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A Clockwork Orange

Overrated and bizzare
I think this peace of crap is so overrated and so bizzare, which makes it unwatchable.

I'm not sure of I'm too young or too old or too stupid- I couldn't force myself to watch it nore than 1/3 of this.

And I really tried in multiple ocations 🤷 This goes together with jocker of.

Anatomy of a Scandal

Why all hate?
I don't understand these bad reviews really.

It's OK series and I watched it all in one day.

Court scenes look realistic, story is realistic too.

It makes a clear point- when you rich and famous you can get away from punishment.

There plenty of stories like this one.

Las niñas de cristal

It's a no
Very disappointed with plot of this movie.

And disappointed with " ballet " they shown. Nobody dances ballet in suit . Choreography was disappointing. There were so much things they could've shown, but they chose to " kill " them.

I feel like I wasted an evening with this movie.

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story

Just so
I felt documentary was just so so. There was a lot talking about Jimmy savile,basically took all time of documentary and it was very little time dedicated to victims.

It felt very rushed at the end.

Started very slow and rushed at the end. I don't think it shown more, than was already known from newspapers and Internet articles.

Nothing special about this documentary.

13 Minutes

I was wondering how is possible to make movie so awful,having a bunch of real great actors?

Don't waste your time, not worth 5 minutes watch.

There is no even 150 characters to describe it.

Very boring.

A través de mi ventana

Switched off after half time
This movie perhaps works for teens, because for me ( I am 49) wasn't working.

Plot is weak or no plot and dialogue is weird.

A lot of sex scenes just to cover non existing plot.

I switched off after one hour or so, so I don't know how it ended.

Two stars it's because actors were pretty, doesn't deserve more.

The Tinder Swindler

Great documentary
At beginning I was not sure what to think, because I really thought these girls were gold diggers and I kind of in dilemma to watch it, but decided to give it a go and I'm glad I did.

It's well made documentary.

These girls, taking loans were so naive, my god.

Probably now they learned a lesson- what's too good to be true, probably is.

Norwegian girl going to pay these loans for rest of her life.

I am Georgina

Movie about nobody
I don't think she deserves movie, because she is really nobody.

I understand, she is Cristiano partner, but is Cristiano who is celebrity and works hard to get the money she spends.

From her Instagram- she is boring housewife, posting her luxury handbags. That's it.

That's what kardashians do.

She is not involved in any charity work, she does care about herself only.

Not interested, not intresting.

Nowhere Special

Very special indeed
Enjoyed movie very much and cried. A lot.

This is serious drama, not for teens definitely.

Acting was very good and the plot too.

Movie about real people, real situations, parenting and heartache.

100 out of 10.

And Just Like That...

Love this show
With each episode gets better and better.

I love this show, honestly.

It's good to see them again and I love new additions to show.

Sarah Ramirez is truly gem.

Under solen

Love love love
Absolutely love this movie.

It will be now in my favourites list and will watch again.

Great love story.

Been missing this type of movies recently, glad I found it. Movie for more mature people, I'd say.

Was wir wollten

Movie has no point and lazy plot.

Nothing happening. It's slow and boring.

There is nothing more to tell about it.

One star is for music at the end, at least something enjoyable.

Not recommend.

Orange Is the New Black

So so
Idea of series is great, unfortunately it has developed into 7 seasons, which takes a long time to watch and eventually became soap opera ( as all others) and became bore.

I don't like so many characters in one story, it's simple too much. Watching it it feels it has no end I believe it could have been nice story in one season, without expanding it to one to one day events.

Another thing I don't like- all this lesbianism. It's too much, it's just doesn't do any favours to these series. I'm not against homosexual people, not at all, but I don't want to see it every moment of series.

I watched 1 season whole, second season I wathed forwarding some episodes and I'm done. I don't want to watch any longer.

The Lost Daughter

Spent nearly two hours watching this boring movie, which had no end.

Beginning is promising, but it went down eventually without further development.

I don't think is worth watching at all.

Very disappointed.

Not recommend.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Not for me
I wanted to like this movie as I am fan of Tom, but seriously?

Managed to watch half of movie forcing myself, but no more.

Dull, boring and I absolutely dislike people like Rogers.


Not the best
Not the best movie, but not the worst either.

Yes, story is real as sad it could be- I know cases where in spain sqaters took houses and it took years of legal battles to take them back. It's absolutely ridiculous laws in favour of sqaters.

The Unforgivable

Age doesn't match
Movie itself is boring, slow and has no point.

My most concern was age of both sisters.

Sandra Bullock " sister " supposed to be 24-25 years old and somehow I got impression, that she is teenager.

Movie doesn't show her work or occupation and she's still living with parents at 25?

Not convincing.

Coming Home in the Dark

Too much violence
I switched movie off after half time.

It's too much pointless violence for my liking.

Ugly movie, ugly people, ugly plot.

The guys were looking for vengeance, but killed innocent people.

A Castle for Christmas

Very ordinary
Very ordinary, predictable movie. Like thousands of others, who are just for once in a year watch, when there is nothing else going on TV.

I kind of feel sorry for actors, having to act in this type of movies just for few bucks.

Nothing special, nothing new, 3 stars are very generous for this.

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Low budget
This, for me, is low budget non story movie with quite accomplished actors.

This movie is so stupid for adults, perhaps it's more for 12 years old?

In this movie acting was just so so.

Not for me, not recommend.

Could be in list of worst movies of decade.

Santa Clarita Diet

This is awful.

Didn't enjoyed vomit thing in first few minutes of the show and switched off for good after scene, where he's eating intestines.

I feel,that viewers should be advised of this awful content, because I got sick after watching.

No, thanks.

Not recommend.


Killer Women with Piers Morgan

I like it
I like these series and I like Piers questions. The problem is, that these women aren't honest and afraid to admit quilt. They really do look liars and manipulators to me.

It's just they need to tell " yes, I did it. " thats it. It's hard to watch unhonest faces.

The Little Things

I was expecting more from this movie, especially with Denzel Washington.

Very disappointed with end of movie.

Simple waste of nearly two hours. 5 star rating is because I like Washington a lot. He's great actor.


Don't waste your time. It's not musical, it's absolute rubbish.

My Salinger Year

Once again haracter is andy mcdowell's daughter.

And another one is this untalented puppy eyes lad. So both of them were in Maid.

I'm really not happy about celebrities untalented kids being in movies, while talented ones never gets a chance.

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