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House M.D.

Kicks ER's ass!!
I love this show, it's the best thing to come on TV for a long while, it's not over hyped like 'Lost' seems to be, it kinda slip in under the radar and surprises! Hugh Laurie is excellent. It was slightly off putting hearing his accent for a while, because I know him mostly from Blackadder, and you can't get any more different. The character's unique and complex and he plays all side to House with equal strength. House is a great contrast to his colleagues. I really enjoy the love/hate relationship he has with his boss, Dr. Cuddy. And the will they/won't they thing he has going with Dr. Cameron. I think the supporting characters each bring out a different side to him and it makes interesting viewing.

The way the show is approached is unusual as well. Instead of the mad world of the ER in, well, ER! It's slower and more in depth but about twice and interesting. I was a huge ER fan back in the day, but it's lost it's appeal now. House has definitely taken over!! I started watching this show mostly because I'm a "Neighbours" obsessive freak!! Loved Jesse Spencer in his role as Billy Kennedy int he 90's and tuned in to see if he'd wriggled out of the Soap Opera typecast into a serious role, in Hollywood no less! And I have to say he 100% has! I like that the cast are relitively unknown. It works well in letting the show develop as a whole rather and the "Desperate Housewives staring Terri Hatcher from Superman" thing that, IMO, killed that show! Read somewhere that the first series is not yet planned for release in the UK. Quite frankly, that sucks!! I'm going to scream and shout, kick up a fuss and possibly kill someone until it is! And I don't care how broke I am when it does come out, I'm buying it and not leaving my sofa until I've relived every ounze of drama and every hilarious one liner! A resounding 9.5 out of 10, the only niggle I have is that the patients hardly ever die!!! But I can over look that, on account of the fact they way they don't die is so entertaining!


I took part in a little mini production of this when I was a bout 8 at school and my mum bought the video for me. I've loved it ever since!! When I was younger, it was the songs and spectacular dance sequences that I enjoyed but since I've watched it when I got older, I appreciate more the fantastic acting and character portrayal. Oliver Reed and Ron Moody were brilliant. I can't imagine anyone else playing Bill Sykes or Fagin. Shani Wallis' Nancy if the best character for me. She put up with so much for those boys, I think she's such a strong character and her final scene when... Well, you know... Always makes me cry! Best musical in my opinion of all time. It's lasted all this time, it will live on for many more years to come! 11/10!!

Cruel Intentions

Love it! Best 'teen' move EVER but it goes way beyond what you would expect. It's filled with Sex, deceit, manipulation, lust... Did I mention sex?! There are some great 'in your face but not quite' sex scenes like you never see in cinema. Show it like it is! Oh, and *the kiss*. I'm sure you all know about that, I won't go into it again.

The best thing about this movie is the relationship between the characters of Sebastian and Annette, played by Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. Sebastian is the best character in this film. You can see him go from a manipulative, power hungry womaniser to any other guy who's hopelessly in love but can't admit it. What makes their relationship all the more sweet is the knowledge that the 2 actors are married in real life. (and have 2 little girls!) Their chemistry oozes off the screen. The best scene in the whole movie is (no, not that one!!) the scene in the bedroom when Sebastian lies to Annette that he doesn't want to see her anymore and that he doesn't love her. It's so powerful. I read somewhere that Ryan threw up after that scene because he found it so hard to do. It's just 'wow'

Go and see it! All of you!!! 12/10!


Way better than I ever expected!
I've always liked Kate Backinsale. I think it's something about Brits in Hollywood, plus her mother was an actress in British medical drama 'Casualty', one of my great obsessions. My mate works at a movie theatre and gave me the movie poster which sits proudly on my wall. I never saw it in the cinema and it took me a good few months to finally see it after it was out on DVD. I didn't have very high hopes for it, I was expecting something similar to 'Blade' (I'm a big action fan, and a bit sci fi fan, but I'm sorry, it sucked!)

Underworld, unlike Blade, doesn't rely solely on CGI and stunt work (Which is fabulous anyway!) The storyline is really intriguing. It had me hooked right from the start. I'm always weary of films that try and combine 2 different well established, for want of a better word 'worlds'. Both the vampires and the werewolves were portrayed in a way I've rarely seen before, you get a real sense of history between the two groups.

The storyline I didn't find at all predictable as I do usually and I was pleasantly surprised that the 'romance' I was dreading between Selene and Micheal (Scott Speedman) came to nothing more than a kiss, and one with ulterior motives at that. The acting by Kate and Scott made their relationship strong enough that you didn't need to see them rip each others clothes off to understand their connection. It would have been out of character and I'm glad the writers didn't stoop to the 'sex sells' level that so many do nowadays.

I'm rambling on rather a lot, but I think you can tell that I loved it! I'd never heard of Scott Speedman before I came across an article in SFX magazine about this film but I'd like to see a lot more of him.

A highly underrated film, deserves twice the hype than 'Blade' got, considering it's 4 times as good. Said friend who got me the poster now has my DVD. I want it back, I need to see it again!


Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place

Fox suck!! It's fab!
They seem incapable of hanging on to decent shows. They wouldn't know a good thing if it came along and bit them in the....

It's fantastic! The Cast are brilliant, the writers are brilliant, the production team is brilliant!!! It has me in stitches all the time. I love the Halloween episodes. Actually, I love them all! I must have seen every one at least twice but I still love it. Should've gone on for longer, but as mentioned earlier, Fox suck....

Ok, I don't have any more to say but I need at least 10 lines to post the comment! So, er... It rules!! Everyone go and watch repeats!!! hehe! I want DVDs! Grrr....

Will & Grace

This show rocks! Debra, Eric, Sean and Megan are all brilliant and I haven't watched a single episode without laughing most of the way through. To all those people going on an on about stereotypes, it being insulting to gays, blah, blah, blah, LIGHTEN UP!!! It's just a bit of fun! If you don't like it, don't watch it! Simple. As. That. I for one find it way better than most of the so called 'comedies' out there. I might even go as far as to say it's as good as the first 4 seasons of Friends before they lost the plot!!

There's no escaping it, W&G rules forever!!!

8/10 with sugar on top! :P


This is a crime drama about a group of 'long con' artists, lead by the recently out of jail master, Mickey Stone who get together to make cash quick by scamming the wealthy for all they've got. A shares scam, the arts world, a health spare and a casino will all be targeted by these sexy, confident criminals who can make you say thank you for taking your life savings.

I saw the first episode of this 6 parter last night and it was brilliant! I'd describe it as a cross between 'Ocean's 11' with the high crime, stylishness of it and 'Spooks' with the high tech look, quirky camera angels and plot twists (There are these weird, but funky moment when the action slows down and the characters talk to the camera! It's very cool!) Definitely will keep watching, and I'd advise you all to do the same! 8/10 but bound to get better!

I Am Sam

I watched this film the night before a funeral and I couldn't sleep. I can't be sure what exactly was the cause of my crying but i did!

It's so sad, I'm a sucker for soppy films! I loved it. Sean Penn does a fantastic job and little Dakota Fanners is the best child actress sinse Mara Wilson. This film's along the same lines as Forrest Gump, which I loved as well! i'd recommend this to anyone who likes a good cry! If you get bored stiff by any film that doesn't include kick boxing, guns and lots and lots of blood, stay away! And don't b***h about it on here because I told you so!

The Matrix Revolutions

Ending was a bit naff, but the rest was wicked!!!
***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** And you know the best thing about it? I was in the cinema on my own!!!! :D Probably shows something about the popularity of the movie but it was only half 5 and I'm not complaining! £5 for my own private screening! Not bad eh?!

So, anyway.....

I'd read bad reveiws and a few of my matyes had seen it and said that it didn't make much sense but I understood it completely! The Matrix is one of those movies that if you understand it, it's brilliant, and if you don't it's just a load of fightinh and cool CGI (Which was very cool, btw!) People have been moaning about the acting as well but I thought it was pretty good. Action films aren't the best genre if you wanna show of peoples acting but I thought the actors were great. I'm not usually a fan of Keanu Reeves, I find him a bit flat but the role of Neo fitted him well.

I loved The Matrix and Reloaded because they were obviously sci fi (Not that Revolutions wasn't, but hear me out!) They were unique, different, interesting. Despite my imense enjoyment of Rev, I found myself resenting the fact that they had turned it into a cliched war movie. I was comparing all the characters to characters in Pearl Harbour and I didn't like it. ( The kid as that chef guy played by Cuba Gooding jnr for example.)

It made me cry when Trinity died. Lots. IT was obvious she would when they flew above the clouds. And Even though it was cliched (I found myself second guessing what they were going to say and the dialogue in places was a bit predictable I found the human side of it quite interesting.

Curiously though, I didn't find Neo's death at all upsetting!! It's been painfully obvious from the word go that he was going to die, so I wasn't at all suprised. I as longing for more good old fashioned kung fu, there wasn't enough going on in the actual Matrix. The bits I enjoyed most were all inside the matrix. I lkied the bit when they went to see that frnch guy (name escapes me) and they were fighting those guards. Not really that great a scene but I liked it for the simle fact that it reminded me of the original.

The highlight by far was the face off between Neo and Smith. Loved it. Action Junkie here, it rules!!!!!! Niobe kicked ass too! hehe! I liked the fact that Morpheous was just human. No all knowing, all seeing general, but human. Plus i tire of his speeches, talking bores me!

Think I've babbled enough, don't you? One tip: This movie makes a whole lot more sense if you've seen the Animatrix. I'd recommend it to anyone. It's not as good as the 1st one but about par with Reloaded (I know loads of you didn't like it. But I did! So there!!! :P)

I just hope to God they don't try and make more! (Loved Star Wars, then they went and ruined it.)


The Matrix Reloaded

Dodgy in parts, but over all, pretty good!
This isn't as good as the first Movie and only serves to move the plot on into the 3rd film but I wasn't dissapointed and it isn't nearly as bad as half of the reveiws I've read think it is!!!!

I absolutely love the 1st one. It's brilliant! Everything I loved about it was carried on on the same level in this instalment and I can't wait for Revolutions!

You can't watch this film and really understand it unless you've seen the 1st film. Whereas the origional could be a stand slone, veiwing this movie as anything other than part of a trilogy would mean you come away thinkning it's the most rediculous load of rubbish ever!

The best thing about this movie? The car chase!!!!!! They usually bore me to death but I have to say I really anjoyed it! I usually don't go in for tons of special effects and prefer a decent plot line to keep me entertained and this film had both!!!!

Some bits got a be tedious and I was waiting for them to just get on with it but over all, I really enjoyed it!!!

One thing I didn't like? Tank gone AWOL! :(

Rating: 7.5/10

Star Trek: Voyager

Hmmm... Still undecided!!!!
After being practically forced into watching this by my die-hard trekkie mate, Jo, I have to say I think I might have quite enjoyed it! (Maybe!!!)

But there's a problem. As soon as I see an episode I like and really enjoy, along comes another one that's a bit off!!!!!! Granted, I've only seen about 10, but still!!!!!!!

The acting's a bit dodgy in places and really can't seem to make myself like Janeway or Chakotay. B'Elanna and Tom are quite sweet though and I quite like Seven (Well, I don't think 'like' is the right word but she's deffinitly interesting!!!)

I'll say 6/10 at the mo but I think I need to watch a few more eps to make my mind up! The Next Gen is still better, IMHO

The Matrix

I'd seen this movie about 3 times before and didn't understand or like it. That may be because I didn't want to but I have recently become a bit of a sci fi freak and bourght it at discount on DVD. I now have to put it up there in my top 10 faveourite movies ever!

It's brilliat, the action, drame, SFX..... I have very few thigs to complain about.

Actually, only 2. 1) When Neo was shooting that big old machine gun through the window, how in the hell did he not hit Morpheous? I know the whole film isn't exactly realistic, but come on!!! 2)Trinity kissing Neo magivally brings him back to the reall world. CHEESY!!!! I'm all for a good soppy romance but this film wasn't the place for it. I think they're quite sweet and would like to see their relationship develop but it was all just a bit tacky!

The thing I was most impressed about (especially after watching the making of special feature) was that all the stunt work is done by the actual actors. I loath action films when you can blatently tell it's a stunt double and the camera conviniantly cuts away at the right moment. It added so much to the 'wow factor' when you saw all the action, not just the bits they wanted you to see.

Some of the dialogue was fantastic too. I love Trinity's "Dodge This!" comment to agent Smith right before she shoots him in the back of the head. Classic!

Sci fi freaks will love this! Action freaks will love this! Actually, I defy anyone to watch this and not be blown away by the special effects and original plot line!

9.99999999999 out of 10!

Miss Congeniality

I love this movie! I first saw it in the cinema and thought it was brill! I only saw it because the film I was going to see had already started cos we were late! I saw that afterwards and didn't think it was as good!

It's an original idea, Sandra Bullock is brilliant, as is everyone else! I don't ususally go for romantic comedies like this, but I challenge anyone to go 5 minutes of this one without laughing!!!

Call me stupid, but I only realised William Shatner was in it like, 10 minutes ago!!!! I knew I regognised him, but..... I'm not a Trekkie at all, but I expected to realise if he was in anything! Ah well, it only took 3 years!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Love it! Totally and utterly love it!!
This show is the best thing to be shown on TV EVER!!!!! It never got the regognition it deserved, continuingly being snubbed by the Emmy awards!

Oh, I don't know what to say, what ever I say won't do it justice, take my word for it that if you have never seen it, you are seriously missing out! Joss Whedon is a genious! The acting is fantastic, as is the writing, directing, costume designers, make up....

I love the way it has continued to evolve over it's brilliant 7 year run, what some skeptics might call inconsistancy, I call variety! They have continued to push the boundries, what other sci fi show has done a silent episode, a musical and a tear jerker with no SFX??! No one! That's who!!!

Go and watch it!!!!! Well worth it! I only discovered it 3 years ago, the title put me off! But it's fantastic and I'm totally obsessed!!! Even after 7 years and a spin of show, there are still so many stories that could be told. Joss created a truelly fancinating and thought provoking mythology behind the show and it would be a shame not to carry it on in moe ways than just 'Angel'.

In time, a real rival to the Star Trek franchise! 10 out of 10 every single time! :D

Deep Impact

Definatly worth watching!
Deep Impact is the only film to date that I have watched, apart from Pearl Harbour that makes me blub like a baby every single time I see it! I love it, it has me in floods of tears! There is a perfect mix of action and drama as well as heart wrenching scenes that really make you care about the characters and makes u feel their pain! I give it an over all score of 7/10 but if it's a tearjerker you're looking for, it gets 10 every time!


Entertaining, as long as you don't expect it to be too serious!
Fantasy and Sci Fi shows have to be my favourite. I started watching Charmed one boring monday night when I was babysitting and not much else was on. I have to say, I really enjoyed it.

To begin with. Don't get me wrong, but it caters mostly for kids. I only started watching it at the start of Series 5 but I have seen many older episodes on reruns and I think it has gone down hill.

It was far better when Shannen Doherty was in it. I loathe shows that introduce another sibling/random other family member without any real explaination. This is nothing against Rose McGowen, I think she's great! (She used to go out with Marilyn Manson, don't you know!) But they should have quit while they were ahead.

So, despite the introduction of this new sister who I don't much like and 'demons' who look human (I like special effects! Buffy style!!!) it's pretty OK if you're not expecting it to be serious.

The acting is great though. I especially think Holly Marie Combs (Piper) does a great job! She has a huge range and can make me laugh out loud with Piper's brilliant one liners and cry with emotion.

All in all, it's good. But Shannen's departure has seriously harmed it. 6/10


Fox doesn't know a good thing when it hits them!
I only watched this because I'm a fan of Buffy and Angel and wanted to see what else the genius that is Joss Whedon had to offer. I was hooked from the start. What with fantasy shows taking over the networks and actual Sci Fi shows all but fading out, it was nice to see a spacey show back on TV.

I'm not really a big fan of Star Trek, despite friends' attempts to convert me, which is why I'm quite surprised that I enjoyed this. It's one of those shows that just happens to be set in space but could've worked even withough the sci fi element anywhere (Like, the wild west! Which is the whole point!)

It's such a shame that it got cancelled after such a short run and the Fox's complete inablity to even show the episodes in the order they were intended meant that the series was never really given a chance. What sort of a tribute is that to the great writing, acting and directing that makes whis show compelling and interesting.

Joss blends his mixture of classic one liners, complex and contreversial characters and butt-Kicking action to make a classic show.

12 episodes just aren't enough! If they don't bring them out on DVD, I will cry!


Darkness Falls

Weak in Places, but still scared the life out of me!
I'll be honest, the only reason I went to see this film in the first place is because I love Buffy. I was getting slightly bored of Anya and was interested to see whether Emma Caulfield could pull of acting in anything else.

I have to say, she did. I can't really explain why, it just worked. I'd not seen her in anything other than Buffy before and ths film really helped me see her as an all round actress, not just one of those people that plays the same types of characters all their career.

Apart from her, the acting was not quite as good. While Chaney Kley may be cute, with lovely eyes (!) he didn't really have the screen presence that a heroic lead needed. I can see what the producer was aiming for, the cute, unlikely, boy-next-door to come and save the day. But that would've worked better if it was a surprise. It was obvious from the start that he was going to save them all, so it didn't really work.

Lee Cormie (Michael) acted pretty well for his age, however I could not get over how off putting his vioce was. I realise this is incredibly unfair and superficial of me, but stupid little things like this are an unecessary distraction.

The premise of the film is original and interesting, but the plot it weak and thready in places. For a large part of the film, it dragged on, in "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" fashion.(I apologise if any of you liked this film, I just found it repetative and predictable)However, the fil was redeamed a great deal by it's terrifying closeing scenes. It truthfully scared me! I liked the way they blatently showed what was going on, instead of the styalised way so many Hollywood films cut away at the crucial moment. It's more effective when thy she what is actually happening, rather than letting the audience decide. The shock factor works!

I would recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of horror films. Or, indeed, a Buffy fan! I for one, prefer small-scale inderpendent horror films like this than the large, SFX loaded blockbusters that are made nowadays to cater for a wider audience. They're fine, just not at all scary! If you liked to be spooked, go and see this! I seriously couldn't sleep in the dark that night!

All in all, despite the weak plot line and average acting, this movie was pretty good, and made me jump when I least expected it.

I give it a 6.

Red Dwarf

Stupid, pathetic, laughably fake.... Smegging fantastic!
I have watched this show as long as I can remember, and I've always loved it! This is "Men Behaving Badly" in the extreame! The completely OTT character traits and the extreamly exagerated situation make for the funniest 30 minutes of TV you could watch! All the characters are both lovable and cringe worthy in their own ways.

Lister (Craig Charles), with his lazy, slobby ways and Rimmer (Chris Barrie), in his uptight neurotic way are the two people you would least like around in a crisis! Rimmer would be too concerned about panicking professionaly and Lister would save his beer and curry before anyone else! Watching them throw insults at each other constantly makes for the funniest scenes! Not that the others aren't brilliant as well! Cat (Danny John Jules) And Kryten are brilliant too. They all bring something to the show.

The person (or machine) that steals the show everytime is Holly, played by both Hattie Hayridge and Norman Lovett. They are both briliant! Holly's frankness and detached obseravtions are brilliantly written and make me laugh everytime.

A True cult classic if ever there was one. Will be remembered long after the likes of Friends and Will & Grace have been tossed into the pit of TV oblivion. It just goes to show that you don't need great special effects and top rate Hollywood actors to make great TV. The cheapness of it is part of it's charm!

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