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Ek Villain

Loved it! The acting was amazing. Very well directed and acted out movie. I think Ritesh should continue doing such strong roles and what can I say about Shraddha and Siddarth, they just keep on getting better. Siddarth looks like he has a great future ahead if he keeps up with the strong classy movies he is acting in.

I was already taken by the preview of the movie, however I am glad that the preview gave a totally different depiction of the movie and the movie continued to surprise me with how well the story lined itself out.

Truly well done movie and time well spent seeing it. Would see it again in the theater in a heartbeat.


I thought this movie was Brilliant in its direction and definitely in its acting. Aamir Khan as usual is superb. I have to give loads of credit to Kareena for her brilliant performance! The girl can do any acting and I mean ANY and do it perfectly! Rani needs to do more roles like this, back to her strong, original not flashy and fake ones. Rani is an excellent actress and in this movie she brought that back.

Yes like most people I was trying to think which American movie have they copied this on, but you know what, the movie was so well done, what does it matter, the story was well written, and executed superbly on the actors that made the movie what it was - FLAWLESS!!

Great job, to everyone from the Writers, to the producers and Directors. This was good cinema. I enjoyed it with 100's of people today at the movie theater, No one walked away disappointed, everyone thought the movie was awesome!

Tees Maar Khan

Why always COPY!
Just by watching the previews I had an inclination of what movie they copied this Indian Movie on - I don't know if many people remember An old Peter Sellers Movie called "After the FOX". Well people here you go! Indian version. Far worse and sad! The thing is it can be so much better as they did take a really funny movie to do an Indian version of. However they add the dumb unneeded comedy and kill the movie.

What is the matter with Akshay? Why can't he do movies as he was doing. I think the last good movie I saw of him was Singh is Kinngh! After that it just went downhill! Dude! You are so much better than this nonsense!! I am your biggest fan and I am disappointed in calling you my favorite star now.

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