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Hitler's Grave

more powerful than just a film
daryush shokof makes a commitment to break taboos every time he gets a chance making a movie.however, with Hitler,s grave he has done more than just making a movie.i rather say a most subtle film i have seen from him is a story that not only touches different layers of current world conflicts (Moslems and the Jews)but, directs us to a window of opportunity so smoothly that one can simply and easily agree there is nothing wrong with having no religion. this is actually what the film preaches above all the other statements about the world famous"infamous Iranian regime". he is very successful to tell the story with wit and passion, as Taies Farzan delivers her role equally at her best but so do almost all other wonderful actors in the film (except for some new comers and or relatively extra type of cast that do disturb very nice scenes on occasions,"the police officers at the synagogue are just simply not up to their roles). Vadim Glowna is great. Pierre Kiwitt does a good job and the complete story works like a half classic old movie that you do not want to miss. a solid 10 for this very refreshing new film by shokof

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