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  • This is a ghost story, yes. Are all ghost stories required to be super scary? No. In fact, I greatly appreciated the fact this ghost story was different than the rest. A story of a bad man, George, who does petty theft and small lies. But among the presence of bad, grows worse. This alone should teach us to not be consumed by evil. No one thinks George is bad. He is charismatic and charming. His students adore him. No one thinks he's capable of evil. A few people start to notice it and he tries to get rid of them. The ghost are of women who died from men just like that and see it happening again and try to help Catherine. All these reviews complaining about the movie are totally ignoring the message. I think it was very well done.
  • I don't know why the reviews are so terrible. I loved the first one and I thought this one way great. People complained it was predictable? So was the first. Trying to recreate humor? They played homage to characters in the first. If they didn't include them then there's no real point to a sequel. I found it entertaining. It was the perfect movie go watch after a long, stressful week. There are many reviews it was too political..... it's a movie about a king finding an heir to his kingdom..... what did you expect?
  • I think they are paid. The awkward close ups are uncomfortable. Not in a thriller movie way. But in a film student trying too hard to be "different" by doing the same thing. The acting it terrible. Every character is too stereotypical. I tried and tried to watch to at least make it through the first season to give an honest review. It's horrible. I really don't think I've ever left a bad review before but this was really horrible. How did this getting funding?!
  • 13 January 2021
    Even if you don't love it, watch so more and better diverse shows are made
  • It's a great message that many people should watch and grow from. The only downside is it's pretty badly made. So much of it seemed like a really bad low budget lifetime movie. Like the worst of lifetime. But still an incredible message, I just wish they worked on it better. The girl who played Alex was incredible!
  • I watched this show because so many reviews said it reminded them of Hart of Dixie, which I love. This show has an almost similar plot. Healthcare professional leaves the city to a small town and works with an angry doctor who wants the practice all to himself (actually played by the same actor, doctor for both shows). It's hard to figure out what this show is going for. Is it a serious drama? Or a lighthearted, small-town nostalgia show? Nothing ever adds up. We don't see the town. We don't really know the characters. They give us NOTHING to truly relate to any of them. So why should we wait all season to find out one characters dark secret when nothing gave us a reason to care? The characters don't connect. There's no chemistry between the love interests but told there is..... there's so much telling in this show but no showing.

    I tried to stick out to the end because only 10 episodes and on netflix. By 4th episode, I just couldnt waste any more time on this.

    Too many of the town people we are supposed to care about come off more as crackheads. I feel like whenever wrote this, has never stepped foot in a small town and just wrote what they heard and overly emphasized the two key factors.

    I already mentioned not seeing the town. We have the dr office, the bar, and that's it. A scene maybe somewhere else but always close up you can't see the background. Oh but we do get many shots of the same part of the river way too long. Not sure who was in charge of directing or if it was the writer. But damn. No. And I love many of the actors in here in every other project but idk about this show.
  • Why are people hating on Kerry Washington?! Honestly I didn't think I would like this show but eventually watched out of boredom. Then ended up binge watching all 5 available episodes. Kerry does not only have expression. And all of her sadness, mad, and "are you freaking serious" type looks are justified.
  • 21 January 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    It points out everything wrong with our society. It's the most uncomfortable conversation. Anna camp was terrible. And spoiler: you have a woman, who doesn't want to get pregnant or live the stereotypical life. And will never find love because of that and will only have her work. But her friend who chose the common path, gets everything.....ok
  • It's a cute, joyous movie with the message to "look up". Another movie with a message to look around you or notice the little things. There are soo many good points of this movie, unfortunately they dont tie into each other well. It's like they realized they made the movie 3 hours but I could only be 1.5 hours with no refilling scenes. I'm a little upset because I was looking forward to seeing this and I'm not a romcom fan. Like she says shes leaning on him too much and shes this project he cant fix but like....literally nothing happened to lead to that. A little about politics but that was kinda thrown in. They throw so many issues and lessons and problems and resolutions but again, none of it really tied into each other. And every time it seemed like something was going to happen to make this movie awesome! They kinda dropped it. Emma Thompson surprised me by actually being serious in this role until her last scene of the standard "comical" way she acts and I was so upset. She almost had it. Kate's biggest lesson to overcome was her selfishness yet they ended the movie all about her..... should have broadened it a bit more to other's talents.
  • Make sure you do nothing while watching. There are so many little details. What every person says and every piece of a scene. It's so good. Truly captivating.
  • This show came out perfect timing. I've been craving to watch something just simple and good feeling. Too many intense shows out right now and I just wanted something to relax and still multi-task to. Kinda reminds me of "my wife and kids". Parts are a little cheesey and main set is living room. If you don't like that, just forewarning but all-in-all it's a good family show to relax to.
  • I don't speak French but honestly you don't need to, just have subtitles on. This movie is so funny! I definitely think this is a must watch for anyone.