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La plus longue nuit du diable

The Succubus
In 1945, in Berlin, the wife of Baron von Rhoneberg (Jean Servais) dies in the delivery and he stabs his newborn daughter to death. In the present days (1971), the tourist guide and driver of a bus Ducha (Christian Maillet) finds a road closed and is forced to take a detour. He seeks a place to spend the night and a man on the road tells that Baron von Rhoneberg is a great host and they may stay in his castle. They are well received by his butler Hans (Maurice Degroot) and they go to their rooms. The grump Mason (Lucien Raimbourg); the seminarian Alvin Sorel (Jacques Monseu); Nancy (Colette Emmanuelle) and her unfaithful husband Howard (Lorenzo Terzon); and Corinne (Ivana Novak) and her friend Regine (Shirley Corrigan) meet to have dinner with the Baron and they learn that his family has a curse and the first-born daughter of each generation turns into a succubus. Further, this day is the anniversary of the curse, but the guests believe it is a legend. Out of the blue, the beautiful and sexy Lisa Müller (Erika Blanc) arrives in the castle and joins the group to have dinner. Soon a succubus appears to steal the soul of her victims for the devil.

"La plus longue nuit du diable" (1971), a.k.a. "The Devil's Nightmare", is a great Belgian-Italian horror movie with a good story of the demon succubus. The screenplay is well-written with two great plot points and excellent conclusion. The erotic lesbian scene is too long but it is acceptable to show the deadly sin of Regine. Each tourist represents a deadly sin: Ducha (gluttony); Nancy (greed); Howard (envy); Corinne (lust); Mason (wrath); Regine (sloth); and Alvin (pride). The actor that performs The Devil is very creepy. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Diabo Sai à Meia-Noite" ("The Devil Leaves at Midnight")

Dark Waters

Messy Story and Screenplay
Messy Story and Screenplay After the death of her father in London, Elizabeth (Louise Salter) learns that she was born in a remote island where her father financially supports a monastery. He also advises her to never go to the island, but Elizabeth decides to travel to visit the monastery to learn why she should continue to finance the place. She travels from London by bus, and has difficulties to cross from the continent to the island. She is welcomed by the sister Sarah (Venera Simmons) first and then by the blind Mother Superior (Maria Kapnist) and the Mother Superior's Assistant (Lubov Snegur) and learns that her friend Theresa (Anna Rose Phipps) has traveled back to London. When she finds that Theresa was murdered in the monastery, she unsuccessfully tries to return to the continent but is trapped in the island. Meanwhile she discloses dark secrets about her past, the island, Sarah and the monastery.

"Dark Waters (1993)" is a deceptive horror movie, with messy story and screenplay. There are many flaws and plot holes, and the viewer can hardly understand the boring story. What is Theresa doing in the monastery? Why Elizabeth needs to cross to the island on that specific day? Are the nuns evil, or are they protecting the pieces of the amulets to be joined and save the world from the beast? Why they burn crosses? Is all the resident in the island evil? Why they eat raw fish and meat? Why are there many dead fishes on the beach? Therefore, I did not understand the story. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Águas Escuras" ("Dark Waters")

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Recipe for Murder
Episode 11, Season 3

The Hand and the Suicide
The Hand and the Suicide When the supervisor of a meat-grinding facility finds a hand in a grinder, Grissom, Catherine and Capt. Brass investigate the case. Grissom is able to take the finger print of the hand and learns that the body is from a chef of the five stars restaurant Debreef. Grissom and Catherine head to the kitchen of the restaurant, where they find a team tied by a code. Meanwhile, Warrick and Sara investigate the apparent suicide of a bipolar woman. They learn that she was a very violent person when stopped using lithium and hated by many people. They suspect she might have been murdered in accordance with the crime scene.

"Recipe for Murder" is another good episode of "CSI" with two intriguing murders. The death of the chef is gruesome, with Catherine collecting pieces of bones and flesh in the grinder. The suicide has an unexpected resolution of the case, with a surprising murderer. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Recipe for Murder"

Panna a netvor

Dark Version of the Classic Fairy Tale
The honest merchant Otec (Václav Voska) goes bankrupt when he loses the cargo of dowry for the wedding of his ambitious and envious older daughters Málinka (Zuzana Kocúriková) and Gábinka (Jana Brejchová) with decadent earls. His only chance to raise money is selling the painting of his former wife and mother of the sweet and pure youngest daughter Julie (Zdena Studenková). He travels through the Haunted Wood during the night, but his horse dies and he seeks shelter in the derelict castle of the Beast (Vlastimil Harapes). He is well received by his host that buys his painting by a fair price. When he is leaving the castle, he takes a rose for Julie from the Beast's rosebush and his host tells that he must pay with his life for the theft of the rose. He asks for permission to return home to give the jewels for his daughters, but he would return to the castle since he is a man of honor. The Beast accepts and tells that his life would be spared whether one of his daughters agrees to come to the castle. When Julie learns the proposal, she travels to the castle to save the life of her father. She is forbidden by the Beast to look at him, but along the lonely days, she falls in love with his voice and kindness.

"Panna a netvor" (1978), a.k.a. "Beauty and the Beast", is a dark version from Czechoslovakia of the classic fairy tale. The plot is flawed, since the curse and the magic of the beast are not explained, and ambiguous, since the conclusion is not sure that is the reality or the beautiful view of the ugliness of Julie. The performances, lighting and shadows are magnificent. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Bela e a Fera" ("The Beauty and the Beast")

Motherless Brooklyn

The Bridge and Park Constructor
In New York, in the 50's, the private investigator Frank Minna (Bruce Willis) keeps secret from his findings in his last investigation. He asks his partners and friends Lionel Essrog (Edward Norton) and Gilbert Coney (Ethan Suplee) to follow him while he meets the guys who hired him. But soon Minna is shot and killed by the men. Lionel, who has Tourette's Syndrome, decides to investigate the reason why his mentor and friend Minna was murdered and he finds a web of treason, secrets and powerful men behind the Construction Code in New York.

"Motherless Brooklyn" is a suspenseful neo-noir film by Edward Norton. The complex story is a kind of depressing but realistic since shows that powerful men are above the laws. I personally do not know anybody with Tourette's Syndrome, but anyway the performance of Edward Norton is amazing. The plot is talkative and the viewer has to pay attention to the details. The atmosphere is gloomy and nostalgic and the film is resolved in a realistic way. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Brooklyn, Sem Pai Nem Mãe" ("Brooklyn, Without Father or Mother")


Stylish Czechoslovakian Movie
When their wealthy father dies, his daughters Viktoria and Klára (Iva Janzurová) inherit his fortune. The evil Viktoria inherits a small castle and all the possession inside including jewelry but the naive Klára inherits most of his assets. Viktoria plots with the gypsy fortuneteller Otylie (Nina Divísková) to poison her sister with an undetectable liquid to inherit her fortune. Klára feels sick and her doctor cannot diagnosis her, while Viktoria uses the poison in the milk of her dog. Meanwhile, Klára falls in love with Lieutenant Marek (Josef Abrhám). When Otylie blackmails Viktoria, she throws Otylie off the cliffs in the sea. Soon Klára receives a letter telling that she was poisoned and asking for money to give the antidote to her. Who wrote the letter?

"Morgiana" is a stylish Czechoslovakian movie from the 70's, with a great story of ambition and evilness. The first point to highlight is certainly the magnificent performance of Iva Janzurová in a double-role that certainly deserved an Oscar. The cinematography, camera work, lightning and costumes are also amazing. The story, the unexpected plot point and the screenplay are also fantastic. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Morgiana"


Euro Exploitation Film
In Madrid, Andrés (Jose Maria Guillen) and Ana (Marian Karr) are happily married and Ana is four-month pregnant. One day, they decide to go for a ride in their car with their dog Blackie. While returning home, they stop at a traffic light and a man in another car says "hi" to Andrés. They park their cars and the other driver, Bruno (Angel Aranda), tells that they were schoolmates and introduces his wife Berta (Sandra Alberti). They invite Andrés and Ana to go to their house to drink wine, and they drive to a distant house in the countryside. They have a session of Ouija board when secrets from their past are disclosed. Then there is a storm and Bruno invites the couple to spend the night in his house and return home in the morning. Soon Andrés and Ana learn that Bruno and Berta worship the devil and they are trapped in a haunted house.

"Escalofrío", a.k.a. "Satan's Blood", is a Euro exploitation film from the 70's. The storyline is simple and flawed screenplay of a couple lured by another couple that worships the devil. Great part of the movie is dedicated to show Marian Karr and Sandra Alberti naked in lesbian, threesome and foursome erotic scenes. This overrated movie is also weird and predictable. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "O Sangue de Satã" ("Satan's Blood")

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: High and Low
Episode 10, Season 3

Fall and Shot
Fall and Shot Grissom, Warrick, Nick and Capt. Brass are investigating the mysterious death of Jimmy Maurer, who apparently falls out of the sky suffocated but with no signs of strangulation. They learn that Jimmy was a competitive and bold paraglider hated by many fellows. Catherine and Detective Ray O'Riley investigate the murder of Roger Edmonds in an apparent road rage. Meanwhile, Grissom visits a doctor to perform audiometry exam and the doctor suggests a surgery to resolve his hearing problem.

"High and Low" is another great episode of "CSI" with two crimes to be resolved. The case of a man that the team initially believes that falls off the roof is excellent, with every possible point being investigated and very well-resolved. Catherine's case is simpler but more stupid. Grissom's hearing problem is affecting his capacity to discuss problems with his team. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "High and Low"

The Marker

Guilt and Seeking Redemption
While heisting a house, the criminal Marley Dean Jacobs (Frederick Schmidt) kills Ana (Ana Ularu) in her room in front of her nine-year-old daughter Kristine Vaduva (Lara Peake). He shows remorse in the court and is sentenced to seven years in prison. Along these years, he is haunted by his guilt in the form of the ghost of Ana. When he is released, he looks for Kristine and learns that she was adopted by the brother of his foster father Brendan Doyle (John Hannah), who is a gangster. When the sixteen-year-old Kristine flees from her foster home, Brendan's brother Jimmy Doyle (Struan Rodger) asks Marley to find her and bring her home. But Marley learns dark secrets about his foster family and decides to track Kristine down to save her and find redemption.

"The Marker" is a gritty and unpleasant thriller about a gangster feeling guilt of the accidental murder of a mother by an act of reflex in self-defense, slicing her throat in front of her daughter. The story is violent, including child abuse, but the slow-paced developing of the plot is boring in some moments for a thriller. The conclusion is perfect for the story. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Mercenário" ("Mercenary")

The Evil Clergyman

Erotic and Creepy Short Film
Mrs. Brady (Barbara Crampton) meets her former landlady (Una Brandon-Jones) in her old house and asks to see her room one last time after her lover Jonathan (Jeffrey Combs) committed suicide. Jonathan was a priest that hanged himself when Mrs. Brady left him. Now she misses Jonathan and the forbidden sex with him. When she enters the room, she sees his ghost, the ghost of a clergyman (David Warner) that Jonathan killed and a rat-like demon with human face (David Gale) while she is tortured by memories and by the evil creatures.

"The Evil Clergyman" is an erotic and creepy short film that had been lost for many years and found in a VHS copy in 2012. The nightmarish atmosphere associated to the erotic scenes are amazing and work since Barbara Crampton is a very beautiful and sexy woman and actress. All the cast are inspired and deliver solid performances. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Clérigo do Mal" ("The Evil Clergyman")

Curse of the Crimson Altar

Boris Karloff's Last Movie
The antique dealer Robert Manning (Mark Eden) receives a letter from his brother Peter that has travelled to Greymarsh to buy antiques for him saying that soon he would be returning home. However, he vanishes and Robert decides to seek him out at Greymarsh, where their ancestors lived. He finds a party at the Craxted Lodge given by Eve Mortley (Virginia Wetherell)), and he asks to meet her uncle Morley (Christopher Lee) that owns the house. Robert shows the letter to Mortley written in the paper of the Craxted Lodge, but Mortley does not recall Peter. He also invites Robert to stay to look for his brother on the next day. Along the night, Robert has weird dreams with the green witch Lavinia Morley (Barbara Steele) and his brother in a strange ritual. Robert is also introduced to creepy Professor John Marsh (Boris Karloff), who is an expert in the occult and witchcraft, and Robert suspects that Morley and Marsh are hiding something. Eve helps Robert to investigate the disappearance of Peter and soon they learn secrets from the past.

"Curse of the Crimson Altar" is a great horror movie and the last with Boris Karloff. The plot is entertaining, with a great cast with the names of Christopher Lee, Barbara Steele, Mark Eden and Virginia Wetherell in the lead. Three masters of horror in the same movie. After so many years, "Curse of the Crimson Altar" is still a great film to be seen or reseen by fans of British movies from the 60's and 70's.. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): A Maldição do Altar Escarlate" ("The Curse of the Crimson Altar")

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Blood Lust
Episode 9, Season 3

The Mob and the Taxi Driver
When a taxi driver runs over a young man, the nearby mob takes him out of his car and beat him to almost death. Capt. Brass and Grissom identify each attacker with photo and DNA. Dr. Robbins tells Grissom that the teenager was already dead when the car run over him and he summons Sara to help him to find the primary crime scene. They locate the spot in a park and soon they find another body and a gun in the place. Soon Capt. Brass interview the mother of the victim and learn that the family was fleeing from her husband, and the man found murdered in the park is her boyfriend. What might have happened in the park?

"Blood Lust" is an episode of "CSI" with many twists and a great mystery: Who killed the teenager and Stewart Bradley? There are many suspects and the revelation in the end will certainly surprise the viewer. The investigation of the mob is more conventional and easily resolved. Once again, a case of bigotry. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Blood Lust"

Castle Freak

The Secret of the Inherited Castle
The American John Reilly (Jeffrey Combs) travels to Italy with his estranged wife Susan Reilly (Barbara Crampton) and their blind teenage daughter Rebecca Reilly (Jessica Dollarhide) since he has inherited a castle in a small town. John is a former alcoholic man, who had a car accident where his five-year-old son died and his daughter became blind, and Susan does not forgive him. On the arrival, they are received by the lawyer Giannetti (Massimo Sarchielli), who is preparing the inventory since John intends to sell the castle and move back home. The castle has a maid, Agnese (Elisabeth Kaza), who is Giannetti's sister and has been serving John's family for a long time. During the night, Rebecca overhears sounds and tells that they are not alone in the castle. Her parents do not believe her, but in the dungeons, there is a monster-like man living locked in a cell. When strange things happen in the castle, John snoops around and learns the secret of the inherited castle.

"Castle Freak" is a great movie by Stuart Gordon based on a story by H. P. Lovecraft. The plot is well developed and the freak Giorgio's make-up is nasty and creepy. The film is gore and the tragic conclusion is perfect to the story. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil):"Herança Maldita" ("Damned Inheritance")


Human Involution
The workaholic Paul Marsh (Ezra Godden) is sailing in the pleasure yacht owned by his friend Howard (Brendan Price) on the Spanish coast with their wives Bárbara (Raquel Meroño) and Vicki (Birgit Bofarull) respectively. Paul has frequents nightmares with a beautiful woman that turns into a voracious mermaid. Out of the blue, their yacht is surprised by a storm and is stranded on the rocks on the coast of a fishermen village, and Vicki's leg is trapped in a hole in the hull. Paul and Bárbara use an inflatable boat to head to the village to seek out for help while Howard stays with his wife. They find the village deserted and they go to a weird church, where they meet a strange priest that offers to help them. He proposes Paul to go in a fishing boat with the crew while Bárbara would go to a hotel in Imboca to call the police. Paul does not find any survival in the yacht and when he returns, the priest tells that Bárbara traveled to the police post in another town nearby Imboca. Paul stays in the hotel in a gruesome room and soon the macabre residents hunt him down. He kidnaps an alcoholic Ezequiel (Francisco Rabal) that tells an amazing story. He tells that, in the past, Imboca has not enough fish to support the locals. A foreign captain comes and suggests them to worship the god Dagon. In return, they would have fish and gold enough to changes their lives. But soon, they start to turn into fish to live forever in the ocean. Paul tries to leave Imboca, but when he meets the woman of his dream Uxía Cambarro (Macarena Gómez), he learns that Ezequiel is not lying.

"Dagon" is a strange and original film, based on short stories by H. P. Lovecraft. The plot of a community moving backwards evolution, returning to the sea, is an interesting concept. The horrendous locations are impressive and the cast has good performances. The special effects are fantastic and unfortunately this work by Gordon Stuart was underestimated in Brazil and only released on DVD in 2022. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil):"Dagon"

The Masked Saint

Based on a True Story
The wrestler Chris "The Saint" Samuels (Brett Granstaff) has his leg broken in his final game against The Reaper (James Preston Rogers). The result was arranged by his manager Nicky Stone (Roddy Piper) since The Saint will retire to dedicate to be the pastor of the Baptist Church in a small town in Michigan. He moves with his wife Michelle Samuels (Lara Jean Chorostecki) and their daughter Carrie Samuels (T. J. McGibbon) to a decadent church in an awful neighborhood in Michigan. When they miss their arrogant sponsor Judd Lumpkin (Patrick McKenna), Chris realizes that he needs to return to the ring to get money to support his church and his house. Meanwhile he helps his outcast neighborhood of prostitutes and drug addicted people nad gives their dignity back.

"The Masked Saint" is a religious film with some attractions. Maybe, the first one is that is based on a true story of a wrestler that turned into pastor of the Baptist Church that has returned to the ring to help his church. The second is that is the farewell of Roddy Piper, an average actor that has been brought to the spots with his lead in the cult "They Live". Lara Jean Chorostecki and T. J. McGibbon are excellent in their roles. "The Masked Saint" is enjoyable since the cast is very charismatic and provides good messages. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "O Vigilante Mascarado" ("The Masked Vigilante")

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Snuff
Episode 8, Season 3

The 16 mm Snuff Film
When the distributor of porn movies summons the CSI team to see a film, Grissom realizes that the film is a snuff film and there is a murder filmed in 16 mm. They learn that the victim is Susan Hodap, who is HIV positive. Meanwhile, Grissom is also invited to see a corpse devoured by ants along a long time. The team investigates both murders and Teri Miller uses her expertise to find the identity of the victim. They learn that he is Randy Trachsel, who has Down Syndrome, and they head to the ranch to learn what has happened.

"Snuff" is another great episode of "CSI", with two great segments. Both resolutions are great with excellent resolutions of the cases. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Snuff"

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Fight Night
Episode 7, Season 3

The World of the Box
When the favorite boxer LaRoi Steele dies during the Fight Night against Javier Molina, Grissom assumes that it was a murder and investigate the fight. Meanwhile, Nick is assigned to work solo in a heist of a jewelry. Grissom looks for Molina's gloves and starts the investigation, finding mercury in many places. Catherine investigates the shooting between Los Angeles and Las Vegas gangs in a parking slot.

"Fight Night" is a great episode of "CSI", with three different cases. This is one of the first episodes with so many simultaneous cases. Nick working alone is certainly the first time, and resolves the case in an easy way. Catherine's case is more complicated but Grissom's one is the most difficult. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Fight Night"

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Execution of Catherine Willows
Episode 6, Season 3

The Copycat
When the rapist and killer John Mathers is ready to be executed by lethal injection, new DNA evidence is found and his execution is postponed. Grissom and Sara are attending the case of Debbie Reston that is missing. They find their alcoholic father covered in body, but he claims that it was in a bar fight. Catherine and Warrick investigate John Mathers' case that was one of Catherine's first case many years ago. When Grissom and Sara find the body of Debbie, they realize that both cases are connected and John Mathers is a copycat of the original killer.

"The Execution of Catherine Willows" is an interesting episode of "CSI", that shows the difference of technology in the crime investigation in fifteen years. The plot is intriguing and changes the view of the CSI team with the use of DNA for old cases. My vote is eight.

Title: (Brazil): "The Execution of Catherine Willows"

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Abra Cadaver
Episode 5, Season 3

The Magician and the Rock 'n' Roll Star
While performing the Chamber of Doom illusion, the magician Zephyr invites a volunteer from the audience that disappears from the chamber, but never appears again. The CSI team investigates the case, interviewing Zephyr, his assistant Punky Dillinger and the magician Toby Arcane that loathes him. Meanwhile, Catherine an Nick the death of the singer and leader of a rock' n' roll band Gus Kenyon that was free of the heroin addiction, but apparently died of overdose. Soon they learn that his death was staged to seem that he died of O. D. Now they have suspects to interview.

"Abra Cadaver" is another good episode of "CSI", with the sophisticated story of a decadent magician and the death of a rock' n' roll star. The plot of the death of Gus is simpler and Catherine uses her observation expertize to solve the case. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Abra Cadaver"

Law & Order: The Violence of Summer
Episode 14, Season 1

The Dismissed Case
While preparing to a gang rape case against the notorious sensationalist journalist Monica Devries, Stone decides to temporarily dismiss the case since there are not enough evidences to prosecute the three perpetrators and Monica's testimony is flawed and contradictory. Stone and Robinette go to Capt. Cragen's office and Greevey and Logan are assigned to bring new evidences. They suggest to hypnotize Monica and soon they learn that there was a fourth and most dangerous element in the gang rape.

"The Violence of Summer" is another good episode of "Law & Order". The plot is interesting, but maybe the greatest attraction in the present days is Philip Seymour Hoffman in a minor role of a punk rapist. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Violência de Verão" ("Violence of Summer")

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: A Little Murder
Episode 4, Season 3

Little People Convention and Home Invasion
When a dwarf is found hanged on the stage of a theater of the Little People Convention, Grissom, Sara, Nick and Capt. Brass investigate the case. They find that the victim is Lawrence Ames, considered handsome by the community, and his pregnant girlfriend Jessica Marcus is a normal woman. Meanwhile, Catherine and Warrick are assigned to a case of home invasion with one murder. While investigating the crime scene, Catherine is attacked by the criminal and wounded in the forehead. Soon they learn that the victim is not the owner of the house.

"A Little Murder" is an episode about prejudice against the different ones and minorities. Surprising that even in the community of little people, there are castes and conflicts. The conclusion with Grissom visiting the community of deaf people is great. The other segment relative to the home invasion is only a filler. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Little Murder"

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Let the Seller Beware
Episode 3, Season 3

Open House and Cannibal
The CSI team and Capt. Brass investigate the corpse of Monica Newton, found dead with a bullet through her temple by Peter Berglund and his girlfriend that were snooping around the house that is for sale. Soon they discover that her husband Cal Newman is also missing and Nick finds his corpse in the bottom of the swimming pool. They investigate the seller Augie Heitz and the professional pool-cleaner Jack Jarvis, but they make other discoveries and find other suspects. Meanwhile, Sara works alone on her day off to investigate the corpse of the cheerleader Mandy Kirk that was found bitten and eaten by human teeth.

"Let the Seller Beware" is another episode of "CSI" with two storylines. Both are intriguing and well-resolved by the scientists. Sara succeeds to resolve her case, and is interesting to learn the PCP side effects. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Let the Seller Beware"

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Accused Is Entitled
Episode 2, Season 3

CSI Under Review
When a Japanese woman is found dead on the bed of the famous movie star Tom Haviland, the CSI team is assigned to investigate the case. Haviland hires the top-lawyer Marjorie Westcott to defend him. Capt. Brass and the CSI team learn that Haviland had gone to the bed with two Japanese women, and they believe he has killed the other woman that is missing. But Greg Sanders finds that there is also a man's blood on the sheet. Westcott hires Grissom's mentor Dr. Phillip Gerard to review the work of the CSI team, and they give a few time for them to find evidences to accuse Haviland. Under tremendous pressure, what will the team members do?

"The Accused Is Entitled" is a great episode of "CSI", where the team has to prove that they are efficient and "by the book". Grissom shows why he is the leader of this group, and that to err is human. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "The Accused Is Entitled"

Terrifier 2

Gruesome, Stupid and Nonsense
In Miles County, Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) is mysteriously revived in the morgue and kills the coroner (Cory DuVal), in the beginning of his crime spree in the Halloween night. The teenagers Sienna (Lauren LaVera) and her brother Jonathan (Elliott Fullam) are hunted down by Art and his partner, The Little Pale Girl (Amelie McLain).

"Terrifier 2" is a gruesome and stupid slasher, sequel of "Terrifier", with an incredible hype. The nonsense plot does not provide again any explanation of who Art the Clown is, or how he was revived or why he is a serial-killer. It is limited to audiences that like gore, violent and brutal killings without any explanation. In the middle of the credits, there is a final nasty scene indicating that there will be another sequel. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Terrifier 2"

Law & Order: A Death in the Family
Episode 13, Season 1

Who Killed the Cop?
While seeking out the criminal Brutus Walker in his building, Sgt. Greevey and Det. Logan see a man falling from the building on a police car. They talk to a witness that has just seen Walker throwing the man through the window of her apartment, when they hear gun shot on the roof. They run and find police officer Pete Rennick dead on the roof and his partner Nicki Sandoval in shock. Walker becomes the prime suspect, but Sandoval provides confuse information. Their further investigation show that Rennick apparently was a dirty cop. When Stone and Robinette assume the investigation, they learn the truth about the case of the cop killer.

"A Death in the Family" is an episode of "Law & Order" with a case of police crime. This time, the theme does not have any polemic. The plot has a good, but predictable twist when the identity of the killer is disclosed. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Uma Morte em Família" ("A Death in Family")

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