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Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side

Acting and Dialogue is not..
I watched this Asur because someone recomended to me.Because of score here is very high i gave it a shot.So far i have watched it 4 episode and i will say story is so intense and good>but Dialogue and acting is average and there's is melodrama as well as i expect from Bollywood but i think Bollywood never learn from western cinem that theres no place for melodrama in main stream movies and series.Its not theater.So i gave it 7 score just because of Story so far.


Great sound,Good action effects,Poor dialogue,Poor story.
Today i saw this movie on TV premier.I didn't watch this movie on theater because of bad score and indeed bad reviews are correct.First half of the movie is totally unbearable(Bakwaas).Cheezy Dialogue,Cheezy action,Cheezy entrance of Hero.Unnecessary of songs though couple of songs are good but Bollywood directors should realize that this cheezy things for Hero,cheezy style won't suit now.Indian audience love to watch Hollywood movies and there's no such things in there.Boolywood should make movies like hollywood short and good no songs,no cheezy entrance.Couple of more scenes were looks weird to me and i dont know it is because of Tv premier(few scenes were cut in middle) or its like that were very very bad.One is where saaho's sports car scene on a bridge where he grab Black box in middle air.Totally bulls**t scene.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Just Amazing Movie.
I just came from watch this movie.And its a fantastic movie.I love Godzilla movie.Watched every Godzilla movie and its the best so far.Its better than any Marvel movie.people are gave 1-2 score they just stereotypes and don't know what a good movie.this sequel is better than 2014 orignal movie.I give this movie 9 out of 10 score.I deduct 1 score because i want to see more fight and less want to see human side of story.


Not good at all.
Well concept was good yeah Evil superman yes.Evil superman can happen but story is very slow lame felt like documentary movie.From very start through very close to end there no action.Action is in movie is for just 5-7 minutes.Nah i say fail movie


Big Plot hole but Average movie.
I don't want to give spoiler so only thing i say there's a big plot hole in the climax.People giving 10/10 score but its not near to that score movie. I gave it 6 score.It is a average movie.And ending is not good bad ending and plot hole.Okay i give here spoiler that in the End they shows that show shadow switched the body so in real world it was shadow of that girl and real girl was in shadow world but why real girl behaving like shadow?

K.G.F: Chapter 1

Overrated movie.
I watched the movie.And its not a good movie like people gave score.Cringe dialogues,Over digesting heroism,cheap dialouges.Didnt like the movie a bit.Biggest dissaponitment was for me that cheap acting,cheap dialouges.

Pet Sematary

Worst Ending you can imagine.
Movie was going well.It was average through out the end.But Ending was very bad its not Negative.I watched hundreds of Horror movies with Negative ending but this movie ending is worst or bad you can imagine seems like incomplete so i gave 1 Star.

Kala Shah Kala

Great movie.
Another Great movie from binnu dhillon.must watch.Great acting from every actors.


Padmaavat - Review
In whole movie theres only 5 min fight scene.People goes to see the 3D movie For CGI/Special effects specially when movie based on a epic war between two's.Everybody knew the story.Songs are totally crap not good at all.Only thing good in this movie is Ranveer Singh Acting.Bollywodd should stop making typical bollywood style movie and learn from Hollywood or South Indian movies.Today generation wants Special effects on this type of movies.

Bãhubali 2: The Conclusion

Outstanding movie.
An epic movie,outstanding acting specially by Anushka Shetty,Dialogues are marvellous,Visual effects are good but not perfect couple of scenes are not good in effects.Music and dialogue are the heart of the movie specially Anushka Shetty(mother of Baahubali).My wife loves the Jewellery and costumes.No doubt this movie will cross 1000cr rupees.I gave 9 score if effects were little more good then it would more epic but it still the best visual effects in Indian movies.So i wish they will make Baahubali 3.My wife gave it 12 out of 10 score..LOL

Blair Witch

Wasted my 90 minutes.
What A **** movie.acting, direction and super ****camera shooting.Camera shoot is a big disappointment in this much unnecessary camera shaking and blur ruin whole movie.I didn't like original one either but however that was still OK OK.But this one broke all the records of ****.In whole movie ending scene was little better and story too.Plot of the film was good that brother going to save his sister.But they fail to execute.Seems like low budget B grade movie.Apart from the end everything was Actors,Acting,direction,Shooting,Camera effect everything is pointless.I wasted my 1 and half hour.

Ghayal Once Again

Awesome action thriller movie
Fantastic movie.Full of action pack thriller.Nice classic music.nice emotional touch.little minor mistakes other wise give full score.

But i am not here to talk about that.I saw this movie and totally "पैसा वसूल".This movie is equally good original "ghayal".Nice acting by all star cast.

And guys we should support #6Sunny Deol.He is true Indian not like other "Khans".Guys make this Movie super hit of this year.He need our support.Its our duty that we make his come back with a bang.We are waiting for Ghayal 3.

We love u sunny.Make more movies like this.

Darr @ the Mall

Awesome Movie
wow best Bollywood movie in last few acting. And special effects are too good in Hollywood style.the most perfect thing is in movie is sound effect.Director Pawan Kripalani did a tremendous job.writers also did their job well.because i thinks for making a good horror movie need 3 things are most important Direction,Script and Special effects.Jimmy Shergill acting good.only a item song is unnecessary.Some bullshit TV news gave this movie Avg score.but believe me guys this movie is totally worth of money.And this movie deserve above 7 score out of we can say that Bollywood also can make good Horror movies.i am waiting for sequel for this movie.


OMG What a series.I like it very much.
OMG what a series.Even better than Game of thrones and walking dead.and even better than old Jeremy Brett(1984).Old series was so great never thought after that any Sherlock series can comes.But it came and nailed everything.Every character is extraordinary.specially our Holmes and Watson.Story,Action,sequence is mind blowing.they set this series in our generation which sets remarkable.Screen writing is great.Its 1:30hrs long so i will call every episodes of it a movie.And i m big fan of Sherlock Holmes.Please make 1000 episodes of this series so far.Must watch.Best series of this generation.sorry for bad English.

Hachi: A Dog's Tale

very sad story..
i will only say this that i m writing these words while tears in my eyes.i also an animal lover.i saw many sad movies but none can compare to this.can bring tears to any guy who watch i must say that weak guys don't watch this..this may effect your emotions and u can go in depress.i got depress till 2-3 days after saw this i want to watch this movie again but don't have guts to watch this again maybe i m not that strong.but must watch movie.i love that breed of dog in movie. i will tell to all my friends and others that go and watch this movie.i sure u will never forget this movie in your whole life.100% real and simple story.hats off to director..(Namaste)

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