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The Rookie: Plain Clothes Day
Episode 14, Season 1

Alone in the Field
On the 100th day in the police department, it is the Plain Clothes Day and Nolan, Lucy and West are assigned to work without the support of their TOs that are dressing Plain clothes. Nolan and Lucy commit mistakes in their decisions but they overcome and resolve the situations. West wants to beat the marks of his father, but he learns a lesson.

"Plains Clothes Day" is an episode of "The Rookie" with learning lessons to Nolan, Lucy and West. Talia is one of the best characters of this series and her attitudes are commendable, as usual. The tough Tim has a different style but also supports Lucy in a strange way. West seems to be loosing his arrogance with the support of Lopez. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Dia à Paisana" ("Plian Clothes Day")

The Rookie: Caught Stealing
Episode 13, Season 1

The Robbery
After a drug bust, the police apprehend one million dollars in cash. Nolan, Lucy and West are assigned to guard the money until the detective team arrive to count and transport the money to a safe place. Later, the detectives find that two hundred and fifty thousand dollars are missing, and Nolan, Lucy and West become the prime suspect.

"Caught Stealing" is another great episode of "The Rookie". The full of action conclusion, with Nolan, Lucy and West clearing their names, is excellent. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "O Roubo" ("The Robbery")

The Rookie: Redwood
Episode 11, Season 1

The Costs of a Politician
When the Vice President of the United States comes to LA for an unscheduled visit, there is a high cost for the city. The secret service assigns the LAPD to give the support for the passage of the VP entourage, jamming the traffic on the streets. Lucy has an incident with a needle and has to go to the hospital with Tim. Meanwhile Talia and Nolan witness a robbery in progress and ask for assistance from the police force that is compromised with the safety of the Vice-President.

"Redwood" is another good episode of "The Rookie". It shows the behavior and the costs of a politician in many countries. The drama of Lucy is extremely dramatic but Nolan and Talia risking their lives to save a low-life is not credible. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Redwood"

The Rookie: Flesh and Blood
Episode 10, Season 1

Switching Pairs
Nolan welcomes his son Henry that arrived in LA to visit him. Meanwhile, Captain Zoe Andersen orders that Sgt. Grey and she should patrol the streets of LA with the rookies to have contact with the field work. She selects Lucy and Sgt. Grey chooses Nolan to go with him. Henry and Sgt. Grey daughter Dominique befriend each other while their fathers are working. Tim and Talia are joined in the patrol and their relationship is conflicting. Angela and West help the cocky and arrogant lawyer Wesley Evers and West feels a crush between Angela and Wesley.

"Flesh and Blood" is an entertaining episode of "The Rookie". The episode is funny, despite the dramatic moment of the man's suicide. Love is in the air with Angela and Wesley. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Carne e Osso" ("Flesh and Bone")

The Rookie: Standoff
Episode 9, Season 1

Trapped in the Building
Lucy spends the night with Nolan and while she is having a shower, the brother of the criminal killed by Nolan invades his house and attacks Nolan that defends himself and subdues the man. Now he has to lie to Commander Percy West to protect Lucy. Meanwhile, Isabel is found in an alley with a shot in her head and Talia, Tim, Angela, Lucy and West are assigned to arrest the criminal Marcus Vance, who shot her, in the dangerous Bronson Building. Soon they learn that their radios and cellular are jammed by a system in the basement and they need to fight for their lives.

"Standoff" is another great episode of "The Rookie". The conclusion of "Time of Death" is another top-notch episode with intense shoot-outs. The internal conflict of Nolan is silly and moralist and the weaker part of the show. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Confronto" ("Confrontation")

The Rookie: Time of Death
Episode 8, Season 1

The Internal Affairs
While attending the call of a robbery of a convenience store by two criminals, Talia arrest one of the men and Nolan pursues the other on foot. The thief breaks in a house and flees to a room. Nolan saves the family and when he enters the room, he is face to face to the criminal with a gun. He shoots the man in self-defense and his decision affects his life in the police department and the internal affairs. Meanwhile, detectives Wolfe and Vestri decide to use unstable Isabel to help them to capture a powerful drugdealer and Talia and Tim are invited to join the rescue team.

"Time of Death" is so far the best episode of "The Rookie". The plot is dramatic with the situation of Nolan and tense with the plot of Isabel. Looking forward to see the conclusion of this intense episode. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Hora da Morte" ("Time of Death")

The Rookie: The Hawke
Episode 6, Season 1

The Academy Mentor
Nolan goes to a bar at night to drink with his Academy trainer and friend Jeremy Hawke, who tells that is divorcing his wife. Nolan invites him to sleep at his place, but Hawke tells that he had booked a hotel for a week. On the next morning, Talia and Nolan are assigned to attend a domestic violence case and they lean Hawke had assaulted the boyfriend of his ex-wife and soon he flees from the police with his son Logan in his truck. Meanwhile, West and Lopez are investigating a case in the hospital and they suspect the story told by the victim and his father is not the truth.

"The Hawke" is another good episode of "The Rookie'. In the end, Talia and Chen shows their importance in a male universe. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Hawke"

Six Days Seven Nights

Lost in Paradise
In New York, the assistant magazine editor Robin Monroe (Anne Heche) has dinner with her boyfriend Frank Martin (David Schwimmer) that invites her to spend six days and seven nights in the paradisiacal island Makatea. When they arrive in Tahiti, they take the charter owned by the rough middle-aged pilot Quinn Harris (Harrison Ford) and assisted by his friend, the hot Angelica (Jacqueline Obradors). On the arrival in Makatea, Frank proposes Robin and gives a ring to her. However, her editor Marjorie (Allison Janney) asks Robin to fly to Tahiti to cover a story and she hires Quinn, who has the only available plane, to travel during the night. Out of the blue, the weather changes and they crash on an uninhabited island. Now they have to support each other to survive and wait for the improbable rescue.

"Six Days Seven Nights" is a funny and romantic adventure from the 90's with Harrison Ford performing the free-spirited pilot Quinny and the gorgeous and expressive Anne Heche performing the independent New York woman Robin in the lead roles. The locations are amazingly beautiful and Quinny and Robin seem to be lost in paradise. The delightful romance is highly recommended for fans of the genre. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Seis Dias, Sete Noites" ("Six Days Seven Nights")

Il racconto dei racconti - Tale of Tales

Three Dark and Weird Tales
"Il racconto dei racconti", a.k.a. "Tale of Tales" is composed by three dark and weird entwined tales:

First: In a Kingdom, the Queen (Salma Hayek) is sad in her marriage with the King (John C. Reilly) since she cannot get pregnant. One day, a strange man offers an alternative that would depend on bravery and sacrifice: the King should kill a sea monster and take his heart out; a virgin should prepare the heart alone; and the Queen should eat it. Then she would be pregnant. Will it work?

Second: In another Kingdom, the libertine King (Vincent Cassel) overhears a voice of a woman singing in the village and he falls in love with the voice. However, the woman is Dora (Hayley Camichael), who lives alone with her sister Imma (Shiley Henderson), and both are old and ugly women. What can Dora do to avoid the King's harassment?

Third: In another Kingdom, the King (Toby Jones) raises a giant flea and his daughter Violet (Bebe Cave) that is reaching the age of getting married. When his flea dies, he shows its skin and promises the hand of Violet to the one that guess what the skin is. When an Ogre (Guillaume Delaunay) correctly responds the question, Violet shall move to the mountains with him. What will happen with the couple?

The film is extremely dark and original without use of cliches, and the best tale if certainly Vicent Cassel's one. The others are intriguing, but pointless. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "O Conto dos Contos" ("The Tale of The Tales")

The Rookie: The Roundup
Episode 5, Season 1

The Competition
It is an unofficial day of competition among the training officers to score more felonies. Talia refuses to participate, but Chen notes that her tough TO, Tim Bradford, is obsessed to win and using the 911 attending Nell Forrester to get the best cases. Meanwhile, Nolan is feeling jealous of Chen.

"The Roundup" is the fifth episode of "The Rookie" with good action. In the conclusion, Chen understands the behavior of Tim. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Caça" ("The Hunting")

The Rookie: The Switch
Episode 4, Season 1

Switching Training Officers
Sgt. Wade Grey switches the training officers of the rookies, and Nolan stays with Angela; Chen with Talia and West with Tim. Sgt. Grey asks the rookies to find a secret of their respective TO to improve their investigative skills. Angela asks Nolan to speak less and pay more attention to their Code Book and they hunt an escapee from the justice. They learn the importance of their kindness with the criminal. Talia advises Chen to break up with Nolan; otherwise she will be marked in the Police Department. Tim Bradford finds that West freezes in shootout and tries to fix the rookie.

"The Switch" is a different and nice episode of "The Rookie", with the switching of the TOs promoted by Sgt. Grey. Chen and Nolan come up to a conclusion that they might regret, while West seems to have recovered his self-confidence. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Troca" ("The Switch")

Kingdom: Episode #2.6
Episode 6, Season 2

Kind of Disappointing
Prince Chang and his followers flee to the frozen lake to attract the zombies and save his people. Meanwhile Seo Bi rescues Moo Young's son from the horde of zombies and saves him. Later Prince Chang is advised that the baby that the court believes is the Queen's son shall die to avoid problems in the future since two princes cannot exist. Prince Chang takes a surprising attitude.

The sixth and last episode of the Second Season of "Kingdom" is kind of disappointing. The authors with the clear intention to proceed an exhausted theme, insert a cliffhanger in the end of the episode to have a sequence. Better of would be a spin-off series. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Kingdom - Episódio 2.6" ("Kingdom - Episode 2.6")

Kingdom: Episode #2.5
Episode 5, Season 2

No One Can Have the Throne
Prince Chang and his followers lure the royal guards and lock them out Hanyang to save the families of his loyal men. Then they break in the palace, but Queen Cho does not accept to be dethroned. Instead, her chambermaid releases the zombie's prisoners, spreading the disease inside the palace to kill everybody.

The fifth episode of the Second Season of "Kingdom" shows how evil and cruel the ambitious Queen Cho is. She prefers to sacrifice her loyal servants and her people since she cannot have the throne. She has the fate she deserves. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Kingdom - Episódio 2.5" ("Kingdom - Episode 2.5")

The Rookie: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Episode 3, Season 1

People Are Good or Bad?
A gang dressed like zombies steal money from a cash machine and Nolan and Talia hunt one criminal in the subway. They capture the thief, but a musician in the train steals the bag of money. They discuss whether people are good or bad. Tim meets his drugged wife Isabel in the hospital after an OD and he has a strange behavior, affecting the safety of Lucy.

"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" is another good episode of "The Rookie". This episode introduces drama in the genre with the relationship of the righteous police officer Tim Bradford and his junkie wife Isabel. Talia is one of the best characters in this series, worried in preparing Nolan to be a good cop. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "O Bom, O Mau e o Pior" ("The Good, the Bad and the Worse")

The Rookie: Crash Course
Episode 2, Season 1

Intensive Training
Nolan and Talia pursue a red Jeep hitting in other cars, and when they succeed to stop the car, they learn that the driver is a bride left by her groom. She tries to commit suicide but Nolan uses his life experience to save her. When Nolan hits a drugged woman, they find that she was kidnapped and Talia trains Nolan to control his temper and moral values since he is a police officer. Meanwhile, the lazy Scott Wrigleyis assigned to replace Tim as Lucy's TO forcing her to take an attitude. West has to prove Angela Lopez that he will not let her down.

"Crash Course" is another great episode of "The Rookie". In this show, each rookie has to deal with their deficiencies and to prove to their TOs that they are worthy. The romance between Chen and Nolan is under the surveillance of Talia. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Curso Intensivo" ("Crash Course")

The Rookie: Pilot
Episode 1, Season 1

Promising Show
In Foxburg, Pennsylvania, the constructor John Nolan has just divorced his wife and former sweetheart. He goes to the bank and meets the manager Stacy to open his safe deposit box. Out of the blue, there is a heist and John protects Stacy that presses the alarm and summons the police.

Nine months later, the forties Nolan leaves the academy and joins LAPD as a rookie with his colleagues Lucy Chen and Jackson West. Sergeant Wade Grey immediately does not like Nolan, believing that he is living a mid-life crisis. Talia Bishop, Tim Bradford and Angela Lopez are assigned as training officers of Nolan, Chen and West respectively that need to prove their value in the police department. But the life of a rookie is not easy in the LAPD...

"Pilot" is the first episode of "The Rookie" and indicates a promising series that entwines crime and drama. Nathan Fillion, from "Firefly", uses his life experience to improve his training with Afton Williamson, but he does not have experience in police business. The gorgeous Melissa O'Neil finds a tough TO performed by Eric Winter that seems that will make her life not easy in the police department. And Titus Makin Jr. Has the burden of being the son of the powerful officer. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): Pilot"

The Hunger: I'm Dangerous Tonight
Episode 11, Season 1

The Red Dress
In Paris, a demon drops a red fabric in the studio of the fashion designer Madame Moldonado (Dorothée Berryman). When she sees the cloth, she immediately turns the material into a wonderful dress. Her assistant Mimi (Marie-Josée Croze) is in love with her boyfriend Tony (Esai Morales), who is wanted and hunted by the police for killing a police officer, and she likes to "borrow" the expensive dresses from the studio to please Tony before having sex. When she takes the red dress, she alters her senses, and she is cursed and makes all the wrong moves.

"I'm Dangerous Tonight" is another good episode of "The Hunger". However, it is too short for the story and deserved a longer running time for better development of the plot. The beauty of Marie-Josée Croze is a plus in this episode. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "O Vestido Vermelho" ("The Red Dress")

Kingdom: Episode #2.4
Episode 4, Season 2

Evil Woman
Seo Bi meets Prince Chang and then she asks Cho Beom Pal to introduce her to Cho Hak Joo to offer her services as a doctor to the Queen Cho. Cho Hak Joo visits his daughter and learns the truth behind the newborn Prince. He threatens to expose her scam to the court but has a fatal surprise.

The fourth episode of the Second Season of "Kingdom" shows evil Queen Cho is and how she has plotted her future. The fate of Seo Bi is dark unless something happens. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Kingdom - Episódio 2.4" ("Kingdom - Episode 2.4")

Kingdom: Episode #2.3
Episode 3, Season 2

Learning the Truth
Moo Young betrays Prince Chang and lures Seo Bi and takes Cho Hak Joo with Cho Beom Pal out from Hanyang expecting to get the protection of his pregnant wife from the Haewon Cho clan. While traveling, Seo Bi makes a discovery about the pregnancy of Queen Cho. Authorities suspect of the involvement of the Queen and her staff in the recent murders and try to find evidence. Prince Chang hunts his friend Moo Young without understand why he was betrayed by his loyal friend.

The third episode of the Second Season of "Kingdom" is engaging. Seo Bi has certainly understood the behavior of Queen Cho. Looking forward to seeing the next episode. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Kingdom - Episódio 2.3" ("Kingdom - Episode 2.3")

The Hunger: Red Light
Episode 10, Season 1

Fading Away
The top-model Natasha (Liliana Komorowska) has a breakdown and decides to quit her successful career. She seeks out her former lover in New York, the photographer Rick McCabe (Tomas Arana) and their love is immediately rekindled. Natasha recalls an Indian woman that they met while traveling together and did not want to take photos since she believed that pictures would steal parts of her soul. Natasha makes Rick promise that he would not take any photo of her; otherwise, she would vanish. He promises but soon he takes photos of Natasha to prove that she is wrong.

"Red Light" is one of the best episodes of "The Hunger" so far. The beauty of Liliana Komorowska and her chemistry with Tomas Arana is amazing and give credibility of their love. The surprising conclusion is weird but fits to the story. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Luz Vermelha" ("Red Light")

The Hunger: But at My Back I Always Hear
Episode 9, Season 1

In Chicago, the English Professor Frank Ingram (Michael Gross) is happily married with his wife (and former student) that is pregnant. When the student Samantha 'Sam' Perry (Karen Elkin) has a crush on him, he rejects but is harassed by Sam that inclusive calls him during the night. He feels that his family is threatened and call the police that cannot do anything. But when Sam dies, he continues to receive phone calls from her.

"But at My Back I Always Hear" is a good episode of "The Hunger". Despite the noisy and annoying introduction of the series, this episode holds the attention of the viewer and is worthwhile watching. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Ouvindo pelas Costas" ("Hearing from the Back")


Delightful Film
In 1962, in Key West, the local movie theater has scheduled the preview of the low budget "Mant" about a man transformed in ant after a nuclear accident. The B-Horror Movie producer Lawrence Woolsey (John Goodman) and the lead actress Ruth Corday (Cathy Moriarty) come themselves to the town to promote the film. Meanwhile, there is the Cuban Missile Crisis affecting the lives of the locals. Woolsey brings state-of-art equipment for special effects that cause havoc among the residents that believe Cuba might be attacking Key West.

"Matinee" is a delightful 1993 film directed by Joe Dante. The plot is a tribute to the horror and sci-fi B-movies from the 50's, with a movie-within-the movie and entwining TV broadcast from 1962 with the story. The sub-plots with the youngsters are also wonderful. There is a short scene after the credits with Cathy Moriarty. The bad boy and poet James Villemaire (Harvey Starkweather) steals the movie. Curiosity: The boy Dennis Loomis is Jesse Lee Soffer, Jay Halstead from Chicago P. D. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Matinee: Uma Sessão Muito Louca" ("Matinee: A Very Crazy Session")

The Hunger: No Radio
Episode 8, Season 1

Another Terrible Episode
"No Radio" is another terrible of "The Hunger". This episode is another waste of time, with a poor storyline. Does not worthwhile speding time writing about the poor plot. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "A Traição" ("The Betrayal")

The Hunger: Anaïs
Episode 7, Season 1

Erotic but Boring Episode
"Anaïs" is the worst episode so far of first season of "The Hunger". The story of an architect, faithful to his wife that falls in love with a mysterious woman he finds in a square in Montreal, is senseless. Erotic, but the story does not make any sense. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Anaïs"

Kingdom: Episode #2.2
Episode 2, Season 2

Flawed but Still Great
Prince Chang decides to invade Hanyang with Lord Ahn Hyun and a few men but they find a well organized trap from Cho Hak Joo. Meanwhile local authorities suspect of Queen Cho and one of them decide to investigate in secret what happened to the babies.

The second episode of the second Season of "Kingdom" is flawed, with the decision of Prince Chang to break in the palace with a few warriors. However, the conclusion with the attack of Lord Ahn Hyun is excellent. The loss of thi character is maybe the worst part of the show. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Kingdom - Episódio 2.2" ("Kingdom - Episode 2.2")

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