Tilly) wants to join the sisterhood of Carol (Robin Evans) and her sisters Kitty (Leslie Speights) and Leslie (Elizabeth Daily). Her boyfriend Steve (David Mason Daniels), who was Carol's former boyfriend, advises Julie to give up, but she is determined to join. Carol decides that Julie shall spend the night in the mausoleum in her initiation to join the sisterhood, but she is jealous and intends to play pranks on Julie along the night. Out of the blue, the journalist Dockstader (Donald Hotton) visits Olivia and tells that he was a friend of her father. He also tells that he was powerful in telekinesis, using the life force of the fear of hitchhiker girls that he used to bring to his apartment to increase his power and inclusive controlling dead animals. He also leaves an audio tape to Olivia and asks her to listen later. What will happen to Julie, locked in the mausoleum?

"One Dark Night" is a great horror movie, with great story and very well constructed screenplay. The ending could be better, but does not disappoint. Unfortunately, the gorgeous Robin Evans has quit her short career a few years later. The special effects are excellent and the viewer may startle in some moments. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Numa Noite Escura" ("In One Dark Night")

Good People

Entertaining Action Thriller
In London, there is a heist of liquid heroin and a large amount of money from a powerful drug pin, but one of the robbers betrays the other threes mates, killing one of them and leaving the other two behind. Meanwhile, the constructor Tom Wright (James Franco) is happily married with his beloved wife, the teacher Anna Wright (Kate Hudson). They have moved from Chicago to London when Tom inherited a derelict mansion. Tom intends to renovate the house to have a fresh start in their lives and raise a family of their own. However, they are facing financial difficulties and are near to be evicted. They rent their basement for the tenant Ben Tuttle (Francis Magee) to help their expenses. When they find Ben dead in the basement, they summon the police. They learn from Detective John Halden (Tom Wilkinson) that Ben died of overdose of heroin. While cleaning the basement, they find a bag with a large amount of money hidden in the removable ceiling and they decide to hide and keep the money. A couple of days later, they decide to spend part of the money to pay their debts. But soon, the criminals and former partners of Ben, Jack Witkowski (Sam Spruell) and Bobby Witkowski (Michael Fox), learn Ben's address and look for the heroin and the money in the basement. They find the heroin and try to force Tom to give the money to them, but Dt. Halden arrives and save his life. But soon the drug pin Khan (Omar Sy) contacts Tom to reach Jack. And Dt. Halden has also an hidden agenda with Jack and wants to catch him since he was responsible for the death of his daughter. What will Tom and Anna do?

"Good People" is an entertaining action thriller, with a good storyline. The screenplay is well developed an the cast is great. There are certainly flaws in the story, but who cares? The most important is that t is worthwhile watching. The blu-ray released n Brazil has DTS audio but no extras. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Risco Imediato" ("Immediate Risk")

De lift

The Chip
The lift of a restaurant in the top of an office building locks four passengers inside without air conditioning system and almost suffocates them. Then a security guard is beheaded by the lift. The Deta Liften technician Felix Adelaar (Huub Stapel) is assigned to check the equipment and he does not find any problem in the mechanical and the electric systems of the lift. He stumbles upon the snoopy reporter Mieke de Beer (Willeke van Ammelrooy) and teams up with her to check the electronic component of the lift that belongs to the Rising Sun Electronics and they conclude that a microchip maybe the responsible for the erratic behavior of the lift.

"De lift" is an entertaining Dutch movie with an entertaining storyline. When the little girl approaches the lift killer, there is tension based on the DVD cover. The domestic problem of Felix with his wife is the weakest part of the story. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "O Elevador Assassino" ("The Lift Killer")

Vikings: The Final Straw
Episode 16, Season 6

Another Filler Episode
Ubbe has a difficult journey with the settlers due to the lack of water and supplies, and the weakest persons die on board. He also discusses with Othere. Meanwhile, Ivar and Hvitserk return to Kattegat and hail King Harald, while they are loathed by the residents. Ivar question his brother whether he took the right decision leaving Kiev.

"The Final Straw" is another filler episode of "Vikings". Ubbe, Torvi and the settlers deserve a better fortune than dying in open sea. The conspirator Ivar left Kiev with Hvitserk, where they were adored, to be loathed by the people in Kattegat. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "The Final Straw"

Vikings: All at Sea
Episode 15, Season 6

Three Good Storylines
In Greenland, the starving settlers fight the haywire Kjetill and his men to take part of the whale, but in the end they flee to a boat without water or supplies and sail away from Kjetill. In Kiev, Price Dir, Ivar, Igor and Hvitserk ride to overthrown Prince Oleg, but surprisingly they are welcomed by Oleg's army and people. Igor suspects it is a trap. King Harald is ready to get married with Ingrid and Gunnhild arrives dressing a white dress and wishes the best to the couple, but explains that she prefers to meet Bjorn at the Valhalla.

"All at Sea" is an episode with three good storylines with tragic fates. The conclusion of the saga in Greenland is expected. The unreliable Kjetill has always been a frustrated man with ambition of power and his destiny alone is great. Prince Oleg was a great surprise since the viewers expected another great battle with Prince Dir. Gunnhild's belief in Valhalla is perfect for the subplot. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "All at Sea"

Vendetta dal futuro

Brainless B-Movie, but Entertains
In the near future, the cripple and blind politician Rev. Arthur Mosely (Franco Fantasia) is confronting the corporations that are destroying the environment and is the hope of mankind in the elections. Out of the blue, he is attacked by a strong man, Paco Queruak (Daniel Greene), but he does not die. The FBI and the police hunt down the stranger that flees in a fancy car and travels to the Arizona. He stumbles upon the motel owned by Linda (Janet Agren) that offers him a job, and soon the troublemaker Raul Morales (George Eastman) becomes his enemy. When Linda falls in love with Queruak, he discloses to her that he is a cyborg, with 70% of implanted parts and 30% human. Meanwhile, the evil businessman Francis Turner (John Saxon) that has created the cyborg hires killers to murder Queruak.

"Vendetta dal future", a.k.a. "Hands of Steel", is a brainless B-movie, but entertains. The screenplay is not good, the plot is flawed, but surprisingly it is worthwhile watching. The Brazilian title refers to Keruak, instead of Queruak. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Keruak, O Exterminador de Aço" ("Keruak, the Steel Terminator")


Funny Comedy That Has not Aged
The twelve-year old Todd Dougherty (Billy Corben) is an imaginative boy that loves comic books and hates to practice violin. When he travels on vacation with his father George Dougherty (Alan Thicke), who is an architect, and his mother Abby (Molly Cheek), they meet his client Denise Gore (Robin Riker) that is building a house in the woods with George. Todd finds the footprint of the monster "Topopkin" in the woods, but nobody believes him. Out of the blue, his mother vanishes in the woods.

Six months later, George decides to get married with Denise, and Todd stays for a period with his beloved grandparents Shirley (Alice Hirson) and Norman (George Gaynes). When George discloses to Todd that he will marry Denise, Todd finds that she is a monster, but nobody believes him. His neighbor Wendy (Ami Dolenz) learns that Todd is telling the truth and together with her boyfriend Phlegm (Corey Feldman), they try to help him. Meanwhile, Denise eats a jogger and the paper boy in the neighborhood.

"Stepmonster' is a funny and highly entertaining comedy that has not aged. The plot is naive, but is certainly worthwhile watching. The last name of Denise is another joke. The conclusion with happy ending fits perfectly to the story. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Minha Madrasta é um Terror" ("My Stepmother is a Terror")

Vikings: Lost Souls
Episode 14, Season 6

The Time for Great Heroes Is Over
In Kiev, Prince Oleg promises to attack Novgorod and give painful treatment to those that have betrayed him. Harald takes over the position of ruler of Kattegat and proposes Gunnhild to get married with him and be the Queen of Kattegat. Ubbe and Torvi loses Asa and find that the land is not the promising golden land. When a whale mysteriously appears in the settlement of Kjetill and his family, Ubbe and the settlers learn how selfish a man can be.

"Lost Souls" has promising subplots to end the series: the confrontation of Prince Oleg and Ivar seems to be the best. The fates of Ubbe and his family and Harald in Kattegat are also interesting. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Lost Souls"

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