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Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

The death of a great saga
I can't even begin to describe how disappointed I am in this movie. Mu hopes were up, and justified since there was a great director in charge of it. JJ Abrams usually delivers.

Not this time though. The story is weak and inconsistent, leaves a lot of questions unanswered, like where the hell did the new sith lord emerge? Was he hiding under a rock in the times of the emperor and Vader and waited patiently for them to kick the bucket so he can take the cake? That's not your typical sith behaviour that's for sure...

Kylo Ren is a weak negative character, he just doesn't deliver. When Vader appeared on screen everyone was in awe and holding their breath. This guy? He's defeated by a teenage girl who found out about the force 10 minutes ago... do the math.

And about the said teenage girl... I still don't get it how she managed to pull all those Jedi tricks without any training whatsoever. How does that work? Might she be some kind of force prodigy with a higher midiclorian count than Anakin?

The movie is not extremely bad, it still delivers some good fun, but for the hardcore fans of the series such as myself simply doesn't cut it. It just doesn't fit well in the series... I hope the next movies will be better.

Criminal Minds

Enough is enough already
So I've been watching this show ever since it's beginnings and all I can say is that I'm sick of it... 5 seasons would have been enough. But since I have a mild OCD that urges me to see things to an end, I can't stop watching.

Joke aside... this has become a painful to watch show. It has nothing interesting anymore, it just repeats the same formula over and over for the sake of ratings and/or money. Next to no story whatsoever, just episodes almost without any connection. Just pick an episode and watch, you're not missing anything. Writers out of ideas? Or perhaps due to lack of ideas, they're trying to turn some watchers into sources of inspiration?

But I digress...

The thing I find annoying is that although it has an interesting intrigue (actually 2 now) it isn't properly followed through, leaving the viewer wanting more, but all he/she gets is yet another stupid episode on a random subject.

I'm going to leave out all the abundant plot holes and bloopers because hey, it's a movie, it's fiction, it's not supposed to be perfect but what they're doing with the "story" is just ridiculous.

I really hope this show ends soon.


Eye rape
This movie has everything... It tries to combine some cinematography techniques in a the most uninspired way possible. It seems like it tries to be some sort of The Dark Night (without the awesome Bat-Man and the Villain) with some sort of Cloverfield. The combination is so badly put together that it will make you cringe.

It looks like those in charge of this movie smoked some weed, snorted some coke, sat on the toilet and thought hmm... how do we sabotage this movie? Uh, I know, let's show 5 minutes or so of monster-monster action, let's use as few words as possible, let's create tasteless, odorless and colorless characters and no one would care if they were chewed by Godzilla, spat out for the lack of taste and finally swallowed and digested by those whatever the hell they are monsters and last but not least let's use a lot of military stuff... everybody just loooves military stuff... boom boom here's your movie.

It has so many plot holes it hurts. It's unbelievable that that huge bunch of people that took part in the making of this movie had all the IQ of an empty bucket.

It is an insult to the public. It is an insult to this fine art that is cinematography. It is a waste of money and resources. It is a waste of Bryan Cranston's talent. I believe he begged them to kill him and get him out of the nightmare.

There you have it. Hollywood is getting worse every year and makes a mockery of every movie subject in existence. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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