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Velayudham - A Cracker of a Diwali
After huge expectation when the songs have already topped the charts , the wait is finally over for all our fans. Velayudham - The ultimate weapon fired all cylinders and was fully loaded with all the ingredients required for a mass commercial movie and thoroughly satisfied the expectation of every fan who were eagerly waiting for the result. There are many scenes in the movie where your adrenaline rushes, heart pumps and finally you end up with dry throat screaming at your maximum possible decibel level.

Highlights :

Vijay carries the entire movie on his shoulders. He serves as the messiah for poor, general public and his character has been perfectly sketched and he has been fed with a neat and a mass script which demands for his image.

Songs have been perfectly placed and beautifully captured, opening song was a treat to watch, beautiful colors and was a perfect start to a fast paced movie.

All the artists have done justice to their role and i actually lost count on the number of artists who have appeared.

Stunts need to mentioned here, beautifully choreographed by stunt Silva and Arasu, each and every punch was breathtaking.

Director Raja has been underestimated by all of us, he proved all of us wrong and gave a perfect mass commercial movie which can be enjoyed by all sections of people and also keeping the family audience in mind.

The two pretty ladies, in fact three including Saranya Mohan, they have done their part and also gave their best which is required for the script. Hansika with her cute expressions and innocent behavior and with her glamor quotient makes the audience spell bound, Genelia as a press reporter a much serious role and also an important part of the movie has done her role very well.

Verdict: Velayudham - 1000 gems in the sky

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