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Can't Be Heaven

A Great Movie.
Yeah, this movie didn't make it big on the big screen. A Very unforutante thing because it was so good. It's such a warm movie. Deffinitly worth seeing if your a sweet happy person. If you like cute, good ending movies, this is the movie for you. Not only is the best actor in it. (Ralph Macchio) but the story of the movie is almost realistic. The ending is deffintly the way a movie should end, guy gets the girl, and a true love re-united after a long wait. Deffinitly worth seeing.


Who ever thought of the idea for ralph to play guitar and just play that role in that movie, needs to be awarded $100,000,000,000,000,000. It was the best movie I have seen in a long time. Joe Seneca had me laughing, hes a card. And Ralph and his sarcastic, blues lovin personality is just pure genious. I give this movie 10/10 stars!! GREAT JOB! Never got bored once.......ITS WORTH WATCHING!!!!!!

The Outsiders

It was an excellent movie, but could have been better.
Now, I'm not saying 'It could have been better' because of any other reason but the length. The movie was amazing, great acting!! great wardrobe!! great action scences. The movie was great, but it you read the book, then saw the movie. I think you'd be dissapointed. They left out the whole first chapter and other scences. Now I don't want to look like I'm bashing the movie, because I'm not, it was one of my FAVORITE movies of all time. But even Ralph Macchio (actor in the movie) wasn't too happy about the whole finished version of the movie. Thank god the new release comes out in Sept. It'll show all the parts they didnt show in the movie released version. All in All. This movie was GREAT,but its deffinitly gonna be worth seeing the whole thing in sept.!

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