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Something Borrowed

Putting Lipstick on a Pig
This movie made me sick. It appears to have been written by an emotionally retarded teenager. Message: If you're pretty and sweet, you have permission to screw over those closest to you because you deserve to have what you want. Ginnifer Goodwin's character was a whiny, selfish, childish, shitty person. Dex is boring and weak. Why would I root for these people? They are screwing over people who trust and care for them. John Krazinsky's character was useless. Where does his story even go? He listens to her problems,freaks out, confesses his love, then nothing. God this movie was such a turd. I only kept watching because I was waiting for someone to get what they really deserved -a good ass-kicking for the douche and Goodwin. But that never happened. The shallow, idiotic characters learned NOTHING.


Unique, strange humor
If you have a weird sense of humor, like I do, you'll really like this movie. It's weird, funny, a little sad, but also sweet. I liked this movie a lot more than I expected to. The acting was spot-on for what they were going for and the young actors really got the humor. My favorite was the girl who played Tootsie-Roll. Her comic timing was perfect and she really nailed sweet and caring as well. The dance moves were hilarious and awesome. I'd love to see another movie with the lead girl again too, she nailed her role. I liked how she is a hermaphrodite, but that is not the sum of her character. It's not even the point of the movie. It's about an awkward, lonely, dorky kid and kind people reaching out to her when most people are so cruel.


interesting, but incomplete
I enjoyed watching this movie for the complex, rich characters. The actors all portrayed them wonderfully. There is a multifaceted storyline, each uniquely interesting, but in the end they don't seem to go anywhere. I understand the main point of this film was to show how depraved, miserable, lost, or pitiful the characters were, and it did a great job at that, but what was all the business about the room? This movie would have been fine without the Room 207 part. The description tricks you into thinking this is some kind of thriller or about a haunted room, but it isn't. When the movie ended, I was so disappointed because I had invested a lot of interest into the characters and it all ended abruptly and with no closure. I would like to see these characters play in a better story.

The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia

Why was this made?
So they are horrible people. Why glorify this? I don't understand why this movie was made. Like one man says in the movie about a kid from the same town who was accepted to MIT, "why don't you make a movie about him?" This movie is exactly like watching Jerry Springer. The only reason to watch is because these people are disasters and you can't look away. I believe the White's "fans" are either criminals and addicts who condone and support this type of willfully ignorant lifestyle or like them as a joke, novelty, or ironically. I understand it's a documentary, but there was no substance other than "look how f'd up they are! Isn't that sooo rebel and redneck?!" There was no fulfillment at the end of this film. No realization or coming to terms. I do not believe they will ever better themselves and I do not feel bad or good for them. The most I could muster in terms of empathy was that little boy who truly loves Kirk, that part was sweet, though tragic because he will likely grow to be an addict and criminal like the rest of his family.

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