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Ray Donovan

I have been a captivated by the Donovans since it began and to be honest I am at loss for words at the erratic cancelation!!!! I have appreciated everything about this show and it at least deserved a proper ending!

Blue Bloods

Worth watching!!!
I watch many different police dramas from dark Scandanavian ones like The Bridge to British ones like Broadchurch, Line of Duty etc. I was not sure I would enjoy Blue Bloods as I do not watch many Amercian shows. However being an original Magum fan and Tom Shelleck was pinned on my wall I had to give a a go. I have been binge watching now for a few weeks to get caught up. Extremely happy that I did. I love the cast and the "family" is what sets it apart from the rest. You will not be disappointed.


The wait was worth it
I have watched Deadwood many times over and waited in anticipation for this movie. I truly was not disappointed. It was unfortunate that a few characters were missing (due to death and other committments) however it was perfect. It did not feel like years had passed since the final series episode ended. I cried and I laughed but most of all I wanted it to never end.

Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne
Episode 6, Season 8

Such a disappointing end to one of the greatest programs. Absolutley horrible!
I have been extremely disappointed this season but tonight was the worst. It completely ruined the entire series.

Avengers: Endgame

It deserves more than a 10..... nothing more to say!
There are two types of people who have written reviews. People who truly do not appreciate the franchise and then the ones that do! This was a perfect ending. I cried, I laughed but mostly the movie did not leave me feeling disappointed!

La trêve

Fan of anything non American and I'm Canadian
So I have read the majority if the reviews on here and am quiet surprised by how low they are. I have rated Le Treve a 10 and I fell it is deserved for many reasons. The casting is far from boring, but maybe that's because I am accustomed to wasted money on the same old thing over on this side of the world. I love dark drama, cinematography and depth and I have only found that watching programs such as Le Treve, Broadchurch, Shetland, Peeky Blinders, The Bridge, Bordertown etc etc.

This program had a few quicks in it however it did not take away from the intensity of what the characters were portraying. I felt Joann Blanc was incredible, a character in which you not sympathize with but truly feel the emotions. Maybe it's the difference between English and subtitles. Never watch something that has been dubbed as everything is lost in translation.

I feel if you are a fan of a dark intrigue that leaves you wanting more this is worth a watch

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