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Sister Wives

This is illegal and should not be exploited and promoted by any television network
I think this; while a money maker for the people involved, is a disgrace to push this illegal topic, glamorizing this lifestyle and rewarding the players. It says a lot about the content of what people will watch if given to them.

I cannot help but wonder.. How do two EMPLOYED people in this household support a"Family" of what?, twenty some people in a hughe and expensive house? Iguess it is good they let themselves become famous. They try to explain that they- "at great risk" took it upon themselves to show the world how normal they are! HuH! Explain to whom. Bigamy is illegal, and if not married, WHO has been supplying ALL the monetary support for their lifestyle , which looks far from low income. Perhaps that could be part of an episode, explaining this to the viewers.Isn't anyone curious where this money has come from, unless some or all of the sisters are independently wealthy.

They took the risk--- and now criminal investigating has commenced. But now , as celebrities, they can afford the legal costs.Hmmmm. What impeccable timing! It is my opinion that these wives couldn't handle a one on one relationship, that can be truly hard and a lot of work and stress to maintain. This way they get all the benefits --and unlike having to cope with a spouse on the many "downsides" of normal marriage, they can retreat to their private quarters to relax, rewind and regroup after passing him on to the next wife. This Kody guy, has his cake and eats it too-- Think someones Big Ego is at play here.

How do the kids reconcile this as they get older. Sure, they go along with this at the present, but in the real world, this is only going to cause difficult and confusion and to perpetuate this lifestyle is encouraging either illegal behavior or ways to get around the law. I am sure it will cause them all sorts of grief and scrutiny as they get older and in a public school. To me this seems these parents will find a thousand ways to rationalize and assure that everyone is perfectly normal. To me it seems very selfish. Hence I wonder how they will rationalize and explain to the clan, how their father may go to prison for blatantly and publicly breaking the law of this land and they all condone it. I suppose family of many an alleged and deemed criminal has done the same, totally in denial.

We should be trying to uplift our society morally. This show could have been made better as a serious documentary. Bigamy is illegal, but aside they have a right to their thoughts and beliefs. If they wish to lead this lifestyle, it would seem they would keep a somewhat low profile if they truly embrace these beliefs. But there are a number of things the American Public cannot in any way embrace about this whole concept and never will. For a network to promote this and reward this is really, to me as an American Citizen, Shameful---just knowing it is being promoted, but now even exploited for profit from all involved.

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