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The New Normal

I love the show!
If you want to watch a show about everyday people with comedy. This is the show to watch. I know most people don't like that there are two gay guys but in today's society, that is the new normal. I think it send a good message to everyone. Gay people have feelings and they want to live normal but people don't allow them to live that way. Im not gay and Im not against them. At the end of the day, they want to be love, just like everyone else. People might not agree with the show but it is how regular people live. Goldie came home and caught her boyfriend of 9 or 10 years having sex with another woman in their bed. Goldie come outside crying and her grandmother goes in to let the boyfriend know he is not like. It probably have not happened to you but it has happen to someone normal. The guy couple, I enjoy love they have for each other. That is what makes them normal is love. I love the show! I hope it stay around!

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