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Tales from the Hood 3

Four Scary Tales
While escaping from an evil thing, an old man (Tony Todd) listens to four horror tales told by a young girl (Sage Arrindell).

1st "Ruby Gates") The landlord David Burr (London Brown) needs to evict his last tenant, the Bradford Family, from his apartment building to make lots of money in a profitable construction business. However, the family refuses to leave the place since their son is treating cancer in a hospital near to the building. David decides to hire a low life to burn down the Bradford apartment to get rid of the tenants, but things go wrong.

2nd "The Bunker") A racist man is alone in a bunker promoting a white supremacy, but something unexpected happens.

3rd "Operatic") The backing vocal Chela Simpson (Savannah Basley) has an argument with the lead singer and is fired. She meets the agent Park (Jaime M. Callica), who introduces her to the former opera singer Marie Benoit (Lynn Whitfield), who is a wealthy woman and needs a caregiver. When Park convinces Chela to kill Marie to use her money to promote her career, she learns dark secrets.

4th "Dope Kicks") A small time thief robs defenseless people to rob wallets, cellphones, and sneakers. When he accidentally kills a victim, his aunt conjures a curse that affects his life.

In general, the tales are predictable but entertains fans of horror movies. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Contos Macabros 3" ("Macabre Tales 3")

Fire Down Below

Flawed but Still Entertaining
When the FBI agent Jack Taggert (Steven Seagal) learns that his best friend Frank Elkins (John Diehl) was murdered while investigating the dumping of toxic waste in the Appalachia mountains, he decides to assume the case undercover to proceed the investigation. His point of contact is the local Rev. Goodall (Levon Helm) and soon he befriends the outcast Sarah Kellogg (Marg Helgenberger) and Cotton (Harry Dean Stanton) posing of Mr. Fixit working for the church. Jack Taggert finds that the locals have a secret about a huge corporation that is dumping toxic waste hidden in old mines and he decides to confront the king pin of the operation.

"Fire Down Below" is a flawed but still entertaining film with Steven Seagal in the lead role. The plot has many shallow scenes, but Warner Bros. Edited many sequences and maybe this procedure lost various explanations. Anyway, it is worthwhile watching this action movie. The soundtrack is top-notch. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Ameaça Subterrânea" ("Underground Menace")

Stargate SG-1: Ethon
Episode 15, Season 9

The End of a Titan
Jared Kane, from Tegalus, comes to the Stargate Command and discloses that the Rand Protectorate have negotiated with the Ori and received a satellite weapon to destroy the Caledonian Federation. The SGC agrees to send Prometheus to Tagalus to destroy the weapon. However, Kane and Jackson are lured by a peace offer from Col. Pendergast and are imprisoned by the deranged Rand commander. Further, the satellite weapon attacks Prometheus. What will happen next?

"Ethon" is a brainless full of action episode. There are many inconsistencies, such as: (a) the war between the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation is eternal. Why should Jared be worried with the destruction of his enemy?

(b) why Jared Kane and Daniel Jackson are so easily by lured Col. Pendergast?

The destruction of Prometheus would be enough to destroy both Federations. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Ethon"

Stargate SG-1: Stronghold
Episode 14, Season 9

Is Democracy Possible?
The Jaffa High Council is in a meeting to discuss the implementation of democracy in the Jaffa nation. One of the pro-democracy leaders. Ka'lel, is allied of Bra'tac and Teal'c, but out of the blue, she changes her position. One old leader, Maz'rai, tells Bra'tac and Teal'c that he will meet Ka'lel to discuss her new position, but in the next meeting, he changes his position too. What is happening to the Jaffa High Council members? Meanwhile, Mitchell meets his old friend Ferguson in a hospital and learns he is terminal.

"Stronghold" is an episode where the implementation of democracy in an oppressed nation is not easy. The political plot is shallow, and the drama of Mitchell is more interesting. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Stronghold"

Stargate SG-1: Ripple Effect
Episode 13, Season 9

The Real SG-1
When the SG-1 returns earlier from an assignment in another planet, they realize that General Landry and their team are not in agreement with their last achievements. But soon an identical SG-1 team arrives on the scheduled time and Dr. Lam finds that they are identical. Sam concludes that they belong to a parallel universe and a breach in the Stargate might have opened and brought them to our universe. But soon others SG-1 teams arrive from other universes and Samantha, Martouf and the other Sams team-up to find a way to send them all back home.

Despite the bad reviews, "Ripple Effect" is a highly entertaining episode of "Stargate SG-1". The plot is funny and Amanda Tapping and her Doppelgangers of Samantha Carter steal the show. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Ripple Effect"


Promising but Without Conclusion
"Crusade" is a spin-off "Babylon 5" composed of thirteen episodes but without conclusion of the lead plot.

The plot is based on a virus released on Earth by the aliens Drakh that will decimate the global population in five years. Captain Matthew Gideon is assigned to command the starship Excalibur and search for the cure exploring the galaxy. Along his journey, he lives adventures with his crew in the outer space.

The lead characters are reasonable: Captain Matthew Gideon (Gary Cole) is the best and most interesting one. Lt. John Matheson (Daniel Dae Kim) is a telepath not allowed to use his abilities that are pointless. Max Eilerson (David Allen Brooks) is an annoying character. Galen (Peter Woodward) and Dureena Nafeel (Carrie Dobro) are promising and should be better developed. Dr. Sarah Chambers (Marjean Holden) is expressionless in an important role.

The special effects are poor, even for a 1998 TV Series, but it was worthwhile watching the DVD Box. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): Not Available.


Magnificent Anti-War Film
In 1942, German soldiers are recovering in Italy after combating in North Africa. Soon they are sent to Russia to fight in the cold winter in the Battle of Stalingrad. The film follows the fate of a group of German soldiers in the brutal winter of Russia.

"Stalingrad" is a magnificent and heartbreaking anti-war movie, showing the despair and disillusionment of German soldiers and officers during the Battle of Stalingrad. This film is highly recommended to show German soldiers as simple men sent to the war at any cost to follow orders from insane superiors and government. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Stalingrado - A Batalha Final" ("Stalingrad - The Final Battle")

Brestskaya krepost

Great Russian-Belarusian War Movie
"Brestskaya krepost", a.k.a. "Fortress of War", is a great Russian-Belarusian war movie based on a true story and told through the eyes of the fifteen year-old boy Sashka Akimov (Alyosha Kopashov), the only survivor of the German massacre in the invasion of Soviet Union in 1941.

The screenplay narrates through Sashka´s eyes the pacific lives of the dwellers at the Brest Fortress and the preoccupation of a Red Army officer with the imminent war against .Germany. On the next morning, the location is bombarded by the German artillery, killing soldiers and civilians in the beginning of days of terror and resistance of the Soviet soldiers and civilians under siege of the German forces.

"Brestskaya krepost" is a film to be seen and re-seen, with magnificent performances and heartbreaking story. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "A Resistência (2010)" ("The Resistance")


Raised to Revenge
In the wilderness of Finland, the former CIA agent Erik Heller (Eric Bana) raises his teenage daughter Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) to be an assassin since she was a child with the intention of killing the CIA agent Marissa Wiegler (Cate Blanchett). When Hanna is sixteen years old, she feels ready for her assignment and activates a radio beacon in her cabin, exposing her position to Marissa, in the beginning of her adventure to confront the dangerous Marissa and learn a secret about her origins.

"Hanna" is a great action movie with excellent performances. The duel between Hanna and Marissa is engaging and the hidden secret is a plus in the story. Unfortunately the marketing of this film was weak and many people do not know it. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Hanna"

The Witches

A Remake Absolutely Unnecessary, But Also Funny
The timeless Nicolas Roeg's "The Witches" (1990) is one of the most delightful movies from the 90's. Great performance, with Anjelica Huston fantastic and great make-up and special effects that have not aged after more than thirty years.

"The Witches (2020)" by Robert Zemeckis is a remake absolutely unnecessary, with the same story and modernizations (Afro-American lead actor and grandmother, state-of-art special effects etc.). However, the book by Roald Dahl is great and this film is fail-proof for children and adults. Consequently it is also funny. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Convenção das Bruxas" ("Witches Convention")

Stargate SG-1: Collateral Damage
Episode 12, Season 9

The Implanted Memories
Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell accepts to be the guinea pig of an experiment of the Galarans relative to implanted memories. Mitchell has one night stand with the scientist Dr. Reya Varrick and on the next morning, she is found dead and Mitchell is the prime suspect of her death. He asks to be investigated since he would never killed her despite of all evidences.

"Collateral Damage" is a predictable episode of the "Stargate SG-1", but very engaging. The plot has many twists and the conclusion is surprising. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Collateral Damage"

Stargate SG-1: The Fourth Horseman: Part 2
Episode 11, Season 9

The Surprising Conclusion
The Prior Gerak tries to convinve the Jaffa Council about the benefits of the Origin. Meanwhile the pandemic is spreading on earth. Gerak discloses to Teal'c that he wished to save Jaffa lives and takes a surprising attitude.

"Stargate SG-1 - The Fourth Horseman: Part 2" is an episode with a good conclusion a surprising attitude of Gerak. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "The Fourth Horseman: Part 2"

Stargate SG-1: The Fourth Horseman: Part 1
Episode 10, Season 9

The Plague
When SG-6 returns to Earth, they bring a plague released by the Ori, it becomes a pandemic that affects the whole planet. Meanwhile, Gerak meets a Prior in Dakar and tells that the Book of Origin is to be followed by the Jaffa and tries to convince the Council. Orlin returns in the shape of a child to keep more information in his human brain and discloses the truth about the false promises of the Ori. What will happen to the human race and to the Jaffa?

"The Fourth Horseman: Part 1" is one of the best episode of the Ninth Season of Stagate-SG-1. All the segment are highly attractive and the Ori Plague in the present days of Covid-19 is more realistic than never. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "The Fourth Horseman: Part 1"

Miss Sloane

One of the Best Thrillers Recently Released
In Washington D. C., the lobbyist Madeline Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) decides to move to a minor agency owned Rodolfo Vittorio Schmidt (Mark Strong) as a challenge in her successful career. While facing the Powers That Be, she has to prove her competency paying a high-cost.

"Miss Sloane" is one of the best thrillers recently released by the Cinema Industry. The powerful story and screenplay has complex dialogs and the magnificent Jessica Chastain in the lead role. This is the type of film that deserves to be watched more than once. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Armas na Mesa" ("Weapons on the Table")

Cherry Bomb

Awful Low-Budget Film
The stripper Cherry Bomb (Julin) is gang-raped by five clients in the VIP room of the night-club where she works. She is sent to the hospital where her estranged brother Brandon (John Gabriel Rodriquez) overhears her statement to a corrupt police detective. He decides to collect money from one of the assaulters, who is a drug-dealer, to pay the hospital bill of his sister but they have an argument and Brandon kills the drug dealer and his girlfriend. Cherry decides to revenge her assault and teams-up with her brother. Meanwhile the dangerous hit-man Bull (Allen Hackley) is hired to kill the siblings. Who hired Bull?

"Cherry Bomb" is one of the awfulness low-budget movie ever made. The plot of this terrible story is full of flaws and holes; weak actors and actresses; poor locations, lightning, make-up, effects etc. Now I understand the low-price of this Blu-ray. In the end, it is not worthwhile watching this film. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): Not Available


Weird Dream-like Movie
A man is found wandering on the streets and sent to the hospital in a near-death condition. While the medical team treats him, he dreams with his last moments after the explosion of his laboratory. He was researching a powerful explosive named Krakatit and his guilty makes him travels in a nightmare seeking peace in his mind.

"Krakatit" is a weird dream-like Czech movie. In 1948, it was probably a little gem. But today it is a little tiresome, although worthwhile watching. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Krakatit"


Still Impressive in 2021
In Sheffield, ordinary people from the working class live their lives while the television news report the escalation of the tension between United States of America and Soviet Union after the invasion of Iran by the soviets. People in general do not pay much attention until the day they realize that a nuclear attack may happen and affect the mankind.

"Threads" is a realistic film still impressive in 2021. In 1984 it was scarier with the Cold War, but in the present days it is still frightening since unstable Powers that Be may press the feared button. The effects of the nuclear holocaust in the population of Sheffield is dreadful. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Catástrofe Nuclear" ("Nuclear Catastrophe")


Heartbreaking with Top-Notch Performance
The mentally disabled Charly (Cliff Robertson) is a sweet adult that works as janitor in a bakery and tries to learn how to read and write in a night school. His teacher, Mrs. Alice Kinnian (Claire Bloom), brings Charly to participate in an experiment in a clinic led by the surgeon Dr. Nemur (Leon Janney) and the psychologist Dr. Straus (Lilia Skala). Charly has to race through mazes with a mouse named Algernon that was submitted to a brain surgery and he always lose. But Mrs. Kinnian convinces Dr. Nemur to operate Charly that increases his intelligence to a genius. But soon he learns the effects of the experiment and questions the result.

"Charly" is a heartbreaking film with top-notch performance of Cliff Robertson. The plot is very well-constructed, showing the two worlds of Charly before and after the surgery. The conclusion is very sad. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Os Dois Mundos de Charly" ("The Two Worlds of Charly")


Dirty Money and Thieves
"Money" is a film with an interesting beginning: two couples are having a dinner party when a new neighbor knocks at the door and is invited by the hostess to join the party. Soon the social masks of hosts and guests fall and the real character of each player is disclosed in a cat and mouse game. Unfortunately the screenplay is absolutely flawed and the characters are non-likable and stupid (with the exception of the gardener). There are unanswered questions, like how the manipulative John knows so many details of Sylvia and Mark lives and home. The tart Christina is maybe the most stupid character. How the Sylvia, Mark and Sean discuss personal problems in front of John and Christina? What happened to Sean's car and his body? Was the police informed about his fate? My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Dinheiro em Jogo" ("Money at Stake")

All Things to All Men

Confused Screenplay and Edition
"All Things to All Men" is a film where the viewer has great expectation, based on the names of the veteran actors Gabriel Byrne, Rufus Sewell and Julian Sands. Unfortunately confused screenplay and edition does not help and this film frustrates any expectation. The deleted scenes in the Blu-Ray disc shows important parts that should have been included in the final cut. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "O Jogo Mortal" ("The Deadly Game")

Je t'aime, je t'aime

Dated and Boring in 2021
In a Parisien hospital, Claude Ridder (Claude Rich) recovers from an attempted suicide and is invited to join an experiment of time travel by an agency. He learns that they have succeeded with mice and now they need to use a human to prove their theory is a risky experiment. Claude accepts to participate and while in his fragmented journey, the viewer learns why the tried to commit suicide.

"Je t'aime, Je t'aime" is a French Sci-fi directed by Alain Resnais based on a story by Jacques Sternberg. The plot, using fragmented flashbacks, is certainly cult for those who had the chance to watch this film in 1968. However, in 2021, it is dated and boring. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Eu te Amo, Eu te Amo" ("I LoveYou, I LoveYou")

The Bad Nun

Awful Low-Budget Film
"The Bad Nun" is an amateurish low-budget film where nothing works: the story and the screenplay are awful, with no development of characters or situations. The performances are forgettable and the dialogs are boring and histrionic many times. The cinematography, lighting, camera work and framing are terrible and amateurish. Better off not wasting your time watching this flick. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil):"O Mistério do Convento" ("The Mystery of the Convent")

Yi jiu si er

Magnificent and Heartbreaking Chinese Epic
In 1942, China and Japan are in war. In Henan, the drought brings famine to the locals, but the wealthy landlord Master Fan Dianyuan (Guoli Zhang) has enough grains and food to supply to the villagers. Out of the blue, the village is looted by a gang of bandits that kills Fan's son and burns down the village to the ground. Master Fan is forced to flee with his wife, daughter and daughter-in-law and his servant Shuan Zhu (Mo Zhang) and they join the refugees. Along their journey, they are rob by the Chinese soldiers and bombed by the Japanese airplanes. Soon the starvation reaches Master Fan and his family with tragic consequences. Meanwhile he stumbles on the road upon the snoopy Time correspondent Theodore Harold White (Adrien Brody) that heads to Henan to investigate the famine and finds evidences of cannibalism among the survivors of the starvation.

The underrated "Yi jiu si er", a.k.a."Back to 1942", is a magnificent and heartbreaking Chinese epic, with the sad drama of the Second Sino-Japanese War. The plot follows the journey of the landlord Master Fan from his wealthy village to the need to selling his daughter to prostitution for food. The only problem is that it seems that in Mandarin the character speaks less to say the same thing in English. Therefore, it is hard to follow the English subtitles in the Blu-Ray and the end of some sentences is lost. But anyway, it is difficult to understand how an intelligent viewer can rate this film with less than eight. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

Vertical Limit

Great Special Effects Twenty Years after the Release
While climbing a mountain in Utah, Royce Garrett (Stuart Wilson) and the siblings Peter (Chris O'Donnell) and Annie (Robin Tunney) have an accident provoked by amateurish climbers and are supported by only one nut. Royce orders his son to cut the rope and let him fall to save Annie and him. Three years later, Peter Garrett is a photographer of the National Geographic assigned to cover the climbing of the millionaire Elliot Vaughn (Bill Paxton) to the K2. For his surprise, his estranged sister Annie is part of Elliot's crew that will be guided by the experienced climber Tom McLaren (Nicholas Lea). But they have an accident and now the only hope for Annie, Elliot and Tom is the six-man crew joined by Peter and led by the experienced, but unstable climber Montgomery Wick (Scott Glenn), who lost his wife in the K2.

"Vertical Limit" is a film that has not aged with great special effects twenty years after the release. The plot is flawed but tense, with six persons risking their lives to save only three. But the film is entertaining and worthwhile watching on Blu-Ray. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Limite Vertical" ('Vertical Limit")

Twelve Monkeys

Ahead of the Time
In 1996, a deadly virus is released by a terrorist group known as The Army of the Twelve Monkeys and wipes out 5 billion people from Earth and the survivors are forced to live underground. In 2035, the prisoner James Cole (Bruce Willis) is forced to return to 1996 to find the original virus to help the scientists to research the cure to mankind. However, he is mistakenly sent to 1990 and locked up in a mental institution, where he meets the lunatic Jeffrey Goines (Brad Pitt). James Cole unsuccessfully tries to explain his assignment to the doctors, including the psychiatrist Kathryn Railly (Madeleine Stowe) that is responsible for his treatment, and then he tries to escape but is incarcerated in a cell. Out of the blue, he vanishes, in the beginning of the incredible journey of James Cole.

"Twelve Monkeys" (1995) is a sci-fi ahead of the time. The plot has many details that requires the viewer to watch this film more than once to fully understand the story. Watching "Twelve Monkeys" again in 2021 is particularly scary in times of the pandemic Covid. Hope that the history does not follow fiction. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Os 12 Macacos" ("The 12 Monkeys")

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