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Jeepers Creepers 2

Excellent horror movie!!
Now this is what I call some good old entertainment. The creeper is one of the best movie icons out there in my opinion. I thought the first movie was quite mediocre. It was all a bit too cheesy for my liking. But then this sequel came. At first, I didn't't expect too much from it: I rented it at the local Videoland. But when I watched it, I was sold. I bought it at the very next opportunity and I watched it 3 times so far (quite a lot in my book). It's too bad the dutch release is a sorry excuse for a DVD but hey, this one is all about the contents! The plot is quite simplistic, and it's no Oscar material but if you're looking for some good entertainment with a mean "mofo" playing the star of the evening, this should be your pick. The action is wonderful and it has a healthy dose of humorous moments (well, they may not be humorous to some but to me they are :)).


I loved and still love this movie. I can watch it over and over again. Of course, it's not a multi-layered masterpiece but why should it? It's pure entertainment and it does that job very well. One if Sutherlands' best roles IMO. the story is entertaining from beginning to end and has a good arc. It does however also have some very enjoyable details which make it eligible for re-watching.

Definitely a must-see for anyone who can enjoy the deviate films of our times. 10 out of 10 for the movie.

PS: I'm still waiting for a decent release on DVD here in the Netherlands. But that's probably in vain considering the age of this little gem.

Stargate: Atlantis

Amusing, brainless SF, not bad
Quite enjoyable, and no, I'm not a teenager.. It's nothing fancy and it's single-layered: don't look for deeper meanings in these shows. It is however nicely executed and some of the main character do a very decent job (Dr. Weir, McKay Zelenka).

The main idea of how the Wraith came into existence is very refreshing and a good explanation for why they look so much like humans; a very big problem I have with Star Trek stuff is the inexplainable likeness to humans of literally EVERY alien they encounter. Here they at least try to give it a nice twist.

Currently at season 3, I have to admit, the cheesy episodes are getting more numerous but the good episodes still make up for that so I keep on watching it. Best SF sho ever is Farscape so keep that in mind while evaluating my view :-)

Blade: Trinity

Very disappointing
While the first two Blade installments were good this one rally hits rock bottom. I cannot find much redeeming in this movie except maybe for Hannibal King. He was kind of funny in some scenes. Overall this movie was boring and very predictable. Blade himself was nothing more than a mere shadow of the character as it should be. The vampires were all hollow and had nothing scary or evil about them. Anyone who loves the first two movies: refrain from watching this steaming pile of crap because it will totally ruin everything. My vote is 4 out of ten and the 4 points were solely because of the character Hannibal King. The story itself was very lame and the entire movie feels like it has been made just to collect some cash. There is no commitment of any kind to be detected. It has no "spirit" whatsoever.


Very nice movie: A true dutch language Giallo has come to our screens!.
I think this movie was quite successful in its purpose. Although the movie had a slow start it certainly made up for that loss in the last 45 minutes or so. The first half hour it looked like it was going to be one of those 13 in a dozen Hollywood flicks with no own identity at all. After those 45 minutes it became apparent that this was not the case.The madness and sick twists at the end are totally unexpected as Dieter seemed such a nice guy. the scenes at the psychiatric hospital were my favorites. The ending was entertaining. I can see this kind of movie isn't everyones cup of tea but one cannot deny this movie has something to say for it. I think the overall rating of 5,9 is a tad low and I would definitely rate it a 7 (my vote is an 8 but that is because I am really into this kind of flicks).

I recommend anyone to give this a try and people who like strange twists and horror / thriller / Giallo genre movies should definitely watch it.

Cabin Fever

Nice horror-flick
This movie was quite entertaining actually. In effect this movie does its job and does so convincingly.

the concept of the movie was not really original but the setting in which the movie was placed was: It was very funny to see a freak thing like this happen in a small town in the middle of nowhere, mostly because the behavior of the people living in this town was abnormal, and thats an understatement!. That effect could not have been reached had the movie taken place in a densely populated area. This could of weird off behavior is typical and is seen in a lot of movies which take place in small town deep in the middle of nowhere.

The psychological basis of the group dynamics used for the main characters was actually quite flawed seen from a scientific point of view but that shouldn't be a problem with a movie like this. The scare effect was well done and the pace of the movie never really diminished. A shame however that it was such a short movie: They could easily have made this a 100 minute movie. I know a lot of scenes that would have done nicely in this movie!. The overall evaluation of this flick: 7/10.


Very nice movie!
I thought this movie was very convincing in its message. the actors played their parts very well and the settings very nice. When I look at the replies some people gave before me I can not understand why they call this a bad movie. It has all the necessary ingredients for a good movie and more. That is, in my opinion. When I see a movie I always try to look at it with my emotions (Especially movies like this one). And I have to say that how it felt was pretty good!. The way the leading actor expresses the anger and frustration after losing his girl felt very real to me.

Another nice thing about this movie has the "average Joe" look of the actors. Usually actors are so pretty and perfect, it seems so unreal sometimes. In this movie they weren't all that pretty (just like in real life).

My conclusion is: Watch this movie and preferably: BUY IT. It has a good replay value.

The Joyriders

Surprisingly nice movie
Although it's not a top-notch movie, it still has a lot of charm. The story is surprisingly pleasant and the acting could have been worse. I kinda liked idea that the old man was given a new purpose in life by a bunch of run away teens. The way this was told in the movie was really quite believable. The other way round: The old man gives the teens a reason to start over with their lives and make something out of it. Particularly moving was the subplot from the girl who ran away from home because her mother was psychotic and blamed her for everything that went wrong (She even accused her of flirting with her new boyfriend as she returned home at the end of the movie. It was a really sad scene).

I enjoyed this movie and although the review value is low it still deserves an above-average rating i.m.h.o.

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