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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

(spoilers) This Potter film is not worth seeing. Fans will be sorely

disappointed. While the other films had an element of humour,

and yes, magic about them, this film is sorely lacking. It's

incredibly boring and the plot has been so twisted around it looks

more like a Harry Potter Magazine. HE DOESN'T GET THE BROOM

AT THE END OF THE MOVIE, YOU FOOLS!!!!! And where was Cho

Chang and Sir Cadogan? COME ON! Fudge's hat was lime green,

not dark.......? I am sure this travesty is due to the changing of

directors as the other two Potter movies were excellent. I certainly

hope Mike Newell does a better job than this Alfonso quack.

And I'm pretty sure werewolves have hair, too.

The Butterfly Effect

A Sub Par Excellent Film

The Butterfly Effect doesn't have great writing or great acting. The

plot is confusing and actually gets so in-depth you forget what

actually happened in the first place. But an important thing in this

film is the raw emotion, the terrifying effects that are caused by the

smallest action and the different outcomes that can happen. The raw emotion and the different outcomes are what save the

movie from being a mess. Ashton Kutcher is good, not great, and with some more experience

outside Sitcom World he could perhaps achieve that greatness.

Even though she appears as the same character in about six

different universes, Amy Smart is defenitely not given enough

screen time and she is not the actress I would have envisioned for

the part (we see the child version of her character in the first

scenes). Evan's mother, is underused here. Her jaded, though

optimistic and determined character never changes, only the

experiences. The plot is so twisting and has so many different twists that the

audience forgets the original reason in the first place. The movie

fails to put emphasis on the most important scene, the scene

where Kayleigh the Waitress and Evan part in the night, so halfway

through the movie you forget why you're watching, plot-wise.

Well, except for the raw, terrifying emotional depth. I give it 6/10.

Cheaper by the Dozen

A fantastic movie.
Originally I did not want to see this movie, but my friends either

wanted to see Chasing Liberty or Cheaper By The Dozen. I can't

stand Mandy Moore movies so I agreed to this. I was expecting a movie with lots of gags, little plot, lots of brats

running around and toilet humour. Well I was pleasently surprised.

The movie is actually story-driven, not joke driven, as a lot are.

There are some bathroom humour jokes but they are quick and

well done. The "brats" are actually good actors and use

expression and style to portray their characters. Although this

many charactars can be hard to track, the movie solves this by

making some kids more important charactars, but giving equal

screen time to all. The screenplay is good and the writing is solid. The jokes are

tasteful and the charactars are likeable. The gags are hilarious and don't take up the whole movie. Again,

the movie is story driven so you won't see alien poo come out of

nowhere and be expected to laugh. Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt are excellent in their roles. I am not

really fond of Bonnie Hunt's TV show, but she is much better here.

Both the parents come across as supportive and loving, even if

they have too much to deal with. Hilary Duff, Piper Perabo, and Tom Welling, who are stars in their

own right, seem a little out of place here but yet still fit. They are not

the whole movie. Perhaps if Hilary's appearance wasn't so

manicured? Ashton Kutcher is not given much screen time, and

his charactar is what he does best -- Kelso. The movie has great songs at every other turn, but holes in the plot

aren't filled with song and dance scenes (What A Girl Wants). It

would make a great soundtrack. The movie features bloopers at the end, which are funny, but not

so hysterical as to be funnier than the movie (A View From The

Top) . Cheaper By The Dozen is by far one of the best family movies ever,

and maybe even one of the best movies of 2003 (though that could

be considered a bit of a stretch) It's interesting, creative, and very

well done. It was well worth my nine dollars.

Weirdsister College

Dumb show.
This is a spin-off of the popular "Worst Witch" series on YTV, and it was a poor show. All the good characters were gone, and the writing had taken a sharp turn for the worse. Mildred was no longer clumsy, kind, or endearing--she was scheming and sophisticated.

Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Best Talk Show On TV!
Ellen DeGeneres is finally back! See, for those of you who don't

know, Ellen DeGeneres is a comedienne who had her own sitcom

"Ellen" that ran on ABC from 1998-1994. But the ratings started to

decline after she came out of the closet in the last season (I think it

was the last one). And it wasn't because people were homophobic--it's just that that's all she started talking about! Anyways after another failed sitcom and a public breakup Ellen

stayed out of the limelight for awhile. Then she appeared as "Dory"

in the hugely successful "Finding Nemo", and now she has her

own talk show! Unlike other talk shows (Oprah or Rosie), Ellen doesn't really suck

up to the guests. She makes jokes with them and acts like they're

her friends, instead of huge special people. And unlike Oprah or

Rosie, Ellen is not always shrieking or screaming, "Oh My

Gaaaaaaaaaad! We're going to have Sting! Oh my Gaaaaad! You

just have to buy his book....girl!" And the studio audience isn't

annoying either.....they actually let the guests and host TALK! I only get to see this show when I stay home sick from work. I wish

they'd show it in prime-time too!

Polka Dot Door

Good, quiet, peaceful.
I loved this show when I was little. It was on Ontario TV, and I think it had a spin-off or two in the '90s. The hosts changed sometimes, but it was really fun to watch, and talked a lot about stories and toytime. The hosts always did a little dance to the tune of "Frere Jacques" that they would sing in both English and French, and there was a big dinosaur thing named Polkaru that one host never got to see! It was a good, quiet, peaceful show for kids.

The In Crowd

Not very scary.
This movie isn't scary. The charactars aren't very well developed,

and some parts of the story are boring. But it is interesting to see

how far some people will go in life to keep their status. Maybe with

some extra money, better writing and replaced actors it could have

been a little bit better.

Family Guy

One of the best shows ever made.
Family Guy was a cartoon that delayed in the late '90s on FOX, and

was instantly one of the most talked-about TV shows around.

Some people called it too controversial and it was boycotted by

some religious groups, and FOX canceled it two or three years

later. What puzzles me is that there was the same controversy

surrounding The Simpsons when it first aired, and FOX stuck with

it and didn't let it go, and it became a major phenomonon. Perhaps

Family Guy could have become the same kind of thing. Family Guy is a hilarious show that appeals to intelligent people

and average people alike. It's got some gross out humour, some

wickedly funny one-liners and the best flashback scenes. The

animation is sharp and better than other cartoons, as the people

look real. Family Guy is still majorly popular, and you can catch it around

9pm on Teletoon.

The King of Queens

Great show.
This is a great show about a childless couple living in Queens with the woman's father-in-law. Leah Remini and Kevin James have real chemistry, and she isn't really mean to him like you see on some other shows (According to Jim, anyone?) Jerry Stiller essentially reprises his charactar from Seinfeld but now he really gets a chance to shine. This show is very funny, and nearly everything is done quite tastefully. The subplots don't take away from the main plot. Good show.

Spice World

This movie has absolutely no substance, but it's a fun, campy

movie which parodies the Spice Girls, their fans, and their rise to

fame. It's not intelligent, and it's not a work of art but it's a perfect

clean-cut affair for little kids and teens. There are even

appearances by George Wendt and Elvis Costello!

Joe Millionaire

That was sooo nine months ago.
I think the first one was a success because nothing like it had ever been done before and we wanted to see the feuds between the women. Evan was semi-hot, too, and the butler was cool. But now, we have the same thing going on with greedy European women and a squeaky-voiced Texan. Rather passé.

Scary Movie

Kind of disgusting.

When I first saw this movie I was eleven years old. I thought it was

the funniest movie ever. The horror movie spoofs were all great

(especially how the people were getting killed) some of the sex

stuff was a little over-the-top but funny.

Well now I am 15 and last night I watched this movie on TV again

and I was absolutely horrified! Some of the sex stuff is just

disgusting, not funny at all (especially when Cindy's boyfriend, uh,

sprays her on the ceiling). Maybe if some of the sex parts were

taken away this movie would be funnier.

However the horror movie spoofs are really funny and are an

excellent parody of those teen slasher movies everyone loves to

hate. Some of the actual humour (what are you waiting for) is just


Scary Movie 3 looks rather promising, though. However I have just

seen there is to be a Scary Movie 4! The tagline for the original

movie was: "No sequel"! ugh!

The Outsiders

A soggy mess.
After reading the book, my English class watched the movie based

on it. The movie stays true to the book, which is good, but if you

haven't read the book you'll be totally lost. In the movie, important

charactars aren't clearly explained, and one of the most important

scenes is wasted among an ugly camera angle and poor lighting.

I hope they make a remake of this film soon, so new generations

can appreciate it for what it could be.

A Walk to Remember

Book is better.
This is an extremely boring remake of the wonderful book, "A Walk

To Remember" by Nicholas Sparks. Mandy Moore and Shane

West are decent in their roles, but there is little here for them to act

do, actually. The movie actually takes very little material out of the

book, so the two barely resemble each other. If the movie had

stayed true to the book, it could have been a real winner. Sadly,

this piece of tripe falls flat.

A Very Brady Sequel

Great fun!
This movie is so funny! It's a great spoof of of the Brady shows that were on TV in the '70s and '80s. The first movie is probably better than this, but the second is just as good, maybe a little funnier. The innuendo is great! And the ending is so clever, an award should be given to whoever thought of it!

Baby Bob

This show is creepy.
Having babies talk on shows isn't really an original premise, but then neither are shows like "Friends" or "According to Jim", and they are successful. But this show is creepy and devoid of humour. Especially when the baby was ogling his mom. Weird.


Dramatic and exciting.
This is a fine film. I think that if the "Best Animated Feature" Oscar

category had been around then, this would have won it. It has great

animation and fine charactars. This is a dramatic and exciting

movie, and it has some humour. I guess the only problem with it is

that it didn't stay true almost at all to the story of the real

Pocahontas, but then what Disney film does?

The Ring

Lacks a good storyline.
This is a horror movie, but if you've seen other horror movies you

won't be scared. It's good though, and some scenes are genuinely

terrifying. But the Ring lacks a good story. It's plot is very thin and

confusing, which makes it rather boring. Go see the remake of "Carrie" instead.

Talk to Me

Uh, what was wrong with it?
This was a show that ran for maybe two or three episodes in 2000. I thought it was very witty and cool, but I gues someone didn't agree, because it was canceled very abruptly. I think it needed to build an audience as it was on late at night. Or perhaps viewers had had enough of the "radio format" (admittedly, those segments were boring). I don't remember a lot about this show but I do remember the dialogue was very well done, real people talk just like that without putting others down all the time.

The King of Queens

Great show.
This is a great show about a childless couple living in Queens with the woman's father-in-law. Leah Remini and Kevin James have real chemistry, and she isn't really mean to him like you see on some other shows (According to Jim, anyone?) Jerry Stiller essentially reprises his charactar from Seinfeld but now he really gets a chance to shine. This show is very funny, and nearly everything is done quite tastefully. The subplots don't take away from the main plot. Good show.


A funny show.
This is a very funny show about a moody doctor, his co-workers and his friends. Ted Danson does well in this role, kind of like Sam from Cheers (another famous role of his) but not much. I like it a lot! Margeret and Linda are cool too, and so is the blind guy.

She's All That

Boring for any generation.
She's All That and Never Been Kissed came out the same year,

and I would defenitely say that Never Been Kissed is the better

movie. Freddie Prinze Jr. is not exactly God's gift in the acting

department, and Drew Barrymore far outshone Rachel Leigh

Cook's efforts. This movie is slow and with little humour. It's totally

lame. Never Been Kissed rocks! (except for the teacher having a

crush on the student. That was a little messed up)


NBC's best show.
While many people say this show's episodes lost it's quality in the

last 2 seasons, I have to disagree. Although the show's peak was

around 94-95, every show was done very well, with impeccable

timing and tasteful jokes. I am sorry that this show is gone, but

virtually every station everywhere has re-runs of it, and everyone I

know still enjoys it today.

The Seán Cullen Show

This show was completely overhyped. Sean Cullen is good, I guess, but he's not the kind of comedian that MAKES a show (ie: Jerry Seinfeld). But I think given a supporting role in a sitcom, and if he didn't act like the star of the show, he'd probably score an Emmy or two. The supporting cast for this show was really annoying. I think most people didn't watch it because of Cullen's not-so-good performance on Royal Canadian Air Farce, and because every other commercial on CBC was for this.

An American in Canada

An American in Canada is really very boring and the jokes are something Canadians have all seen before. This might work if it was recast and on a bigger American network like CBS or something, but this show is too long. Plus a few other CBC shows, like Royal Canadian Air Farce and This Hour Has 22 Minutes, do skits based on the premise of "an american in canada" and they are a lot funnier. CBC needs some better!

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