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Mr. Sunshine

Comedy as it's meant to be!
Mr. Sunshine is more than an exercise in comedy, it's well written and very well executed with a great cast. The comedy may not be 20 minutes all-out laughing but it's impossible not to have a smile on your face for the entire show! Matthew Perry is outstanding as the misanthropic manager who is not half as bad as he'd like to think or likes others to belief. It's unfair to compare his character to Chandler but his Matt Albie on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is a fair facsimile. It is very good to see Allison Janney back in a meaty role which allows her to flex her considerable acting muscle. Her interaction with Matt seems natural and absolutely in keeping with the spirit of her character. She is an acting tour de force and, as always, a joy to behold. One can only hope she will do the "the Jackall" again in some future episode. In all this is a solid comedy with much to enjoy and hopefully for a long time.

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