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Countdown: Jerusalem

Do Not Fool Yourself
This is not a Pro Israel movie. Nor is it a action thriller. This movie is a right wing crazy Christian movie. And I want to quantify this by saying I am not talking about your everyday Christian. I am talking about the ones who believes the world is going to end 2 years ago or 4 years ago or 10 years from now..

See they believe Armageddon is going to happen in the area which is now Israel. That is why they seem so sympathetic to Israel, but not really. You see that come out in the movie.

Is the movie about the condemnation of violence in Israel? Or are they just worried about those temples? Even in the beginning of the movie while the main character is making a report we are focused on this Temple which is crumbling. Surly a metaphor. You hardly knew it was a earthquake if they did not tell you. So they are focusing on the Temples, where Jewish people worship. She goes to Israel and the same thing. The US is kind of mealy mouthed about defending Israel which is odd.

So this is the premise of the movie in a sneaky way. Because the Crazy Christians believe that the end of the world is going to happen in that area they want to make sure all of the Jewish people are gone and the ones that are left have accepted Christ. It is all through the movie. Even on the airplane. The ex sends some guy named Joseph that looks like St Joseph to watch over his ex wife. We are in Israel and we see no Hebrews worshiping we just see Christians Jewish people. I just thought the whole movie was a mess.

The child was never kidnapped she was raptured. That is why she disappeared in clear air. And she ends up in Israel looking for her. Then they try to make it look like it might be about some type of spy movie because of the husbands job. I looked at the movie thinking it was one of those so bad they are good movies syfy puts out all of the time. Instead I get a bible lesson from some Crazy Christians.

Bad Girl Island

Where is Wyclef Jean When you Need him?
It was my monthly Netflix Sleazefest that prompted me to choose this movie. Only the first part perhaps filled the sleaze part. Antonio Sabato Jr is infatuated by some woman that just drifted ashore on a island in the Bahamas, where he lived with his family. He worked, I think, as a screenwriter. The woman is some type of entity. Is she real or not?

He has dreams about her and it looks like the movie is about what he dreamed about. He doesn't trust her because she has some type of sexual affect on men. And people start ending up dead. OK I said this seems interesting. Your average sleazy mystery. The type you Shannon Tweed or Andrew Stevens.

But then all of a sudden it turns into a Haitian Refugee movie. Now I am not going to say how this plays out but I have never seen anything so outrageous. All I have to say it is a revenge movie. If you are willing to see something you never seen take a look but if you get mad because you will never get the time you took to watch the movie proceed with caution. I gave it a generous 4 because James Brolin actually gave it the sleaze factor.

The Man Who Cried

This man needs to be on the Maury Povich Show and Cheaters
I have never seen a mini series where there is only a handful of people I would spend two minutes with in my real life. The son and the 2 ladies on that boat. The rest repent but too late. The lead character needs to cry. He sound like he grew up in some trailer park in Mississippi not in North England. But I guess there types like him everywhere. In the first scene we see three people two adults and a little boy. The couple carry on, very much in love and the little boy is playing amongst them. What a lovely scene a family out with their son. Wrong, It was the father out with his married girlfriend professing his love and plans to marry each other. Mind he has a wife and that is his son he is dragging around on dates with his married girlfriend. Well the secret gets out and his girlfriend gets killed by her hubby and he kills himself. Now wait the bad person in not the married boyfriend, or the wife or even the hubby but the married boyfriends wife. He's lucky the Cheaters crew wasn't around because I would of rounded her hubby up for a ride and would of caught them red handed. Especially since he brought her son. So the next scene we see Big daddy(which he will now be known) crying and yelling at his wife. We are to believe she is some type of banshee, but we rarely see her and when we do I understand her anger. He picks up and takes the boy and leaves her with no money , nothing. The son and him start on their journey.

Now I am not going to tell the plot of this movie but I will give a breakdown of Big Daddy's activities 1)has a affair with married woman and brings his son along on their dates 2) He abandons his wife and takes his son simply because his girlfriend is killed by her hubby and she told them. What was she suppose to do? He is taking her son with him on dates!

3)Finds a wife to marry ( remember he is already married). She is nice enough and her husband owns a company that is doing good. Later we see him trying to move in on the business after the hubby dies and he marries her.

4)Wife has a sister. He is taken by her right away. He starts having a affair with her.

5) He gets the sister in law pregnant

6) Wife comes back. She is mad and has not done well since he abandoned her. He goes to jail for a year for Bigamy.

The son all through the mini series is seeing all of this. He is a adult in the second part and it is a wonder he is such a nice guy considering the creep the dad was. I am not sure if the lead male is suppose to be sympathetic or is he a public Service message. But I do know if he was a real person he could of been on Maury and Cheaters.

The show was entertaining and the acting was very good. Cairen Hinds was very handsome when he was young. I never saw him young like this or anything. So I can see how he could pull all of the ladies. But he was not a nice guy in anyway.

Concorde Affaire '79

Bad but Entertaining
Incredibly bad, but I loved it. Particularly the quasi disco song played through the action scenes and the closing credits. And the passengers having panic attacks while the plane seemingly is crashing, Which is the most accurate part of any of these type movies. There was only a skeleton crew of big stars from Hollywood Golden Years. No Gloria Swanson here. But we do have Joseph Cotton and Van Johnson and Edmund Purdum.

The big difference with this movie and the other movies of this type like all of the Airport movies is that this plane actually crashes in the beginning. Which sets off the events for the rest of the movie The plot was a little bit like the the Airport 75, also a Concord. Some corporate bigwigs know the plane is faulty but doesn't care and are after anybody who survives the accident or anybody who knows her. Opposed to a reporter having the goods on her boyfriend and he wants to target her by crashing a whole plane. Which was the plot of Airport 75. The reason for the plane crashing was sort of like one of my favorite plane disaster movie which is actually a good movie, Fate is the Hunter with Glenn Ford. Ford puts on a great performance. Like this movie the only survivor is a stewardess and she serves coffee right before the disaster. I think Fate is the Hunter is so underrated a lot of people never saw the connection between this movie and that.

James Fraciscus and ex-patriot Mimsy Farmer are the two leads. He is the reporter who has the story about the faulty plane. The movie spends most of its time chasing those two around. Also there is some catchy quasi disco music they use for some chase scenes and the ending credits. I have to say I was entertained and that is what a movie is suppose to do. But it still goes on my so bad it's good list.

Just think 25 years from now we will have Space Shuttle 2027 staring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Beyonce as the singing nun and Sharon Stone as the 80 year old grandmother escorting her grand daughter to get a new heart.

Black Butterfly

Good Movie, much better then the 3 rating it has here.
Ignore that 3 rating. I am pretty tough on movies and this one was very good. OK the movie looked like it had a budget of 99.99, but it wasn't that bad. Netflix is a great place for lost movies. I decided to watch it because I thought it was about swimming and I love swimming. The movie is not really about swimming though.

First off the actress who played the main role Ariel did not have a body of a swimmer. And her training was something to be desired, so big deal, Sylvester Stallone was not a heavyweight when he played Rocky. He looked like he might of been a middleweight if that.

The important thing is the actor is good, And she was. I liked that it was a middle class black family. Like my family her father was a cop. None of that hoodlum stuff black people are stereotyped in so many movies. Believe it or not there is a whole bunch of us out there who have 2 parents who love each other and their children with high aspirations for them with jobs and nice houses and do not hang with hoodlums. In this movie the main actress wanted to make the Olympic swimming team. Everything was going well until one day she was raped. The person who raped her I will not tell but as soon as you see him you know. Like a guy at the end said you see a snake you know it. This mutant took everything she was happy about in her life and made it dirty. She had a boyfriend who she never had sex with, but this bastard took that away. He had no idea what was going on because she was threatened and would not tell. Her swim coach had a idea and blamed the boyfriend for a second. This girls life spirals out of control. She doesn't do the movie thing and start taking drugs or becomes a hoochie girl, She just retreats into her world of anger. To make things even worse the mutant comes back every once in a while, so his threats ring true. Not only that he has raped other young girls.

There is very interesting side story about how a co worker of the rapist is very angry about how he minimizes what a rapist does so he is on to him right away but no one would listen.

Finally one of his victims tells and everybody is after this guy, including her parents, the coach, the main character parents and some of other people. They were all gunning for him. I am not going to tell the end. But I will tell it was not a typical American movie ending when everything is decided and put in a neat little box. I never heard of any of the actors in this movie but they were for the most part very good.

There was a section of the movie I felt was just put in at the last second, where the mother talks about her being raped and basically she helps other rape victims. It was a bad acting moment by the actress who played the mother. It was almost a soliloquy gone wrong. What I got out of that is knowing this is what her mother does for a living and her father being a cop she would be more likely to tell and why didn't her mother figure out what was wrong with her before the coach?

But I liked this movie and I would recommend this to anybody. The lead actress really makes you feel for her. I think what helps is that she is not some picture perfect model. She was no means ugly but she looked like your average young teenager. She had a normal life a nice girl a person people could relate to and something terrible happens to her. Very striking and sad movie.

But take a look because it is was a lot better then most of the junk with big budgets you see out there. I want to add that the rape scenes are partially graphic, but no nudity, you just know what is happening. Nothing gratuitous. But she is brutally attacked and nothing can make that look OK. But not in a way you would forbid your children from watching I think it is a good movie for the whole family to watch together.

Day of the Outlaw

Burl Ives not Santa Claus, no Merry Christmas here
This movie has a common plot. Man goes away to take care of business and comes back home to find the townspeople he helped look at him as the enemy. Basically a bunch of turnips. But this movie was not anywhere common as most of these coming home movies are.

Excellent movie. This is a great example on how a good movie can be made without being over exaggerated when violence is a crucial part of the story. The way Robert Ryan took care of the bandits means that some one actually took time to think out of the box and not have the usual solution for these types of movies. I won't say what happens but it was a genius plan. The whole cast was excellent include David Nelson. Frank DeKova was no Chief Iron Eagle on F Troop. IMO Robert Ryan can do no wrong. I want to add Burl Ives was in this movie as the head of the bandits. People think of him and they think he is some type of children movie actor. Not the case Burl Ives IMO was one of the greatest character actors around and he usually played a not too nice of a person.

King of the Avenue

Why do Dope Dealers get Married and have kids
This movie is not that bad. What would one expect in a movie about a dope dealer selling his soul to the devil? The Devil and Daniel Webster? But what I found in the movie was a alternating view of the oft told tale of Mephistopheles. The view is that Mephistopheles was a collector of souls of the damned. And that is exactly, I am sure not intentionally, what this movie is about. Every dope dealer who has a name is killed because the main character makes a deal to be the biggest drug dealer in his city. I find the leading actor acted like he was in a comedy. The supporting characters were way more interesting. Ving Rhames you can tell is having a ball. Who could take this move seriously? It was a DMX /Scarface redux.

The deal hinges on the soon to be King dope dealers wife and child getting killed if he does not take the deal. So he lives a double life the wife and his kids has no idea about. In any case the movie is entertaining if you like gore and shot outs. And you can suspend reality for a for a hour and a half. If not stay clear. But it is not any worse then most of the garbage out there. Just to see Ving Rhames hamming it up and having a ball.

Air Collision

Pretty Exciting Stuff
OK this was not Airport. But it is not that bad. The beginning is pretty slow. But then the action picks up. Seems we have a ATC in Cleveland who predicted what was going to happen. Seems some new ATC system is being put in that will lessen the amount of mistakes ATC's make. Well I guess we can thank Ronnie Reagan for that. And it has started. They send the ACAP ( the system) by satellite but all of this space debris starts falling from space including the new doo dad ATC system ACAP. They look like fireballs. The ATC is requesting that all planes be grounded but no one listens. Air Force One is one of those planes. We now see fireballs coming from the sky destroying anything in its way. The ATC in Cleveland is working with a rookie. So we know what is gong to happens. The actor is Reginald ValJohnson who has been in numerous movies like this.

The movie focuses on Air Force One and a passenger Plane. Turns out they are in direct collision with each other but neither knows because the ACAP is broken and all communications are down and the ACAP has rendered the pilots in Air Force One useless. They have to get these special numbers to over ride the system but the President has it and there is lasers all around the airplane to keep unauthorized people away. Of course this becomes a problem. The President has a daughter and his wife on the plane. The daughter has wandered off on a tour with the purser of the new plane.

Fireballs are coming from the sky and the ATC is insisting all planes land. He is being nixed by some idiot who will not let the Presidents plane land. The ATC has a partner who has to get to a tower to communicate with the airplane and use the old system. I am not going to tell the rest of the movie. But it had me on the edge of my seat.

All I require that a movie entertain me. And this one did. Take a look and forget about the budget.

End Game

Not a bad movie made for 10 bucks
OK it is not Chinatown, but for what it was it is not that bad. Seen a lot worse movies that are filled with big stars and made with big money. The lead detective did not bother me too much because my father was a Detective and that is basically how they act. No flash, shoot outs, car chases. Just asking a lot of questions. The faux detective was mean enough that if I saw him I would cross the street. I did not understand how he got a date, he looked and sounded so ominous. the female lead was a winner on Survivor I did not realize it until the end of the movie when I saw her name in the credits again. She was OK. The movie was cheaply made viewers should not dismiss it. And yes most of the cast was like people they met in the street and asked if they wanted a few hundred bucks and the scenery could of been in somebodies backyard pond and the police station probably was in the same apartment the old lady lived. It was tightly made and kept my interest.


Barney Fife Must be the Police Chief
This is one of those so bad it's good movies. First off this family moves to this college town. It seems like they have a house on campus but I am not sure. But mention was made of the neighbor living on the campus for years. The husband has gotten a job working at the school. Where he replaced a Professor who ran off, disappeared or was killed.

The family has a son who I thought was possessed from the start. He rarely utters a word. People talk to him but he doesn't talk back. He has no reaction to anything. Even a person getting run over by a truck. The mother I think is a little odd too. She seems to be put off and annoyed with everybody. The husband seems to be the only person in the family that acts normal. I am not sure if the mother kind of knew about her son or just was not attentive. Because the boy utters to his mother something about her being pregnant and she says she is not pregnant. But a few scenes later we find out she is. Why didn't the mother think it was odd that her son seemed to be some type of fetus whisperer.

The doctor tells the wife and husband that she has to stay still and in bed because she might lose the baby. Well the next thing you know he tells them they get a nurse and a nanny for the boy. Their health plan takes care of that. I can see a nurse but a nanny too. Must be a special health plan. Well that was just a way to get some of the cult members in the house to watch the boy and the mother.

There is a crazy neighbor who is trying to kill the boy before his 11th birthday which falls on 11/11/11. Yes because of that he is going to be responsible for the Apocalypse and that is what they want to happen. My question what about all the other soon to be 11 year old with the same birthday? In any case the father soon sees something is up and he tries to stop it. Now I am not going to tell the end. But let's say numerous people are killed including a cop being blown up and no one seems to notice. I have to mention also that the whole town does not belong to this cult. The cops obviously are not in it. So why no mention of all of these dead bodies that keep on turning up? People are getting killed in broad daylight. And there is the required levitation scene that all of these types of movies must have.

I say if you love movies that are so bad they are good, take a look. But if you don't, skip it because you will never get that time back. For you folks I told some of the plot and plot pot holes so you can decide if you want to waste your time or not. I understand there is a sequel, hopefully it doesn't disappoint and it is as awful as this movie is.

Arctic Blast

They Blinded Me With Science
Lately since I have been streaming movie from a company I will not name I am seeing a lot of movies I would never look at. Also lately I have noticed Bruce Davison has been in a few of these disaster flicks. So I wasn't sure if I saw this before I watched it. Because I said to myself I might have saw this because Bruce Davison was in some type of earth coming to a end movie not to long ago. Well it wasn't the same movie technically. I was thinking of Mega Fault. Same movie except this one dealt with ice and the other dealt with fire.

The movie was entertaining in its own unbelievable way. See I have learned a long time ago to suspend all of the science I accumulated leading to a Chemistry degree and just go with the flow.

Seems like the ozone level was destroyed because of a lunar eclipse and ice pockets are forming at first in the Australian area of Hobart. So of course the best meteorologist in the world works there and he is the first to see what is going on. He seems to be working for a NOA type of agency which looks like it is headquartered in Philadelphia. This is when Davison comes in He seems to be the head of the agency. Now I am not sure if he was suppose to be a bad guy but he turned into one in the middle of the movie when he ignored the guy from Hobart who had the solution to stop this, and decided to keep him out of the loop. Why I do not know. But he had his own plan and that is what they were going to use. All I have to say is he turned into a good guy with a tragedy I saw coming befell his wife.

I am not going to tell you the end but all you need to know that there is a bratty 16 who is the meteorologist daughter, a young co worker who is a diabetic and does not believe in bringing anything sweet with her to work. Just look what bad science that was used when she got sick. And the meteorologist whom all hold the fate of the world in their hands.

Also we have the usual wife mad with hubby because of his job, but realizing at the end that he saved the world so she will keep him.

I have seen worse. And I am sure all of you who have read this have. The movie looked like Stephen Kings Fog. With the movies low budget they probably used the same fog and made it wider.

Next time suspend any belief that any of these movies is based on good science or else you will be blinded by it and the movie.

Titanic II

Watch Before you Commit Suicide
I have added this to it is so bad it's good collection. Why anybody in their right mind would take a trip on a ship called the Titanic 2 Christ only knows. I knew we were in trouble when I saw exactly 5 people at the dock waving the people on the ship Bon Voyage and there was only 20 people on the ship and most of them were employees. Of the passengers it looked like they rounded about 15 people from the local supermarket to do extra shots. Then we have the Statue of Liberty as a back shot when the ship is leaving port where it is clearly not NYC.

The rooms on the ship look like something you find in High School GP rooms. I understand it was the Queen Mary. I always thought that was suppose to be a nice ship but it looked pretty shabby to me. We have 3 leads the only one I know of is Bruce Davison who plays a Coast Guard Captain who daughter just happens to be a nurse on the doomed ship. He finds out that some type of Tsunami is going through the North Atlantic pushing icebergs into the ocean and destroying all things in its path. This time there is enough lifeboats but they are death traps..according to Capt Bruce. The science is something that should of been left for a better movie then this. Why bother. Who cares just sink the ship and get over with it.

It looked like they had some interesting scenes underwater involving a submarine but the lighting was so bad I could hardly make out what was happening. Then we had endless scenes of the 12 passengers dying in various places. And the daughter and her boyfriend who happens to own the ship escaping. We think he is a jerk but he turns out to be a nice guy which makes it worse. At least he could of been a weasel and we could be rooting for his death. I couldn't care. All I cared about is why is Bruce Davidson doing this movie. Does he really need the money or is he a trooper who will take on any role.

If you are mad at yourself and is considering suicide look at this movie and see how bad it is to waste your life even for 90 minutes. I gave it a 3 for the science which I am sure came from a Nova episode and Bruce Davison.

Child Bride

Thank God Jeb struck liquid gold and moved to Beverly Hills
A little movie about a serious topic. Child brides and the old men that marry them. We are not talking about 18 and 19 year old girls we are talking about 12 year old girls. The story centers around a schoolteacher who is trying to get this practice banned and young girl who some pervert who is already dating her mom got his eyes on and some local town folk who are either with the teacher or not. They are so threatened by her that one night, in the fashion of a KKK raid they steal her away in the night. All wearing hoddies to hide their faces they drag her off to some rock were lord knows what they were going to do. If she was not rescued we know it was something horrific because her clothes were torn almost all off. To me this scene is much more controversial then the 12 year old who tells her friend he can't look at her without any clothes on anymore when they go swimming. So she goes ahead and takes a dip with her dog. While the friends closes his eyes It was a very sweet scene, until we notice that leach who is fooling around with her mother is watching her every move. It would of been less realistic for her to be wearing a bathing suit at her age where they live at. In any case the moms boyfriend cooks up a blackmailing scheme so the mother will have to force her daughter to marry him. I am not going to spoil it for you because it is pivotal part of movie. It was also very touching about her little friend who was very upset and crying over her upcoming marriage. I felt so bad for him. He asks for help but the teacher can't offer any. It was looking pretty grim for all involved. But the teachers boyfriend comes to show her the law about child brides have been changed. And it was enacted 3 day prior so the marriage would be null. But the hubby is getting ready for the big night and it really doesn't matter about the new law. Something you we see why at the end. All in all it was a good little move. The lighting was bad. But other then that I say take a look if you can find it. I have Roku and one of the channels has all of these old movies. So that is how I got to see it.


The Devil made them do it.
Two cops, one carnival with 4 or 5 sideshow freaks and a Ferris wheel, one greedy owner and his side kick. A redneck tow truck driver a crazy pastor and his son who has one friend and a woman who reads crime scene evidence in boiling pots of water. What does that all add up to? THe whole entire cast of Carny. But wait I forgot the star of the movie, The Jersey Devil.

As a native New Yorker I use to hear tales of the Jersey Devil and how he would come after bad little girls who never listen to her parents. That being me.

Well it turns out someone has captured the creature and the owner of the carnival has got a buyer for it. He has one big problem though, the beast decides he doesn't want to cooperate and he escapes. And he also has one minor problem, a crazy Pastor who believes Carnivals and the people who work there come from Hell so they must be gotten rid of and he is sending them right back to where they came from, Hell.

The beast kills everybody in his path. This is not King Kong that will actually stop and take a look at you before he kills you. No this one is serious and what makes it worse, he flies. The greedy owner wants him back alive so the sheriff (Lou Diamond Phillips) allows him to the next morning to capture the Devil. But it turns out the tranquilizer guns are not powerful enough so he uses people as bait. He kills the only other cop in town so the creature will smell the blood. But before that during the night the monster has been having a ball. Killing the crazy Pastors son and terrorizing his friend. THe goober sheriff never thinks about calling in help from another town. He has a monster killer on the lose and he takes it upon himself and his now dead deputy to bring down the monster.

Who makes these movies? Doesn't the actors say wait there has to be another town this monster can fly to and continue his killing spree, what about calling the cops from all of the surrounding area? Or at least the National Guard. It is not like it is a wolf or dog that got lose it is a freaking killing machine that flies.

This is a movie you have to suspend all common sense to watch. The pastor is really mad now because his son is dead and he blames the goober sheriff for allowing the carnival in the town and the people who work there. So when the goober arrests the owner for killing his sheriff, the Mad Monk (all he needed was a beard) somehow incapacitates the owner and goober and locks them behind bars. Well since the owner has blood on him guess who crashes through the police station and kills him. And the Mad Monk believes he kills the monster while it was locked up in the cell killing the owner. WRONG. The Goober Sheriff is nowhere to be seen when this is happening even though he is really right in the next cell which by the way also houses a rack of high powered rifles which he uses to escape from the cell when he comes to. I am sure most criminals would love to be locked up in that cell.

I am not going to tell the ending but I will say the troops were never called in and a Ferris wheel is more deadlier then I thought. Don't waste your time. As I said in my summery the Devil made them do it. Them as in the Director and all involved . And It as in making this movie.

Somebody Help Me

Boo Radley to the Rescue
This had to be some parody of white slasher movies. I just saw this movie called Dead Snow, a Norwegian movie, that made fun of American slasher movies. Dead Snow was excellent. This was alright.

For any of these movies to work people have to do dumb things and the cell phone has to dead or out of range. Perhaps that is why most of the time they use young people as main characters. Not only that the setting has to be in a isolated place and the police force is a force of 2. The Sheriff and his deputy.

The one thing that was different about this is that there was a neighbor who lived in a cabin across the grass. And there was a main town not too far away but far enough away. The neighbor was a very odd man and he immediately reminded me of Boo Radley from To Kill A Mockingbird. And I think that was the intention for people who never saw the movie so they didn't know what was coming.

This plot contains two African American couples. One of them uncle owns the cabin. One of the woman have a birthday and 2 more couples show up who are white. One has asthma. I have asthma and I always love the way they portray Asthmatics in movies. They never get it right. This one is no different. You would think as many Asthmatics there are movie makers would at least ask one how to portray a genuine attack. I just know when I see a Asthmatic in a movie their inhaler will become in peril. And we know what happens then.

One couple disappears and the stupid decisions start. One of the people seem to have more sense then any of the friends. The voice of reason. He is the character who uncle owns the house. But no one listens to him. One by one people start to disappear and one bad decision is made for each of them. Call the cops, no don't call the cops because his uncle is going to get mad. Let's split up and look, no don't split up because it is smart to stay together. They split up. Oops I forgot my car keys in the house. Don't take the rifle in the sheriffs car while a killer is looking for you. Walking to town and taking a ride from a man who is driving in the wrong direction because the sheriff happens to be at his house. And then going into the house.

Then we have the Silence of the Lambs type killer. Seems he was a plastic surgeon and now he is taking body parts from his subjects. Something happened a few years ago and the sheriff knows about it and refuses to let his deputy mention it, even though history seems to be repeating itself.

I am not going to tell the ending other then look at the subject heading. It wasn't bad as far as these type of movies go. If you have nothing to do and want to watch something to waste your time this movie would do fine. Just don't expect anything too different. But it was entertaining. And as far as I am concerned that is all a movie should at least be.

Inside Daisy Clover

Better then I remembered. Plummer and Cast excellent
I haven't seen this movie in years. So I got it streamed through Netfix. I want say I remember it was not suppose to be a good movie when it came out. I saw it with my parents and all I could remember is the songs and Natalie Wood.

On second viewing I find this film was very underrated. Natalie Wood actually pulls off being a 15 year old. I think because she is only 4"9' and is very petite. She announces to her mother, Ruth Gordon, she can sing and she goes for a audition and they like her. Ruth GOrdon is at her eccentric best. But it is sad what happens when Daisy's near to do well sister takes things in her own hands. Since Daisy is a minor.

Christopher Plummer is excellent as the merciless studio head. When Daisy has a emotional breakdown, Plummer makes no qualms about her position with him, even though she had been carry on a affair with him. He asks the doctor if she can go to work and if she cannot go to work make her certifiable so I can get the money from insurance. He goes on to tell he she is there to make him money, not the opposite and promptly fires her nurse.. It was a great scene. It is a a more really about making movies more then about Daisy Clover, and the stars She is just the device they use. Robert Redford is some Errol FLynn type and sweeps the 16 year old Daisy off her feet. One would have to be blind not to see a train wreck coming. But he tells her things he knows she wants to hear and he even pays attention to her grandmother. All I have to say when she marries him , look up what happened to Jean Harlow on her wedding night to Paul Bern. Not quite as deadly but... you get the idea. I think Daisy is a variety of characters but mostly Judy Garland with a little Deanna Durbin, evident by the end and how Miss Durbin left Hollywood at a very young age.

All in all I liked the movie. Wood is great and she looks like she is having a great time. Plummer should of gotten a Oscar for his role or at least nominated. Ruth Gordon was good but her roles diminishes greatly after Daisy became famous. And Redford is great playing the louse. Gee they still haven't figured out how to get rid of those bumps on his cheek. lol. .


The only seismologist in the world is a young woman from the Midwest
I am reluctant to write about this because of the death of the star. But if this movie did not kill her, nothing did. Do not read any further if you want to see this movie because I feel I am performing a act of humanitarianism by telling the whole plot so someone else will not waste 90 minutes of their life they will never get back. First it was all over the place. Forget about the inept science in the movie the geography wasn't even right. I hadn't realized this was all taking place within a 24 hour period.

We first see Eriq La Salle, who should be in a real ER after doing this movie not the show ER, supervising a demolition crew. He sees his Jeep shake and warns his crew. Well it is off to the races. Eriq and his Jeep out running the fault. It looked like one of those scenes from a disaster movie about avalanches where you always have some skier trying to outrun a avalanche. It looks like he doesn't make it. But later on apparently the only seismologist, the Brittnay Murphy character, in the whole world finds him while she is investigating the site. I am sure there are seismologists all around the country, but in this movie she is the only one. So she is all over the country following this fault.

She is married with a little girl so that plays into the sympathy side of the movie. La Salle's mother is already dead when the fault hits his home town. So forget about him, and the movie did. So instead we have her worrying about her family who is suppose to be safe in a airplane taking them to a safer place. But somehow all of the Air Traffic control systems are down and the planes are now flying blind. Plane crashes, but you would never know because when you see the father and daughter again it looks like they had a bad day at Disney World. Not a scratch on them, just some some clothes that look halfway dirty.

The movie goes on and on. Bad special effects abound. La Salle turns out to be a helicopter pilot and steals a helicopter so Brittnay can find her family. But that is all forgiven and forgotten when fighter jets force them to land because they broke some Homeland Security law. When they find out she is again the only seismologist in the world and she is not going to help unless they let her sidekick go.

She gets to talk to some General and they tell her what really is going on (it doesn't matter) and they come up with a way to stop the fault. Well not really. Not so simple. So Eriq and Brittnay hatch a plan to detonate the fault. Well here they go in a jeep again detonating bombs but they cannot out run the detonations. Here comes this helicopter pilot who is in and out of the movie and he is going to throw a rope down and hitch it on them to save them. Oh no! He only can save one at a time! Guess who it is? We know because earlier La Salle gave a touching speech about him never doing the right thing.

That was suppose to be the most exciting scene of the movie, but it wasn't. That happened earlier when the her husband and daughter get picked up by a trucker who is carrying fuel. The fault starts acting up around them and they have to uncouple the fuel tank from the truck. Seems there is nothing but fuel lines under the ground also. The father has to leave the truck while it is moving and uncouple it from the back. He has no idea what he is doing. It was the most exciting scene in the movie.

In the end Brittnay and Eriq save the world, Brittnay gets saved, the family is safe but Eriq is dead.

I am not going to say it is the worst movie ever made because that tends to draw people thinking it might be so bad it is good. No this movie is just bad. Also I didn't want to add Bruce Davison is in this movie but I have too.

I want to make a comment about Murphy. I always liked her. I thought she had a strange way about her and her acting, she had a great face. But she is so skinny in this movie it looks like they are hiding that by putting a lot of big clothes on her. She might have been ill at the time. It is such a tragedy to see a young person die so early. It is it criminal that this was one of the last movies she probably made.

The Brain from Planet Arous

Very Entertaining..surprisingly
Next to the movies that come out today this is 2001 A Space Odyssey. Actually it is pretty good if you can get past the hilarity of brains floating around with two eyes. The eyes were very expressive. I call them phony Disney eyes. You know the eyes all the Walt Disney cartoon characters have had since the 80's.

John Agar who married a very young Shirley Temple years ago is the star of this movie along with the pet pooch. I understand he had a little drinking problem and that did not help his career. Still he was skilled enough not to make this into a over acted mess like most of actors who portray superhuman aliens that can destroy the universe. He acted like a regular guy most of the time.

I am not going to give away the whole movie other then to say it looks like Gor a alien from this planet escaped the police and landed in John Agar's brain. We know this because Vol is another alien from Arous but he is cop looking for the elusive Gor. Vol is also a floating brain but he decides the family dog is the best place for him to hide out. In the meantime John Agar kills his colleague because he is a rival for Joyce Meadows affection. Vol let's Joyce and her father know that her boyfriend is acting strange because Gor has taken over his body.

Gor/Agar can blow up airplanes just by looking at them and he does. There is a Atomic Age sub story. Gor shows his might by demanding a meeting by all the superpowers take place so he can show them he is even more powerful then the A Bomb. This is all very entertaining. I like the idea that the Joyce Meadows character is not your typical blithering idiot girlfriend. Gor/Agar becomes a little frisky with Joyce but the dog is not going for it, The Alien in the dog is a good idea because the dog can hang out with Gor/Agar without any suspicion being cast. So as silly as it seems, it works. It it much better the Vol hiding outing in a human whose presence has to be explained.

The end comes quickly and I am not going to give it away. But this was a nice little movie that is not as bad as the title makes it seem.

Killers in the House

If ever a need for a Union
SPOILER*********** if you do not mind wasting 90 minutes of your life you will never get back. For the rest of you proceed. *******************************************************************

Talk about employee dissatisfaction! Seemingly half of the employees of a small town bank robs it. They get off with the money and take refuge in a mansion who one thinks is deserted. It is not and the rest of the movie is about how the family of 3 that inherited the house survives the night. Again, as in most of these movies the smartest person is young child.. But all of this never would of happened if in the very beginning of the movie a cop who goes to the ATM sees the robbery taking place doesn't do something that is so stupid you wonder why the whole town isn't a haven for criminal activity. Instead of the cop calling 911 for back up he decides to take on the heavily armed bank robbers himself! I was shocked when he said drop your guns and it was only him standing there. Who wrote this movie? It would of made more sense if no one saw them commit the robbery. In any case even if the movie is filled with implausible acts such as a lone senior citizen lawyer(Hal Linden} thinking he was James Bond and taking on the robbers on his own and getting killed it was fairly entertaining and better then half the movies in the theaters today. But just think if the bank itself treated its employees right half of them would not have robbed the place. lol

Of Human Bondage

Good movie but none are close to the novel.
A lot of people must not have read the book. None of the versions of this movie is close to the book simply because Mildred does not even show up in the book until the middle. She is a important character but not the main character. I believe people misread the Philip character because they leave so much out about his life before he met met Mildred. And there is the flaw of all of the versions. Someone mentioned that Bette Davis was not pretty enough for Philip to be obsessed with. Well in the book it mentions she was not pretty. Actually Davis is the one character out of all of the versions that comes close to the character in the book. The way he describes Mildred is the way Davis looks to a tee.

In the book Philip was not a nice guy. He had a chip on his shoulder because of his foot and he treated people badly. He treated the family with contempt who took him in as a child. He would make nasty remarks about people who wanted to befriend him. One woman even commits suicide over him. We see none of this in the movie. So I see Mildred differently. And his obsession makes sense because of the book. He is not the sympathetic man we see in the movie.

I believe Henried is better in the role then Howard. Parker is way too pretty for the Mildred part. Even though she is a good actress here her good looks get in the way. Henreid is age appropriate for the film because in the book he took a lot of years off discovering what he wanted to do. He even spent time in Germany. Sally is the character that betrays the book the most. In the book she much more outgoing and she sleeps with Philip even though were just good friends. She was the only woman in the book that Philip had a relationship with that he did not destroy even though he almost did. I like Janis Paige in the role. I believe this is a better version then the 34 version, even though Davis is better in the Mildred role. But once again I must mention if people are looking for something that is close to the book none of the versions are.

Titanic - La leggenda continua

Where is PETA when You Need Them
I brought this copy a few months ago because I could not believe they made a cartoon about this disaster. Subsequently I have been a hunter of bad taste items dealing with the Titanic. I am sure 70 years from now there will be similar items about 911. I found a treasure trove of tasteless Titanic memorabilia ranging from model kits of the boat sinking and people falling to their deaths, coloring books, and pop up book to soft porn lesbian vampire movies like Titanic 2000.

I have seen I believe most of the movies about the Titanic and I must warn people that the most famous one made by James Cameron is my least favorite. I have hand it to this version. It managed to tell almost the exact story James Cameron's did in 45 minutes and we did not have to listen to Diane Warren's music, for those reasons it is better. The cartoon starts out with with a young Little Mermaid looking woman in life boat, She is sitting next to this kid that looks like a black person. I had to inquire of any black folks were on the Titanic. Not that it matters I am a black person, it is just that is the first time I ever saw or heard about any black people on the Titanic, no less a life boat. It took me a few minutes to realize that the Titanic was not all of a sudden the chummy little ship of diversity. It was bad animation. Everybody in the movie had a tan and funny colored eyes.

The young woman is wishing she will find her real mother whose picture she has in a locket. Then we flashback to the real beginning. The day the passengers boarded the Titanic. Mind you when I say passengers I mean humans along with various wildlife, who have their own luggage too and boarding line. The young lady's name is Angelica and she is the ward of a evil women and her two ugly daughters. She has to sleep in steerage where she has a very nice old lady and a her grandchildren as roommates.

Her beloved locket is stolen. Meantime a family of mice hear about the missing locket and go about searching for it with the help of other wildlife on board. This includes the passengers pampered pooches, a bird, a dog, and a cats. What it took James Cameron 3 hours to do they managed to do in a few minutes. Find the lost locket and return it.

My first laugh out loud moment came in the beginning when I noticed only two Lifeboats in the water. Wow I knew there was a shortage of life boats but that is ridiculous. The second came courtesy of a dog in a basketball uniform rapping something called It's Party Time. It sounded curiously like this Busta Rhymes hit from years ago. All I have to say is that as outrageous a rapping dog seems on a ship in 1912 it still beats listening to a Diane Warren via Celine Dion. Angelica runs into her new love for the first while on a errand for the ugly sisters. He cannot find her since that chance encounter. The story moves along with various subplots involving thieves, undercover cops and lecherous men looking for jewels and lonely ladies. We even get to see the ships captain getting a warning about Icebergs. After the ship hits the big iceberg Angelica and her love are separated. Again another scene taken right out of the How to make a movie about the Titanic in 10 Easy Steps handbook, where the First class passenger boyfriend defies the stewards to get her and other passengers out of steerage where they have been blocking access. The steward agrees to letting only women and children through, so now they are separated again. You can predict what happens next. But there s a weird conclusion to her looking for her real mother, that involves her boyfriend. Oh and don't cry all the animals lived and they are adopted. Yes it's Titanic with a happy ending. It's pretty bad but if you love things that are so bad they're good, this flick if for you.

The World, The Flesh and The Devil

Good relic
I actually seen this movie a million times. But I haven't seen it in a few years. It was OK. I thought if I saw it again I might find something else about it that I missed since I am older.

The reason I was not crazy bout it was because it tried to hard to make the black character played by Belafonte almost angelic, not man, a human who craves closeness. Who was he holding back for? He played the Sidney Poitier role, Sid must of been busy. The movie wants to pride itself in being innovated but it cops out. Belafonte has played very controversial roles before and since that movie so it was not like he never broke the taboo roles in movies. People want to say this was a first. But a few years earlier Belafante played the love interest of Joan Fontaine in a movie along with Dorothy Dandridge who was married to white man and James Mason who was passing. Was it because this was a American movie it did not take that one step, that never happens? Inger Stevens was very good because she is a real person who perhaps in her life before she never would of talked to a black man but sees reality as it is, No one is here any more so why not go for it. We do like each other.

But I like the Mel Ferrer part because I do believe he was the role the directors took chance with and was more truthful. We see even though his character that even though Stevens craves contact, she will not take it from a person she doesn't really like. Since we know that and Belafonte and she knows that what is they problem? The Ferrer character certainly knows that. I't is a interesting movie. But no one should take it as being anything but entertainment..

Black Christmas

Dumbed down remake
I am game for almost any type of movie. I usually like these type of movies, but this does not even fit in the category of being so bad it is good. It is just bad. I am not sure if it was suppose to be funny or not. All I know is that it was not.

The crazy mother was a little over the top and I feel she was the best part of the movie. I can expect to escape some type of reality. But this movie was so dumbed down it was insulting. Has anyone ever been in hospital where they actually close the doors shut? Everybody has a private room. And halls are so dark and empty you need would think the place was abandoned? I saw a movie the other day called Tamara and I swear they used the same hospital. BTW that move was Citizen Kane next to this one Only in horror movies do these hospitals exist. That is so a killer can run freely up and down the hallways while chasing his victims. In this movie the victim actually ran into a crash cart and the tech acted like nothing happened. The coeds were so dumb they had no idea two people were living in their Sorority House for months.

The plot is a old one. A bunch of female college students are the target of some madman who has a mommy complex. He use to live in the their house before it was converted into a Sorority House. He has escaped from the crazy house and was set to give them a visit for Christmas. It takes them a while to know people are getting killed upstairs. It will not take you a while to figure out this movie is junk. Don't waste your time. Go look at Tamara instead.

The Happy Years

Great Overlooked Family Movie
This is one of my favorite movies. Dean Stockwell is great as the main character. This is not your run of the mill story about sweet little boys at some boy school. They all are characters, The main character (Humperdink)Dink is a feisty kid who doesn't take any mess from anyone. He is not annoying or disrespectful. He just feels very strongly about certain things and will let you know. He is a little guy among older boys, But they soon find out he is not a pushover. The supporting characters are great.

And I love the message the schoolmaster had. Dinks grades are not the best, and he almost gets expelled. But the school master, played by Leo G Carroll says that even though he may not have good grades his character offers so much more then that and people could learn from people like him too. I adhere to that. I have seen so many A students with nothing to offer but a good grades. I feel grades are important, but they should not count for every thing and at times should not be the most important factor to judge if one is a success. This movies picked up on that Dink was a leader who had roadblocks but he tackled them and that was what was the most important.

There is a subplot about him playing football which is also very good. His classmates fall in love with him eventually, like you will.

I think this was a part that could of been easily played two different ways. One is the smart azz, disrespectful way that we see so many child stars act today, The parts where the kids are smarter then the adults and go around the whole movie calling adults by their first name. The movie would of failed if it went in that direction. Or the way Dean Stockwell played it. This part has to work for the movie to work.

I just got to see this movie by mistake for the second time in my life this morning on TCM. I didn't even know its name until today. But I never forgot the movie and was elated to see it on the TV when I woke up this morning. I am just mad I did not DVR it because it is not on video. Something I found out when went to buy it online. Check this movie out if you can catch it on TV.

Checking Out

Paddy O'Furniture
This movie caught me completely off guard. Last night I hit the jackpot for a movie buff I discovered 2 movies that I never heard of before and they both did their job, they were entertaining. The first movie was suppose to be a cheesy horror movie, Defender of the Realm, which was much better then a lot of horror movies I have seen with big budgets and big names. The other movie was this one.

Comedy is not one of my favorite genre's, unless it a Mel Brooks or Albert Brooks and I liked Rodney Dangerfield's movies in the 80's. I never understood the fuss over Jim Carey and I am not a Porkeys or Caddyshack or a big Woody Allen fan. I was set to turn the channel but they were at a barbecue and one of the friends are telling these really bad but funny jokes and he suddenly drops to the ground. The guests thinks he is still joking but one has the sense to say "call a ambulance". The laughs come non stop from there. It is a black comedy. The Jeff Daniels character who is a co worker and friend of the dead guy becomes the biggest hypochondriac on film since Rock Husdson in Send me No Flowers. His wife was talking about the dangers of eating salt the day before and he scoffs it off. Now he because of the sudden death of his friend and the ER doctor saying it is not uncommon for that to happen with people his age he believes his days are numbered. The whole film circles around that premise.

What makes it hilarious is the various characters he runs into. He goes to a doctor believing he is a medial doctor only to find out hie a psycho therapist. His behavior is so crazy that the cardiologist referred him. He feels there is some conspiracy to lie about his prognosis and he just knows he is going to die, but no one else thinks that way, the therapist has a little cut on his finger and Daniels alarmed about it. What happens is priceless. Before that he meets some man in the waiting room who seems to be his type of guy. Reading medical books, whining about his health and looking for something to be wrong with him. He is suppose to be a health nut because of all of his imagined medical malady's and distrust of doctors, and Daniels wants to read this book he read. Well I am not going to say what happens but it has to be one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen in a movie.

This is a movie you have to see. Because it is a black comedy you really can't convey how funny it really is. What is so funny about a man friends dropping dead and he believing he is next?

I liked this movie so much I am going right over Amazon or Overstock and buying it if I can.

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