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Go On

Slowly spreading its wings
I am a big fan of Matthew perry and always want to see him do good roles, so that's how i started to watch the show. It is really nice to see Perry back and also in his over prudent form. He looks good in some eps and hammered in some but overall he is able to pull himself together to show us some of the great acting he has in him. It is a pity he is not picked up by many directors.

Coming to the show, starting was a bit hazy as usual and i didn't know what substance it might have to go on. Now they are taking things slowly, started exploring characters and it makes a good watch. Hope they move on over the Ryan character and really start expanding the show.

Over and all, the show is enjoyable with some damn good acting but with a little preaching here and there. I am watching the coming episodes, are you with me?

An Education

Boring.... Waiting for the snap and what the twist will be...
I started watching the movie and i just knew how it was going to end. A talented, beautiful girl got carried away, forgets her dreams, leaves school, to marry a middle aged art swindler. She spurns the love of her classmate for this guy and in the end she realizes her stupidity and goes back to school and finally fulfills her dream. Does this story sound familiar to any one.. Many films had come out in India based on this premise and many variations to this story were done.

It is a boring movie and i just cant control the feeling. i.e... smacking the girl right in the face and correct her when she is deviating from the path, instead of watching the whole movie....

Skip it for your own good.

The Adventures of Tintin

Crammed with action sequences
I entered the cinema hall and the credits started and immediately there was an action sequence in the first five minutes. There is no building of characters or story. At the beginning itself it seems that half the story is over and we are seeing the second part.

No story building. The director has no qualms. He plunges straight to the action scenes without telling any story. Coming to the characters, Tintin isn't that striking. The range of face expressions are very limited and get boring from the start of the film. Also they have mixed two to three stories of the comics and even then they can't get the story right. Captain Haddock, such a humorous and inimitable character has been turned into irritable and childish puppet. It's so sad that they messed up. Why are they so hell bent on including so many action scenes one after another. Anyone who read the comics and loves them is in store of a great disappointment.

They have missed the dumbness of Thomson and Thompson, the wittiness of captain haddock and the cleverness of Tintin. All they have done is churn out another movie which follows the Hollywood formula. Sad as it is that they have turned a lovable story into one of their escapist movies.

Mr. Sunshine

Good but have to mellow it down a little bit
I watched this show only because of Matthew perry. He is really talented. and spontaneous. we can see a bit of chandler in his new character Ben. May be its because Matthew is a bit like chandler, so he cant get it out.

The pilot is good, but its like I have seen an entire season in just one episode. The characters, the story goes so fast, its like they are making an half-hour movie. So many things had happened in just one episode. Ben gets dumped, Roman meets his mother after a long time, Ben realizes that he is insecure and needs a commitment,... oh my god, its like going in a train, the trees disappear very fast and the journey is coming to an end. Mathew has to slow the story, so that people will get time to know the characters, connect with them and gradually enjoy the show.

Overall, its really nice to see Perry back and the show has a lot of potential. May be as the time grows, perry will grow in confidence and rock the show, like he did in Friends. ATB

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