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Nigerian Prince

Fun Watch
The actors are all very good, and the script was decent, but there's definitely some plot holes. Budget issue are probably to blame. Overall this film did a lot with a little.

The bond between Eze and Pius is cute. I think Pius did care about Eze, but Pius was in a really bad spot, and this appeared to be his only option. Also, I wanted to hug Pius after he was whipped at the police station. I know he's a scammer, but that wasn't a proper punishment for what he was doing. It's not like he killed someone.

I don't agree with Eze's family at all. You can't just ship your kid back to your home country because they misbehave. You have to be a real parent. Eze's Mom appeared to have a good job, so she had some extra cash to spend on her son. Put him in something creative or into sports. The whole thing was questionable though. I wonder if Eze's Mom was in on the scam with Grace. Pius would be her family member too.

Also, there's definitely a theme about boys needing a Dad to steer them in the right direction. Pius' Dad died when he was very young, and now he's a scam artist. His Mom probably needed the money as well, but things got out of hand. Eze's Dad probably didn't act like a real Dad. He's a cab driver, so he ended up being less successful than the Mom. That probably made him feel incompetent, and would have affected how he was as a man. He clearly just caved to what Eze's Mom wanted to do, so he probably caved to all of his sons demands too. He was there, but was just a guy, not a Dad.

Also, I'm a woman, so I really want to point this out. Eze has to sleep in the same bed as Grace. If the genders were swapped people would be up in arms over that.

I still recommend this movie. I'm American and I've never left the country so I have no idea how well it represents Nigeria, but the movie is fun to watch.

The two main actors are American, and they're very good, so I hope I get to see them in more stuff together.

Concrete Cowboy

Different and Done at the Same Time
I wasn't aware of the urban cowboy community in Philadelphia before this film. I'd only been to Philly once ten years ago, on a high school youth group trip. It was cool being exposed to something that's seen as different, since their black horse riders.

The movie isn't without it's stereotypes though. I'm white, and I've definitely noticed black teenagers are treated harsher than their white counterparts. I'm 28, but not much has changed since I was 15, like the character. I know Cole is messing up, but the Dad acts like this is shocking when he didn't raise him. A boy needs a man to properly guide him, not step in at the last minute and use tough love, as if they were ever there before. The Mom is clearly the better parent, but at the same time she discusses a long past with Cole getting in trouble. She's a nurse in the film, so she could have gotten Cole into therapy, or a sport, or into something artistic to help with his feelings.

I have no sympathy for people like the Dad. Idris Elba gave a great performance, but I'm also someone with a Dad that makes excuses and thinks he did more than he did. I can't help but feel bad for the kid.

It's cool that Cole and Harp start bonding, but both his parents could have done something sooner. Cole should have been spending summers doing something productive way before this.


Better Than Expected
The trailer doesn't do the movie justice. It's actually really good. At times I definitely felt "old" since I'm 28 and these kids are middle schoolers, but it's still worth watching. The movie ended up having typical hood movie lessons, but it was actually portrayed by kids, which made it more heartbreaking. It reminded me of Stand by Me, A Bronx Tale, and The Goonies, so if you like those films I would recommend this one.


Big Thoughts With a Little Budget
It's one of those movies that makes you think. We're constantly wondering if the murderer is a human from the film or the monster. There's definitely metaphors there. I really liked it, and while you can definitely tell it's low budget, it does a lot with a little.

The Ghost Who Walks

The Film That Provides
This movie did a lot with its $250,000 budget. It's not perfect, and obviously the funding was an issue, but it was still really good. The characters flow well together, and you care about them. Their bonds make up for some of the quick exits. The plot had a few holes, but they weren't that bad. The action was top notch, especially for a low budget film. I get the feeling they wanted a sequel at the end.


Season 4 Review-Great Ensemble.
I tuned it for season 4 because I saw Chris Rock would be in it. I love this season, but I do want to add that I didn't watch the first 3 seasons. I don't know what the stories were like. I watched the movie though. Obviously this season 4 storyline is very different, but it keeps me watching. The ensemble cast is woven together we'll, and the story grows stronger each episode. I recommend watching. Some of the characters I like are the teenage girl narrating the story, Chris Rock's character, the Irish guy, and the nurse with the voice.

The Brothers

Never Gets Old
19 years down the road this movie is still fun to watch. It's relatable for anyone about to turn 29, and of course for people who have already been through it. Approaching 30 definitely is something else. I'm a 27 year old white woman, so some aspects of my life differ from these men, but for the most part their feelings about aging match mine. Through and through this film stays fresh.


Almost There
I could see hints of what they were trying to do. There was clearly a message about social media and gaming taking over. Basically anything to do with a screen, but the budget clearly wasn't there to bring things together. Certain characters should have interacted more. This would have created more bonds the audience cares about, which would make the characters more likable.

Vampires vs. the Bronx

Fake Creatures With a Real Issue
Vampires vs the Bronx was really cute. I definitely think 10 to 14 year old kids will love this film. I'm older than the target audience since I'm 27, but it's still enjoyable for adults too. You can tell it's inspired by a lot of movies we all grew up watching, with a Bronx twist. It's about gentrification which apparently has turned some people off. I'm a white person from Connecticut so I think about this topic a lot. I'm close by so it's easy to see how things are changing over in NYC. It's a very real subject, and it needs to be discussed. Anyways, you will like this movie if you like nostalgic things like The Warriors, The Lost Boys, Stand by Me, The Sandlot, the It mini series, or Silver Bullet. If you like newer things like On My Block, the It films, or Stranger Things this movie is also for you.


A Good Summer Movie
The movie captures that last breath of innocence some kids are lucky enough to hold onto. Two friends enjoy their last summer before high school, and one in particular is caught between adventure and heartbreak. Mud throws a monkey wrench into the whole thing. The film is slow at times, which might be on purpose to capture the southern backdrop, but it's still a fun summer movie for kids, or anyone who remember what it's like to be a kid.

Jesus Camp

Christians Need to Check Each Other
As a Christian who is liberal I would say this is worth the watch. This camp is almost something I would have enjoyed as a kid, but as the documentary goes in deeper we see how extreme this camp is. We as Christians need to check each other, and we should always be aware how things can too far. Growing up I always questioned intentions of Christian groups and camps. I think the new generation of Christian kids should be taught to do the same.


Worth the watch
It's uncomfortable at times, since illegal relationships are involved. I suggest watching alone given the subject matter. The story flows very well, and while you can guess the twist early on it's still worth sitting through. These relationships happen in real life, and this is one theory as to why.

Last Ride

A Drifter Can't Keep Drifting
So I finally watched this 11 years past it's release. I enjoyed the scene featuring a flip phone. Nostalgia at it's best.

The story is simple enough. A drifter type is coming to the end of his rope. He suffers from memories of his own tough childhood, and while I think he tries to do better by his son, his past catches up with him.

I highly recommend this for anyone who has had a parent who walked the line between abusive and loving. Whether it be from addiction, mental illness, or their own abusive childhood.

We the Animals

A Specific Childhood
I lived parts of this story. My parents have a toxic marriage. My Dad is mentally ill and was abusive. He has bipolar. My childhood felt so free at times, like this kid, but as I got older I realized how trapped I was. I'm 27 now, free enough of my childhood, but the memories always linger. Watching this was painful, but sometimes you ave to acknowledge what happened.

Normal People

You'll keep watching
Only start this when you have time to watch all 12 episodes. I sat there for six hours, glued to the screen. Every time an episode ended I wanted to know more. The pacing is slow, but somehow something important is always happening. The actors were phenomenal, and despite some very intense scenes, they acted as if there wasn't a crew at all. It was like the characters were real. You will fall in love with them, and the story will become apart of your own life.

El Bola

Different Countries, But This Helped Me So Much
The movie is from Spain, and I grew up in America, but it helped me so much throughout the years. My Dad is bipolar, and was always angry. He wasn't as crazy as this Dad, but he did slap me around and pull my hair any time he was mad at something in his life. He has kind of apologized now that I am an adult,but still thinks he was kind of a good father. It's tough, and seeing movies like this let me know someone out there knows this stuff happens.

The Addams Family

Could have been on Netflix or TV
The film was cute, but it really isn't worth going to the movies for if your kid is older than 5. This played out like a TV movie.


Filmmakers were brave/RIP Jordan
I had stumbled upon the videos myself. Years before the movie came out. Mostly the audition tapes. The guys were about my age. Specifically the ones with the MMA fighters. I did notice as the audition tapes came out Jordan Schillaci became less enthusiastic about the process. That wasn't anything that seemed like a red flag though. I thought it was acting. It seemed like a bunch of young adults having fun in their spare time. I was very upset to learn some peoples lives were ruined by the whole experience. It didn't seem like anything bad to me. Just some guys who were barely out of their childhood years enjoying tickle sessions. I saw it as childish fun, not anything sexual. I'm glad the filmmakers helped put a stop to David D'Amato and his harassment, when he was alive.

I know Jordan recanted some of his statements, but he seems terrified in those interviews with people from D'Amato's team. I recently found out Jordan died back in August (2019). I didn't know him, but it still broke my heart. His personality in the clips could pull people in, and his MMA fight clips are cool. RIP Jordan Schillaci.

Hide Your Smiling Faces

Brothers and Endless Summer Days in Jersey
Tommy's getting older, so now his teenage brother Eric can teach him to be a man. It's a slow change at first, but a tragedy speeds up the process. Something even Eric isn't ready for as an older brother. Possibly even making him go through the exact same emotions as Tommy.

The film was made just past my childhood/teenage years, but it was timeless enough. It could be set in any year, at least within the past two decades, and still remind the viewer of their own summer experiences.

The story is set in a rural area of New Jersey, so I might be biased as I grew up in a suburban Connecticut town. Tri state area to the core, but the film could easily be set in a different state. There are very little markers of it's location, and at its heart the plot is about two brothers growing closer over one long summer.


Refreshing even if it is old.
I didn't see this movie until the end of 2013, and I didn't watch it from start to finish until 2014. However its 1990 production date doesn't make the film stale.

The plot is a refreshing look at young adults. It's not clear if their on break or fresh graduates but either way this film really spoke to my 21 year old heart.

I would compare this to the Breakfast club because of how the kids bond, but this film is for a preppier set.

There are a few things that weren't clear like what their school status was. Also when they first meet Tom in the beginning I'm not sure why they are all at the same event. Its not even clear what kind of event it is. Despite the few flaws the film is a masterpiece and it captures NYC so well. If your stuck in Connecticut like me it will make you want to grab the nearest train there.

Ride Along

Trust me its good
People were knocking this movie when it first came out but I loved it. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube play off each other well. The jokes are funny and there is a good mix of the modern world and old school values.

Spoiler: Kevin Harts fiancé makes him something in the beginning (I think its coffee) but she also knows how to play video games. She seems to be a career woman but we never see that part. Probably for budget and time reasons. Even if she is a stay at home girlfriend she rocks.

Some of the twists are completely unexpected. This movie is worth seeing and I can't wait for the sequel. Don't listen to the bad reviews. This was good and you won't waste your money.

The Wonderful World of Disney: Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House
Episode 14, Season 5

Good Actors, Bad Movie
I was a fan of the kid playing Kevin as a kid. The adult actors were also good but at age ten I only cared about what kids were doing.

The plot is awful and doesn't make sense since Kevin is nine again. The actors aren't bad but they don't have a lot to work with. French Stewart brings a different kind of Marv to the table. Some hardcore fans may find that annoying.

The butler is cool but his character doesn't have a lot of life to him. The actor really did a good job making that work. He's a stereotypical adult whose stuck in a rut.

I recommend the movie to kids but if you didn't grow up with it you may not like it.

29 Palms

Better than expected
For a straight to DVD movie this was pretty good. It had a busy plot but it was something new. Russel Means, Litefoot and Carlos Mencia were in this so that was cool. They worked well with the 5 million dollar budget. I thought this looked like a big budget movie.

I thought they broke Native American stereotypes by diving into them. The story is based around a casino and the Italian mafia. I liked the unexpected pairing. No one broke character which is odd for a low budget movie. Sometimes you have really great actors and then one newbie who is still learning the ropes.

The story gets sow sometimes but you want to keep watching. Its not a boring pause just a necessary delay. This movie is worth watching it you want something different.

Crooked Arrows

Not the best, but not the worst
This movie was better than I thought, but its not the best movie about (modern day) Native Americans. Most of the good films are low budget so they are seen by a small audience. This was more mainstream than the others. However it only had a 6 million dollar budget, so that's why the box office didn't go well. They worked well with the budget though.

I didn't hate this movie but its not in my top 20 or anything. I wanted to keep watching but I also wanted more to happen. A few lose ends and missed potential. I also don't see why two white actors (Chelsea Ricketts and Brandon Routh) were playing Native Americans. They had a bunch of other real Native Americans in the film. I wasn't steaming mad but it did bother me. At least some people were really Native American. Everyone acted well.

Its not a movie I would watch with friends but I do suggest watching it. Also I like that Lacrosse was in a movie.

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